Who should be leaving Arsenal this summer?

With Arsenal’s new management structure in place, and a second season of not finishing in the Top Four, I think we can safely assume that there will be big changes at the Emirates ahead of the next campaign.

Whether these changes include a new manager or not, that is NOT the subject under discussion so don’t waste everyone’s time with the Wenger Out rants please. Let’s talk about which players will (or should) be leaving…..

We of course know that Per Mertesacker will be in the coaching setup and with Gabriel sold and with Koscielny getting older and more error-prone, it will be interesting to see if the Gunners persist with bringing Holding and Chambers through to partner Mustafi in defence or will we bring in some more accomplished centre-backs? Or will one of our young Englishman be sold to bring in a replacement?

I think we all know that Jack Wilshere will be moving on for a massive signing on fee elsewhere, and if his mate Aaron Ramsey doesn’t re-sign either we are likely to see him sold as well, which is a much more likely scenario than selling Bellerin. Sadly Reiss Nelso is also going to enter the last year of his contract in June, but will Arsenal offer him another contract or will he be looking for first team football elsewhere?

Petr Cech and David Ospina are our first choice keepers and Wenger keeps calling them both World Class, but is it about time we brought in a younger keeper? Ospina has always maintained he wants first team football but will Arsenal bring in a new shotstopper and let one of those two move away?

Lucas Perez, Joel Campbell, Carl Jenkinson and Chuba Akpom are all out and loan and surely Arsenal will be looking at taking them off our books this summer too. Campbell and Akpom are out of contract this summer anyway and are unlikely to be invited back anyway, but what about the other two?

All these normal departures are likely to put a strain on our squad, especially after selling Walcott, Giroud and Gabriel already in January, but who else should be first in line to go out the door?



  1. Me says:

    Arsene Wenger
    Followed by Ivan Gazidis
    Peter Cech
    Laurent Koscelny
    Hector Bellerin
    Per Mertesacher
    Granit Xhaka
    Mohammed Elneny
    Danny Welbeck
    Just for starters…

    1. gotanidea says:

      Keep Elneny, because he showed great improvements in the last two matches, but sell Ozil because his performances do not justify his massive salary that will also block other high profile players from coming in

      It would be better if Kroenke leaves and a richer/ more ambitiious man comes to take over

      1. jon fox says:

        Elneny! El-bloody awful- neny! Now I have heard everything!

        1. Break-on-through says:

          Asking for Ozil to be sold is like asking for Wenger to get the sack when his detractors were a minority, a small minority. It was never gonna happen because first off people were on his side but secondly and most importantly ..the decision was up to Kroenke. Ozil just signed, and we tie almost every move forward through Ozil, he is the leagues record breaking creator, he is our face for advertising, who are ya pleading with to sell him. The question admin asked is a fair one, but the answer back is nothing of the sort, no offense intended. If you just said, if up to me Ozil would be first out, but saying Ozil should be sold is wearing blinkers mate.

      2. John Ibrahim says:

        Richer and more ambitious man…

        which means fans just want to be the next Chelsea and City….

        1. Mudassir says:

          look even the mighty Madrid are heavily reliant on their financial ability. beside I rather be the next city than the next Newcastle United.

    2. jon fox says:

      The entire defence including first two keepers , without exception. But AM-N should be kept as he is not a defender. More a question of who to keep. For me, to keep are these: Ozil, Aub, Mkhi, Lacaz, AM-N, Nelson, all the non regular fringe players and the tea lady! Other than that I would sweep away EVERY PERSON in the club who were there before Sven, Raul and Huss, who should of course remain. No other regular player nor manager, owner and entire board are worth keeping. Not if we are SERIOUS about curing the cancer gobbling up our club. I realise we can’t sell them all overnight but we MUST seriously start to get rid of them all.

      1. No Ospina should stay. We won’t find a world class number two who will happily sit on the bench and waste his career. Ospina’s quality is just about right, not too good to demand regular game time and not too bad to be unreliable when called upon the few times that he is.

        1. Kenny Rolfe says:

          World class Ospina should stay? You’re about as good a judge of a keeper as Arsene Wenger, We’ve got a better young keeper out on loan. Martinez would make a perfect no 2 for the top world class keeper we’re going to bring in. Cech and Ospina? You won’t be able to give ’em away

          1. @ Kenny
            Where in the heck did I call Ospina world class?! I said his quality is right for us, not world class! The fact is no one team has two world class goalkeepers. That was my point, if we bring world class goalkeeper e.g Neuer then Ospina would be a suitable deputy because he has a lot of experience including being his country’s starter and is relatively reliable. Martinez is a nobody and without any experience, you know it but you still tout him as being better than Ospina. Based on what? Please, tell me based on what have you concluded nobody Martinez is better than Ospina who has won us the FA cup versus Chelsea? Next time read my whole comment first before launching into a premature tirade of nonsense!

          2. Kenny Rolfe says:

            First of all Quantic dream,your quote “We won’t find a world class no 2 keeper who will happily sit on the bench and waste his career”. To me that sounds like you’re referring to Ospina and also, whereas maybe you haven’t, I’ve seen Martinez play for Arsenal and the fact that I played at a reasonably high level can tell a decent keeper when I see one. On the other hand, with all respect, I’m not sure you’ve ever kicked a ball in your life.

          3. Sony says:

            Every one can say that they have eye for something. There is no prof to what you just said. Also if he is so good he would not be on loan, but already between the posts or wanted by top teams as hot stuff. However you know better than people that do this job great. Arsenal should hire you for sure. Send them your resume.

      2. Innit says:

        No exception?
        You dont even want Kolsanic, Monreal, Mustafi as back ups???

        We can not afford to sign a whole squad of World Class players. We can’t sign world class players to warm the bench

        To sell both monreal and Kolsanic is nuts. They are good LBs.

        This is real life, not a manager computer game. You can’t sell everybody

        1. Discostew says:

          Chiellini is a free agent this summer he is world class and i know he is old put what would asd to the squad for a season or two would be invaluble what holding chambers even mustafi could learn off him in 2 years wenger couldnt teach in life time

      3. PIRES says:

        Lenin ,just after the October revolution, complained about an electric breakdown.He was told that he ordred to kill all the electric engineers!!!!!!!

        1. Kenny Rolfe says:

          PIRES, Just because you’ve changed your name to capital letters (correctly might I add) doesn’t make your comments any easier to understand.

  2. Phil says:

    I have to disagree with Ivan Gazidis leaving.This is the guy who apparently wanted Wenger out last season but from what we are led to believe Kronke kept Wenger in his job.
    Gazidis announced his “Catylis for Change” statement that obviously upset the Frenchman who then started spouting about how he still had total control over everything at the club and would NEVER allow a Director of Football to be appointed to work with him.
    So Ivan then goes and signs Raul as Director of Football( but in a different title ) following the appointment of Sven M.I give my total respect to Ivan.He knows the structure of the club needed a complete change so as to begin the road of recovery and he kept his word.He was outwardly challenging Wenger and he delivered what he said he would do.There is still more to change but that will be so much easier to do Wenger is removed at the end of the week( in my dreams I’m afraid) but nobody can doubt the intentions Ivan has for change and he must be respected for this

    1. Phil says:

      Yeah but hang on buddy(I hear him say).Mr Wenger has won 472 FA Cups and 4278 Community Shields in the last 3 Seasons so how can you criticise someone who has NEVER been a NOTORIOUS ALCOHOLIC because he ONLY drinks HOLY WATER because what you don’t know is Mr Wenger is actually GOD.

    2. Malcolm Townsend says:

      Ivan promised there would be changes. Now these changes are taking place remember Rome wasn’t built in a day

  3. AndersS says:

    If he leaves, we will improve tremendously!

    1. Counsel says:

      Wenger respects his contracts that simply means he will be here next season, then we can assess the situation from there

      1. Kenny Rolfe says:

        Because nobody wants him and he can’t get £9 Million a year anywhere else. Being a season ticket holder for many,many years, I’ll be assessing my situation at the end of the season. Simple, Wenger stays, I go. Wenger goes, I stay.

        1. Phil says:

          Kenny you just can’t do that.You and many thousands of others were here before Wenger and will still be here when he is long gone and forgotten.I try to look at it as supporting the Team in SPITE OF HIM not BECAUSE OF HIM.
          Don’t let them get you down mate.The new dawn of life without Wenger will soon be here

          1. Kenny Rolfe says:

            Phil, thanks mate, I’ve been saying the same thing since about 2008 every time I get fed up with the present situation, my mates laugh at me now. I don’t know whether you ever see Michael Palin’s “Ripping Yarns” with Barnstonworth United, well I’m a bit like “Golden Gordon” who would never give up on he’s team.

  4. I want the following out in this order:
    1.) Inept dinosaur.
    2.) Granit Xhaka.
    3.) Hector Bellerin.
    I will happily settle for the first guy only though, the senile fraudster repeatedly conning his way into new contracts is the biggest problem we have right now.

    1. dog says:

      Guys, you crack me up with your comments.

  5. Robin Vanpayslip V3 (V3 keeps Chuck Norris level cojones and adds new knee for Wilshere) says:

    If Arsene could leave this summer that would work out great for me

  6. Yossarian says:

    We can discuss which players come and go now, but it will still be within the context of them playing with Wenger tactics and Wenger systems, and that’s main problem at the moment. Therefore until the coaching/tactics/player selection/etc. changes (IE. The manager’s job) it’s all just a discussion about how to paper-over the cracks in the short-term. To decide which players should leave, we should be thinking about what a more up-to-date manager could to with the team. Looking at it that way, I reckon our squad is actually pretty good following the recent additions that we’ve had.

    We need a world-class central defender, so somebody would need to make way for him. I’d certainly want to keep Mustafi/Bellerin/Monreal/Kolasinac, so it would be one of our other defenders to go. Maybe Kos, simply because he’s reaching the end of his career anyway. We need a DMF so a midfielder would be replaced. I think Xhaka could be useful if used correctly (IE. Not as a DMF), Elneny and Ramsey are useful squad players, but Wilshere is injured again and might be leaving anyway, and maybe that place in the squad could be put to better use? Cazorla needs to be replaced too. We also need a new top-quality keeper as well, so who would be a better back-up out of Cech and Ospina? The other one goes.

    1. Yossarian says:

      I forgot about Mertesacker! Of course he’s the one that should make way for a world-class central defender! Kos would still be ok as a back-up for a while.

  7. Gooner Craig says:

    – Mert: is retiring and becoming a coach for us
    – Koss the Boss: back to Lorient before he’s injuries get worse/more frequent (he said before he wants to go and finish his career there)
    – Elneny: not good enough, despite a few good performances this season
    – Most of the players out on loan will likely be going: Chuba, Jenks, Joel, Lucas, etc (some good youngsters out on loan but the rest can pretty much go)
    – Santi: unfortunately his injury is probably going to be the end of his career!!!
    – Ospina: 2nd choice keeper but wants to be #1 (he does deserve to be first choice at another team)

    Possibilities would be:
    – Welbz: isn’t good enough to play regularly but I’d probably keep him around as a squad player as he’s a hard worker
    – Rambo: I’ll be annoyed if he does go but he’s easily replaced lol I reckon he’ll sign a new contract tho. Will likely come good with new manager?
    – Xhaka: same as Ramsey, I wouldn’t really care tho if we bring in a decent replacement

    1. Kenny Rolfe says:

      Not bad choices Craig apart from Ospina. You say he want’s to be no 1. I hear the O’s are looking for a keeper, and what about Iwobi, my nephew’s Sunday side are looking for a striker, I don’t think they’ll want him anyway.

      1. Gooner Craig says:

        Lol thanks Kenny. I’ll get on the phone to some agents and see what magic I can work ?

  8. John Ibrahim says:

    looking at City…

    they dont change their entire first 11 at once….

    the main core are still there

    1. Kenny Rolfe says:

      So, what’s your point?

  9. Break-on-through says:

    I’ll be honest here (first words of every liar) I wouldn’t be dead set against selling Bellerin. I think he has great qualities, all the tools except one. He is not as tight back there as part of back line nor by himself is he a strong enough defender. He’s not awful, but I think he or we should be better. If the other two leave well then we can’t sell him, too many changes at once including CBs and CM as-well. Bellerin has had an iffy two last seasons, this one he was bad way too often, also the other season when fans turned on him it was like he was going through the motions. He went under the radar a wee bit this season because of Kos Mustafi Xhaka Cech Ospina Monreal having had games when we shot ourselves in the foot. Lichtensteiner is the type we should’ve been aiming for, great fullback, you can trust him in one on ones. Bellerin is good in one on one due to pace, but he’s bad at stopping the cross/low ball coming by him.

  10. Nothing changed says:

    I prefer to put my faith in the manager when it comes to who to keep and sell. So Wenger out and the new manager in and the new manager can evaluate the team.

    Personally, I would love to see more of Nelson and less of Ramsey but I will give the new manager the benefit of the doubt.

  11. Grandad says:

    The players Wenger signed to strengthen the team,namely Mustafi,Xhaka and Kolasinac are simply not good enough for an aspiring top four team.They along with Czech and Ospina should be the first to be shown the door along with all the players currently out on loan.The Club would take a big bit in terms of resale value but it would free up considerable wages to be utilised in bringing in better quality defenders.Anybody who sees a bright future for Arsenal with Mustafi at Centre Back has my sympathy.

  12. GoonAR says:

    My dream…

    OUT: Wenger, Kroenke, Cech, Mertesacker (retiring i think?), Iwobi*

    IN: Oblak, Bailey, Upamecano, Fekir, Manolas/Koulibaly**

    *Loan. If loan goes bad sell. If a high offer comes in just sell.
    **if both Manolas and Koulibaly sell Chambers

    If the club is serious about a title upgrades are needed (100-200 million in today’s inflated market) all around even if you don’t agree with the specific names on my list. I’ve def. recommended some busts before haha.

    1. GoonAR says:

      My reality….

      Out: Nobody

      In: Repurchase of Yaya Sanogo, Someone who is 16 and is “for the future”, Kim Kallstrom out of retirement

      j/k I’ll give Sven the benefit of the doubt hopefully things have changed in that aspect.

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