Who could replace Petr Cech at Arsenal?

There is little doubt in most Arsenal fans’ minds that at 35 Petr Cech is coming to the end of his career. The Czech veteran and his ageing defence have made innumerable errors this season, as you can tell from reading any of Wenger’s post-match comments this season. Right now Cech is waiting for his 200th clean sheet and he has already missed out on the record in his last nine games, the longest run of his career without a clean sheet.

But who could Arsenal replace him with? The obvious first-choice would be David Ospina, but the Colombian has made it clear in the last couple of seasons that he is not happy sitting on the bench at Arsenal, and with his contract running out at the end of this season, the 29 year-old is likely to be moving on.

The Gunners currently have Matt Macey as third-choice in the squad, but despite a couple of loan periods at Accrington Stanley and Luton, he has extremely little experience of playing any big games. At 6ft 6in he is lots of potential and is highly regarded by Wenger but it is a long shot to think he could be first choice next season.

We also have Emiliano Martinez who is currently on loan at Getafe and perhaps Wenger sees him as a ready-made replacement. He is 25 years old and has played many games on loan with Championship sides. If we get a new keeper I could see Martinez coming back as second-choice.

We have been linked with a few other keepers, notably Jan Oblak of Atletico Madrid who is extremely highly-rated. There are rumours that Jack Butland wants to leave Stoke, and he could be a live possibility if made first choice in front of Cech.

Do you think any of current keepers could be promoted or should Wenger spend big money on an established top-class shotstopper?



  1. Let’s not F**K about with this.We NEED a TOP TOP QUALITY KEEPER as our No1 and need to pay whatever is necessary to get one in.
    Oblak is very highly rated and with Madrid,Chelski and Manure likely to be involved in a merry go round of Keeper requirements this summer we need to identify our target now and just get the business done.
    Let’s get serious about building a solid defence.Start with the GK and then reconstruct from there.
    Just one pointer-Other than Jens Leaman has Wenger ever identified and ensured we got the quality keeper needed?

    1. Mate arsene has identified oblak as.no 1 priority now its upto sven , raul and Ivan to do their jobs, which i doubt they’ll do and all backlash will be on arsene, no 2 is alban lafonte, agile and young, let’s wait untill june

    2. I agree we need new GK, but Cech is still above avarage. First CB,RB,DM and RW than we can talk about GK. I would take Szczęsny back as No1 or try young GK Martinez or Macey as No2 with Cech backing them.

  2. Martinez and Macey should be enough to replace both Cech and Ospina. Arsenal have pressing needs in other departments, so they had better allocate their resources on searching for new outfield players.

    I think even De Gea or Neuer cannot solve the real problems in Arsenal. Replacing Wenger and the club’s mentality would have greater effect than merely replacing one or two players.

    1. martinez and macey lol i didnt realise we had stomped to relegation fighting level though they have better keepers. A new GK is an absolute need, look at Man u their defense is average, our defenders individually are better than them except bailly but that freak they have in goal is hiding it. With De Gea we would be 2nd or 3rd.
      Finding A good fairly young gk who could last a decade will free further funds to improve our defence and dm in the seasons to come.

      1. A new high profile GK like Oblak would be great, but Koscielny, Mertesacker, Xhaka, Elneny and Monreal also have to be replaced next season. So new outfield players should be the first priority

        In addition to that, I don’t think Koscielny and friends are better than Smalling, Rojo, Lindelof, etc

  3. Oblak is one of the best in the world. So that rules us out.

    2 weeks ago we sold Giroud to Chelsea.

    Now Lacazette had a surgery.

    Why do I get the feeling Lacazette had the injury already when we sold Giroud? This has happened before.

    F*** Welbeck, start Nketiah. Harry Kane started in a similar fashion, in the EL and first choice striker injured.

    1. How dare you curse our Danny Boy, Arsenal’s Mbappe, with an F word ?!?

      His teacher used to be Old Trafford’s most lethal striker, Ruutje Van Nistelrooy:


  4. Oblak will be a diamond signing but difficult. It’s funny that when we needed a good gk and got cech there were not many around now there is donnaruma, leno, alisson, ter stegen if barca would sell.

  5. I like Butland, he might be not in form, buts that can be due of him being injuried for long and Stock not doing so great

    Young, tall and english, get him in

    1. Young, tall and English, it reminds me of Pickford and the young Joe Hart

      Why not getting Fraser Forster instead

  6. We need a new goal keeper badly.I am really surprise Leman has not notice it. Czech is too slow,and his distribution of ball is bad.sanchez used to go crazy when czech does not know when to kick the ball. And his short pass is dangerous. He is also has a heavy body ,he is not agile like Degea
    We need a new manager,who can see where the problem lies with this arsenal team.we have already a couple of new staff to scout,and hope WENGER don’t interfere with their decision. He has already make a remark with Stelinat, he said that he is not a negotiator,he tries to underestimate him because he went with Gazides to Dortmund .
    My biggest concern is once WENGER resign ,he will be promoted to the board,because he is a financial miser. He will remind any new manager that we don’t have the money. But he can take 13 millions for himself.

    1. I had Juventus down to win it 4-0
      But Spurs going out early is bad
      for Arsenal as they will
      have less games to play 🙁

  7. Cech is still a top keeper.
    However Arsenal is now in
    full blown transition mode
    and a replacement is needed.
    If Szcsesny had matured fully and is totally focused
    I would bring him back and retain Petr as his mentor and number 2.
    But I sense Szcz at 27 is enjoying the Italian lifestyle and
    is comfortable as back up to 40 yr old Buffon.
    It’s a shame because at 21 Szcz was a top class talent

    1. I so agree with you
      Not sure if he wanted to go or Aw wanted him gone
      Going out on loan i felt made him a better keeper
      Now juvu will benefit from our loss and now we will need to spend 30 to 40 mill … how mad are we ….

  8. cant saying nothing about tottenham
    they outplayed us at the weekend
    and juve are rippin them

    what would juve do to us

    we are miles behind the pack

  9. Spurs is leading by 2 at the moment.
    City by 3

    I applaud both Guardiola and Pochettino but especially the latter. Spurs have really built a solid team. They are not as rich as City or even us but they have a fantastic manager and have put us to shame. Once we were the best in London. Now we aren’t even the best in North London

    Wenger hasn’t been able to build a team of Spurs quality let alone A PL winning side in the past 14 years.

    Wenger should go even before Cech goes.
    Even this summer I still don’t expect Wenger to get a defensive midfielder (because of that attacking in our dna bs) or a top box2box player
    Wenger is as clueless as they come.

    Btw. I think if we signed 2 top cb, a top DM and upgraded RB, Cech would look better

    1. Sorry read score wrong lol
      It was juventus leading 2-0
      Its 2-1 now
      But i still maintain Spuds are a very good side and North London’s best. I hate saying that but Wengers mediocrity is mainly to blame

  10. Szczesny is the quintessential example
    of a top class talent who suffered as
    Arsenal became 4th place Kings
    after Kroenke arrived in 2009.
    A new owner, a new CEO, the new stadium and a
    slew of top class talent would drive Arsenal to multiple titles.
    Well that was the spiel.
    Podolski Giroud Mertz Monreal Cazorla Arteta Girvinho
    were the first wave then Ozil Cech Ospina Sanchez Gabriel
    Debuchi Chambers Mustafi Wellbeck Perez
    and then Xhaka Kolasinac Lacazette Aubameyang.
    And what with the English core forming the club foundation
    Wilshere Walcott Chamberlain Gibbs Jenko and the Welshman Ramsey
    fans were continually assured that Arsenal was bringing back
    the trophy laden glory days.
    Cech Ozil and Sanchez became stars but the rest became
    journey man good enough to bring 4th place glory
    and domestic cup joy.
    But it was not what we promised.
    Now we are having a massive clear out of the “stars”.
    Fortunately there have been no wild promises of mega success
    being made by the new administration.
    After ten years of promises and excuses
    keeping expectations low would appear to be a wise approach.

    1. Fabianski has been quite good also
      Szcznesy and Cech both won Premier League Golden Gloves the same year i think.
      I kinda regret losing Szcz

  11. This is what Arsenal is currently lacking, a speed star who can run at players. Lemar or that Malcom guy at Arsenal would be nice

    And this juve vs spurs game is pure football enjoyment

  12. Spurs are a worldclass team and far better than arsenal.
    If they win the champions league then the power shift is complete

    1. power shift….didnt we beat them 2 nil at the emirates 3 months back?

      we totally dominate them as well…score could have been bigger

  13. OMG
    Spurs back to evens 2-2.
    To win the ECL takes talent
    class grit + experience.
    Spurs showed inexperience
    by going down 2-0 in 9 minutes
    but have shown class and grit to pull it back to 2-2.
    Yet Spurs could still end up with no trophies and in the Europa league
    while Arsenal win 2 trophies and back in the Champions league.
    Football seasons can be so topsy turvy.

  14. I like Jack Buckland.
    I also rate Emi above cech and Ospina at present.
    We do need a top keeper though one from the pick ford mould who shouts to organise his back line.

    Ps God I hate spurs!!

  15. I’m at peace right now when we resigned ozil i really realize arsenal not about winning trophy. would Leicester City win the Barclays premier league with ozil on that team i don’t think so. a mean our best player ozil is not even the top fifth best player for a Tottenham

  16. we are not about to sign the best keeper in the world

    most likely Wenger is looking at Lafont, even though this would scupper the chances of Macey, Martinez and every other young keeper we have

    it would be more sensible to go for older, proven, but under-the-radar guys like Navas or Forster or Cillessen

    on pure ability, i like the boy Leno, he has the agility our defence needs

    Sergio Rico is quite classy as well

  17. Shame we let Szcz go… I was saying at the time that we should be bringing him back and making him our number 1 again, I haven’t forgot that he shared the golden glove with Cech even though he had AFC def ahead of him while Cech had Chelsea def…

    I guess it somewhat depends on the situation at the time, if Stoke go down and Butland pushes to leave… I would say get him if we can, we could sell Martinez and Ospina and have Cech/Butland as our GKs. Might be able to sweeten the deal and offer to loan them Macey.

    Let us all not forget that even though Wenger said there was no money left for a defender, that is club talk, AFC got the TV money same as every other club yet we have a low net spend??

    Could this be Gazidis holding back funds for the next manager????????????

    AFC has enough money to spend on GK, 2CB, DM and RB.

    AFC will have spare players who can be sold to aid towards funding the rebuild. ElNeny and Xhaka to name a couple CM and Mustafi as a CB… Throw in Rambo and this could bring in £80+ million. Another £20 million in total from Ospina, Martinez, Perez, Campbell. £100+ Million…

    de Vrij out of contract at end of season? – free.
    Spend on getting Koulibaly or Manolas. Say £35-50 million?
    £30-40 million on Butland
    £35-50 million on Jorginho

    Net Spend £40 million at most?

    Use savings for that £40 million along with dipping in for another £45 million for Hysaj, competition for RB.

    1. Ramsey will never be sold. He is Mr. Arsenal 2. Fans in London Love him and he is Wengers child not gonna happen. Honestly i think Ramsey is pretty good as squad players or maybe 1st with free position.

  18. The type of keeper we need isn’t gonna want to come to Arsenal. Arsenal will make him look a second rate keeper with the amount of open chances we give out. The best keepers are gonna want to play with a competent defence, and at a winning team. There is usually about three of these types of keepers in each era, we look to cheap skate this department, always have always will. Neuer, De Gea, Oblak, they seem to be tops right now. Might be another German keeper we can look at. We should ask Lehmann to look into it with Mislintat.

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