Who should be Ramsey’s replacement at Arsenal next season?

The Ramsey Replacement? by Midkemma

I think we have all seen the value of Ramsey in the last couple games, his partnership alongside Xhaka has flourished under Emery when we play with a back three, the real value has been seen in consistently playing attractive attacking football. Okay, I say consistently, it hasn’t been a run of games to remove doubt, but I do think that what we have seen has been very impressive.

This attacking threat from CM is something we will need to replace when Ramsey moves on, we have read many rumours flying around, many of the rumours have been uninspiring due to the financial restrictions that appear to be hindering our ability to replace a world class player with equal quality.

How much would it cost to replace Ramsey? He is hitting his prime, he is a big game player, his only flaws have been defensive awareness and injuries. The defensive faults could in large be down to Wenger, Emery doesn’t seem to let this slide and I do think Ramsey isn’t bad at his defensive duties now. Ramsey is almost that complete CM, how much will it cost to replace such a complete CM?

What if I said it would cost Arsenal nothing?

A player who has pace to burn along with strength to hold his own, a player who has shown he can defend well while being a threat in the final third, a player who can carry the ball from deep. Sounds too good to be true right? At only 21 (22 next season), this player will be one year older than Vieira when he joined us and look how he turned out for us. Torreira was only 22 when we signed him and look at how Guendouzi has done at a younger age.

The player I am talking about is Ainsley Maitland-Niles. Why do we need to spend £50 million or more on a replacement when we have such a talent who gets shoved into any other position due to his immense qualities? Who else could be trusted to play the right-wing back role, a role which must attack and defend, a role which holds great importance in Emeryball. If people can remember the game against Man United, I know it is a single example but for such an inexperienced lad, Maitland-Niles performed better than anyone could have asked for. If this young lad can put in such performances at right wing back, also being the only player to come out of the Liverpool game with credit, all while being switched form role to role… One question screams out at us, how good can he be if he wasn’t being moved around? How good could he be if he was told to learn a position, like Guendouzi is learning?

So, I would say that we already have our replacement for Ramsey, the money which could be spent on a Ramsey replacement should go towards a player who can compete with Bellerin for the Right back or right-wing back role.

What do you think?

Should Arsenal look to buy a replacement for Ramsey or do you agree with me and think Arsenal already have a player capable of replacing Ramsey?



  1. No. We need a better player than maitland niles for cm come summer. He has proved himself at right back, so let him share that spot with bellerin

    1. Please stop this crap, he’s not a RB… You’re turning him into another Ox. Niles hasn’t been given his chances at CM, a position he’s really good at, and you’ve already decided he’s not good enough for it?
      People tend to forget he’s mobile and good with the ball at his feet, something we’ve missed since Cazorla and Wilshere.
      Now I’m not comparing Niles to any of them but it’s criminal to not give him his chances there and expect him to be a contender with Bellerin

      1. If he is so good at cm then why can’t he secure a starting spot there…pls let’s look at things objectively no with sentiments.
        Have you even look at his ability to spot a pass or even his ability to shoot? Yet you want him to replace Ramsey☺

      2. I don’t know about Maitland-Niles’ creativity, but I always see him as a hardworking and powerful young player that can work well as a box-to-box CM, a DM or a wingback

        If Emery stops using a no 10 and chooses 4-3-3 next season, Maitland-Niles could be perfect in that formation, due to his energy and pace

        I don’t think Maitland-Niles could ever compete against CAMs such as Ozil, Iwobi, Smith-Rowe and Mkhitaryan

        1. AMN needs to play in his correct position and can of course replace Rambo. Iwobi as a central midfielder!?, are you sure? He’s better out wide, if he plays at all that is.

          1. I think Iwobi could be ideal as a specific type of CM, I am thinking of what Emery has said about 4141 formation and well… Just as an example I’ll bring in the aid of some ex players.


            I do feel that if Iwobi can learn the def side more then he would be able to play deeper, he can carry the ball forward very well and link up play is good in my opinion, I do like how Iwobi puts in his def shift so it is just working on improving his ability in that area. I like how Iwobi has good stamina and pace, both of which could be of use in the 4141 formation to press high up while being capable of chasing the ball back with their physical attributes.

      3. Since when the Ox was cm? Since he likes Gerrard? Like Theo being cf?? Stop with that, Klopp buys him to play him on the wing and enjoy His best atribuyen: speed and power.

        1. Last game he played, he played on the right of a 3 man CM against Roma, that’s the game he got injured and been out all season so far with.

          The game he played prior to that one was on the left of the CM3, at least according to sky.

          The last two games he has played for Liverpool was in CM, I didn’t keep checking previous games but feel free to do so and if I have made a mistake then please point it out.

        2. According to Transfermarket, last year for Liverpool he played 37 out of 41 games in one of the 3 central positions in the 4-3-3 that Klopp typically deploys. So yes, he is a cm now. And that is what Klopp purchased him to be.

    2. @bryan
      …that’s not entirely a bad call. For the following reasons (i) AM-N may never get an opportunity to play as a first team cm; (ii) currently he’s playing out of his skin as a RWB and happy to do so; (iii) if AM-N continues the assured and powerful game he has been then bellerin’s productivity may be looked at (in comparison) with a view to making savings, or making a sale to generate AFC much needed funds? im really not sure bellerins position couldn’t be improved upon and AMN won’t want to be playing in the shadow of bellerin either.

  2. Miltland Niles and Iwobi should be pushed to that role…
    Yes Milkitaryn is better and more explosive in that central attacking midfield than been played on the right wing……

    Reinforcement in that wings department should be d utmost priority come summer…

    Also Bellerin needs a good back up…
    We can take a gamble on Antonio Valencia…
    He is not bad at all, the problem with him is that he get injured so often this days…
    He is miles better and more productive than Lichestner…

    The central defense is not the problem at all.. our central defenders are still okay
    No Matter how good the defense is, if the attack is not good enough, the defense will suffer…

    Let Arsenal buy all the world class defenders of this world and refused to improve the Attacking unit,
    the story will still remain the same……

    in summary
    Our priority this summer should be on the Wings…

    1. Valencia’s best attributes are his athleticism, timing and crossing, but so was Lichtsteiner at Juventus

      Unless Valencia is as fit as Ronaldo in his old age, I expect Arsenal to fully assess him before making any decision

      I agree that a taller, faster and more dominant CB is required to help our old CBs

  3. Heard AMN will be shipped off to Palace in a deal to bring Wan Bissaka to the Emirates! I think our midfield is already crowded if Torreira is struggling for game time. So I don’t expect a new midfielder, maybe Torreira will get more chances with ramsey gone.

    ION Anybody seen the video of Aubameyang and Lacazette making fun of Troopz? Hilarious.

  4. The defence is okay… Really.. Well i dont wanna ponder on that.. Once that old lady from juve leaves next season, cech, allow chambers to leave to cos i dnt see him developing, monreal might leave also, ospina allowed to leave, sending gendouzi on loan, thats six players from the defence leaving creating space for other players.. We really dont need expensive defenders.. Scout the south america or africa for cheaper n more intimidating defenders.. I kw there are many koulibalys out there.

      1. Guendouzi has had an outstanding debut season, especially when you consider his age. That must be some strong stuff leo’s puffing on! Haha!

  5. I’ll Send Reis’s Nelson on loan with cash for Wan-Bissaka, Keep Niles for the central midfield role.
    That’s his position, he’s not a winger!! He’s not a defender!! He’s a midfielder, and its annoying he’s being used the way the Ox was used all around the pitch.
    For those who are carried away and always say stuffs like Nelson should be our starting winger for next season, I’ve said it last year, and I’m saying it again, you’re being delusional. I pointed out how Nelson when he was scoring over there, was struggling to play good football, he was struggling to play well in games.
    I followed his games a lot, I believe the only other person to closely follow him also is Kev, Nelson still has a long way to go, the talent is there, he’s a bright kid no doubt, but he needs to start learning from Sancho, He needs to be confident and decisive with the ball. He hasn’t offered much threat, he’s still immatured with his play. He still can’t be a regular starter over there and you think he’ll be our starter? I have no problem with him being on the bench and learning from our senior players next season.
    I just think most fans are getting carried away and already expect too much from him.
    Keep Niles as Ramsey’s replacement, Get Wan-Bissaka at all cost, hell, I’d love to play Bellerin on the wings and have Wan-Bissaka at RB.
    Though the Niles to Crystal palace is a loan deal not sale, we are planning to loan him to crystal palace with cash for Bissaka

    1. Actually, AMN told Skysports he wants to be a winger and that is his favoured position. So playing him as wing back is not so bad assuming he will graduate forward and become a winger. Playing him in midfield would actually be misusing him.

      Wan Bissaka is a live wire though I have to admit I’ve seen most of him only on YouTube. I’d like it if we got him to cover and maybe even replace Bellerin as our RB. He’d cost 40M though, the whole of our rumoured budget for the summer. We still need a Welbeck replacement.

      1. “Arsenal talent Ainsley Maitland-Niles says the squad are eager to prove their value after the north London derby defeat to Tottenham and insists he sees his own personal future in the centre of midfield.

        Published on 15 February 2018”
        BT sport.

        “When asked if centre-midfield was his preferred role Maitland-Niles told the club’s official website: “Yes, it is! I prefer to play centre mid than right back, but I’m happy to do a job for the team.”
        Jan 2017 – squawka

        Should we ignore what AMN has said previously? Repeatedly said…

        1. “I’d like to be a winger,” Maitland-Niles told Sky Sports. “I feel comfortable there and I’ve been playing there this season. “I was a striker growing up. Thierry Henry was the perfect role model at the time.

          “Then everybody started growing but I was still a bit short. As I was still quick, direct and could run at players they thought they would put me on the wing. So up until the age of 16 I was a winger.”

          “I like to think of myself as a winger at 25-years-old, starting every week for Arsenal , scoring and assisting goals.

          “I don’t feel like I’m there. I’m still young and I have a lot of learning to do.”
          11th Jan 2019 – Mirror

          1. Yes, after Emery has arrived and seen a younger, less inexperienced Guendouzi take CM… AMN wants to play. He is talking about competing with Bellerin next season.

            I read what he said on SkySports, I have read what he said about playing RB recently, these are roles that get him gametime.

            I shown AMN saying CM in two different quotes, those quotes are over a year apart from each other, AMN has since swapped that to right wing and right back. The change is Emery, Emery who has favoured Guendouzi who has made many errors, I am not bashing Guendouzi when I say that either. He has made errors, I forgave him very quickly as he is young, new to EPL and showing the right attitude.

            From looking at how Emery has used his CM at his previous clubs as well as here, he likes DMs who pass the ball in CM over a real CM who can defend and make things happen going forward. Rabiot has spoken about how he sees himself as a box to box CM but Emery told him he was a DM. Guendouzi was more of a box to box player then Emery told him he was a DM. We have seen Emery persist with CM that focused more on winning the ball back than making things happen and look how pathetic the football was becoming.

            It is why I pointed out Ramsey in CM in the article, with him in CM alongside Xhaka then our 3CBs haven’t been a hindrance, if anything, we look better defensively.
            We attack with more venom, we can make things happen from out wide and we have a CM who will drive forward to make things happen. Teams can’t just lock down the flanks and frustrate us with a CM capable of driving through the middle.

            Long waffle, sorry about that 😛
            My point was that Emery is forcing AMN to pick another role other than CM.

            AMN shown for well over a year prior to Emery joining that he sees himself as a CM but now Emery is here and he has said he sees himself as a winger and now he is saying he will compete with Bellerin next season. Two different roles in less than 12 months.

    2. Was it just a loan for AMN from CP? That is better than what I thought, I thought it was a transfer…

      I agree with loaning Nelson to Palace, Nelson could do with EPL experience and get used to the physicality of it for 12 months, it would be great prep work for him taking a starting spot in attack.

  6. AMN and iwobi have the athleticism to do well as box to box midfielders although Iwobi would have to improve his decision making and composure to be really successful there.As it is our priorities lie in other areas namely centre back, left back and a natural winger.Emery I am sure will release/sell a number of players at the end of the season and I expect the likes of Torreria and Guendouzi to develop well next year.If Emery feels the need to replace Ramsay,in his brief spell with Leicester, Tielemans has really impressed and the Belgium international would be a great acquisition for us.His parent club Monaco should not be too difficult to deal with as they are known as a “selling” club.

  7. Agree that Ramsey is a big game player and his hardwork in the field is admirable, but he has not reached his full potential yet due to the his different playing positions

    He is excellent as a box-to-box CM, but Arsenal did not use that tactic a lot. Even Juventus’ director of football mentioned that Ramsey is more technical than their mezzalas and would fit into their 4-3-3 formation

    I also agree that we already have many young CMs that can replace Ramsey, such as Maitland-Niles, Iwobi, Willock and Smith-Rowe. As what you have said, I’d prefer to see the money spent in other areas, such as the wing department

    1. Ramsey did suffer from his own versatility, playing right wing was confusing to say the least… I wanted him to be taught the B2B role and to use his Rugby background to help him dominate in the middle. Learn how to defend and use his attacking flair to turn def movements into attack.

      I’ve backed Wenger but I like to think I try to be unbiased, Wenger didn’t train the team to defend and Ramsey lack of def capabilities got worse over the years, he couldn’t be trusted to put in a def shift at the end of Wenger Era.

      I had hoped Emery would then train him in CM but he got put in the number 10 role which was a new pos for him to master.. Urgh. Injuries made it worse for Ramsey but I do think his development wavered and he suffered from it.

      Thanks for the post gotanidea

  8. Yeah… it woould be a good descision to let AMN play the CM role after ramsey’s departure despite his display during manchester game.

    1. Banega will be 31 next season, he has never played in the EPL and the time he spent in Italy can be seen as very disappointing overall. One might say he was a flop… Although Inter did make a tidy 9 million sell him him back after getting him for free so a profit spinning flop. I do wish to point out that a complaint for Banega from Inter fans was how he went missing.

      I would say HH is more like a mobile Xhaka than a Ramsey. Not saying this is bad, it could be a good thing 🙂 If we was to replace Xhaka though then I’d go with Rabiot. Set AMN onto Rabiots ‘agent’ XD

  9. I would say we bring in ruben neves, he is a top player and would fit into dat CM position at arsenal.

  10. I don’t think you are looking at it in the right way, when asking “how good can he be if he wasn’t being shuffled about. There is a reason managers play youngsters in different roles, it’s not just to plug a gap. Players learn better from seeing the game from another’s view, when he’s passing or looking for an open midfielder, in future he will be the open midfielder. When he is defending and is getting the right kind of help from teammates, in future he will be one of the helpers. So he picks up things that he might not have done otherwise, he might have only picked them up after mistakes, if playing just the one position. Also his abilities, playing in different roles helps round your abilities some, for one, he has more cause for dribbling out wide, and he also has a birds eye view out there, and in the future he will know where the RB will most likely be positioned at any certain given time, without even looking over, he also ends up with a better idea of what lines the LB will be thinking on. Niles will have a better understanding of his teammates from playing different roles, and he knows allot of the academy lads already, this is all good. The one area that I am not sure yet about Niles in a CM role, is his stamina, I’m not saying he hasn’t got it, just that I haven’t seen enough of him yet to see if he can go up and down the pitch, from the first to the last, without slowing down considerably. A fullback role is a good area to test that ability.

    1. I know players learn from different roles, Wenger did that a lot, some players do benefit from experience in alt roles but they are then trained in a sole role afterwards.

      Example: Thierry Henry. Put on the left and then made a CF again afterwards, when Wenger said “You are a CF for me now”, Wenger didn’t play him at RWB because of injury issues. TH14 stuck to CF. He had his education in alt role and then he was moved back to perfect the CF role.

      Please BOT, I did consider his experience in alt roles and I shall prove it, a top CM will be able to help out the fullback who has bombed forward due to Emeryball. A CM who has some experience in that role can lock down the flank easier than someone who hasn’t, like Guendouzi.

      AMN has stamina, he may appear lazy at times or too chilled out in some other words 😛
      AMN is unflappable, perfect for CM to keep that calm head and to lead. Just look at the way he has managed RWB when that is the role which prob does the most running in Emeryball.

  11. Ideally the only current players who should be in the starting line-up are Lacazette, Aubameyang, Torreira and maybe Guendouzi. So we need 7-8 New starters IF we want to challenge for The PL title

    Realistically, we can’t buy 7-8 players in one summer.

    So we should focus on
    1. CAM
    2. Box to Box CM
    3. Whinger
    4. One defender

    We can cope with defenders we have for one season

    1. You cannot be serious. Leno, Sokratis, Kolasinac, Mhikitaryan & Maitland-Niles are all good enough to start (Depending on formation)

      1. Nameless, ForeeverGunner must have had a momentary memory lapse and forgot who owns Arsenal. 7 players bought in one window!

  12. Nice article midkemma and you might do this more often, hopefully? On Ramsey though I slightly differ about the “run” you mention even though you added a correct rider. In his decade and a bit now he has ALWAYS been inconsistent and we all know this well. He can look a great player in short spells and almost useless a month later. God alone knows why but that reality is what matters and is why, IMO, Emery has decided to let him leave without much qualm. To really make much progress we have to say “cut” when something has not been consistently working over a long period. As with Ozil, so with Ramsey. Both can look marvellous but both slip far away and do so constantly too. THIS lack of reliability is what both lack and why both will soon leave. I realise some think Ozil will stay but I do not and think he will be gone by next season. The reason? Emery ,who lives in the real world and not the “if only world” like Wenger did!

    1. Thanks Jon.
      I’m a massive fan of AMN, Arsenal first as always 😛 lol but out of the kids, AMN to me looks like the most complete player we have currently. I’d like to see his calmness in CM and really train him to be the complete CM.

      1. Midkemma, if you get a chance watch the highlights of Arsenal U23’s win against Spurs 4-0; very impressive, particularly Willock and Sara.

  13. Good article Midkemma. one that poses a lot of questions.
    We have never seen AMN in a CM role before over an extended period, so how can we really judge him?

    His mobility at right back has carried on theimproved work Belllerin has shown and I just wonder how the two of them would wotk down that right side?
    Pace, youth and (slowly) maturity,with AMN taking the attacking role and Bellerin the defensive side of things.

    Could it become the same type of partnership we are seeing forged with Kolasinac and Monreal?

    I really don’t see that many current first team squad players leaving this summer for two reasons:
    1. The success UE is having with the players.
    2. The need to spend the meagre transfer kitty that, we assume, UE will have to spend.
    Fringe players probably will go, but I don’t see any “named” players moving on.

    We only have Xhaka, Torreria, Elneny and Guendouzi if you follow my train of thought and that’s where we need strenghtening, in case of injuries.
    I believe that’s where UE will spend his money, while keeping AMN in partnership with Bellerin.

    At the back, we have Kos, Socs, Holding, Chambers, Mustafi, Mavropanos, all CB’s and injuries have made it that UE hasn’t been able to define his defence. That’s why I believe he has said that he’s happy with the defenders he’s got.

    I can’t think of two better players, at the present moment, who can cross a ball better than AMN and Kolasinac, so why this seeming need for a winger I just don’t understand.

    1. I think we might see more activity then we’re expecting, I honestly believe we are capable of fin 3rd, been saying that all season and relieved I still can lol. If we do then I have genuine hope that we will spend, not any old hope like winning the lottery but a genuine “this might happen”.

      If we get UCL football then that is extra funds.
      We will be saving millions in wages over the season.
      We have players who can be sold and if we can get better deals on sales then that shouldn’t be underestimated imo.

      What if Arsenal could get £60 million for Mustafi and Chambers, not each (I wish) but together. Would Arsenal do that and reinvest that whole fee along with about £15 million to get De Ligt? I used a high figure (£60 mil) just to tease the thought but I think you can understand what I am saying. Slight investment to upgrade an area.

      Depends on who we get in to deal with transfers and how well they can do.

      1. Ken1945, nice to see a bit of positivity back. Freddie Lundberg is doing a great job with the U23’s btw.

        1. ozziegunner, the positivity is back because Ozil is back!!
          At least UE has finally given him the opportunity to show his worth and we immediately see a change in play.
          From seven defensive players, with three shots on goal, to an attacking team that has not conceded a goal in its last two matches, ended utd’s unbeaten run and qualified for the quarter finals of the europa cup.

          Never lost my positivity in the man (UE) just his tactics and team selection.
          As I’ve always said, I would love to see him overtake AW’s record and become the most successful manager in our history.
          If one supports the club, shouldn’t that be everyone’s wish?

          1. You still haven’t told me how many games he was actually available for, when Emery didn’t select him?

  14. No one has mentioned Suarez.

    He doesn’t need to be playing for unai to know his game. This loan looks just as such about what he is like around training and the squad.

    Ramsay is a CM and ACM and so is saurez. Not the same type of player sure but it could end up being the signing, hopefully with a LB and Winger…with centre defence evaluationed – when is holding ready again? When is Manvo ready for 1st team? Sokriatis and Kos and Monreal are safe, what about Mustafi?

    1. Suarez and Ramsey do appear to be similar players but do we need to waste £17 million on him if we already have a player who can do that? How good is Suarez in his def side of the game? Ramsey was moaned about a lot and I can’t disagree with a lot of the moans, I do think he has done well in the last couple games to help out at both ends of the field.

      Can Suarez do that?

      1. Midkemma, unfortunately Suarez has had very limited opportunities; however he has looked sound to promising in his limited minutes.

    1. Grandad, no, no, no, that’s not what I’m saying…is ANYBODY happy with him?
      What I was trying to highlight was the number of CB’s as so described by The Arsenal in their 2108-19 handbook.

      If you take him out of the equation (how I hope this happens!) it still leaves five recognised CB’s for two places and Mavro still an unknown quality.

      Whereas, with Ramsey going, it leaves us with just four midfielders (handbook again), one being Elneny who is a genuine squad player, but only that.

      That’s where I see the weakness for next season, if you agree with my suggestions regarding the pairings of AMN/Bellerin and Monreal/Kolasinac.

      UE has made great strides with the players and I really don’t see him letting any of the estabilished players going.
      My guess would be Lichs, Mustafi, Welbeck (sad), Ospina or Martinez, Cech, Ramsey and maybe, Asano, Jenkinson (hope not).
      Total value?…a conservative £50,000,000 add that to the reported £40,000,000 (farcical) and we could then go for another Torrerria Mk 1, assuming Suarez is a nailed on transfer that UE wants.

      Hope that makes it clearer, just hope that kronkie can see how close UE is to having a really strong squad of players.

  15. Need to sell xhaka first … An utterly mediocre player that will hold us back … Talk of AMN being a winger seems pretty odd to me as he is just too slow … I suspect midfield is his best position but would like to see him play there for a spell before judging and if chambers come back .. Though tbh he still doesn’t impress .. That means a loan spell next year for me … There has to be a viera like player out there somewhere

    1. Rkw, have you seen how Xhaka is playing under UE this season?
      In what way do you see him holding us back?

      Same with AMN as a winger…did you not see him leaving players for dead at both the utd and rennes games?

      As for a Patrick Vieria, hasn’t every team in the worldbeen looking for someone like him since he retired?
      It’s only foolish Arsenal fans, it seems, that just didn’t realise that players like him are not ten a penny and should be thankful that he led the Invincibles and not criticise AW or UE for not being able to replace the irreplacable!!

      1. no i didnt … i dont think anyone believes AMN is a quick and tricky player coz he just aint … decent feet like Iwobi but probably a bit slower … if you think he will solve our absent winger problem then we are just in very different footballing spaces … as for xhaka he has become a bit more disciplined under emery but (despite the goal) his shooting is woeful he doesnt dominate the middle of the park and i started to count his misplaced passes last weekend but gave up as there were just too many … please watch it again too see … whereas AMN still has time on his side xhaka is the kind of average footballer (a slightly better version than elneny purely on the grounds that he has a better cross field ball) we cant afford to have playing week in week out if we are going to move ahead

      2. Evening Ken
        I don’t share you opinon on Xhaka. He is playing better but boy …he is a ticking time bomb waiting to blow us up with a lack of concentration..A loose pass ..not tracking back. He is a side ways player who can’t make forward passes. He hinders and stiffles our attack by slowing the game down..a bench warmer not a starter
        I saw AMN play cm and thought he done pretty well..made a few mistakes but his pace helped him redeem him self and get himself out of trouble ..unfortunately Xhaka has no pace and can’t recover
        …as u can see from this season if amn stays free of injury he gets stronger and stronger.. it has taken time to get up to speed since returning..he would make a good addition as cm for us next season if played there..plus he is versatile enough to play rwb or lwb as cover if required

        1. A.ball08, good morning my fellow gooner.

          This is what opinions are all about isn’t it?
          Share them, discuss them in a civil way and debate properly.

          I base my views on Xhaka since UE took office and introduced Torreiria to play alongside him.
          Two completely different styles of players that, in my opinion, actually embraces the others good and bad points to work in tandem as a unit.

          Of course he has a tendency to implode occasionally, but wouldn’t you say Socrates, Kolasinac, Monreal, Kos and even AMN also have that dubious element in their game?

          I believe UE has made Xhaka into a much better player than he ever was under AW, but the failings during his time under AW are still being used today.
          Could we really be as successful as we presently are, if Xhaka was as bad as some see him? Not in my opinion and that goes for the whole squad, who have also shown an upgraded performance under UE.
          Nine of the eleven against utd were “the old boys”, but you would never have known that after witnessing last season’s performances.

          1. Ken you are then correctly saying that those same players are now playing better under Emery than under Wenger. At last, an admission ! Congrats for finally seeing the light.

  16. I do not think or believe Monchi was the first choice at Arsenal according to Roma’s owner he failed miserably and for Overmars, I dont think either we had a room for him and that’s why he decided to extend his contract with Ajax, and so far I think will be Emery and his panel do Scouting and Raul go out and push the deal on finishing line or close it!!

  17. What about Aarom Mooy, the Australian international midfielder? Huddersfield look like being relegated, so he could be available at a reasonable fee. Although he is 29 in September, he has high energy, toughness and skill.

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