Who should Arsenal have for the next statue after Wenger? Ian Wright?

Next Emirates Stadium statue should go to…?

So my fellow Gooners after the amazing statues we have in and around the Emirates so far and with the latest addition last summer being one of Monsieur Arsene Wenger, it doesn’t take a genius to think about who deserves one next and quite frankly I am surprised he hasn’t got one already!

In my opinion, I believe that if we are to have one, the next statue at the Emirates should belong to the one and only Mr legend, Mr local boy, Mr Ian Wright!

His passion and loyalty to the club no matter what happens is second to none! Wrighty is what you call a loyal player, person and fan.

Really, he deserves nothing less and I believe if we have a vote for the next statue there should be no question that it should go to him

Having, admittedly himself, not had the easiest of upbringings and at one point even doubted whether he would make it as a professional footballer, Wrighty started out at Greenwich Borough where he played only a few games before he had been seen by a scout from Crystal Palace. This would move him to Palace and essentially kick start his professional football career where he went on to play for the Eagles for six years!

Wright finally joined Arsenal back in 1991 and quickly became a fan favourite and for good reason too. His cheekiness and his bright smile that is still apparent today with his ever present gold tooth, gave Arsenal fans joy week in week out and having graced our beloved shirt for seven years. Wrighty went on to become the now second highest goalscorer for Arsenal having scored 185 goals in 288 overall appearances, only being overtaken by Thierry Henry in 2005 who ended up with his total career goals of 228 in 337 appearance for the Gunners!

But Ian’s passion and loyalty to the club from day one until now is ever present and can never and will never be doubted! He is every Arsenal fan, living the emotions off the pitch in every single way in the way that us fans live it from start to finish!

He talks the talk well and is not biased when it comes to debates about the club that loves him so much. He is honest, down to earth and just such a natural, amazing and rather unique soul that anything we may do or say will never be enough to repay him for all he has done and is doing, not just for Arsenal, not just for football be it men’s or women’s but for the sport in general.

So many children and adults idolise him and everyone respects him so much that it is very very hard to dislike such an amazing man!

Really, Arsenal, if you are listening or reading, the least we could do is repay his loyalty and faith to the club and show him our love by giving him a statue outside the Emirates Stadium to go alongside his OBE that he received for his services to football and to charity!

But no matter what happens Wrighty will forever be a legend in my heart and in many an Arsenal fans heart for sure, be it with or without a statue at the Emirates.

Although that little gesture from the club will definitely go a long way to show Wrighty just how much we really do love him and have been grateful to have him be a part of our history and continue to be part of our present and future!

So Gooners how about we start a petition to get him a statue outside the glorious Emirates stadium? Because, why not!!!

Shenel Osman


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  1. Can’t think of anyone since The Invincibles era

    Wrighty is a good shout but looking up the records, David O’Leary played over 700 times for the Gunners and apparently never got sent off over a 19 year stay.

    Pat Rice is another stalwart of Arsenal as a player and later as AW’s assistant. It’s difficult to not think of Bob Wilson and his association with the club too.

  2. Following on from Liam’s excellent history articles, there are so many older players who have played a important part in our history, not just those who we can think of and remember from our individual memories of players.

    Ted Drake, Jimmy Logie, Norris, Mee, Graham the list is endless and goes right back to the founding brothers… shouldn’t that be where we start to look?

    Having said that, I like the Pat Rice suggestion and Ian Wright are both “modern day” erstwhile candidates.

  3. For me there was a long list of arsenal players and staff who should have had a statue before Henry, including Vic Akers.

  4. Easy for any dyed in the wool Gooner to suggest any numbe rof individulas who have played special roles in our history, both on and off the pitch.

    But IMO having MORE statues simply devalues the ones we have now.
    I would not dream of even considering another statue. And how would you even begin to choose the most deserving!!. You could end up with a whole line of statues, each making the previous one less special, less of interest.

  5. George Graham for his contributions as a player (won the European Fairs Cup and FA Cup/First Division title) and as Manager of Arsenal.
    Bernie Mee for managing Arsenal’s first double stands out above all others.
    Of the players mentioned, hard to go past David O’Leary’s (for games played and commitment) and Ian Wright (for his goals)

  6. Liam Brady for me, also Charlie George would be a good shout for me,
    True Arsenal men they were a cut above the rest during there era’s.

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