Who should really be Arsenal’s captain – Certainly not Ramsey!

Ramsey shouldn’t wear the captain’s armband by Dan Smith

It was slightly contradicting to see Aaron Ramsey stroll around the Emirates on Saturday as captain giving that reports say it’s our manager’s decision to cancel contract negotiations with the Welshman. I would never question Rambo’s commitment or professionalism but it seems odd for the team to be led by a man who knows he won’t be in North London this time next year.

Unai Emery seems to have an obsessive attention to detail. There’s every chance that his focus was on other issues that he didn’t consider what would happen if he had to take off Cech, something he wouldn’t have imagined having to do. It might also be as simple as the Spaniard not seeing it as a big deal, foreigners often not having the same sentiment regarding the arm band. For example in Italy, the criteria for who should skipper the national side is based on who has the most caps.

It will be interesting to see if Emery feels the need to change his vice captain given that he could be gone as soon as January. Some inside the dressing room might see it as insider joke. Recent history shows being named captain is like a curse.

Arsene Wenger started to use the responsibility as a token gesture to massage the ego of his best players. Fabregas and Van persie were give the honour even when management knew they wanted to leave. Thomas Vermaelen was someone else who departed the same year he got the gig. In that instance we were happy to sell to Barcelona due to a bad injury (one he never truly has recovered from).

The BFG was a bit cheeky, agreeing to be club captain even though he had mentally given up wanting to play. The idea was his peers would benefit from having a World cup winner to learn from. It seems morally wrong he was happy to take a pay check while wishing not to be selected. That meant Koscielny was in charge most match days. He has since been jinxed by an injury so bad there’s doubt if he will come back the same player. His achilles issue was already stopping him from playing 2 matches a week and he may now require his own training schedule to nurse him through.

It’s worth pointing out that Cech is also a free agent next summer, meaning our current captain and vice captain are both seeing out their contracts.

Who should be our captain gooners or is the arm band something we romanticise too much about?

Da Smithn


  1. gotanidea says:

    I bet Arsenal have clarified what happened on Ramsey to all players, to avoid negativity spread among his teammates

    If they did that, I believe Ramsey is still respected as a captain by the other players. But Ramsey has to play deeper, because he did not play well as a no 10 and it would impact his confidence

    Other than Ramsey, Cech and Monreal, Ozil might also be suited for the captaincy. But like Ramsey, he has to play in his best position, to improve his forms

    1. Maks says:

      Ramsey’s best position is out of the club.
      It is time to say another goodbye! 🙂



    its a big honor but needs some one who is quality and a commander in field like TONY ADAMS and PATRICK VIERA WHO can motivate the players and even talk to them when things are not moving in right direction.

  3. Phil says:

    Ramsey should not even be considered for the first team let alone being captain.Who would seriously want to be led by a player who will not even be at the Club this time next year (or January if at all possible)?

    1. Frans Bugeja says:

      Well said.Bench him and send him to other team to WARM THEIR BENCH

  4. McLovin says:

    Weve had some terrible captains over the years.

    Arteta, BFG.. sure BFG liked to whip players like Özil after the match but during matches he would be quiet, duck on wall..

    Verminator was decent, also RVP. They lead by exemple. After Vernaelen, we ve been basically captainless.

    1. Godswill says:

      You are right. We’ve not had a captain since verminator left.

  5. Alldwayfromafrica says:

    Dude we already got our captains…kos and cech….both would still be around come next season….aside them though I really don’t see anyone else.

  6. jon fox says:

    The notion that any club can have just ONE onfield leader whilst the other players wait around to be ordered about is fanciful. All successful clubs NEED a squad full of mentally tough and mature players who all know their job. But while we have the likes of Bellerin, Ozil and other mentally fragile players we are on the wrong path. This is not a bash Ozil post but a clear realisation of the obvious weakness he has , both physically and mentally. This cannot be sensibly denied. We also have rash and undisciplined players, two clear examples being Mustafi and Xhaka. All these are weaknesses, not curable by merely havng ONE strong captain, even a Tony Adams type. You need to be able to do things by yourself, in any walk of life, to really succeeed. This toughness has to be actually IN the players; you cannot force it in. Walcott was the worst example of a coward who had neither physical nor mental toughness, quite the opposite in fact. Look what a long term failure he was. He was disgracefully indulged for twelve dreadful years by Wenger. But bit by bit, dependent on how soon and how much Kroenke loosens his moth ridden wallet, Emery will get rid of weeds and that is already obvious. At present, left largely with Wengers weeds, he has to be pragmatic and play, even encourage and indulge the mentally weaker , but talented players. But I am certain this is now lessening and ere too long the once legendary toughness which made us feared under Graham and the early Wenger years , will once again be part of our club. Until this toughness returns – and I do not confuse lumbering, mistimed, rustic tackles with true toughness – real success will continue to be elusive. But it will return, once Emery has his own team and players throughout the club, not Wengers. All the players bought since Emery came in are tough and clearly so. Good start Unai!

    1. Midkemma says:

      Adams had some great players around him to help him be such a great captain. I doubt Adams would have been remembered so fondly if he didn’t get support when he needed it, during his addictions.

      Ozil can be the same in regards to being great when supported CORRECTLY.

      I do question the mentality of people who let addictions get the better of them, like Adams did. I also know that people rely on others a LOT and an individual’s strength comes from the issues they have had to tackle in their lives…

      Looking at most of your posts regarding Arsenal, how on earth do you call yourself a SUPPORTER?

      Moan about this player, that player, every damned player who wears our badge. Sound more like a Chavski fan than a gooner!

      Ozil is a great player, he isn’t perfect and not a complete “I can do everything” footballer but he is a world class number 10. Shame he isn’t being played as a number 10 though and Ramsey is. Bellerin is a talented footballer who needs to learn how to defend better, to claim he is the problem shows how little support you are offering, throw them out and buy stars like Chavski does. Yes they can do better and you know what, tactics can help cover a teams weakness… Not all Bellerins fault. Part of it is Emery for not drilling him better and for picking him over Lich.. You, like I, appear to be willing to SUPPORT Emery. Why not offer that support to the damned player! You do know he was coached by Wenger for years, his form was dropping like a lot of Arsenal players was under Wenger towards the end, instead of recognising Wenger in their issues, you moan like a little brat. You are happy to slate Wenger in almost EVERYTHING apart from players you dislike, then it is the player and Wenger is still at fault because his name is Wenger.

      Pathetic when you think about it.

      1. jon fox says:

        Midkemma, though clearly an intelligent and real fan , you have a real and puzzling , to me, problem with me and whatever I ever write. We must just accept that we are completely different people and clearly see most Arsenal matters from totally different perspectives. I did not welcome the personal insult to wrote but have to accept that is how you wish to behave. I am too long an Arsenal fan, 60 years attending and too long in this world to let an immature dig from someone whose views I almost always disagee with upset me. If it gives you pleasure to carry on insulting me, then please feel free. i have my own ASrsenal views to concentrate on dear chap and have no time to be bothered by yours. Just explaining how i feel. I have no animosity towards you at all. I have no need.

    2. ks-gunner says:

      About Xhaka i would not agree with you. He does much better today and people are still to hard on him. They have already pushed him under the buss and remediation is somehow not possible.

      Like i said before. I wish for Emery to bench Xhaka more often so fans can understand that he is not that bad as people make him out to be. Very much Giroud who was being treated dirty by to many fans. Some players can do 9 things right and one 1 wrong. And the wrong fans who made their mind up already will focus on. While for example my problem with Ramsey is that i have seen him for so many years doing absolute nothing special, and here i see many fans who want to see him as a clubs captain based on nothing. Double standards i dislike. If some under performers had the luxury to play for so long without any slag, than for bananas sake give some of the other players of ours some patience as well.

      1. Trudeau says:

        The Giroud Xhaka comparison is a good one. Both get waaay too much stick from folks who only concentrate on what they can’t do rather than what they can do.

        1. Sal says:

          we can’t attack without granit and we can’t defend without torreira if us fans haven’t spotted that by now i don’t know what to to tell you 🙂

          1. Sal says:

            this teams captain is montreal whether they like it or not, don’t see anyone else that deserve it more!

      2. Someone says:

        Ks-gunner you speak my mind ,
        It annoys me very much seeing some fans taking over Xahka in every single match i wear if Emery bench Him for 3 consecutive games i swear you will see those hatred calling for Emery to start Xhaka again i agree sometimes he makes mistakes but who doesnt !!!
        this guy offer us others solutions inside the field he is masterclass in long balls , he can shot from distance and he can perfectly score from free kicks also what else more we need ! In my opinion Xahak is one of the very few players in the team with Cech And the Boss only these the players i see have that required strong personality for the armband

  7. baba Sagna says:

    I think our next captain should be Mustafi ???,so we can have our leading comedian entertain us weekly,,, Lolzzzzzxxxxxz,,,his brother Ramsey has entertained us enough..lolzzz only koscielny, Cech, Sokratis, Litchsteiner, and maybe Torreira look like captain materials, d rest are pussies

    1. JJPawn says:

      You should check the defensive statistics in the EPL for Mustafi before typing too much.

  8. Midkemma says:

    I think Emery idea of having multiple captains should be considered in this, this actually allows for players in poor form to be dropped without dropping your captain… Well, one might be dropped but the team could have up to 4 more ready to step in with good form.

    For this reason I would say Cech should remain as one of them, he should be given a 1 year extension with the idea of Leno being pushed HARD to replace him, not only in performance but also in leadership at the back.
    Seaman and Mad Jens was leaders in the back, Adams and Sol may have been THE leaders but that doesn’t take away from the GK being a leader and being able to demand what he needs/wants to keep the ball out the net.

    I would seriously look at Holding for a ‘young’ captain. Mustafi isn’t blocking out other CBs with great form, Sokratis is someone who could be well respected for his no nonsense approach but is his communication in English good enough to get concepts/ideas across in the heat of a match?

    As Emery appears to like Xhaka then I feel he has to be considered for the role as well, his form has picked up with Torreira playing alongside him and the partnership is a very promising one, this could work out well for us.

  9. LENOhappy says:

    Give the captain band to…….,.,,,,,..mavropanous

  10. Sue says:

    Anyone except Liverpool bound Ramsey…

    1. Tas says:

      Klopp can make a donkey run the Grand National and win, Ramsy has bags of talent just don’t have the consistency or he didn’t under AW but Klopp will bring the best out of him but if he chooses another club and manager he will most likely fade

      1. waal2waal says:

        …the only opportunity waiting for ramsey in l’pool is… at everton with his good mate theo

      2. Maks says:

        Tas… when you play him in FIFA he is consistent, isn t he?
        but no player is talented at FIFA, and for Ramsey you can say that maybe he WAS talented but now he is overrated player who have to go away from Arsenal a.s.a.p.

  11. Alldwayfromafrica says:

    Hey Dan Smith …..can you make an article of what we are allowed or in most cases not allowed to say in the forum….
    Cause I been called uneducated with not much to live for and this forum..

    1. waal2waal says:

      ….get over it …

      If you are educated then be happy. If you ain’t then you can set a course if you wish to be so. The point being it really doesn’t matter if anyone here (likely unknown to you) is saying. Do grow up. You’re in a completely different hemisphere than the one you have issue with.

      Just saying

    2. ks-gunner says:

      Hahah, relax mate, i have been called names and i have called other names as well in the Wenger civil war, but in the end of the day, thats part of being into football. Its the playground for adults to act like kids sometimes, lol. So cheer up and dont take things to personal.

    3. Dan says:

      If peep s have said that 2 u mate, its a reflection on them
      anyone who gets worked up over a discussion about football needs to get a life
      dont let it put u off commenting mate

  12. Innit says:

    Torreira could be a future captain
    so could Lacazette

    I am struggling to think of future captains from our lot
    most of our players arent good enough quality or aging or too inexperienced or dont have characteristics of a captain

  13. qoni says:

    torreira for captain – maybe he will be more careful about his tackles, but he is a leader and hardworking and for me he has that personality. ramsey, i will not even name him as a reserve, sell him as soon as possible. – gooner = forever

  14. jim wall says:

    Would give it to xakai, has that little bit of fire in his belly

  15. Jah son says:

    Serious question Theo Walcott or Aaron Ramsey which is the or was the better player for arsenal

    1. Sue says:

      I really don’t know!!! ?

      1. Andrew E says:

        I would probably go for Ramsey only because he was more consistent, Walcott used to go missing on a regular basis.

        1. Tas says:

          Walcott was a stallion on the right wing he flopped only when he wanted to be a striker and lost his confidence

          1. Tas says:

            AW should of explained to Wilcott that he would never make it as a striker I think most of the world know this but being AW and Arsenal we tried to save money by not buying a real striker when it was desperately needed

          2. Tas says:

            I also think that Welbeck wold make a world class winger if he excepted playing on the left wing rather than a striker

          3. Rkw says:

            :-))). Keep em comin … Don’t forget to recall the mind-blowing talents of bendtner and Senderos..

    2. Maks says:

      Theo Walcott was very good until rvp went away and then Theo though he is a good no.9

  16. Ingleby says:

    Who should be captain? The fact that the question is asked illustrates just how dire the characters within the team have been in recent years. Usually (not always, I agree) a captain has been with his club for a number of seasons and built up over that time the personality, respect, and leadership-knowhow to be an obvious choice. This hasn’t happened for years at Arsenal because there really hasn’t been a driving force of leadership quality in the team for I don’t know how long. Now, we all sit on our hands wondering just whether somebody might emerge who can take the manager’s instructions onto the pitch and energise the other 10.

  17. Cliff says:

    Nacho Monreal.The only consistent performer we have.If all our players put in a daily shift like him,we could compete any team.I also wish that Holding can learn the trade quickly, he appears to me like a stable mind who can captain the arsenal to greatness in the near future.

    1. Will says:

      This is the most sensible captain suggestion.

    2. lord wafflebury says:

      Nacho…mr consistent…good choice !…his critics will disagree with me but Xhaka was one of the youngest bundersliga captains when he skippered bmg..plus remember seeing him play there and was impressed with his physicality…seemed wenger knocked that out of him when he came here as it appeared his reputation proceeded him in the eyes of our referees.
      If he continues his improvement then why not ??

    3. waal2waal says:

      …i think Nacho deserves some recognition as far as respect goes. let’s face it if theo merits wearing the armband then no harm done if nacho has a shot – the worry here is whether players who’ve enjoyed greater international and domestic success be willing to accept such responsibilty being delegated through nacho? its a bit of mess being without a Captn far as i see it.

      However, a future captain (speculatively) could well be AMN or possibly Smith-rowe…

  18. ks-gunner says:

    You guys throw away names like Ramsey as being a captains candidate based on nothing. Ramsey owns not a single attribute of a captain. He is no talent, he is no leader, no character, very selfish, and like every one has pointed out already, he is about to leave for good.

    The sole candidate currently fit to be named captains are: Kos if wants to be here still, Cech, Monreal and maybe Ozil. But my fav candidate is, even though he is new here, Soktratis whatever-last-name-he has-operos. LOl.

    Immense presence, a hard man, old school character and someone who is actually worth being in the starting line up.

    Keep the good work up. Hope we get more players in and replace some of the left overs from the past. Gunners`up.

    1. waal2waal says:

      …good call Socratis – a no nonsense type. only thing is respect has to be earned and he’s not been playing here long enough to merit award in all seriousness, altho he is clearly fans favourite

  19. Andrew E says:

    Beyond Petr Cech I can’t see anyone as a decent captain. I am discounting Kos because I think his bad injury has limited his playing career.

    Personally I don’t think we have had a proper captain since Patrick Viera who I think was our best ever (sorry Tony). Virtually every player in his team could have worn the armband.

  20. aubamezzette says:

    Koscielny , Cech , Monreal , Xhaka in that order

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Everybody has forgotten Lichtsteiner, who has captained Juventus and Switzerland.

      1. aubamezzette says:

        Lichsteiner just came to England, it ll be too soon… but he can be behind Xhaka in pecking order….

  21. Maks says:

    I think is good what Emery is doing with 5 captains… next year we will have just one.
    Who? Let s wait and see.

  22. Namo says:

    For so many years now, we’ve always ended up selling our Captains.
    Henry, Fabrepass, Van P, Verminator. Only Arteta survived till retirement. So, let’s just leave it for Ramsey and continue the trend.. ???

    1. Protiq says:

      you forgot mertesekar

  23. JJPawn says:

    Ozil is the best football brain in the club by some distance. He should lead this team from the middle. Despite being played out of position he has been a sport. With Ozil there is an international level presence, and I wish we can get a proper winger. I would consider bring Alexis back for Ramsay if Maurinho is willing to swap. Better Ramsay for Martial.

  24. Jeremy says:

    The club should take a stand.

    If this guy is signing a new deal, there is no way he can lead the team.

    Send him to train with youngsters.

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