Who should start in Arsenal’s opener against Forest? Ramsdale or Raya?

Starting Arsenal’s Season: Ramsdale or Raya?

As the completion of David Raya’s transfer to Arsenal appears imminent, the question of his potential role in the opening game of the season against Nottingham Forest becomes a talking point. The decision between the current Arsenal number 1, Aaron Ramsdale, and the probable future number 1, Raya, carries weighty implications.

In this scenario, if handed the choice, my inclination would be to start with Ramsdale. The England international showcased a commendable performance throughout the preseason, culminating in a standout display against Manchester City in the Community Shield.

This has solidified his preparedness — both mentally and physically — for leading the Gunners in their first Premier League encounter.

Contrastingly, Raya’s summer has been marked by swirling speculations about his destination, ranging from Tottenham Hotspur and Chelsea to Bayern Munich, finally settling on Arsenal. This ongoing uncertainty might have impacted his focus during preseason training, which is pivotal for seamless integration into a new squad.

Ramsdale seems ready for the battle that lies ahead of him

Furthermore, Raya’s transfer to Arsenal remains pending, leaving him with minimal time for essential preparatory aspects. As the matchday approaches, the Spaniard’s delay in undergoing medical evaluations, fulfilling media obligations, and training with his new teammates could potentially hinder his readiness.

Hence, it seems likely that Ramsdale would get the nod for the season opener. However, if circumstances unexpectedly align and Raya starts in his new Arsenal colors, it will underscore Arteta’s high regard for the goalkeeper, potentially placing Ramsdale in an uphill battle to regain his starting position.

Ultimately, the decision will hinge on Arteta’s assessment of each player’s current state and long-term potential, adding an extra layer of anticipation to Arsenal’s season kickoff.

Writer – Yash Bisht

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  1. Ramsdale, because he’s been playing with Saliba, Magalhaes, White and Partey for one season

    We need to avoid miscommunication between our new GK and our defenders. Let Raya train in cup competitions

    1. Ramsdale is my pick and there shouldn’t be any debate about that. He has done a lot for the club. Rayal should be eased into the group gradually or if Ramsdale loses form. You can’t upset the rythym of the team. Raya time will come and if he proves himself to become undroppable then Arteta has a decision to make

          1. Some of his exceptional performances in some matches is the reason we are 2nd a runner up to MCity.. Also you can’t ignore his important safe to put on in a good stead to win Community shield the beginning of good Omen for iArsenal this season.

      1. Hope you know the past 10 games Ramsdale contributed to bottle the league I think Arteta noticed that that’s why he needs a great keeper to compete with him as Aaron was too comfortable for number 1 position. I am glad Raya is a great keeper no doubt he won’t be sitting on the bench

  2. No doubt Ramsdale. Raya are our cuo keeper atm. but who knows who’s nr1 at the end of the season? actually hope ramsdale! love his passion!

  3. Agree Ramsdale to start but Raya must be guaranteed some game time otherwise its a complete mystery why he would sign just to be a no2 for me he is slightly the better keeper and we all know how good he is distribution wise can’t see either standing for playing 2nd fiddle how Arteta plans to keep them both happy who knows!

  4. Oddly Raya was statistically the best keeper in the league last season (average comparing clean sheets, saves, high claims, punches). He’s also noted for his distribution.

    It’s going to be very healthy competition.

  5. Ramsdale starts because he is familiar with tactics and teammates, NOT because he is a better keeper.

    After mid to end of September I hope it’s an open competition for 1st choice GK. So far Ramsdale hasn’t been challenged and the leaks and complacency showed.

    Same goes for the FB spots with Timber, Zinchenko, and White. Same for Havertz earning starts, and Jesus keeping out Trossard as striker.

  6. It could be raya and Matt runner in goal for both clubs respectively, who would have believed it 3 weeks ago

  7. Of course Ramsdale will start and unless he cocks up big time will carry on starting. Taya will have to hope but is currently our backup.

  8. Ramsdale will start for sure.speaking of Raya,has anyone seen the photo on the net . it’s Raya watching Arsenal at Wembley on Sunday.

  9. Ramsdale will start the season, but I expect him to lose his place before January. If not, we have wasted some money IMO.

  10. To me, Raya is the better keeper who should always start above Ramsdale. Period. Never been a big fan of Ramsdale from day one.

    This could be the hottest debate topic of the entire season and the biggest headache for rookie Arteta: deciding between Raya or Ramsdale for each game.

    The entire dressing room could become divided too if the gaffer is not careful. (Ramsdale camp vs Raya camp).

    Arteta’s man-management skills (or lack there of) will be severely tested. Mark my word!

    1. The fact it’s a loan means there’s no headache whatsoever.

      Obviously there’s now healthy competition for Ramsdale, which is great, but less pressure to start Raya.

    2. Rfrancis, do you seriously believe that a manager who has won one FA CUP, and two Community Shields and who managed the team that finished a clear second last season, in his fourth season too, can honestly be called ” a rookie”?

      That is blantantly untrue and you know it, as does every other Gooner, so its an odd comment to claim.

  11. According to David ornstein it’s a loan @£3mil with an option to buy for £27mill. If that’s true then it’s good business for us.

    1. Yes, not a permanent transfer, yet. He’s with us on loan for the season and we are not obligated to buy him at the end of the season.

    2. Ornstein is definitely reliable when it comes to transfer news involving Arsenal you can almost certainly guarantee its true when he writes something and now it’s being published by everyone over the Internet about being a initial loan deal!

  12. Ramsdale will start in goal for our opening match I am certain but we should all expect Raya to replace him in the next couple of weeks. I think anyone who believes Arteta bought Raya to sit on the bench and only come out for game against Shrewsbury in the cup are foolish. He is coming in with a view to being No 1.

  13. Since we’ve bought Buffon, Ramsdale just needs to go straight to the bench.

    Is this even a question ?

    We just bought the outstandingly best keeper in the world, obviously our woefully bad, good-for-nothing Ramsdale has to step back now.

    No questions here whatsoever,
    Buffon starts

  14. Take it for granted that Foden’s chance at the Community Shield was an easy 2-0 !!!!
    No way back into the game for us

    Take it for granted that immediately after Foden’s chance the defense went to sleep and Ramsdale had to be wonderful again to save Rodri’s header from the resultant corner

    That’s 3-0 !!! Confirming us to be Man City’s prostitute

    That 1-1 is courtesy of Ramsdale

    And did someone say Raya is better ?
    We’re buying a keeper cos Turner wants out – as he seeks first team action

    If Turner was playing first team football somewhere else last season, we would have been saying “YES A GOOD COMPETITION FOR RAMSDALE HAS COME”

    Turner’s fate may befall Raya
    As it might still be Ramsdale starting in the Champions League matches

  15. Let the best keeper be No 1 …… and our good manager will make the right decision – he’s actually paid for that

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