Who STILL thinks Arsenal need another striker?

Have Arsenal got enough striking options? by M McC

Hey Gooners!

After Arsenal’s good win over our London neighbours West Ham, I found myself asking the question; do the Gunners have enough strikers or do we still need to invest heavily on a big name?

I personally think that with Welbeck, Giroud, and the up and coming Akpom, we are in pretty good shape, so Wenger should save his money for other positions in the squad. We also have Walcott who can fill in, as can Sanchez plus Yaya Sanogo and Campbell out on loan.

Even if wenger was to bring in a big name player like Cavani or Martinez there is no guarantee they will be a hit – just look at Man United and Falcao – so money doesn’t automatically equal success.

I think were in good position right now in terms of strikers with Giroud as our main man, who is playing very well since the New Year. He is finding the back of the net on a consistent basis and his goal yesterday was a sublime finish to an excellent build up. All I would like too see is Akpom introduced a bit more, because he has the ability to lead the line for us for many years to come. Bringing in players with big names and wages means he will find it difficult to get playing time.

So I think Arsenal should keep their powder dry in terms of strikers for now at least, at spend it in much more needed areas like another top class DM (let Flamini go) and another rock solid centre-back.

What you think fellow Gooners?


VIDEO – Wayne Rooney getting knocked out cold at home!

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  1. Yes we do because neither Giroud nor Welbeck are consistent enough. Although Giroud had a great game yesterday, he has missed open goals this season especially against Monaco. If he continues to play like he did yesterday, then its a different story, but from when he joined Arsenal 3 years ago up until now, it has been hit and miss for him.

    1. why is he getting thumbed down? truth being spoken!
      giroud an welbz are quality but inconsistent

      come on – lets get the rooney being knocked out by bardsley video trending.
      no doubt it will rile him further haha

      1. @muffdiver
        Bardsley clocked him like Mayweather and Rooney went down like Pacquiao…
        On the real though. I hope dude is OK.

    2. Whenever I see “Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see. “, I’m disappointed not to see Hafiz’s name along that. LOL

    3. Who is more consistent, Aguero, Falcao, Diego Costa, Van Persie, Dzecko? I often get incensed with people who just rehearse things which they keep hearing. Is there a time when Arsenal has failed to score a goal since the new year began? Why should anyone accuse our strikers of inconsistency when we have been seeing the so-called world class strikers failing to score? Did Man City score any goal yesterday? Hasn’t Chelsea failed to break down Southampton with all the so-called consistent strikers today? So save us from your rehearsed choruses of consistent strikers?

      1. Depends what you call consistent. Giroud is having a good goalscoring few months, but Aguero has several goalscoring seasons. People might get caught up in some comparison, which isn’t the issue, but you can hardly deny we have no reliable cover for Giroud at ST.

        Anyone else in this current team that you put at ST after Giroud, is a downgrade. Anyone. That in itself highlights the fact we’re bare on quality depth, and it is precisely this area where City, Chelsea, even United beat us. That’s the point. Convince yourself that having Diego Costa wouldn’t enhance us all you like.

        1. In fairness, anyone other than Costa, Aguero, Rooney and Sturridge is a downgrade for their respective teams as well.

  2. We do but i hate when a player (dybala) says a thing like he can swim to join barca, reminds me of fabregas, id love lacazette, but what’s gonna happen to akpom, sanogo, n welbz, giroud im a confused gooner n when its confusing it means wenger won’t buy

    1. Lacazette for me. Akpom needs a loan. Welbeck is very good on the wings for us and can play all 3 front positions. Sanogo needs to be sold together with Campbell and Podolski.

      CF = Giroud/Lacazette/Welbeck/Walcott
      LW = Sanchez/Welbeck/Walcott
      RW = OX/Walcott/Welbeck/Gnabry

      For me that is enough choice up front.

    2. Lacezzete is better and if honestly accessed without bias he would walk into every team bar barca.

      So when I hear rumours about him I get the feeling he is one step too much to get.

      Dybala on the other hand might prove to be the next big thing. Worth a punt.

      We in the past found it too difficult to compete against the big teams financially. Even Liverpool were able to push us aside.

      Now we are stronger but not strong enough to go head to head with the biggest financial beasts out there.

  3. Don’t really care bout Monaco just looking for a performance, it’s not like we’re gonna win Champions League anyway. We need to continue our winning run and hopefully get the fa cup and second place. Knowing arsenal will probably win 2-0 and miss a sitter at the end

  4. World class Costa missed empty goals, in fact he hasn’t scored in 8 games, to punctuate it even further, he has only scored 1 more than Giroud, Falcao scored only 4 goals and back in 2013 – 2014 everyone was saying we should buy him, Cavani missed easy goal againsgt Chelsea, in both legs, so even so called world class players are in consistent at times.

    1. Exactly ! The hate for Giroud is just bias. He scored 50 goals for Arsenal in less time than Drogba did for Chelsea. And I remember fans saying Dzeko, Cavani and Falcao would have been better.. The manager knows best.

  5. Lacazette for me. He is 23 and can be groomed to be our next big striker when Giroud gets older. Welbeck is very useful as he can play in 3 positions. We can loan out Akpom to get more experience.

    We are also linked to Roberto Firmino a CAM with a fantastic record for Hoffenheim. He is also known to have a good defensive record. Just checkout his whoscored ratings. Who would he replace: Cazorla, Wilshere, Rosicky. Though call….

    1. I’ll be watching Marseille – Lyon tonight at 20:00. 4 players that are interesting.

      Lyon – Lacazette, Fekir, Gonalons
      Marseille – Gignac

  6. “Even if wenger was to bring in a big name player like Cavani or Martinez there is no guarantee they will be a hit – just look at Man United and Falcao – so money doesn’t automatically equal success.”

    Agreed. Real life is NOT FIFA 14/15.

    We have plenty of goalscorers. 🙂

    1. Costa : 18 goals in 32 games — Giroud : 14 goals in 24 games. And Giroud was injured for 3 months. And Sanogo has more CL goals than Costa LOL. Giroud is the best striker in the league after Aguero.

    1. If Wenger wanted him he would be here. He hasn’t shown anything at so’ton that he didn’t at Celtic.

      Back when his agent was being a right one wanyama was pushing for a move to arsenal.

  7. I do, whatever happens and even If Giroud continues to play the way he plays we still need another striker…one with the talent RVP had when he had THAT season or Henry’s type of talent not necessary to say that they could score goals but fitted in the way we play so well and “scare” people even before they step on the filed…Giroud does score but at a less rate but I do give him point his play back from goal is amazing and his deflections and flicks are something else and he is physical but I don’t think defenders are “scared”…he made Ramsey Goal yesterday…Welbeck needs to be more clinical!!!Walcott I wonder what is his place in the team…in 10 years in he is no starter and his impact is good but he isn’t the first name on the team sheet…If Wenger as a shot at getting such striker he should even it means selling some (Podolski, Sanogo with a buy back option and maybe one more)

    1. Players like van persie or henry???????????
      What players are available out there that have the same quality as tgese two players come on be realistic.

    2. Except Wenger MADE those players. You should know that we don’t buy legends, we MAKE them. Players like RVP and Henry were just on Welbeck’s level when we got them.

      1. And thats EXACTLY what he will do with Welbeck. The dude’s game is changing game in game out and he will become a very handful striker in the coming seasons. Wenger has a point to prove with Welbeck and Welbeck has a point to prove in England! I still think he is HENRY MKII.

  8. Simple answer is…Yes. Reason? Competition makes your squad better and at the moment the quality of competition isn’t good enough.

  9. Reports are claiming that Dbyala wil join us in the next 15days…anyway i want Dbayala..he south American nd u knw wat that means.they are hungry 4 goals nd success…Dbyala,Schneirderlin then we can win the league…off topic:how abt contrao frm madrid wen nacho leaves?

  10. Yes. Because Injuries.

    Giroud is #1. After that we don’t have a truly reliable striker. Akpom maybr in the future but he’s still got a lot of work to do.

    I’m more concerned with Theo’s finishing ATM

    Would like Dyabala as an investment, even if he leaves in the future we’d likely profit a good deal from it. His Swim to Barca line is just die to Messi and there’s no gaurantee Messi will still be there.
    I would also entertain a proven striker like Huntelaar. Or back after Higuain

    1. Theo finishing wasn’t too bad against west ham. I’m sure if he throws way his cobwebs those chances would have went in but still they were not as easy as some of his other misses this season.

      Huntelaar is at the tail end of his career and is on high wages.

      Down that route berahino would be a way better punt. Though myself I wouldn’t.

  11. Its a very big risk buying an established striker especially into the premier league, the best strikers in the league till date developed in the league with the exception of a few…aguero and maybe costal who hasn’t shown the same consistency of late.
    Giroud is player like drogba…dedicated, hard working and eager to improve. Had the guy been fit all season I have no doubt we will ve up with chelsea.11goals in maybe 14 or 15 starts this season is fantastic.
    I don’t care whot any1 says, I prefer sanogo upfront compared to welbeck, sanogo brings our midfielders to play more and wot he lacks is confidence and believe.
    Some1 wrote ao welbeck was running behind d last defender when he 1st came dat wenger changed his game and he’s no longer doin dat…we shuld admit welbeck sucks..walcott has been running behind strikers since 1772 and belive me…they re coached by the same person.
    Give Giroud the needed backing and we ve a drogba in our hand..

      1. We had Ian Wright – 30 goal a season striker. Henry – 30 goal season striker. RvP – 30 goal season striker. Giroud? Let the answer speak for itself.

          1. Van p scored 30 only in his last season and I remember it was all ball to van persie…was in arsenal for 7good season….and don’t tolk abt injury here…giroud was injured aand no one cared

        1. Come on BG – a bit of balance wouldn’t go a miss here. IW never bettered 23 league goals in 8 seasons – filled his boots in cup comps a few seasons I know but the glib tag of a “30 goal a season” striker is stretching it. RVP – 30 goals once in the last of his 8 seasons and it didn’t achieve anything. His previous 7 seasons were distinctly sub-Giroud standard imo. And Henry – incomparable so entirely pointless to bring him in to any argument other than to say he was the the product of Wenger’s efforts and imagination.

    1. @bayjerkoff
      CTFU@”running behind strikers since 1772″…
      Spot on about Sanogo. When he banged in those goals, he was tha man. Now he’s considered surplus to requirement by the fans/supporters. Just watch and see what AW does to him.
      And I’m sure no one has noticed how well he plays with Sanchez. Those 2 are on the same page…

  12. No, if we want just to come 4th and get knocked out from the R16 of the CL, then no need for world class striker…
    Yes, for us to start making a club that can fight against Chelsea, Barca, BM, RM “real big clubs” and have a real shot on the EPL and the CL…
    Scoring one goal against WestHam does not make Giroud a WC striker … He is AVERAGE striker no matter what you polish him … WC strikers do create chances for themselves having more than one quality …
    Fool yourselves and make him a WC striker … Just compare to Aguero, Suarez, Cavani, Ibra, etc.

    1. Cavani is looking very average as of late i agree aguero suarez but we cant get them players so who do you suggest we get that is realistically goin to come to us

          1. Problem is he didn’t score 30+ league goals for 3 years in a row. He has never scored 30 league goals. And Napoli with only a solitary Coppa Italia to show for Cavani’s time there. Impressive nonetheless but has underwhelmed since – maybe he is overrated.

            1. ok he scored 30 1 year and 33 the next and he scored like 15 or 16 in his first season but still i don’t think you can call him overrated

    2. I think the point is who is this world class striker? Costa for me was never THIS world class striker. You have the likes of aguero and Suarez who are world class but don’t have the physical attributes to be classed as lead strikers.

      Falcao and cavani have flopped. higuain and benzema aren’t exactly world class though can be argued as being better then giroud. I personally don’t regard higuain as better. Benzema is but is far from being regarded as world class.

    3. Please kindly name TEN WORLD CLASS NUMBER NINE (CENTRE FORWARD) in the World better than Oliver Giroud on current form. And note I’m not taking playmaking attackers like Suarez, Messi, Sanchez, Aguero. If you can’t that tells me Giroud is in the first ten world wide what else do you need?

      1. I LOVE Giroud. I defended him last couple of years from so called fans Who attacked him

        Giroud is in good form against teams with average defenses but Giroud still has trouble with teams with good defense and big matches ie Monaco

        But these players are better

        Costa, Lacazette, Dybala, Higuain, Mandzucic, Cavani, Lewandowski, Ibrahimovic, Benzema, Suarez

        1. Absolutely convinced you only exist in a virtual world. You keep churning out the same lists of big names and the next big things expecting everyone to be bowled over with the unassailable logic and wisdom. Look at the real world in the present – half of the list are unobtainable, 75% of the list are not presently setting the world alight. Dybala as a PL No.9? Really – I mean come on. If Wenger has looked at Dybala it would be as a replacement for Podolski (or Walcott) not as a CF. Lacazette looks interesting but we all know about Ligue 1 top-scorers don’t we? I think you have convinced yourself that his near goal a game ratio can be cut and pasted in to the PL and our playing system. Mandzukic/Higuain and Benzeman are not huge upgrades. Ibra – LOL, that ship has sailed etc. Lewandowski – I’ll buy that, he could perform OG’s role better with a bit of time – just have to pick up the phone to Guardiola at Bayern and should be a done deal.

      2. On current form in the EPL alone there are half a dozen players with more goals …. Fortunately one is Alexis … The guy is a decent centre forward from a second tier league who has improved this season …. World class???? Arsenal need a 20 goal a season attacker to consistently compete at the top

    4. Didn’t Chelsea have so-called world class strikers? Doesn’t Man City have them? Why have they failed to shine in CL? What will you say if Arsenal remains as the only English team in EPL? Still criticise our strikers? You should be ashamed of your hate campaign against our strikers if you are a true gooner!

  13. Hmm…u convince wenger to buy one of dem, he flops and u say wenger doesn’t knw ao to manage a good striker, believe me…not all tha glitters re gold

  14. Wenger should only sign a striker if he can get someone who is clearly better than what we have got. Cavani and Martinez do not meet that criteria. Spend the money someplace else.

  15. Mr Wenger cannot buy anymore strikers, the mistake he make was to spent £16 million on Welbeck who is a downgrade from Giroud. Welbeck does not have good quick control to hold a position high up the pitch next to opposition defenders, so he keep droping deep and wide in his own half to give him more time and space to be more effective. Welbeck have peak there is nothing more to come from him, he plays in the same fashion as he did at Man U in his six year stay he follows no system and style.

    Whatever Welbeck has done for Arsenal we could have get that from Campbell, Sanogo and Akpom.

    Mr Wenger should have aim for a striker above Giroud class.

  16. I think we have the makings of a great squad already. Giroud is consistently proving he is top class and annoyingly has blip games. Giroud only tends to do badly when the team is doing badly though and what I think alot of people want is the player that can win you a game when the team is playing shit. That would be lovely, but personally, I don’t know who fits that bill so I’m happy with what we have and would prefer to get a team playing consistently so 1 player doesn’t have to win us games.

    As a second note I think Theo and Alexis are good second striker options. Welbeck I still have the verdict out on. Giroud is certainly our best striker at this point and unless we could find a special talent, another striker is not the priority.

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