Who still thinks there is no problem between Arsenal and Mesut Ozil?

Arsenal fans have had weeks and weeks of dodgy news about Mesut Ozil being upset with Unai Emery and his constant backache, but the Ozil lovers on here carried on saying he was undroppable and obviously only injured, which is why he wasn’t playing. But yesterday’s team selection by Emery against Tottenham, our biggest rivals, showed that he really is not rated by our manager, or he really does have a problem with the German playmaker. When asked why Ozil wasn’t even in the squad on Arsenal.com, Emery was totally honest at last. “It’s a tactical decision because I thought that the players that were with us today were the best choices for this match.

“We are thinking of every player. We have 24 or 25 players and when they are playing one game and not in another, it’s the decision. Today it was tactical.”

When asked about whether he would let Ozil go in January, he easily dodged the question. “My focus now is analysing this match and also Saturday against Burnley is very important. We are going to assess every player, how they are tomorrow in training and for a difficult match against Burnley on Saturday.”

And when asked about Ozil’s future, he was even more evasive. “I am thinking about the match on Saturday, and not thinking about another situation.” he replied.

This interview was very telling. There was no mention of backache or any other imaginary injury. He was not even on the bench, with Iwobi, Elney and Willock preferred to our highest paid player for emergency situations. So a couple of weeks ago, when Mr Admin wrote there was something fishy about the Ozil situation he was told it was fabrication. And then when I highlighted Mertesacker’s quote about Ozil, I was told I was bashing Ozil.

So what do JustArsenal readers think now? Do we have a serious problem or not?

Darren N


  1. Tolu says:

    He’s not good enough. He delivers only selectively. He doesn’t justify his paycheck. I will be glad to see the back of him!

  2. ThirdManJW says:

    I think it’s blatantly obvious by now that they’ve falling out, most probably on more than one occasion. I am not even sure if Ozil has even appeared in 50% of our games? We know he’s been fit most of the time, although I am sure he has had some back issues (but his back seems to be magically fine anytime we’re playing a top team).

    I am 100% backing Emery on this one. A lot of fans have been calling for Ozil to be picked on form for a long time, and that’s what Emery has done. He also taken into account Ozil’s attitude as well, and I think that’s the main reason he’s not playing. Ramsey doesn’t feature in Emery’s future plans either, but is getting game time, and I thinks it’s because of his attitude, and professionalism.

    At the end of the day, Ozil rarely turns up on the big occasions, or against the top teams, is even inconsistent against the lesser teams, and is currently costing around three players worth of salary (or two top players). We will not miss him at all!

    Roll on January!

  3. Th14 says:

    Ozil is FINISHED. Sorry Sue but your boy is going…

  4. RichSAAlao says:

    I wonder if U. Emery believes he has supports within the club for his action as per Ozil, but I doubt that very much. No matter what sentiments are openly being romanced, I hope he his not setting up issues that will snowball to what will consume him.
    Players are humans, and would reason ”who says what Ozil is facing will never happen to any other again”. So they will reflect and begin to take side. Though, Ozil himself was at the center of taking side during the players meeting to try and improve their performances. But it eventually consumed players who were forced out and/or forced their ways out; like Theo, Giroud, Sanchez……

  5. Sue says:

    Something’s going on..I don’t know what but I guess we’ll find out in 12 days time….

  6. Eddie Hoyte says:

    They have issues, but they should cut the cràp and sort it out between themselves till Ozil gets sold… This whole thing is kinda lame, I mean why can’t both of em sort it out and just focus on helping the team?. Does Emery have to keep shutting Ozil out? We get the message already, even Ramsey that’s leaving is getting game time and chances… Why Iwobi and Mhiki are good enough to start for us but Ozil is not allowed to really beats my imagination… I mean can Ozil be any worse than Iwobi and Mhiki RN?

    1. ozziegunner says:

      You are right Eddie and this apparent conflict will only reinforce the views of those who think that Unai Emery has issues with “high profile players” (no matter how false). Unfortunately there are many supporters, (I am one) who believe Ozil is a far better player than Iwobi or Mhikataryan. For Ozil to not even be on the bench (if fit) against Spurs was ridiculous.
      If Emery is not going to play Ozil, given his profile in the Club, he needs to be more forthright as to his reasons and put Ozil on the market. Without Ozil and Xhaka in midfield there is a lack of creativity to break teams down. The next test is Burnley who will put everyone behind the ball and try and jag a goal on the counter.

    2. Break-on-through says:

      Personally, I reckon Ozil didn’t like that Emery – asked for more from him and chose Ramsey so to spark a little competition. Then he still chose him after they told Ramsey he has no AFC future. Then those sick days cropped up when Emery needed him. We know that Ozil used to get more free time than any other player, I even watched some of our players mention it when they were asked who is the Wenger favorite, the pet of the team. They immediately said Ozil and mentioned all his time off and his late arriving to training. Under Emery things are different, but people get used to stuff like that, esp if they believe that they are the most famous member. I have no evidence, this is pure speculation, but Ozil has done something to tick Emery off. In the beginning I believed it was Emery trying to provoke Ozil into keeping a fast tempo and pitching in more. Not now, Emery has played Ramsey, like someone mentioned yesterday, Ramsey looks to have no future but Emery still trusts him enough. Iwobi, he went right off form, yet he’s still playing important games. Mkhit, people liken him to Ozil in some ways, but he is also getting a chance lately, and early on he played. There is definitely something up here, even if it gets sorted out and people say you lot are idiots, you’re always jumping to the extreme, nah, it would just mean circumstances have changed. Ozil and Emery are not seeing eye to eye, and it’s not just about tactics.

      I also don’t think that it’s just about, Emery agreeing with many fans in here. The ones who’ve been saying Ozil out, Ramsey out, on your bikes. Something has happened, not sure with Ramsey. I think it could be the money he’s asking for, but he was mostly a utility player under AW, and he looks like he’d be that under UE too, so probably money or else his agent focking things up for him by shopping him around after AFC made an offer.

  7. ken1945 says:

    If I had one ounce of sense it would be obvious to me that there is a problem between the two men.
    As I haven’t, I would rather assume that Ozil has had injury problems that have affected his performances.
    I would also assume that UE, having managed bigger “names” than Ozil, would not be backward in coming forward when asked a simple question.
    Lastly, if this great rift exists, why hasn’t it leaked out from the club in one way or another?

    However, if this is true, then Kronkie will be furious with his staff. Have I got it wrong when I say that Ozil’s salary was agreed after Raul arrived and in conjunction with gazidis?
    Kronkie’s outlay on Ozil has cost him a fortune and he will most certainly hesitate in paying the top salaries required to bring in the w/c players required/demanded by some.
    This and the Ramsey debacle will have a really negative effect in my opinion and as the saying goes…once bitten twice shy!!

    As a confirmed Ozil follower, I accept my views are biased, but are honestly held.
    I believe that UE has mishandled both the player and the situation, including the fact that Ozil has not been given the time to show how he can benefit the prolific forward play of Lacs and Aba with his vision.

    1. famousfromdubai says:

      I totally agree with you with the way it has been handled. Its been poor and considering his squad is depleted with injuries and tired legs. Using Ozil to help out would have been ideal

      1. Andrew E says:

        It may be quite simply that Ozil cannot adjust to Emery’s high pressing game. Unlike Bergkamp he is not a versatile player, he is a No.10, full stop, and can be a luxury in the wrong team. That said, there are currently a number of players not suited to this style of play hence the fluctuating results. Certain important players are reported to be tired and we are not halfway through the season.

        If Ozil is not in Emery’s future plans he should sell him in January and move on even if it means AFC has to subsidise his salary. Like you Ken I think he’s a wonderful player in the right team (i.e. Real Madrid) and would probably flourish in Serie A with either Inter or Juventus.

        I am not convinced about the high pressing game fo us and I am sure it will take it’s toll towards the end of the season. Man City can afford to play in that way because they have two quality squads rotating all the time. That’s why, in my opinion, I think they will win the EPL fairly comfortably.

        1. Things are changing says:

          We are inefficient in the pressing game because we are still learning. I think a pressing game is the only (or most effective if you don’t have a team of superstar players) way to succeed in modern football and that’s why Liverpool, City, and Spurs are using this way of playing.

          However, because we are still learning we are wasting too much effort for moderate effect. We were a few weeks ago the team in the PL that covered to most ground in the PL. This is not ideal in the long run. Teams like Liverpool and City cover less ground but press more effectively and are thus harder to play against. Hopefully, we will learn. We can’t escape this process and learning curve and thus we have to rotate players and be prepared for players to become tired over the course of a season.

          Torreira (and others) needs to rest but the fact Elneny is not trusted hurts a lot in this phase of the season because he could take minutes from Torreira and Gendouzie. Same for the fact we miss Welbeck. It limits the manager in terms of pairing Laca and Abaumayang together because we have no real 3rd option striker.

          I hope if we don’t buy a winger this January that we bring back Nelson. We need to have more options than Miki and Iwobi out on the wings. I would have no problem giving Nelson and Smith Row minutes at the expense of Miki and Iwobi. These two young guys are our future and can easily play 45 minutes or more in PL games. It is not like Miki and Iwobi are setting the PL on fire with their displays.

    2. RichSAAlao says:

      Managed bigger players? how and where was that apart PSG.
      I observed that most of the world class players were exceptional because they performed or perform in their area of the pitch; Messi, Ronaldos,Batistuta, Romario, ”Emperor”, in the final third and box, Ronaldinho, Maradona, midfield and final third. Ozil will never be anything more than create chances whether lazily or little more physically. He was recruited then to do exactly that.
      Now people are talking about 350k per week. It was the desire to acquire that caliber of players at the time Ozil was bought. Fans were asking for the next ”marquee” signing.
      I think TODAY Unai is going back to good cheap model, though ready good cheap model, I should say, BUT one is Guendouzi who is of the first.
      That is pointing to one thing, in few seasons, the most improved of these ready good cheap would be enticed, and will want Ozil type of 350k, what happens then ?

      1. ozziegunner says:

        Ozil has still scored 4 goals in 14 matches this season, so he has done more than create chances. With other players in midfield, service to Aubameyang and Lacazette has often been poor.

    3. enagic says:

      You seem to be new to football world, how many changes does Ozil need to be given? it is not about his name – pure and simple he just doesnt fit Emery philosophy and he is lazy like a fox!!

  8. famousfromdubai says:

    Unai is our coach, while he is fantastic, he is also at fault for recent decisions made based on man management.
    you have a depleted squad, you have intentions to offload your top player coz of his attitude. but you have a depleted squad. Manage the situation, utilize him for the time to give your other players rest, don’t allow your intentions out Don’t get personal with issues.
    Now its all out, emotions are rift. Your players are tired and your arrogance wont let you call on ozil. SHOCKING.
    Torreira is tired, Iwobi is tired, Mkhi is tired, but Elneny is on the bench, Ozil aint even there. why are they being payed. poor man management

    1. Arunava MAULIK says:

      The most sensible comment in this thread so far!

  9. snowden says:

    Ken1945’s point that there has yet been no leak from the club about Ozil is a good point. It speaks well of the club,
    We on the outside of the club simply don’t know.

    When speculation about who would be the new manager was in full flow gazidis said. ‘those who talk don’t know and those who know don’t talk.’ that is the situation we are in now.
    It is an inside matter and therefore not for chewing on for media or anyone else.
    I don’t have an opinion about Ozil because I have no idea what the facts are.
    I believe we have a good manager and all I can do is trust him to do what he thinks is best for the club in all matters football.
    Just my two cents.

  10. Sue says:

    What a rubbish week for us Gooners… December started off so well too… sigh… I hope we have something to smile about at 2.15 on Saturday! We may even see Mesut!!

  11. Jah son says:

    No one on here as I read mentioned what the other players maybe thinking these guys are together quite a while Ozil is also the team’s star man suddenly results aren’t looking so favourable.

  12. Grandad says:

    Whether you are for or against Ozil,Arsenal as his employer are stuck with him for the duration of his contract because Ozil does not strike me as the type of individual who would contemplate taking a drop in wages in order to facilitate a move to another Club.Unless he is prepared to do so which team on the planet would be prepared to meet his current exorbitant salary?

    1. The Chinese can afford him. PSG too. Could rotate with Di Maria in the middle.

      1. Antz says:

        If PSG come in for him I would imagine he will be sold quite happily to them. Such a big waste of resource’s facilitated from the Wenger era. By the time our squad has been built under Emery to the level needed, Ozil’s time will have passed anyway.

  13. jon fox says:

    I see it very simply and like this: Ozil is frail mentally and physically and worse still bone idle and with no discernable character at all. Emery knows this very well. Emery also knows lazy players, whatever their salary or former pedigree are useless in a team sport. Emery is convinced Ozil will not change and IMO is completely right to think that. Emery will move hell and high water to rid our club of lazy OZIL and his damaging huge salary. I am perfectly certain that one way or another Emery will rid our club of OZIL BY NEXT SEASON. HE IS QUITE CORRECT AND OZIL IS CHEATING US ALL AND HIMSELF BY WASTING HIS NATURAL GIFTS. It is madness to support a player who is regulary cheating the club we love, so why do it!

    1. arsenal#7 says:


      You are clueless about Ozil’s ‘frailty” or “mentality”. The player is a winner from his very young days to now. What you see as lack of physical effort is most of the time “economical” movement
      and positioning. Have you watched Iwobi’s last 3 matches he started? He has not connected
      hardly any passes let alone i could not keep up the number of giveways and the same goes for Guendouzi although the latter is too young.
      Emery can’t manage player’s of Ozil’s status and this is why he was shown the door at PSG.
      He had issues with both Cavani and Neymar there.
      We won a lot of games under Emery because he did show a better tactical approach than Wenger
      but player management is not his best attribute and this will come back to bite him.
      The last few matches the quality of the chances is not good enough and in addition beside Auba and Laca the rest can hardly finish clear cut chances.
      Mikh scored 2 goals lately but have you counted the number of clear cut chances he pissed away?
      Emery all of sudden is falling victim to his recent success by OVERTINKERING with players
      positional abilities (Xhaka at CB ? ) and also putting his ego ahead of what is good for the team.
      Time will tell !!!!!

      1. I agree totally with your post and analysis of Ozil and Emery. Ozil has all the individual honors to back up his performances. Very few players in a lifetime can put together a performance like his against Leicester. He has also performed in big games against all the big clubs despite what the pundits and media say. He is also 8th world wide in shirt sales which is massive income to the club.
        Emery however still has the jury out on him. Can’t manage big name players as proved at PSG. We as a club will revert to average players who do a lot of running with little individual flair so Emery can manage them. Our performances bar Spurs in the Derby have not been great this season. Emery as manager needs to sort this Ozil issue out in a positive way and get the best out of him. Because the best will definitely benefit the team.
        As can be seen I am unashamedly an Ozil supporter having watched him since 2010. I would hate to see him leave Arsenal

        1. I think shirt sales go to the kit manufacturer, not the club.

          1. ozziegunner says:

            Soory jon, but no player would have reached the heights Mezut Ozil has in a highly competitive professional sport, if they were “frail mentally and physically and worse still bone idle”.

          2. Declan says:

            Shirt sales goes to whoever sells the shirt, beit Arsenal, JD sports or Sportsdirect. Obviously they have to buy them from the manufacturer but at less than half the price we pay for them.
            To me, Ozil is a great player who has lost his way and I do beli3ve he can turn it around. Saying he doesn’t try is wrong. You may as well say Iwobi doesn’t try, Iwobi does try but doesn’t get anywhere?

          3. RichSAAlao says:

            @ ozziegounner
            Don’t you mind Don J. fox, he thinks he is having monopoly of intelligence, and logic. He is the chief – of – delusion.

          4. jon fox says:

            RichSAAlao, Who the hell is DON J FOX? Since you cannot even get my easy to spell and say name correct, I rather think the intelligence you speak about has deserted you!

          5. jon fox says:

            I do not say he was bone idle when he was younger. But since joining us he has never consistently worked hard, despite his obvious talent. IT IS TO BE SELF DECEIVING NOT TO SEE THE PLAIN TRUTH. WHY DO YOU THINK THE MANAGER HAS DROPPED HIM IF NOT FOR LAZINESS?

        2. Sue says:

          ? Gunner since 71

      2. Goonster says:

        And is this why Madrid got rid of Ozil.
        Germany got rid of Ozil.
        Looks like At Arsenal he is going the same route. He is getting shoehorned out of the team slowly.
        No so called bug club wants him. The guy madrid and Arsenal alone were the serious one for him.
        He ran down his contract last season and not a single so called big club even tried to sign him.
        This shows what an overrated / overhyped player Ozil is.

        1. Sue says:

          Germany didn’t ‘get rid’ of Ozil…. Real Madrid sold him to us yes, but as RM are considered one of the biggest clubs in the world, at least he played for them! They don’t take on just any tom, dick or harry! Ronaldo didn’t want him sold! But we got him, so I was happy with that!!
          We’ll see what happens… nobody knows, not even you

          1. Sue says:

            Oh and btw I’m one of the ‘ozil hormonal fan girl followers’ as you called us the other night.. smh

          2. ozziegunner says:

            Sue, wait for the dark alley??

        2. jon fox says:

          He just refuses to work. On his very rare day he is still top class. But without showing it regularly by working hard he is effectively nearly useless to us. That is WHY the reality driven manager has dropped him. Incredible how many wilfully blind, “hankering after the past and younger Ozil” fans still see what is no longer there. HE IS TOO TIMID FOR OUR PREM, WHICH DEMANDS HARD WORK. HE HAS CLEARLY SHOWN OVER A LONG PERIOD HE IS NOT CAPABLE OR WILLING TO PUT IN THAT WORK. I am 100% certain he will not be at Arsenal next season and will be putting a large financial wager on that certainty if I can find someone prepared to oppose me at good odds. Easy money and do remember you heard it first from me. THE SIGNS THAT THE MANAGER HAS HAD ENOUGH OF HIM ARE OBVIOUS TO THOSE OF US WHO OPEN OUR EYES. At least YOU have open eyes. Shame more do not.

      3. jon fox says:

        Can I point out the obvious truth that so far we have played 17 Prem games and OZIL,HAS HAD ONE BLINDING GAME, against Leicester and either not played(as in not picked), been injured or stunk the place out for all the rest. If YOU PERSIST IN THINKING THAT TYPE OF NON PRODUCTIVITY WILL EVER WIN US TITLES, YOU ARE LIVING IN CLOUD CUCKKO LAND MY SELF DELUSIONAL FRIEND. FACE FACTS! THANK GOD EMERY LIVES IN THE REAL WORLD, NOT THE THEORETICAL ONE, AS YOU DO!

    2. Steven says:

      Outrageous. The stats show that Ozil runs as much as any other Arsenal player. Who is going to provide the assists if he is sold and Ramsey is allowed to leave?

        1. rkw says:

          just want to add my support to this thread … the idea that Ozil is in the same (lower) league as Ramsey Mike and Iwobi is too daft to contemplate … doesnt mean there are issues but those are in no small part down to the failure of wenger and now emery to find a style and system that brings the best out of him … can happen … did to hazard last year and pogba this year … and even so Ozil`s assist stats for us remain impressive and that his main job!!

      1. jon fox says:

        Stats show only distance covered and number of runs. They do not show INTENSITY , which is key. Stats used incorrectly, as you have done, are misleading. You only need normal eyes, not stats, to see this man is idle.

    3. Uchman says:

      I have told u several times that @ ur age u should be making factual assessments and not emotional assessments, on several occasions here u have fabricated lies against the likes of Wenger ,Walcott and now ozil just to suit ur hatred on the soo called players U dont like their face,ozil is a world cup winner, and a great talent with very amaxing natural ability,since ozil came around he has made more assists, created more chances ,completed more passes in the final 3rd and made more successful crosses than any other player in this division, ozil is never known to abuse rules,he has always displayed total love for this club and we have to respect that, he still remains our most valuable assets our highest shirt seller, how can he be treated like a piece of shits and we r applauding that, emry is clearly digging his own grave, with these attitudes, the dumbest of them all is saying that ozil is not strong enough to play against Bournemouth and not good enough to make the bench against a colarabo cup match, football is about being impactful which ozil has done since he’s here, Wenger made arsenal to be loved all over the world, most of current players today will tell u that arsenal has always bn their dream club, watching the likes of beckamp ,thiery henry overmers, pires etc will always be something to savour, Buh u will come here and write stupid things against Wenger and made him look like an enemy of arsenal, this is pure ridiculous, nwankwo KANU,beckamp, pires etc are not known for their physical attributes Buh they all made steller impacts and built great careers,just like ozil has done for himself and to arsenal fc, stoke city and west brown couldn’t have bn relegated if hard work is the only yardstick to measure performances, the way we r going now if care is not taken Everton will be a more interesting match to watch than arsenal,

      1. jon fox says:

        Your flat refusal to see the plain truth that is staring you and all of us in the face about Ozils mental and physical frailty and his sheer inability to work as all players should , does you a massive disservice. Those who refuse to see the plain truth are massively fooling themselves. You are one of many such self deluded fools on here. Perry Groves on Talksport THIS morning, WAS CLEAR HE THOUGHT OZIL WILL BE GONE IN jANUARY , PROBABLY TO PSG WHO CAN AFFORD HIS CHARLETAN WAGE AND WITH A POSSIBLE EXCHANGE WHERE WE GET RABIOT IN RETURN. GOD, HOW I HOPE SO!

      2. Mwsupporter says:

        Uchman, well said, it would appear from the comments from some on here attribute the quality of a player to be how much he is seen to run around. I think it’s a shame that people seem to have forgotten that football is also about entertainment and Ozils skills and vision are exceptional and certainly entertain me.

  14. Tom says:

    Sometimes you have personalities that just don’t work together. It’s not that unai emery is a mean personality – apparently he spends a lot of one on one time with Emile Rowe.. It’s a characteristic of his that demands are high and wants the best for people.

    But ozil is comfortable with his levels. Wenger affirmed that. Lowe affirmed that.
    Maybe unai feels he needs players, that’s limited by someone like ozil who is on vast amounts – and without ozil wanting to don the work required, it’s best he doesn’t select him.

    Essentially if you consider what unai emery wants to do with regards to high press zonal positional marking and you consider ozil approach, the two don’t naturally line up.

  15. Jason D says:

    Ozil just doesnt fit into Emry’s teams. He doesnt work hard enough to be part of it. Gone in January hopefully. Ozil is a cancer in the team and needs to be cut out fast. Keep Ramsey!

    1. jon fox says:

      Well said! You at least are not among the wilfully blind Ozil excuse makers on here. The fact is he has played just ONE oustanding game this season , against LEICESTER, performance was magical. Trouble is that in all the other games he has either been dropped, benched , injured, subbed or just refused to work hard enough for a new and realistic manager who KNOWS FULL WELL, unlike his predecessor , that no titles or top trophies are EVER won with bone idle, frail physically and especially mentally obscenely overpaid prima donnas who refuse to earn their vast wagews. On Talk Sport this Friday morning no less than Pery Groves was certain OZIL would be gone by next season and probably in January, to PSG who can afford his charletan wage , with Adrian Rabiot coming here in exchange, maybe with a cash adjustment. Please God that Perry is right. I am also certain OZIL WILL BE GONE FROM ARSENAL BY NEXT SEASON – I CLEARLY SEE ALL THE SIGNS, UNLIKE THE SELF DELUDED , WILFULLY BLIND OZIL LOVERS ON HERE. Lazy players, all of them and however much natural talent they may show on rare occasions, are cheating the club , us fans, the game itself and even themselves. REALITY!

      1. Sue says:

        What a horrible way to describe Ozil… using the word cancer. Shame on you

        1. Mwsupporter says:

          Sue, completely agree, such comments are in very bad taste and unnecessary. There are too many comments on here that seem to attack our players and other people that are trying to participate in the various debates, just because someone has a different view doesn’t mean it’s right to call them rather ridiculous names, not terribly clever really.

          1. jon fox says:

            Had you bothered to actually read my post you will see the word “cancer” was NOT used. A false accusation which you agreed with. Shameful!

          2. Mwsupporter says:

            I think you’ll find, the comment was in relation to the comment from Jason, there was no reference to your post, apologies, I guess that won’t happen.

        2. jon fox says:

          i did not mention cancer in my post. I challenge you to to find that word! You should apologise to me for a false accusation Sue!

          1. ken1945 says:

            Jon, if you look back, Sue was referring to Jason D (not sure what the “D” represents by the way)at 11.43 pm not you and she is absolutely correct in what she says to this “D”.

          2. Mwsupporter says:

            Thanks Ken you’re spot on I guess there will be an apology from Jon ??? He also called me shameful oh dear, keep up with the posts Jon ?

  16. Jah son says:

    Emery’s team selection to me and his signing suggest arsenal is going to Everton’s level remember him wanting nzonzi

    1. GREAT says:

      How much transfer fund was given to him b4 u start blaming him on his transfer targets. Peanut.

      1. ken1945 says:

        Same transfer fund as was given to our previous manager, peanuts!!

  17. gun2you says:

    Just ask Christiano Ronaldo. After Ozil left, CR left too – no supply. Ozil
    is a “passer” not a “presser”.

  18. Palash says:

    Sell ozil buy Houssem Aouar and a young central defender and gud young right back we will be Gud.

  19. Kingojode says:

    Jon Fox, I am beginning to like the way you see things, except that some times you let out your observations through the channel of anger, and when they finally come out, they appear with colouration of hate and excessive disgust for other people.
    However, your critical analyses of Ozil’s situation and other issues we have discussed on this platform, has suggested that you are are realist. I quite like it. You are not blinded buy the baseless public likeness for certain players who are not a match for our darling club.
    I do not like talking about a thing several times; it makes me feel that I am wasting the time and effort I should have used for other things. But in talking about Ozil, I would not mind.
    He, Ozil, is guilty of two things at a time and that is why most of us who see things the way they should be looked at are not comfortable with him as a player for Arsenal FC: (1) he takes excessive salary, more than he deserves. (2) he puts in less effort than other players who he earns more than. I believe Emery has sat down and thought about this, and he might have said, “no, this will not continue!”. You can’t spend a lot of money to build a house and you end up not sleeping in the house. You will certainly be angry. That is our situation with Ozil.

    Now that our team is down a little in moral, I don’t know what will be Dan’s prediction for us.

    1. jon fox says:

      Thank you for your comments. I do accept that I get angry. I always have with unfairness and a refusal to see the plain “stare you in the face” truth. I do not hate people who merely disagree with my admittedly strongly expressed and strongly held opinions. I am in truth mostly a deeply moral and kindly person but being human I have myriad faults I RESERVE HATE FOR TRULY EVIL THINGS LIKE RACISM, CRUELTY, TERRORISM, VIOLENCE AGAINST INNOCENT PEOPLE. I am also not “disgusted”, but rather truly frustrated, by people who choose, for the best of reasons, mostly, to fool themselves. In life, as in football matters, I am ruthlessly realistic and hard on myself. I have many faults but I DO NOT HATE MERE FOOTBALL FOLK, UNLESS THY FALL INTO THE CATEGORIES I OUTLINE ABOVE.I crave and seek out truth in all matters. I also adore Arsenal FC and will defend it from harm with my dying breath. I SEE ALL PLAYERS WHO REFUSE TO GIVE 100% EFFORT ALL THE TIME AS HARMING OUR TEAM. This is exactly why I refused to condone the dreadfully idle and non combative WALCOTT who, IMO, effectively “stole” millions in unearned wages from our club for a whole decade. Ozil is clearly doing the very same but is paid about three times WALCOTTS WAGE, SO DOES MORE HARM FINANCIALLY. I am certain that Emery thinks as I do – indeed the signs and evidence of how he has given up on Ozil are obvious and plain. With this in mind I am certain that Emery will find a way to get Ozil gone by next season at the latest. I have complete faith in Emerys judgement, unlike Wengers poor judgement for so many years before him.

      1. AlexLaca9 says:

        I have to agree about ozil not being good enough anymore. the drive is gone, the skills are fading (I’ve seen some truly horrendous un-ozil-like first touches and passes this season, and he’s bought into his stardom too much forgetting what made him a star in the first place. the whole of world football can’t be wrong about him, everyone is saying the same things. I was angered when a certain German legend said he was finished at the beginning of the season, but I’ve been forced (by his performances) to concede that it might be true

      2. Kingojode says:

        That passion is greatly burning in me. I will be over the moon if Ozil is taken off our wage bill and replaced with someone with at least the level of his talent but at the same time ready to work. Just like in football, the same principle applies in all sphere of life; talent is not enough, you have to complement it with work. Ozil is not as talented as Messi, yet the later works more than the former, and people want us to make do with him.
        How can someone blatantly choose the matches he is going to give good performance? His astronomical wages is good enough to fix some roads in my country, Nigeria.
        Every time we play against a big team, Ozil is usually the obvious weak point for us.

  20. reddb10 says:

    Its a win win for Arsenal
    A player that turns up once every couple of months needs to go
    We also release 300k from our payroll costs

  21. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin says:

    Arsenal should tomorrow at the Emirates Stadium beat Burnley in the Premier League match encounter between the duo club sides and return to the winning ways in the Premier League once again irrespective of whether Ozil start the match in the starting XI or start it from the bench or is even not in the 18 match day squad for the match altogether or not will not matter at the end provided Arsenal beat Burnley.

  22. patH says:

    A good number of fans are saying that OZIL should be sold in January. I am fairly certain of one thing that if OZIL does not want to move he will not. I am also certain that OZIL has the resources (£340k) to employ the best contract lawyer that money can buy. OZIL’s contract will be watertight and cover every eventuality. Contracts are a two way agreement between club and player thrashed out by layers on both sides. Perhaps it would be possible for the club to break or buy out OZIL’s contract either way as it would cost tens of millions and would be highly unlikely,probably due to the owner seeing OZIL’s continuing marketing value on the bottom line. In conclusion, I think OZIL will remain at ARSENAL until he decides to go. Whether the manager wants to dispense with his services seems to me a pointless exercise, as player power and higly paid and extremely competent contract layers make dispensing with player arbitrarily, almost impossible.

    1. jon fox says:

      What you outline is technically correct BUT the reality is that when a club are determined to let a player leave, they find a way. i think Ozil will go to a club where money is no object and abroad. No British club will want him and that is certain. PSG, China or the like. He is not value for money and has not been the occasional game apart , for ages. We cannot afford to keep himas his wage is bleeding us to death for nothing much in return. He will NOT be here next seasson. Of that I am certain. THE SIGNS ARE PLAIN TO SEE , If YOU WANT TO SEE THEM. SOME DON’T WANT TO. I DO!

    2. amo says:

      actually the manager should be very careful on how he handles the situation. more often player power wins. why? football is abusiness. Ozil Abu and Lacc enhances the club’s visibility. it doesn’t matter what the manager feels ones the owners start feeling that the manager is becoming disruptive they will go for him.Unai is not Pep so there is no big deal.am not saying he will be fired but if am the investor and Lacc, Ozil and Ramsey and not playing for no apparent reason I will think twice before refinancing you again.present your argument from the owners point of view. in there is the catch. do not argue as afan.

  23. amo says:

    arsenal will finally go the middle table club way with such kind of man management. management is about people and once amanager treats one player with hate and disrespect others take notice. this behavior has consumed many of them and Unai is not going to be any dfferent. it is agamble he will never win. let him show leadership.that is what he is paid to do…manage players so as to optimize thier potential. why should i give you more assets if you can’t optimize the most expensive asset aready available? seriously do you believe Unai is going to fire Arsenal to the top? first let him learn on how to handle big players.that is the only way is going to persuade the owners to inject more cash to the club otherwise isee him as astop gap Manager.

  24. arsenal#7 says:


    You are insane to believe you understand what the drive and intensity of Ozil’s game is.
    He has the credentials and the game to help any team in the world if he is allowed to play
    football and not chase his tail like Iwobi. Someone said that Arsenal is heading to be Everton and that is exactly the point. Give up on world super stars to recruit some unknown presumably a talent.
    For every talented diamond in the rough that we recruited the last 10 years go ahead and name
    anyone to match Ozil. We did get Henry and that was pure luck as he developed because he played with some world class players like Bergamp. How do you think having no one of Ozi’s state and ability in the team will benefit us?

    The fact is world class players have some privileges OFF AND ON THE FIELD. Get used to it.
    Examples are everywhere . How much defending D Silva does at MC? Or Coutinho at Barca?

    DO you people want a team that can compete then you buy the best like Ozil and put the pieces
    around players like him. Emery is an idiot to believe he can replace Ozil without spending 60-70 mil which will never happen at this environment.

    John Fox I suggest you start watching RUGBY!!! Maybe more up your alley. Good luck .

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