Who suggested Aubameyang took that penalty? The wrong choice completely

It is once in a blue moon that Arsenal get given a penalty, but to get one in the 90th minute against Tottenham in the North London Derby is as good as a god-given miracle and a gift that should not have been thrown away.

So who on Earth suggested that Aubameyang takes it? Everyone could see how nervous he was, and I was 90% sure he would miss it. Why? I’ll tell you why. The man himself told us yesterday that he hated playing at Wembley and he never scores there, so no wonder he was nervous as hell! “I hate Wembley I swear,” Aubameyang told Michael Owen on BTSport. “I’m sorry. It’s a great stadium, lovely stadium but I never won there and I never score.

“I score one maybe but it was offside. So yeah I hate to pay there but I have to change this routine.”

He couldn’t get much clearer could he? So why didn’t someone else take it? Ozil was on the pitch, a master penalty-taker. Aaron Ramsey, who loves scoring at Wembley and could have been a hero in his last big derby. Granit Xhaka, who would have blasted the ball into the top corner. In fact I would have chosen ANYONE over a man who admitted that he never scores at Wembley!

I am gutted!

Darren N


  1. Iwobi should have grabbed an assist yesterday, his performance deserved it but somehow Auba still managed to miss from 2 yards out. With both Auba and Lacca very unreliable when it comes to penalty taking and Ozil and Ramsey not being regulars in the team, I think it’s time for Iwobi to step up and be our no1 penalty taker. He surely would have won us the game yesterday if given the chance yesterday.

      1. TH14-Iwobi showed in that game yesterday that he simply is not good enough to make a difference.BIG GAMES involving TOP TEAMS often need the big players to make one thing happen that wins the game.It could be a sublime pass to open up a tight defence.It could be a last ditch tackle to save a certain goal being conceded.Or it could be a Penalty Save by a World Cup winning GK.
        Tell me what Iwobi actually did yesterday.He spent most of his time yesterday chasing back and marking Trippier.And there’s me thinking it was the RB who was supposed to mark the Winger.

        1. Do you remember after Auba missed the penalty, Iwobi opted against going for goal himself rather he laid it on a plate for Auba, a simple tap in would suffice, that was a second chance at redemption but guess what, HE MISSED IT = No game changing assist for Iwobi. That should have been the one thing he made happen that wins the game. Iwobi has never missed a penalty dating back to his time in the academy. He should be the new designated PK taker. His winning penalty against Chelshit in Dublin just goes to show he can handle pressure. Enough said.

        2. TH-14, you’re just trying to wind people up now, you do not believe that in the slightest. I won’t have a go at Iwobi, am not taking the bait. I will just say that Iwobi is having a good season but we need to bring in some better competition for him to compete against, and I’m sure in the future he will improve on his shooting abilities, hopefully.

          1. BOT I am dead serious when I say Iwobi should start taking penalties ahead of our now looking incompetent center forwards. The lad hasn’t missed a spot kick since the history of spot kicks. You remember Dublin? Where his calm and composed last penalty kick won us the game? Good. I say give him the responsibility, he is more than capable of shouldering it. Enough said.

            1. The desliest partnership in premier league is incompetent because auba missed a pen they gave the highest tally of any two strikers n there incompetent …r u sure your an arsenal fan…or even are u sure your watching football holy Lord what dribble

        3. @Phil

          Tell me what Ozil did yesterday? I think Ozil is earning around 5x more than what Iwobi is earning, so I guess Ozil must be giving the team so much then? How did Auba get on?

          I thought Iwobi was excellent, because although he wasn’t a huge threat in the final third (but he did cause some problems), it was clear he had sacrificed himself for the team. Worked his socks off, defending for the team. You even say it yourself, about his defending. And I bet you would have criticized him for not defending. It’s Mustafi and Auba that really let us down yest. Laca wasn’t great either, but at least he got an assist.

          1. Firstly if Ozil is earning times what Iwobi is getting paid then that is very clearly wrong.That would put Iwobion £70k per week when he is probably (but only just) worth paying him that PER YEAR.
            As for sacrificing himself for the team?Are YOU SERIOUS?It comes to something when an attacking???? player is worth more to a team for his defensive duties than for his main purpose.I believe Kolasinac in front of Monreal would have caused them far more problems than Iwobi did yesterday.
            In regards Ozil-He came on and tried to influence GOING FORWARD.Very little time for him to get involved but easy for anyone to attempt to criticise him.Dod little wrong as far as I’m concerned.

            1. Iwobi on 75 grand a week is over achieving compared to Ozil who is on 350 grand. He deserves a new contract and massive pay rise for the work he’s put in not holding who is out injured and currently not helping the team in any way… Ozil being a game changer as you suggest doesn’t need 90mims to leave his mark on a fixture as big as the NLD, Bale vs Liverpool, 3 mins after coming on as a substitute… Boom ? ? he scores, Now that’s a game changer.

              1. So by your reckoning Iwobi had 90 MINUTES to leave his mark on the game and he influenced it by contributing …………………
                Yeah.About right as far as Iwobi is concerned

                1. He cheekily nutmeged Sanchez in the first half, how did you miss that? That’s 7 for the season and the highest across the top 5 leagues. While Iwobi might not have the best of goal-scoring ability, it’s a relief to know he’s just as adept at outwitting opponents on the pitch. Hail the nutmeg king ?

                  1. Yeah and ( if that stat is true which I doubt) exactly HOW MANY POINTS DID HECWIN FOR THE TEAM doing this?
                    My god-are you THAT DESPETATE defending Iwobi that you now have to lower yourself even more than usual by introducing something that beats absolutely nothing to prove his worth?
                    Desperate days for you PAL.
                    Reiss Nelson and ESR to come into the squad next season.
                    You will most likely be writing your posts for JUST BRENTFORD

        4. @Phil I can understand TH14 being biased but your following suit.
          The boy did his job yesterday . Just out of curiosity if you where the coach who would you play on the left wing .
          Auba has missed chances in the premier league this is a fact with stats to prove it .
          The whole team played well yesterday bar Auba , Lacazette and Mustafi.
          Miki was my man of the match .

          1. Gizzle-I have been as frustrated as most with Ozil this season.However I’m a firm believer in having your best players in the team and on the pitch.And Mesut Ozil is the best footballer at Arsenal Football Club.The fact he has not been included by the manager in certain games frustrates me.But having wannabes like Iwobi compared and included really annoys and infuriated me.
            Stats are often used on this site.Without even looking I can assure you Ozil has brought far more in terms of goals,assists and overall quality to the team this season than Iwobi has.And that’s includingvthe fact he has been out injured or discarded for at least half the games.
            So yes I accept I may seem like TH14 in continually defending Mesit Ozil.But I do so in the knowledge that I do so over a very very gifted footballer.Nobody will ever convince me Iwobi will EVER be more use to the team than Ozil.
            In regards to who else could be played at Left Wing-at this time we are feeling the effect of the hugely imbalanced squad left by Arsene Wenger.We have no specialist wide players and to that there is no doubt.Iwobi does a job.That is all.By next season we will have addressed this issue.Again in this There there is no doubt.
            Finally who else could we have played there yesterday?I was convinced we would start with Kolasinac in front of Monreal.Kola is far more equipped defensively and just as good,if not better,Han Iwobi is going forward.
            And he would have kicked the living shit out of Danny Rose if he crossed him during the game which is something we do not get from most of our players

          2. @Gizzle ,i was thinking maybe steve bould ,surely can’t be any worse than iwobi .
            You said the boy did his job yesterday ,but his job is to assist goals and bang in a few goals ,something that never happens .
            You could see that poch knew our left side was weakest ,because everything came down that flank ,at times iwobi was playing left back ,surely we should have played kola instead because he’s a better defender and a much better winger .

    1. I mean in hindsight yea that could of happened ,but in reality he would have tripped over his own laces fell face first into the ball and headed it out for a throw in

    2. Agreed! Iwobi should be trained to be the penalty taker as he is the most trusted player of Emery. Ramsey going soon, Ozil will be shipped out next season, someone has to be the penalty taker.

      1. Are you off your mind?The most trusted of Emery’s players?For doing what exactly?
        Have you actually seen this clown shooting?And you expect him to be a penalty taker?

        1. Emery knows exactly why Iwobi cannot be the spot kick taker. He said as much recently when he said that Iwobi needs to just learn how to stay calm when a chance comes his way and he has time. Iwobi cannot hide his excitement when in those positions, he gets a rush of blood and it is like it takes all of his concentration just to hit the ball goal-wards. It’s an adrenaline rush, when there is pressure involved Iwobi’s efforts are weakly struck and almost always straight at the keeper or too close to him.

          The last run of games, I’ve seen Iwobi shoot from outside the box, he tried for far corner efforts, it was the right choice, it had the right pace, but he just needed a little more spin on the ball and it would’ve been perfectly struck. He should try these more often, just try his luck more.

          A dying minutes penno, with points at stake and much pressure on it, I’m sorry but Emery knows that Iwobi is not that guy. Ramsey has the right mindset for it, he stays calm, but he’s not a regular starter. Cazorla and Arteta were wise choices, I would look at Lacazette, Ramsey, Xhaka, and I still see the sense of choosing Auba. Ozil could be good too, he definitely does not let adrenaline get the better of him, and he’d probably dink the ball over the keeper.

          Auba let the occasion get to him, I was surprised by that. If it had of been a well saved shot, then I’d have no qualms, but he let the pressure get to him. He should’ve slowed down and took some more time, got a good run up, or else he should’ve offered it to one of the others because that Keeper would’ve been studying Auba and Lacazette video footage, it would’ve messed with the keepers head if someone else had stepped in. I’m a firm believer in shooting the ball hard and straight down the centre when it has a lot of pressure on it and it’s late in the game. A keeper will always dive in those moments, they never stay rooted.

      2. Kenny, Have you had a shock lately to make you think that Iwobi of ALL people should be our penalty taker? This man , though an admirable tryer and definitely showing distinct progress – which is where I much differ from Phil, who fails to see anything at all in this player – Iwobi is a bad marksman and his shots at goal are usually woeful. He would be about my eighth pick out of eleven as penalty taker. If Ozil plays, it should be him. Otherwise Laca or, as third choice stay with Auba. He will not b eplaying Prem games at Wembley again!

      3. Kenny , I don’t know if you remember when Iwobi came inside of the defender and all that was required was for him to send his shot towards the far post and the bend on the ball would have done the rest. Instead he more or less hit straight at the Keeper. A very easy chance and you wan’t him taking penalties. To be a good to great player a football brain is needed, Iwobi lacks bigtime in this respect

        1. Exactly what I was thinking at that precise time. A Bergkamp would have curled it into the far corner BUT THAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A GOURMET FEAST AND A SLICE OF STALE BREAD(BERGKAMP BEING THE GOURMET FEAST), as if anyone doubted me!

          1. If only we had a bergkamp or a pires on that left side ,oh the joy ,but no looks like will have to do with what we’ve got ,and if this is the best the academy as to offer then we could be screwed .
            Now emery put in a bid for zaha ,that’s what you call a quality African winger .

            1. One thing i am certain of is if Iwobi was put on the transfer market there will be a long list of Inquiries . I am not the greatest fan of Iwobi .i had the opportunity to watch Vinicius jr play for Madrid excluding the pace that boy absolutely does the same thing Iwobi does he is even more wasteful and no one Insults him day and night . I also make a case for Lingard who in my opinions is one of the most average players i have ever seen .
              Despite Iwobis faults the boy loves Arsenal and tries to do his best .
              For his sake i hope he keeps improving which i think he is .
              The mistake people make is comparing what we used to have with what we have presently . I remember Ian Wright. Wiltord,Anelka,Henry , Van Persie ,Eduardo but we have to deal with Auba and Laca do you see where i am going with this
              I hear fans clamoring for Nelson to come in .Nelson has not being able to break into Hoffenheim’s first eleven yet .
              There are better days to come support and encourage your players rather than shoot them down which is all to common among Arsenal fans .

              1. Well said. Iwobi, since making the first team at 18 years, has always been trusted by the manager to do “a job” and in my view, he hasn’t disappointed. He’s always been first choice against the big teams (think Barcelona at the Camp Nou and how well he acquitted himself at 18) for a reason. Emery rested him vs Bournemouth because he wanted him ready for Spurs and he gave Trippier a horrid time.
                For those thinking Kolasinac would have done better, don’t forget he’s been tried in the forward role and scored poorly (can’t recall the game) because Iwobi wasn’t there to combine with him.
                That boy is our own and needs support now, not criticisms. He has 6 assists (had Auba and Laca buried chances he created yesterday, and he will be on 8) this season already and scored 3. That’s a decent return for a young man who keeps improving. It’s starting to feel like he’s picked on because he chose Nigeria over England. He’s the best we’ve got at the moment; when we get some more quality and he no longer has the burden to deliver, you’d start to see him get even better.

            2. and Bergkamp on the left hand side in present day football will be disastrous to say the least .
              You also mention Zaha and upgrade on Iwobi yes but i remember him while playing for United . Would you be willing to gamble 80 million he wont be the same .

              1. Zaha is a million miles ahead of iwobi ,pace to burn ,can beat a defender in a blink of an eye ,and most of all he can score goals ,
                Bergkamp in present day football could play left back and still score and assist all day long

                1. Zaha? You don’t even know what you’re talking about. I watch Zaha each time and think we dodged a bulletin not going for him. United did; how well did that go? He deserves a mid-table to relegation struggling team.

    3. Aubameyang missed from two yards out because Vertonghen was already running towards the ball inside the box before Aubameyang had even kicked the ball. Vertonghen being the one who distracted him/cleared the ball. If the actual rules of the game were applied he would have never been able to get to Aubameyang that quickly.

    4. If ozil or xhaka had taken it and missed, then everyone would have said why did PEA take it!! He misses! And we drew. Im as gutted as everyone, but that’s football. If anyone is to blame we drew, then it has to be the linesman or mustafi. We played well and deserved the victory, but sh*t happens. Get behind the boys, we can still get top 4, and we proved yesterday were heading the right way.

      1. I’m sort of with you on this.Anyone can miss a penalty.But the fact it was such a weak effort was the shameful part of it.
        Two minutes to go FFS JUST KICK THE BALL

        1. On this whole penalty subject I think it a cop out when ANY player fails to welly the ball. All this passing into the net gives the keeper a great chance if he guesses which side is chosen. FFS, as you rightly say, “just kick the ball”. HARD!!!!!!

      2. No we did not prove it yesterday. We PROVED IT THE MOMENT WE HIRED EMERY. How any sane fan criticises this fine manager puzzles me!

    5. Lacazette has scored all 3 penalties he has taken for us and has a very good record. Aubameyang has a good record to so I am not sure where you get your facts from

    6. If Iwobi was good enough to win us the game then he would have won us the game.
      He wouldn’t need a penalty if he was good enough to win us games, he would do it in open play like Laca has done many times already.

      1. After watching our team completely dominate the NLD yesterday, despite the awful refereeing decisions for both sides, I was absolutely over the moon.

        UE made all the right decisions from team selection, through to his substitutions and his post match summary, where he, at least, refused to blame anyone for the results.
        What he concentrated on was the performance of every player, the team performance and how every single man did what was asked of him with regards to tactics.

        What does our fanbase do? Start arguing about what this player did, what that player did, who should have taken the penalty blah blah blah!!!

        What I saw was something that I had criticicised Unai for not doing and that was “attacking football” with “defensive solidarity”.

        Imagine what the spuds must be thinking after this game?

        We were superb and at no time did I think we were ever going to lose…and that hasn’t happened for a long time.

        It seems that UE and Ozil are now singing from the same song book, Myk has also responded and showing just who did get the better deal versus Sanchez (injured yet again on £400,000 a week).

        The squad look together and more than just a group of players, for the first time in two years it’s a squad that believe in their capabilities and playing for each other, their manager, the club and it’s supporters…for gods sake just support them all for once.

        ANYONE could have missed that penalty yesterday, it’s all just guesswork and, to be honest, complete BS!!

        Why can’t we just concentrate on the positives and look forward under a manager who seems to have united ALL his players and give them our unconditional support…I am certain that’s what will happen against Utd.

        1. @Ken 1945 – “Imagine what the spuds must be thinking after this game?”

          with the greatest humility Ken I doubt they will have a worry in the world about us and the threat we pose to them this 2018/19 campaign. I would suggest its we and not the spuds who really need to be looking at whats directly in front and directly behind us at this precise moment in time. Yesterdays was a must win game and that truth cannot be denied.

          And we either we Did or we Didn’t deliver?

          1. waal2waal, please tell me what, apart from the final result, we didn’t deliver yesterday?
            What I saw was the following:

            1. An excellent defensive display, while missing two long term injured first team players.
            2. A midfield that dominated spuds, linking with both the defence and attack.
            3. An attack that created so many more opportunities than our opponents.
            4. A squad that played for each other and a manager who got allhis tactics correct.

            If I was a spud fan watching yesterday, I would realise that the so called “gulf in the two clubs” is nowhere near what they thought.
            I wasn’t under any illusion about this season, my criticism being based on man managment and tactics.
            UE and his players seem to have, over the last three games, rectified this and we are still battling for a top four position and europa success.

            If it all falls apart against utd next week, then I’ll be as pessimistic as you, but until then let’s remember we have taken four points from six against those noisy neighbours, with a goal tally of 5 versus 3.
            Not bad UE, not bad at all!!!

            1. We didn’t deliver Ken. The final result should used to measure our performance yesterday. Only an Arsenal win is a good performance and we failed. Right now we’re 6th

                1. I was one of the few people on here who stated publically that Arsenal could win. I concur with everything that ken1945 has said; yet TH14 still wants to be negative, when the the players, excellently coached by Emery, gave their all.
                  The officiating standard is outside Arsenal’s control; however at the very least Arsenal will appeal Torreira’s red card. I can’t remember a game with so many contentious issues, particularly inconsistencies for some time. Southampton were denied penalties against Manchester United, so again they are getting the rub of the green.
                  Everyone needs to get behind Emery and the players for the rest of the season. Aubameyang in particular needs our support; even Bergkamp and Messi have missed penalties. He will be trying his best to make amends for the rest of the season, as will Lacazette. Yes Lacazette missed chances, but he has received little credit for winning the ball, showing the vision and weight of pass to put Ramsey into open space. Mhikataryan is getting better every game and the defense, particularly the CB pairing of Socrates and Koscielny is improving over the last 4 games. Emery now has competitive options for all positions, except in the wide areas. If Arsenal can now stay injury free, with the run of games we have we need to stay positive. Every game is now a must win, with Manchester United at the Emirates a 6 point game.

            2. @Ken 1945
              we can both recall a time when our ambition was not only to wipe spurs aside our football was enough to catapult us into the champions league contention. If your looking for platitude those points you made are of some consolation but on the wider scheme of things by failing to finish what we started we are all but resigned (once again) to lower tier europa league football, right?

              And with that tier comes little to no chance of attracting quality/seasoned recruits to improve us as a trophy aspiring side. *Kill or be killed (Ken) is football reality …but perhaps you’d rather wait and see the inevitable?

              1. waal2waal, I can recall CL qualification, as it was only two and a half seasons ago.
                I remember when we were invincible, both as a club and a group of supporters.
                We know have to be realists and realise that those days are currently out of reach, but we are, in my view, starting to get the playing side of the club back on track.
                UE has brought a sense of unity and pride back since ending the feud with Ozil and the last three games have seen that.
                You seem to have given up on a top four finish and/or europa success.
                As a realist, until those goals have gone, I will be supporting our club.
                Beat utd on Sunday and we are back in the top four and coming away from France with a good result will see us in the quarter finals hopefully.
                No old friend, neither you or I know what is inevitable do we?

                1. @Ken 1945
                  As a realist you will recall we were catapulted into 4th place not as a result of any noteworthy effort or team improvements but by the good fortune we had after Burnley unexpectidely put 4 past Chelski and weeks earlier chelski’s complacence sent us to 5th. Yes its true and despite their hiccups they can still come above us.

                  As to beating Utd i very much doubt it while torriera is an absentee and where exactly have we instilled any fear even in europa league after taking a loss to Bate – these as i see it are the hard realities. My only hope is that our players can dig deeper to respond with all the enthusiasm you clearly still have.

                  *im simply venting my disappointment – other than that do have a good week ahead – and thanks for taking time to respond.

                  1. Come on waal2waal, we all need to fight to the end. The teams trying to avoid relegation certainly will. The Burnley win over Chelsea may not be an isolated instance. As they say football is a funny game.

                    1. @ozziegunner
                      i hope all is well with you and the gooners down under.

                      Implicit in what you are saying is we need to keep hope alive and rely on some kind of miracles. What i saying its high time we admit that we are nowhere near where we need to be until we stop relying on luck – and instead we capture some more talent among our ranks.

                      This is why we are likely to bring in monchi from Roma a move that should see arsenal return to delivering where it matters – on the pitch.

      2. And suddenly people are talking about Iwobi and not Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.
        this is just sad . I believe If this boy was to sacrifice a Kidney for this club fans will still bash him . He gave Auba a tap in to redeem his Penalty loss and what did he do .
        A 60 million striker who tops the league on the biggest chances missed this season 19 clear cut chances Auba has missed and nobody complains about this but yet you talk about Iwobi . I don’t see the logic in this .
        I have my issues with Ozil as an Arsenal fan but when the maestro is on song i have to give respect to his brilliance. Please support your club and the players while they put on the colors

    7. Vertongan was a yard and half inside the area so it should have been retaken poor referee display all round yesterday

  2. Aubameyang or Lacazette takes the penalty whenever either of them is in the team, but I don’t think Abu was really really up for the penalty, or Loris already studied him very well knowing it is either one of them two of them. Either way I think someone else should have taken it so that we are not that predictable. It was a bad day in the office for Aubameyang. But we played well and that is a comfort to me.

  3. Oh shut up FFS, men miss penalties get over it. Why would you not let your leading goalscorer take a penalty? It was a draw, one team scored the same amount of goals as another, why do people have to point ringers and make more of it?

  4. Not the first time a great player missed a penalty. Of course I was gutted that it was saved but I would not even think of criticising Auba. He was just as disappointed or more. Besides just imagine the pressure he was under. 89th minute penalty against our greatest rivals in their own den!! Besides the pressure is on the taker not the keeper.

  5. Mark Noble scored a great penalty yesterday…. if only Auba, if only!
    It wasn’t meant to be unfortunately ??
    I’ve finally calmed down now… and have decided to buy a punch bag to put up in the summer house.. so I can take my frustrations out on that instead of the wall ??

  6. Truth is yesterday we started in 4th and ended the day 5th and soon to slip even further – which is as clear an indication as it gets our performance was not good enough. Says a lot when the only player lethal in front of goal is about to leave the club – Hello!!

    1. Lethal??? He’s only scored 39 EPL goals in over 10 years!!! That’s under 4 per season.

      1. …@Andrew E – the point being made is we need to be able to consolidate our league position and to do that players must be lethal front of goal when it matters. Ramsey’s goal was far more difficult to finish than Auba’s and Laca’s opportunity too. Noone can draw or say a thing about ramsey’s contribution yesterday. GET REAL

        1. I’m not criticising Ramsey who I have always rated. And his finish and contribution yesterday was excellent unlike both Laca and Auba who were both wasteful. I just don’t consider him nor expect him to be a lethal finisher. The reality is in the statistics, I didn’t make them up!

  7. Forget about Auba’s weak penalty and the dodgy offside decision, Mustafi cost us the game with his mindless barge on Kane. The guy is a liability and always will be. Time to blood the young Greek defender Mavropanos who could form a great partnership with his compatriot Sokratis who is a proper (and clever) defender.

    1. Poor analysis indeed – How can you say Mustafi is ultimately the single point of failure when our main in-form striker scoops his penalty?? You Sir, are looking for fault in completely the wrong place, think again.

      1. If Mustafi had not been so aggressive in his desire to win the ball then he may not have given the penalty away (Which shouldn’t have been anyway due to offside), which wouldn’t have resulted in them getting a goal and us remaining in the lead.

        We was winning at that point, until Mustafi gave away the penalty then we was winning, the Spuds couldn’t score in open play against us and we would have taken those points home if we hadn’t conceded.

        We win games by scoring more than the opposition, this is done by scoring more and conceding less. Two sides of a coin. Andrew is not wrong when saying Mustafi cost us, we all know Kane dives, Mustafi should as well… So why did he take action which had a high probability of giving away a penalty to a known diver?

        Mustafi has been known to make hot headed errors, he has been doing it for years… To proclaim anyone is wrong about this is willful ignorance. They need to think again.

        1. @Midkemma – much of what you’ve responded in writing is mere anecdotal and by it i mean amusing. The our game turned on the ability of each striker to put away a penalty at wembley – they executed their penalty kick while we couldn’t finish ours. The fact is auba has apologized and here you are defending that which he even admits he ought to have put away and won us game – Let me remind you of the Just Arsenal post a day or so ago… it read:-

          *No ifs and buts – Arsenal just need to beat Tottenham

          You Sir must quit your stifled analysis and THINK AGAIN

          1. Anecdotal means giving an account NOT based on fact. The fact is Mustafi gave away a penalty needlessly (and not for the first time) and another fact is Auba fluffed his. And a further fact is we drew the game which we probably should have won. Nothing anecdotal about the above.

  8. Give it a rest about who suggested Auba should take the pen!
    It’s done, get over it please. The same people who hounded Giroud out are saying similar things about Auba and asking for Giroud back, smh

  9. It is normal for your striker and leading goal scorer to take the penalty kicks. Teams have a pecking order for such things and I guess Auba is Arsenal’s No. 1. It boosts confidence and the player has greater motivation to score than any other player. Auba has taken a few for for us and scored them so, I won’t slag him off for missing one, no matter how huge the occasion. Messi missed twice last month alone. The best of them miss penalty kicks, so I fully expect Auba to learn from this.

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