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Arsenal to manage just 73 points in Premier League next season

Sporting Index predicts Arsenal to achieve 73 points, following Arsene Wenger’s two-year contract deal

London, 30th May 2017 – Arsenal will end the 2017/18 Premier League season on 73 points, according to leading spread betting company Sporting Index.

Traders at Sporting Index expect this year’s FA Cup winners to register two points less next season than their recent 75-point haul.

Manager Arsene Wenger signed a two-year deal on Tuesday, despite the overwhelming calls for him to be sacked, having failed to challenge for the Premier League title or achieve a Champions League spot.

Ed Fulton, trading spokesman for Sporting Index, said: “A league finish of 73 points would not have been enough to qualify for Europe’s elite competition in the recently concluded campaign and, with more teams vying for the league’s top places than ever, they may continue to struggle.

“However, the final standings of recent seasons may indicate hope for the Gunners. Before this year, the last time a team finished outside the top four with 73 points was in 2007/08, so Wenger may still yet oversee Champions League football at the Emirates.”

Sporting Index Arsenal Special

Arsenal 2017/18 Spread Prediction…Premier League points 73

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  1. Tat says:

    Completely nonsense article.
    How do you predict next year score of any team when the transfer market is still open?
    Alexis stay or not? that’s like a 10-20 legue points question.

    1. Arsenal FC says:

      Yep complete nonsense article.

  2. Robert Newton says:

    Arsenal will struggle next season much more if we sell Alexis. Even if we spend 150 million we will struggle without Alexis. Players like Giroud, Welbeck and Theo are not good enough.
    Every other will make big signings. Man U and City will improve much more than this season will improve the squad by making signings like Griezmanns and Aubameyangs. Arsenal cannot pay money to sign quality striker because no top striker will cost less than 50 million and there is talk of 130 m bid for Mbappe from Real, Barca and PSG LOL. Wenger and Board thanks for making Arsenal a laughing stock.

  3. adi says:

    There was an article that predicted 6-8 “experts” on the FA Cup Final results. ALL of them expertly predicted Arsenal to lose with a score ranging from 1-2 to 0-4. Mesut Ozil posted this on Twitter

  4. ANAND says:

    First and Foremost Arsenal Fans One Swallow does not make a Summer. Similarly a victory in FA Cup does not mean we are favourites to win league next season as we will not play Champions League. With Wenger at helm be sure failure is knocking at our doorstep for the next two season. I will be happy to eat my words if proved wrong as Arsenal well being is at the core of my heart. But logic prevails and we will be a laughing stock next season unless some miracle happen. Ozil can tweet experts view on FA Cup, but do not think we would have loved it very much if he has performed so well as to win the league for us which he failed miserably. Be grounded. It is good we won the FA cup but top teams aim for league and champions league titles not FA cup or League cup.

    1. Neil says:

      On that basis of one Swallow does not make a summer then this year was the blip as Arsenal have qualified for the Champions League last 20 years!
      And not quite sure why everyone is calling us a laughing stock…. 3 FA Cup wins in 4 years … including beating the Champions Chelsea this year.
      Others are saying we should be competing with Chelski and Citeh and paying over £100mn for eg Mbappe…. look at Man Utd – they paid £86 mn for Pogba and came 6th ! Man City paid huge amounts and came 3rd with the supposed Messiah Pep !
      The money being paid for and to players nowadays is whats disgraceful – and no guarantee of success

      1. Goonermay68 says:

        United WON three trophies. They did finish 6 th Mourinho is a winner he will be back .wenger dinasaur. If sanchez goes proves like Van Persie they know wengers time HAS run out

  5. Tony M says:

    Definition of Insanity “doing the same thing over and over again but expecting a different result”
    Thats Arsene

  6. Red Dawn says:

    History repeats itself.
    Wenger repeats himself.
    I see no improvement for next season – same approach he has made in the last thirteen years.

  7. AndersS says:

    I don’t see how we can expect anything different next season with Wenger in charge. No matter which players, he will have at his disposal, it is most likely, we will loose out to at least 3-4 other top clubs in the league.

  8. David dwawa says:

    so pessimistic. The fans are the course of the failure since you don’t stand behind the team but always negativity. Having a new manager doesn’t mean success. First season and Pep didn’t win any cup, what about klopp? how many cups has he won? Arsenal has 5 cups in 4 years. Not bad. Lets support the boys and we see where we will be by end of season.

  9. summerbreez says:

    Arsenal will do much better and my tip is Arsenal winning winning and winning it All winners have no time for flying banners at matches this stupid embarrassing carry on most stop and will stop during matches taking the motivation out of players at matches is otter shame spending this kind of money to kill the atmosphere at matches is totally ridiculous it should be spent to support and ignite players the 12 man standing in matches you create a winning vibe a winning atmosphere

  10. Koktafo says:

    Too negative here! The old man is changing.so please wait and see what will happen firstly in the transfert and after we will talk

    1. Rashid80 says:

      Haha, do you really believe what you’re saying mate?? Wenger hasn’t changed and will not change! This 5-2-3 change was only done to try and save his precious top 4 place. Why didnt he do it earlier? Many of us Arsenal fans are unbelievable and deluded even more than wenger. You’re all wenger in now but wait for next season come mid-season all of you would be complaining about wenger. Hasn’t changed for 10 years and expecting him to change now, pathetic and delusion at its finest

  11. Nebsy says:

    Well, the tough one will be Sanchez buggering off. I don’t think we’ll replace him properly, nor will a top striker be brought to the club.
    We’ll definitely concede less goals, if the 3 4 3 remains, BUT I expect a Manuresque 2016/17 plethora of draws for us next season. I reckon we’ll finish the season 6th.

  12. Bonnke says:

    I really don’t know what to tell arsenal fans that choose to be negative every day on this platform. Here is the thing, everyone is permmited to hate wenger, but as long as he remains manager please support our boys. The club will always remain arsenal whether wenger dies at the helm of things. But for heavens sake love the club not the manager. We all knew wenger was staying from the start. Does that means we should start raining curses and defeat for the club? No. If wenger stays the best we can all do is support the club. Not because we like him but because we wish the club well. If all you as an individual can see for arsenal is loom and gloom because wenger is in charge then maybe you should go support another club and allow our beloved arsenal be. There is nothing more annoying than a negative mindset. And i must say alot of these negative fans here don’t have joy in their lives thus, the theory of transfer of aggression. Coming here to wish wenger and the boys badluck. Admin please a post should be made on these evil negative people that come here to wish arsenal badluck. Peace.

  13. LtDan says:


    Haven’t you noticed what’s become the trend on what is supposed to be an Arsenal based fans forum site ? It doesn’t seem like a fans forum at all. It’s just full of people, supposed fans that constantly criticise the club calling for the sacking of the manager, spending money on all the so called “big named players” doing the rounds thinking that one big name is gonna yield instant success.

    Anyway my point is…..as soon as anyone else, that doesn’t criticise Arsenal or Wenger with the same vitriol or threatens to say anything remotely positive they get the thumbs down and or get berated for not sharing the same negative points of view !

    There are a few people……don’t know if they’re actually fans that submit articles which are in the main, negative and all their like minded supporters seem to come in their droves to support them. Any more temperate commentators are then labelled as “accepting” medicrity” or put into one of the idiotic groups of Anti or Pro Wenger.

    Me, I’m neither…………I just enjoy football as a sport, being an Arsenal fan and watching and supporting them as often as possible, even in the hard times. Accepting the outcome regardless of win, lose or draw and knowing that whatever that outcome I’ll still be supporting them tomorrow. But it seem like due the growing trend of not being anti Arsenal and actually coming on this site to try and be positive is not welcomed.

    I see lots of positive comments on this site the are made in opposition to all the dissenters of Wenger, the board or Arsenal but, despite trying to be positive or even neutral they are met with a chorus of derision , labelled and put into some non existent camp, told that they enjoy mediocrity and given a thumbs down !

    Perhaps this site should be purely for those that have nothing good to say regardless if it’s about the manager, the club etc and where all the like minded thinkers can console each other with “their” point of view as it seems that anyone else’s outside of an anti Wenger camp are clearly not welcomed.

    Someone in one of the posted articles mentioned the in fighting between the fans going on to claim how the Arsenal board are so money driven and disinterested in their fans to do nothing about it. It’s the fans that have split into to the opposing groups which has caused the division not Arsenal FC. It’s got to the point where we can’t even have and Arsenal, web based fans forum without dissent rearing it’s head and growing what’s already a large wedge.

    That’s fine for Spurs, Chelsea and other clubs outside looking in, as well as all the other detractors in the external football world but has it come to a point where Arsenal fans just can’t get on any more ? The ups and downs of the club are there for all of us to bear, not those who think they’re the more revered Arsenal fans.

  14. Hilton Ricardo Mathews says:

    Arsenal wil be second and the 2018/2019 we will win da league,,, eat that…

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