Who wants Dennis Bergkamp to become a coach at Arsenal?

There are no Arsenal fans that don’t look back on Dennis Bergkamp’s career with the Gunners with nothing but fond memories of glorious goals and beautiful football from the Dutch maestro. His patnership with Thierry henry was truly a joy to behold.

He contributed his own share of goals as well and scored 120 in his 10 years with the club, and his famous goal against Newcastle United was voted as the best Premier League goal of all-time in the league’s 25-year history. You can read a tribute to Dennis here, and watch a video of his Top Ten goals for Arsenal.

These memories were retrieved when Bergkamp had an interview with Ian Wright last week, and, of course, Wrighty had to ask him if he would like to come back to Arsenal one day. “I would think so, yeah,” said Bergkamp, as quoted on HITC. “At the moment, it’s a bit difficult family-wise. I’ve still got a young family, we’re settled here, but as the kids move on, they’ve got their own plan of course in life, and once that happens, I would love to return into coaching, and especially in an academy or maybe even part of the first team, that sort of role. I don’t see myself as a head coach; I enjoy being part of a staff, but not really being the main man.”

It has now been two years since Bergkamp parted company with Ajax, after being assistant coach to Frank de Boer, and he was sacked along with De Boer when Peter Bosz took over. It’s a shame he never got over his fear of flying as he could have maybe done the job while commuting, but now it looks like we will be waiting a while to see him at the Emirates.


  1. It would be great to have as the next coach teaming up with fredie great team , problem is he doesn’t fly .

  2. Apparently de Boer and him didn’t do a good job at Ajax. I thought the legendary Dutch footballers were educated with total football philosophy, but it is thriving at Barcelona instead

    In England, Wenger’s Invicibles were the closest embodiment of that system in 2000s. However, Man City are the manifestation of that philosophy in the last three years, thanks to Guardiola

    I’m happy if Bergkamp comes, as long as he just becomes a staff. But if Arsenal have to replace Emery, the replacement should be someone that had managed Real Madrid or Barcelona

  3. He comes across like he was made for teaching, his ball control and vision, he seems ideal for nurturing young players. I’d like to see him working with the youngest ones, you learn that at a young age and then you could probably go on to be a sensation. Cazorla’s kid, he has that thanks to his dad and now he looks like he’ll go on to have a career. Beckham’s kids, they preferred the lifestyle and I’m not sure if their dad spent much time trying to teach them. Spain have the right idea, they have a younger age group, so if you don’t have a Cazorla for your dad then you need to have the will to learn it on your own or playing within non-pro little leagues. He could also be of benefit to professional players, but I believe he’d be of more value to young players.

  4. Just listening to Talk sport regarding Ozil
    Apparently emery has said he’s not playing because he’s not as good as the midfielders in the squad

    Xhaka ?
    Emery out

    Diff position but ozil at his worst is better than xhaka at his best
    So many gooner want ozil out for underperforming

    When did xhaka ever run the game
    Ozil has

    1. You are probably preaching to the wrong crowd here. Not many of us rate Xhaka on this site and also want him benched. I dont see why either player should start to be fair. I cannot name five games Ozil has run since signing his contract. Only Leicester last season comes to mind and that was almost a year ago.

  5. I don’t know if people have mentioned this or thought about it much before, one thing that Dennis had and every player has it, but they all don’t use it or use it well enough. Dennis had a great peripheral view, you could actually see Dennis when he was so focused while using his peripheral view and controlling the ball, he’d be aware of his surroundings completely but his eye would be on the ball.

    Our defenders don’t look like they use it much, the ball watchers they don’t use it much, but it is a good trait for a player if he practises and improves in this area. The manager, I wonder if they have exercises to help players improve with this, Dennis was one of the best at sensing his surroundings.

  6. Admin, in my time supporting The Arsenal, no player has excited, thrilled me and embodied my idea of what The Arsenal meant more than Dennis Bergkamp – would I have him back in a heartbeat so that he could show UE just what attacking, creative footbball is all about.

      1. I think even Steve bould could show UE more about attacking football .
        The football this season as been diabolical,3rd place yes ,not 1 game as looked convincing .

        1. Ken, I couldn’t agree more and as well as the skill, finesse, vision, flair, speed of foot and thought, professionalism and commitment, Bergkamp could be physical and give as much as he got. I remember the story of his early days at Arsenal, when the training with defenders could be quite robust. People like Martin Keown and Tony Adams tried to take a piece of him, until he retaliated, giving the same back. This caused them to quickly rethink their approach.
          Dan kit this is an article about Dennis Bergkamp, what does Unai Emery have to do with it?

          1. The article asked if about Dennis coming back as a coach ,now if I’m not mistaken Emery is the coach so the two go hand in hand .
            Hope that cleared it up for you Ozzie 👍

          2. Dan, he stated he was not interested in a head coach position, but as a coach and mentor to young players. This is understandable given Bergkamp refuses to fly. Therefore he is not a potential rival for Emery.

  7. I understand and share your feelings concerning DB Ken, but I’m sure you will concede that great players do not always make great coaches.Llumberg was not as good a player as Bergkamp but it seems to me he has it in him to become a top class coach, and possibly our next Manager particularly as he seems to have the respect of our exciting youngsters who are the future of the Club.

    1. Grandad, certainly agree about Freddie and his work so far, an obvious candidate if UE goes.

      I believe from what DB said, that he is not looking for that kind of role though, rather he would want to do coaching and who better to pass on what attacking football is all about?

      We have aclassic case regarding a great player who cannot seem to teach his abilities to others in Stevie Bould…so agree with you on that as well.

      1. His fear of flying would prevent him from being head coach but can you imagine what effect he would have coaching our youth team?

  8. oh yes please, denis bergkamp is one of my top three all time arsenal players.not only that, but he is highly intellegent , both on and off the pitch. i hope someday that he will indeed become arsenal manager, and show us , and the world how the beautiful game should be played. unlike our current manager who, in my opinion, does not seem to have a clue about attacking football, sadly.

  9. It is one thing to be a top successful footballer at a top football club. But it’s another thing entirely to come good as a top football coach at top PL club side like Arsenal FC.

    Dennis Bergkamp an Arsenal legend could become a coach at Arsenal if he wants, but if the club want him and employ him. But this doesn’t mean he’ll become a top coach at Arsenal who is mostly succeeding. For, he could succeed as a coach at Arsenal or he may fail to succeed at Arsenal and get booted out from the club for his lack of performance as a coach at the club. It ls a gamble that could pay off handsomely if he’s successful. But if he fails, then no dividend will be declared for him but shown the exit door at the club. And has Arsene Wenger, the former Gunners boss not offer a coaching job to him before at Arsenal? Which I think he turned down. This is the same Dennis Bergkamp who is nowing saying he’ll take a coaching job at Arsenal. What an irony. By the way, is this man broke?

    1. SAA, Dennis Bergkamp has a degree in Mechanical Engineering, is highly intelligent, was very careful with the money he earnt from football (it is said he still has the first guider he ever earnt) and is known for having invested his money wisely. He certainly isn’t broke!

      1. What a ridiculous question to ask SAA.

        Why would that concern you in the first place, what business is it of yours in the second and if you had listened to what he said…the time is not right because he has a young family, but maybe in the future.

        One tries to be civil on here and everyone has a right to ask questions, but sometimes I wonder what makes people tick.

        I suggest you watch the video SAA, that will answer your nonsensical and highly offensive question about his wealth – ozziegunner, well done on a much more controllled answer, I’m fuming!!!

  10. Next Arsenal head coach should be Freddie ljurneberg,because he knows the team very well ie the phillosophy,good attacking football,untill now i don’t understand the system emery use,boring boring boring,many games we played we loose positon even if were home

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