Who wants the Caraboa Cup more? Arsenal or Tottenham?

We are entering the most congested period of the Premier League calendar, and with both Tottenham and Arsenal both suffering from an extensive injury list neither side will want to risk adding to that in the third tier domestic trophy.

Right now Tottenham are reporting that Jan Vertonghen, Moussa Dembele, Serge Aurier, Victor Wanyama and Eric Dier are all out with various problems. Arsenal’s defensive crisis has been reported many times on here and there is no doubt that both sides will be rotating to some degree and it may just come down to which manager wants to win the Caraboa Cup more, and who will play the most first team players…

Pochettino has already announced that Gazzaniga will replace Hugo Lloris in the quarter final, and we know Cech will play in place of Leno. We have also seen Emery choose many youth players in Europa League games but he has always padded them out with many first team squad members and I fully expect our new boss to do the same again tomorrow.

I don’t think that Pochettino has the same desire to win this trophy. He is fighting to stay in the Top Four, and more importantly he has a massive game against Dortmund ahead in the Champions League. These are his major targets. While Arsenal have a very winnable game in the Europa League against BATE and have just dropped behind in the race for the Top Four and we all know it is not going to be easy for us get back in there unless one of our rivals go through a major blip. I think that Emery will be desperate to win any trophy in his first season, and although many people don’t rate this cup, it is still a trophy! Early I was looking at some random Arsenal bets and I noticed that the Gunners are 20/1 to land the Caraboa Cup and the Europa League. I think this could be very good odds with Emery’s ambitions at stake….



  1. gotanidea says:

    Maybe same desire

    But Arsenal had better focus on the next EPL game and just use the League Cup game as a test for their youngsters/ backups

  2. Maks says:

    I feel nobody is happy about this next game. 5pur2 “can not” loose 2 times in a row and we are really troubled by injuries… in both nothing has change since Wenger left.

  3. ken1945 says:

    Why are we asking this question?
    After all, its only a cup competition and it’s not even the FA cup.
    It’s been said so many times on here that the cups are not MAJOR TROPHIES, so why are we worrying?
    It’s top four and the premiership that matters….nothing else counts does it?

    1. Phil says:

      Sorry Ken I just can’t agree on this.Its THAT LOT DOWN THE ROAD we are playing and it’s vital we beat them.Its not just the bragging rights (although that’s always a good place to be) it’s the sheer fact it is THEM.We need to put a strong team out and get the game won.If we go out in the semi final then so be it.Poch will want this.Not just because HE needs a trophy but also because of the hammering we gave them a couple of weeks ago.Lets get stuck into them from the off.No keeping the players on the bench.GET THIS GAME WON

      1. ken1945 says:

        Phil, it was a tongue in the cheek comment following on from the comments regarding our previous cup wins!
        A little like your Iwobi team selection I suggest.

        1. Phil says:

          Ah got it Ken-thought I was losing the plot a bit and now you have just gone and proved it-Thanks Ken

          1. Phil says:

            While on the subject of that “Iwobi 11” I can’t help believing that some fans have to higher opinion of a very mediocre player who tries hard but just has not got the talent to succeed.The ridiculous comments that Iwobi could/should be a No10 continue to astound me.He is a very limited wide player.That is as that the moment and it’s only because we have nobody else at this time who can realistically play wide.
            Can you remember when Cesc came into the first team in the 2004-05 season?He played wide right in a 442.The following season he started in CM next to Gilberto when AW sold Viera as he couldn’t hold Cesc back any longer.Would Iwobi have done that.Never in a million years.Cesc proved to be one of the very best CAM in the EPL.
            When Nasri first game he played wide left.He had to earn the right to play centrally over a couple of seasons.Has Iwobi one single ounce of the ability Nasri had?Again,never will have.
            Cazorla started wide Left when first arriving and earns the right to play centrally.Has Iwobi a chance of ever having the ability of Santi?NUFF SAID THERE I THINK.
            These blinkered Iwobi lovers just can’t seem to realise that this very limited player is on borrowed time at the Club and will NEVER have the ability to be an Arsenal No10.

          2. ken1945 says:

            Phil, I always hesitate to diss a player as you have done with Iwobi, I even hoped that Unai might be able to “coach” him to be half decent.
            But I do realize that you are one of the gooners who see him the most in actual play, so respect your views and take them on board.
            A genuine question then, is why do you think Unai has shown such faith in him?
            At the start of the season, he looked a very very good player as you admitted.
            So what has changed and could it be that Unai believes he can actually coach him to better things?

          3. Kenny Rolfe says:

            It’s quite amazing really Ken why Unai stands by him. One or two decent games at the start of the season and he keeps Ozil out of the side. Surely he must be losing patience with him now, I know did a long time ago. Getting back to the NLD, I agree with Phil on this one, I’d like to see a strong team playing. Back in the late sixties I remember playing them in a reserve game, the old London Challenge Cup, we took a firm that night that filled the whole of the Park Lane terrace and that was their end at the time (pre Shelf days) with not a Tottenham fan in sight. Any game against Tottenham is a big game regardless of the name of the competition. I even think the youngsters might agree on this one, the atmosphere at the league game was the best I’ve ever seen at the Emirates. We’ve got to repeat it.

          4. Phil says:

            With you all the way on this Kenny-I refuse to believe Emery was not both shocked and moved by the atmosphere at the Emirates a couple of weeks ago and will know just what it means to the supporters.I really fancy us having a near full strength side out and so will the Dustbin Lids.Cant See is not winning

          5. Phil says:

            @Ken1945-will reply later re Iwobi Ken.Never known such a mediocre player enjoy so much debate

          6. jon fox says:

            Phil, It is clearly just the biased Nigerians on here who are defending this mediocre player. No one much else is, I can’t help noticing.

          7. Gunner22 says:

            And what does Ozil on 350000£ do out wide or as no 10? Fact is Ozil at 30 is rubbish just as leno lich jenkinson mustafi socrates elneny ramsey iwobi mikhi welbeck and add to that ospina chambers. Emery has a whole lot of mess to clear, i think he took this job because he was out from PSG. Nevertheless a game is a game and should be approached with the will to win, lets not go the wenger way and ignore it.this could be only silverware realastically

          8. Mobella says:

            You put 3 players that were signed by Emery and that are just 5 months with team and you went ahead and claim Emery has a whole lot of mess to clear when your statement indicates he contributed to it. I don’t know what parameters you are measuring Leno, Papa and Lich with but imo they have done well so far.

          9. True maybe he was a bit harsh but I agree with him on Lichtsteiner. I have seen enough from him and believe he will not be improving our defence or quality in general.

          10. Gunner22 says:

            My standards are same as those of the 3 wenger titles era, leno vs seaman/ jens, lich/papa vs laureen/sol/tony/nigel.
            Accepting anything below that is lowering the bar and accepting incompetence. The squad up To 2009 -10 was not bad either.
            This squad is maybe one of the worst except torrera and laca.emery is working Magic these guys and should be respected and complimented.Shoving out an entire squad is not easy and needs money and time

    2. Innit says:

      Its also been said that Cups are major trophies or a Trophy is a Trophy

      I want silverware

      1. ken1945 says:

        Innit, my point precisley regarding the 2the barren years with dross players”.
        Glad we agree.

    3. jon fox says:

      Ken Of course cups are major trophies. In order of importance the four possible trophies we can win are the Prem the Europa, FA Cup and fourth this Carabao. But ALL ARE TROPHIES AND THEREFORE IMPORTANT. TO SAY THEY ARE NOT IS TO DISS WHAT THE PLAYERS DO FOR A LIVING. I am rather surproised at YOUR viewpoint.

      1. Mwsupporter says:

        Jon, I would suggest you read the complete string if you are going to make a sensible comment, Jon explained it was tongue in cheek, based on previous comments on this site.

        1. Mwsupporter says:

          I meant Ken’s explanation.

  4. Declan says:

    Of course it matters, any match between us and the scum matters!

  5. Ethio gooner says:

    Man how i wish emery would use this game to play some of the youngsters whose been banging on the door for first team opportunity for a while now just to see who’s mentally ready…like Eddie nekietah I don’t know about ya’ll but that boy is READY let him start this game and let’s see if he’s finally ready for the EPL. And another kid who came outta nowhere and started to make some name for himself as a hot prospect Bakayo Saka, he’s exciting when he has the ball and i just really want to see a proper winger whose not afraid to take on players and deliver an end product and this kid seems like he have it in his locker. I’m tired of watching iwobi overdoing things and ruining a chance like the one he did against spurs. And play Maitland Niles through the middle for christ sake that guy bossed it at old traford!

  6. Sue says:

    Jeez that was some penalty shoot out!! City through

    1. Sue says:

      Plus we’ll play Blackpool in the FA Cup

  7. Innit says:

    I don’t want to lose
    1. I want to win a Trophy
    2. I want to beat Spuds

    To me these are ALL Major Trophies
    CL, Europa, PL, FA Cup, League Cup

    minor insignificant = summer friendly competitions

    1. jon fox says:

      Totally agreed! The Community Shield is nothing more than a huge marketing con dressed up by clever marketing men to convince those desperate for ANY trophy, even fake ones , that it is a trophy. It is not, but the four you list MOST CERTAINLY ARE!

  8. I was always peeved by the ex manager’s lack of enthusiasm and seriousness with the English League cup. I am so happy we have a new manager who treats every game and every competition with the respect and seriousness they deserve. Even in seemingly easy Europa games he fields strong line ups. So I expect he will field a strong line up as well, to take out the trash tonight and guarantee our progression in this competition. We have come so far in this competition and we cannot throw away everything in the name of “giving chances to youngsters”. They can be given chances in the league when we are in winning positions and a few minutes are available for them to get a run out. We may very well miss out on top 4, but I’d rather win EFL and FA cup trophies than finish 4th with nothing.

  9. Jah son says:

    I think iwobi is another player with the mentality of Ozil he performs when the team’s got a natural flow but the iwobi lovers would fail to agree apart from that the talent is very limited

  10. John Ibrahim says:

    play the reserves let them gain some experience….

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