Who wants to predict the finish to Arsenal’s Top Four race?

What teams will finish top four and does that include Arsenal?

I will say it straight away, that yes, Arsenal will make the top four. I am not saying that because I am an Arsenal fanatic but because the evidence is there that we will do and I will break it down as to why I think we will, and who will join us.


We have seven games left to play, five away and two at home and we cannot ignore our poor away record and so I will be conservative with how many points we will get on the road in the remaining games.

I am confident we will pick up six points at home and ten away, which means I am accepting we will draw one and lose one of our five remaining away games.

That puts us on 79 points.


Their bad form will not continue, let’s not kid ourselves, they have five games at home in their new stadium and would not be surprised if they win four and draw one, I expect them to lose away to Man City and to beat Bournemouth.

That puts them on 77 points

Man Utd

United have four home and two away games to go, I see them drawing with Man City and beating Chelsea, West Ham and Cardiff at Old Trafford and on the road drawing away with Everton and beating Huddersfield.

That puts them on 75 points


I have Chelsea winning three and drawing one of their four home games, I am not sure what game they will draw, it could be either against West Ham or Watford and that would give them ten points from their remaining home games and away, I have them losing to both Man Utd and Liverpool and beating Leicester City.

That puts them on 73 points

So, in conclusion, I have Arsenal and Tottenham occupying third and fourth with Man Utd fifth and Chelsea sixth.

Of course, these are just my opinions and the chances are I will be well wrong but I am fairly confident that 3rd,4th,5th and 6th will be as I am predicting but the points make up possibly different.


  1. I don’t give a damn about who finishes fourth as long as arsenal finishes third

  2. By the way Admin..i really don’t understand why you always remove my replies to gotanidea asking him if he is a Nigerian….. Do you think that’s a form of racism?…i really don’t understand

    1. Gotanidea’s nationality is none of anyone’s business. I’ve read that “r” word so many times today on justarsenal it’s really starting to sicken me. Stop trying to be smart and let’s just get on with the football talk

      1. Thanks bro and welcome back @Chiza (if you are the previous Chiza)

        I’m not a Nigerian, thanks for asking

        1. Thanks Gotanidea…i really like your analysis..it impresses me even though i don’t agree to some but anyway keep it up
          And yes I’m the former Chiza and I’m back to show love to my club and share my opinions on the club………..Chiza remains Chiza…no changing!

      2. Was wondering if gotanidea was Nigerian too cos he talked about the new Nigerian wonder kid who is largely an unknown, on some posts. So I don’t think chiza was being racial mate.

  3. The truth is we can deduce all we like. The fact is that it is in our own hands, which I am super happy about. I think @admin, the prediction is very reasonable but not as clear cut and as simple as that, which is why we love football.

  4. 5/6 months ago I said Arsenal will finish 3rd and I thank Unai that it is more likely we will finish 3rd

  5. I hope you are right, Admin. I also predict Arsenal would only win three away games

    Bonuses and EL fixtures will affect the boys’ performance in the remaining games

    1. It may, but hopefully we fight those demons and it won’t. With the way Emery is managing the squad, rotating I believe he will improve Arsenal’s away form, Arsenal always finish the season strong.

  6. 4 out of our next 5 games are away, and none of them easy. I can see us winning our 2 remaining home games, but we’ll still need points on the road. I also think it’ll be ourselves and Spurs making the top 4.

  7. If Emery plays attacking football away from home then I can see us turning the corner in away games, we are on a high at the moment with some good performances and current standings (Still in UEL and UCL qualification through the EPL in our own hands again), this could be the run that helps us overcome our away form.

    Important time and I hope Emery can get the team playing with passion (like he consistently has done) and he gets the right team/tactics for the games, how he has been recently has been a joy to support and I want it to continue.

    I do wish to add that the spurs are chokers, they will bottle it yet again and I wouldn’t be surprised to see them drop out the top 4. Pressure will get to them, new stadium and expectations… They’re gonna choke! 😛

    1. Lol gotta say the 3rd spot is even more sweeter cause we took it from spurs. I also believe they’ll bottle it. With a new 1bn pound stadium to pay off, no champions league and no money to spend on new players and expecting an exodus of their players, this might just turn out to be the best season this decade for an Arsenal fan lol aww the poor tots…

      1. lol, you should be an artist, using words as your paint.
        The picture of spuds imploding is beautiful 🙂

  8. I’ve doubted this squad and the manager at times throughout the season, I’ve cursed at the telly so many times and gone to bed with a foul mood countless more because of this team, particularly when we were going through our defensive negative football phase. I’ve fought off anxiety about if the club made the correct decision getting rid of wenger and the beautiful football he ingrained in our identity and also wondered if we would ever reach the heights of the late 90’s and early 2000’s again. Through it all I’ve grown really fond of this new Arsenal and Emery, we’re not where we should be but we’re not what we used to be (in Wengers latter years) I believe we’re on the right path, I believe we can make top 4 and I also believe we’ll win the Europa league against our punching bag Chelsea that’s given us so many beautiful moments ever since Drogba left lol. If anything I’m very thankful towards emery for given us back the belief and faith that we’re still a force to be reckoned with and we can still conquer any team. Now give that man some money to spend old Stan!!

    1. happy to see you excited laca you scored a beauty just the other night :)… i’m with you hoping for third, and will be ecstatic if we get that euro cup. us Arsenal fans deserve abit of joy, and i really hope the boys deliver 🙂

      1. Everything is starting to click at the right time, Ozil’s finding some form and becoming influential again and the boys are playing with a smile on their faces. Here’s to hoping we finish the season on a high.
        And what a player we have on our hands with Lacazette huh? I’m a very happy chappy lol

  9. My gut says if we win at Goodison Park we’ll make top three. To me it feels like a massive game. But I guess they all are at this point…

    1. Each game is different. You might win at Everton then lose the next away game.
      Many different factors influence each game.

  10. I told you guys Emery will bring back the premier league title to the Emirates if he is supported and i would always maintain that…..he knows what he is doing and he knows what he wants to build…we just need to pray that Kroenke supports Emery because i can’t understand why a club like arsenal can’t raise over 100m for our coach.. It’s amusing……we need to get chukwueze(villareal),doucoure(watford), umtiti and carrasco as our major signings next season……..martinez should replace Cech since we don’t have money to splash around then we get a low cost back up right back for bellerin because Maitland Niles need to return to its preferred position

  11. Next season i want to see a formation like this……………………
    Holding sokratis Umtiti
    Bellerin Doucoure xhaka kolasinac
    Aubameyang Lacazette

    Subs-Martinez,carrasco,chukwueze,monreal,torriera, guendouzi,welbeck,chambers and koscielny

    Players to be sold-elnenny,mustafi,mkhitaryan

    Players to be loaned out-nketiah,iwobi,smith Rowe, Xavier amaechi,nelson and mavrapanos

    That’s just my dream squad right now it’s left to kroenke to prove us wrong

  12. I think it depends on what defensive players are fit and play. To me if Mustafi plays we can easily drop points. He often goes backwards when he should go forwards, dwells and gets caught on the ball, has little confidence and blunders and slips. I hope Koscielny and even Mavropanos get fit and Socratis does not get another yellow card, which will see him out for 3 games. Mustafi will lose us points. If Ramsey is fit and we play both Lacazette and Aubamayang we could outscore our opponents in the run in matches. Our secret weapon could be Lucas Torreira who is due to return.

  13. But if i want us to be really ruthless in attack next season in attack then i prefer to go for this formation next season



    Bellerin Holding Umtiti kolasinac

    Chukwueze Doucoure Torriera Carrasco

    Aubameyang Lacazette

    My reasons for my selections explained further…….
    1. I selected holding ahead of sokratis because of the VAR coming next season..sokratis tackling and holding tight on players in the box could cost us alot..so i go with the intelligent defending of holding and umtiti
    2. I removed Ozil and Xhaka and went for the solidity and backbone of doucoure and torriera at the base of the defense allowing the attacking players to have a good just like the old glorious days of viera and Gilberto silva
    3.i went for pure wingers and two great strikers because it has always been the way emery loves to play..he loves using the wings so I’m sure he would use this formation in a devastating manner on the premier league

    Me just here hoping for the best and giving my opinions

    1. Doucoure is definitely not top six quality please watch him again. He’s a workhorse but where exactly is his quality.

      1. Really?….not top 6 quality….you must be joking really hard and trust me it’s not funny

        1. Just explain his qualities that he will bring to the arsenal because I don’t see them. Please help a falling supporter.

          1. hes big strong ok in the tackle, good at intercepting the ball and using his body to drive the ball forward…i agree he’s not arsenal material because as big and tall as he is he doesn’t win that many headers in the middle of the park he’s got a weak jump, his passing is also not arsenal standard in my opinion our accuracy is pretty high, and you got to have some sort of vision to link up with our squad we are not direct like watford, thats my humble opinion 🙂

            ps: as mid a yaya toure like the one barca had would be great, as in the ability to pass quickly from the back and unlock the defence like our old magician cazorla, with a huge frame to get stuck in if need be, if he can drive the ball forward and dribble we got the last jigsaw that we need in the mid, the midfield is the only area that can be neglected this summer if i’m honest, we need to beef up the other positions lb/rb/cd/wingers/gk if need be/ forward if need be, the remaining areas are kinda of must if we really want to challenge next season and champions league would be a great help so 3rd plz 🙂

            1. As far as I’m concerned the only midfielder better than doucoure outside of the top six is Ruben neves but we need doucoure physicality more than anything else because we lack that in midfield

              1. won’t say no to ruben he’s amazing chiza i think that’s a great call, i think ruben is very physical not easily pushed off the ball, and if you play in the championship you are defninetly tough enough for me 🙂

  14. It’s squeaky bump time and a lot of fans are hiding behind the true. Arsenal has one of the worst away forms in the league. I believe our best eleven that is to include Laca,Auba and ozil are more than capable of taking us to third and also win the Europa league. It is all up to the manager and his man management skills. The team is in high gear but if the manager pulls some defensive bull and chooses to go with people like Iwobi as seen in the last game we will be in trouble. I am hopeful. I am praying that Mr Emery manage to keep the vibe flowing and we will be comfortable in finishing third.

  15. I am still nervous about our Top 4 ambition. Our team has not filled me with that muc confidence when it comes to our away fight going back to last season.

    I feel uneasy right now because this keeps happening more often. The team plays well for a number of games, they get us all overexcited and optimistic, then they start bottling it.

    I am just going to wait and see. Can’t start making predictions then get embarrassed later.

    Until we make it across the line I am not getttint my hopes up. Been burned enough by this team.

    1. get your hopes up goonster, if we fail i’ll save you the embarrassement by taking it on the shin for all of us!!…we are looking good and we got spirit, let’s all beleive we will get 3rd…who has read the secret lol the law of attraction 😉

      Ps: we can win the remaining games on paper, so let’s just beleive we will! COYG!!!

  16. Writing this in halftime for Spuds v Palace now 0-0 and Chelski v Brighton now 1-0. Our five away games will, I think, trip us up and I do see us getting only a max of 8 points from those 5 away and 6 from our two home games which makes total of 14 max and a total at end of 77 max. More likely we will get one win away 2 draws and 2 losses making a total of 74 and that might well come down to goal diff. I firmly think Spuds will be 3rd – having homes games in hand – and probably Chelsea 6th. Therefore I predict a shoot out with us and Man U for 4th. Last week I had us probably missing top four by 2 -4 points but our rivals results have been fairly decent for US, since then. I’d say 50/50 for fourth place , but I NEVER LET MY BIAS DICTATE MY HONEST OPINIONS. I see the articles writer, who predicts 79 points, says likewise about having no bias. Trouble is, I don’t believe him. I say 79 points PURE moonshine. LAUDABLE loyalty maybe, but still moonshine. Hope I am wrong, obviously! PS Spuds just scored; I still think the same though.

    1. I agree Spuds will loose to City and win the rest of their games and will finish above us.

      I am a little bit more optimistic about our chances in our away games though, just because the team looks like has found good form, home and away.
      I can see us getting 9 points from our away games and make it tho the CL as fourth.

      Honestly as long as we make it to the CL, it doesnt matter if its 3rd or 4th. Being above Spurs is sweet but not necessary. Making it to the CL is necessary if we want to have a decent summer window though, so I would be egstatic with 4th place.

  17. In another forum i predicted at the beginning of the season a top 3 finish and a Cup, then we lost 2 opening games and i thought to revisit my prediction.Then we went on an unbeaten run and the confidence rose again,now i dont care as long as we are in champions league by whatever means.We come back next season,Emery wont have to depend on Wengers data since he will have a full season of his own data and we will win something.

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