Who will be Arsenal’s third signing? Mahrez or Lemar?

At last we have seen the charismatic striker Alexandre Lacazette confirmed as an Arsenal player on the official club website, which means that the Gunners have now secured two of the top quality arrivals that Arsene Wenger promised us. But he told us to expect three, so who will be the last star to move to the Emirates.

To find out the most likely arrival, I have had a study of the betting to see what the bookies think, and the two shortest prices to join Arsenal are Riyad Mahrez from Leicester and Thomas Lemar from Monaco. My personal choice would be Lemar, but according to the rumours the French title winners are asking for crazy money to let the 21 year-old leave, in fact it would yet another Arsenal transfer record broken if it happens, but Arsenal are still a very short price to nab him.

One bookie (betvictor) actually have Arsenal priced at 1/2 on to sign him, but most other bookies are around Even money although they think it around a 50/50 chance that he will stay at Monaco. I would love to see him arrive as he could be our new Santi Cazorla for the next ten years – but the betting suggests that we will get Mahrez first.

The ex-Player-Of-The-Season is as short as 1/12 with PaddyPower, and 1/10 with William Hill and Betfred, but the very best price you can get is 1/5 from Betfair so they all seem to think it is a certainty. I have also found out that if i use this Betfair promo at Betting Promotion Codes and put a tenner on, Betfair will give me a 30 quid bonus to play with! I’m having some of that! I am sure that Wenger is aiming to get all his signings done so they can train together in pre-season so I have a feeling it will be announced very quickly. So I’m going for Mahrez to arrive soon.

In other positive betting news for Arsenal, Man City are no longer long odds on to sign Alexis, in fact both teams are generally priced at around evens so it is certainly NOT a done deal as far as they are concerned any more…

And it is the same with Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain as well, although he is much shorter than Alexis to stay at the Emirates, with Liverpool priced at evens or higher.

If the bookies are right, this really could be a fantastic summer for the Gunners!

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Updated: July 6, 2017 — 4:03 pm


  1. Mahrez please. Lemar is overpriced

    1. eventhough lemar is overpriced the player is opting to change legue and arsenal competitors now are restricted in this circumstance i think monaco wl lower price soon and we wl get lemar
      Mahrez is good but lemar is better

    2. We have 18 of 17 non home grown players in the squad. 2 need to go before an addition can be made. Debuchy and Campbell?

      Lemar is an investment in the future (Ox replacement?) while Mahrez is for the present (Sanchez replacement?) I want both to stay so I would rather an upgrade on Coq in midfield. That for me is one of our weakest areas and why we currently have to play 3 at the back.

      1. You think Mahrez is a replacement for Sanchez?

  2. frustrated gunner

    Goretzka n julian brandt

    1. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter

      Spend the money on a replacement for Cazola and show confidence and support for Perez by giving him game time. Every opportunity he has been given he hasn’tlet Arsenal down!

  3. Mahrez, Lemar and Cuaduado. Lemar would be difficult and overpriced. Mahrez has EPL experience and is worth 30m pounds. Cuaduado is also decent, skillful, but doesnt score much. I would prefer Mahrez. But i also want Wenger to consider Iwobi as well. He should work on his defensive duties. One of Iwobi, AOC, Ramsey should partner Xhaka in the midfield. Iwobi is hardly dispossessed. Can dribble in tight situations. Getting the ball from defence to attack. He is similar to Cazorla. Composure. He should get more game time next season.

    1. i fear that AW encourages all his players from midfield to defensive wingers to score goals, when watching Arsenal play i find myself constantly shouting at the TV saying “GET BACK GET BACK” to defend but almost always some of our defenders have remained in the oppositions half on reciving counter attack, what i’m trying to say is that most of our players are trying to score by being encouraged by AW and find themselves in the wrong half of the pitch when there is a counter attack, this system is great and exiting football to watch but you let in soft goals, i think i’m in favor of three at the back if they stay at the back an don’t take part in our offence

  4. So Alexis wants £400 000 per week to stay. I’m waiting to hear what all the “let him stay at all costs” guys have to say

    1. If he wants 400000 a week he is crazy

      1. 400k a week is like saying “ill stay without trophies but you have to pay bit…es”

        1. he can ask for that salaries next year when his a free agent because lets say if he had three year contract in a club around and he would be worth around 70 million divide that in to three years that 23 million on top of your usual salary, just that makes over 440K a week on top of salaries so its a bargain if you think about it in terms of contracts

      2. He should go to China. Rubbish

    2. I pray to god it’s all just newspaper bol*****cks. Blooming Ronaldo and Messi are on £365 k a week, surely Sanchez shouldn’t even be in the area of that number, let alone well above it.
      But if he IS requesting that, that means he truly wants to leave.

      1. Messi has just signed a new contract for £500k per week!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. I say sell him if he wants £400,000 per week. Who earns that amount in Premier League? Simply crazy. Obviously not interested in signing a new contract with such ridiculous terms. If that’s true, off you go $ancash!

    4. Even messi doesn’t get that much. Who does he think he is?

    5. The mirror reported that, the same source that said sanchez to bayern has been agreed and his wage is 350K a week..

  5. Which bookies ?

    the bookies that said that it was easier for Camel to go through the eye of the needle than Arsenal lifting FA cup against Chelsea??

    These bookies just look at pictures from outside only. They don’t know more than we do.

    However, I prefer Mahrez because I know his strength and weaknesses. He’s a known premier League devil.

  6. Lemar is a sensational talent with tonnes of potential BUT seems un-gettable. Mahrez is difficult. He will want guaranteed playing time, but in the 3421 formation, which Wenger has already stated he will use for stability, we would have to sacrifice Ozil or Sanchez, and he is not at the level of either of these two. So his arrival would bring in a change in formation to 4231 which we all know wasnt working.
    To be honest I think the next signing will be decided by Sanchez. If he stay, the next signing will be a Santi replacement, if he goes… then ideally M’Bappe… but most likely Lemar…

  7. 1. Lemar is a different type of player to Carzola’s role
    2. Lemar is better based on the facts that he’s young and can play in different positions, but the price has put us off already. Mahrez is better now and if we can add a CDM that is quality is fine too.

    1. we have to say to our self’s how much would Carzola would cost in today’s market if he was younger and injury free, i would price him around 60 to 70 Million today’s market, so if you want some one similar in ability you have to pay

      1. Bernardo Silva is better than Santi ..and he cost 43M…

    2. No one said Lemar was a Cazorla replacement. Lemar is an out and out winger.

  8. If Sanchez doesn’t want yo stay, sell him, top money and get Lemar. He would not demand 250,000 per week.

  9. No team will give him £400 000 a weak. He smokes strong stuff. . .

    1. He just wants to leave if that’s true . Sell him with Top money or put him into reserves.

  10. Why does everyone keep referring to Lemar as a replacement for Santi? I thought he was predominantly a winger/attacker ? can he also play CM?? ?

    As for his price tag, AFC need to get ruthless! Look at Martial: we asked politely and got told he’s not for sale! But then Man U came along and as we all know, money talks lol

    1. I know what you mean
      Lemar is very talented but primarily a Left winger

      For Cazorla’s position we need someone like Veratti, Pjanic, Naingolan etc
      But perhaps Wenger is putting all his faith in Xhaka and Ramsey

    2. How has Martial performed? Is that the scenario we want? We should not just pay any amount of money simply because we have it. We have to be mindful of other factors such as the player’s actual worth, market forces, comparative advantage etc. We should also consider whether there are no cheaper alternatives on the market. This is the best way to ensure value for money.

  11. Kolsanic will reportedly make around £150,000 per week. He must be really good IF he will get that much

    I think our first two signings have been awesome.

    I want Mahrez NEXT. He is still a bit of a gamble as he had a bad season but he has PL experience and he has won the PL.

    If Alexis is staying, even for just 1 year, there is no point getting a L midfield unless we get someone who can play both Right and Left equally well.

    1. Arsenal-Girl i don’t think because his that good of a player to earn 150k a week its because he was a free agent so no signing on fee for his former club which means the player can negotiate a better salaries and most would ask for some cash up in front also

  12. Sanchez is ungrateful and filled with too much greed…let him go cause if Arsenal bows to he’s demands other players would start revolting too. He will fade away soon…he’s no God.

  13. A creative mid should be next , fill the remaining void before strengthening other areas of the pitch. We need a cazorla replacement simple, we are heading on the right track with the two signings so I’m all smiles so far, but wingers keepers a defender or a wonder kid could all wait till further down the window, so cazorla ‘s replacement before pre-season and our job in this transfer market would be solid. Additional talent will be welcomed but that position should be prioritized above all else!!


  15. I think Wenger has got golovin to replace Santi next season the guy is good with decent techniques and a superb work rate +guy is still quite young and will develop further here at arsenal. We will smack our lips when we watch him play at the world cup and thank our stars he’s ours. I hope we wrap up that deal. As for who’s coming in itching it’s mahrez. Why? Coz it’s got arsenal transfer m. O. U written over…… 1.The player said he’d like to come 2. Wenger made a bid last season 3. His club his willing to sell 4. The player has gone quiet 4 5.his club is trying to replace him(ibora). So here your finger crossed I think it’s mahrez guys

  16. 400k a week? Sanchez is either on drugs or his drug need to be taken…
    Sanchez needs to change his supplier bcos his now on a strong Nigerian weed

  17. You know I love Alexis but if this rumor about £400,000 pounds a week is true then my opinion off him will change immediately. He will from a hero in my eyes to a piece off greedy little scum that needs to get the hell out off our club. £280,000 to £300,000 fair enough be is worth that being one off the best in the league but £400,000 is just ridiculous

  18. If alexis is asking for £400.000 per week that is just immoral no player is worth that much money.How many of us fans earn that much in a year? unfortunately football is no longer the preserve of the working man. Players have become so greedy in their demands. If George Best,Tony Currie, Bobby Charlton Bobby Moore and players of that era were playing how much they earn?

  19. I feel Mahrez would be the right player to bring in. It would make more sense if we brought players like Goretzka, Barkley, Nainggolan, Brandt as Carzola’s replacement, but I feel we have more options already. Ramsey, Elneny, Iwobi and Wilshere can up their with the presence of Sanchez, Ozil, Mahrez and Lacazette. As for the £400k a week demand, I feel it is a blue lie coz Alexis knows how much the highest paid PL player gets. I strongly believe he will sign an extention which will even be less than £300k. All he wants is quality signings.

  20. Wenger should bring in mahrez, he knows premiership better than lemar, lemar is not experienced as mahrez..wenger should bring in mah for cazorla..a long time replacement….

  21. The only 3rd signing I want to see is Alexis Sanchez.

  22. He should get mahrez who is readily available than Lerma who they want to be bought at a high price

  23. I can tell you what Arsenal want: selling kolasinac next year to Fenerbahce Istanbul for 15million. He is not good enough for Arsenal. Arsenal need Leon Goretzka and Alexis Sanchez for the title.

  24. Alexis wanting 400k?!He must be crazy.. . Lol

    Gunners in the building, I have great respect for you all because you have the love of the club at heart, above any other players or even Arsene Wenger, I became a ‘W.O.B’ (Wenger Out Brigade) on social media the moment I realized Arsene is imploding Arsenal, probably because of an archaic philosophy which obviously ain’t working again or pride.
    As well, Wenger has been so biased selecting the team atimes, we should expect a player to for once deliver since we’re paying them to do so but what is needed in all teams is constant display of brilliancy by the crop of players, and if there is a player not consistent, he should learn from the bench, that alone will give urge for improvement as it is the biggest room in our life, and competitiveness.
    Wenger as well lacks the ability to rotate the team.. I dont know why, we have a very small team compared to other bug clubs of our caliber that alone can send a player off once he knows he’s not going to play, our squad players mostly get time to play during injury crisis… I could remember a point in time when we loaned Bendtner to Juventus, they already have four strikers then, in which minus Van Persie we have like half or no striker.. (in Chamack).
    Wenger lacks the ability to bring the best out of his players, like being a real motivator, so many players were underperforming, you’ll be like, Eh bro, u can do better?, Walcott never improved, Ramsey has been swinging ever since on improvement see-saw and plenty others as well, now let’s analyse ourselves..
    When Wilshere and Ramsey came into limelight… Who was Gotze, Bender brothers, and so many hot averagely aged players (midfielder) that are shining now? Who were they then? Who knows them?
    The small Wilshere controlled the field at Camp Nou, a home for the world best midfielders.. Xavi was right to call him the future of England. Even without his broken leg, he wasn’t living up to his potentials.. That Ramsey, the special talent that was flown in with the club’s private jet with his parents.. Sir Alex Ferguson almost cried seeing us beating him to his signature.
    I think the touch is lost, but for the first time in plenty years, I’ll be supporting Arsene Wenger, I think he’s trying to get things right before he leave…. Though I might be fooled by him once again, I don’t care, I’m putting all my trust eggs in his basket. He should just do that and clean his name as the Gunners best manager so far (but not for so long, the seeker is still coming.. Lol)
    Sanchez can go to hell, I will support him wherever he goes, he’s a great footballer, I wouldn’t pay the wages either, like he’s just trying to force his transfer out.. But I won’t blame him a bit, Anyone can go, but the biggest mistake will be selling Chamberlain.. He should be persuaded greatly to stay.
    Salute mi familia thanks

  25. Ship that thi*f out already… 400,000 a week; he should hqve come to the Emirate Stadium with armed gang…

    Never liked the dude anyway. I still feel he plays for himself not the team. He distorts our passing game. He breaks the flow of our football. I miss the Arsenal-esque.

    Just get me Mahrez Plsssss!

  26. We still need CD DM and yes a winger. AW needs to clear the crap out MD KG JW WS list can go on but we need to bring in some good EPL players who can just come on and do a job.

  27. Arsenal should retain Sanchez………no more signings……promote from within………that Maitlland or Nwakali Kelechi can be promoted into first team as holding midfielders……….,our goal should be retaining Alexis and Ozil…….we built our team around them……with Lacazette ……
    Giroud…..Welbeck……Perez….and Walcott…….we are ready to win the title….

  28. Arsenal should retain Sanchez………no more signings……promote from within………that Maitlland or Nwakali Kelechi can be promoted into first team as holding midfielders……….,our goal should be retaining Alexis and Ozil…….we built our team around them……with Lacazette ……
    Giroud…..Welbeck……Perez….and Walcott…….we are ready to win the title….I like the German dude Goeretze………..But we don’t need any more buys…….no more buy…buy…..we are losing youngsters……….who need playing time………..

    1. Hope I’m not bursting anyone’s bubble but some so many comments about players that have no direct correlation to Santi so here goes : lemar, Mahrez and Brandt are all wingers not cm players, yes cazorla can play on the wing but he shines in cm everyone on board so far? Leon from schalke is more of a combination between Ramsey and granit from where I stand he can pass, tackle , vision , and late runs into the box same with Nainggolan even though the Belgium is more of the complete product minus what magic cazorla had, verratti is never going to happen unfortunately , iwobi is not a cm guys this is not FIFA17, and it’s too soon for the kids mentioned to be thrown in they need to slowly get in the team, don’t pull a sanago and put so much pressure on them at a young age, those kids would crumble as starters……would love to see a great article about who can properly replace the two footed maestro. I believe what makes cazorla the player he is ,is the ball rarely gets lost at his feet, he can dribble in tight spaces or pass the ball for that clear cut chance, plays with his right or left , great at dead ball situation, accurate shooting, his tempo is amazing too he will slow it down or speed it up based on the circumstances, an intelligent player that can read the game a lack of pace but that means nothing when you are this talented!! that man city game we won 2-0 you by playing defensive and on the counter, that performance basically sums up what he brings to the team, pure class extremely difficult to replace and yes he would be worth in the 70-80 mil in today’s market. Not to mention that he is a great character in the dressing room no wonder you are loved by players and fans alike,I miss watching you and hope you recover sooner than expected santi.

  29. Lets look at both players, either would be a good addition to the arsenal,

    Lemar is not an out and out winger, also plays inside with short interchanging passes, uses a short burst of pace to get the ball out of congested areas, through passes from the middle of the park (all attributes of Cazorla) and is a wonderful crosser of the ball from wide positions(a winger) and helps break up plays mostly in a CM midfield position. i have no doubt that he would be groomed for the cazorla position.

    Mahrez is a wing wizard good pace and trickery, a danger on the right cutting in on his left, can actually use his right foot also, while walcott and ox are one trick ponies, Mahrez has many tricks up is sleeve, his dribbling ability is amazing, but he is a goal threat, defenders are very wary when facing him, therefore others would be provided with more space to operate.

    Both would be excellent acquisition for us, my choice would be Lemar, but both would give equal value to the ARSENAL

  30. Lemar is good but very lazy for the English football. so I prefer mahrez cz he is now experienced with English football.

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