Who will be in Arsenal’s midfield if Wilshere and Ramsey are both back?

Arsenal return to Premier League action at last and are desperate to start getting some points on the board again after a very mediocre December. We have had a terrible glut of injuries, but Wenger is very positive about our returning players in the next couple of weeks. Luckily jack Wilshere’s injury was not so bad at all, and the boss believes both Wilshere and Ramsey could be available for the Bournemouth match on Sunday, although Ozil is still a doubt.

The boss said: “From Wednesday night, we had of course Jack, who was injured. We had very good news yesterday morning. I saw him walking normally and his scan was good. He’s not out of the game on Sunday yet, so that is positive news. We’ll have Ramsey back in the squad. We have an uncertainty over Ozil, who will have a test earliest tomorrow. That at the moment is a bit 50:50. All the other players will still be out for Bournemouth.”

With Coquelin being sold we are getting short of options in midfield so it will be interesting to see who Wenger chooses to partner Xhaka in the centre of the park.

I can’t see Wenger not playing Ramsey if he is fit enough so where will that leave Wilshere? I think he will play him in Ozil’s position if the German is not available, and still leave Ramsey and Xhaka in the middle. What do you think?



  1. Roehahn says:

    If Ozil is out and both Wilshere and Ramsey are fit, i would play Jack CM and Rambo no. 10. Because if Ramsey plays CM, we know he is always going to bomb forward and leave Xhaka and the back line exposed. Play Rambo as 10 where he can lay off the ball for Lacazette with his flicks..and lets face it Lacazette really needs some support upfront..These last few games he has been badly isolated upfront..And Jack can keep pinging those over the top through balls for Lacazette from midfield.

    1. gotanidea says:

      Agree, Ramsey is great with link-ups. He created a creative one-two set-up with Kolasinac previously.

    2. Midkemma says:


      I would add though, Xhaka should be Wilshere backup and AFC need a DM. AMN can help in the DM role but would be nice to see AFC sign a top DM for AMN to learn from and to compete with.

      Ramsey link up play is very good.
      Ramsey holding the ball off from players isn’t as good as Wilshere, being able to either draw a foul or get the ball forward. Ramsey I feel is a bit more of a high risk player but with the higher risk comes great offensive rewards (goals and assists).

      Let Ramsey take those risks in the oppositions half and 2 CM behind him ready to clean up the failed risks.

  2. Roehahn says:

    O.T. : If we are going to let Sanchez go then I’d prefer we sell him in this window rather than in the summer..Let’s face it, even with Sanchez in the team we look very unlikely to break into the top 4.. So better cut our losses,sell Sanchez and get his replacement now..That ways whoever his replacement is would have decent exp. in the PL and would be much better prepared for next season.

    1. gotanidea says:

      Make sense, but Arsenal should sell him to a non English club, if possible. Releasing Sanchez to MU, Man City, Liverpool or Chelsea could mean a guaranteed Premier League trophy for them in the next season. Sanchez is too dangerous to be an opponent.

      1. John Ibrahim says:

        ideally yes to a non English club but its not that easy…..there are not many non-English clubs that can afford Sanchez…and Sanchez may not want to head there too

        1. Break-on-through says:

          G-A-I, if you had to choose which one for you’d be the lesser..

    2. Ali davidson says:


  3. ljgomez says:

    I’ve always wanted to see a flat three with Jack and Rambo,
    with a CDM that stays put,
    Rambo would provide runs from the mid, and jack would do his thing, without getting exposed,
    ozil could play on the wing, hes done well on the wing this year,

    bel kos mustafi kola
    rambo xhaka jack
    ozil sanchez

    but i doubt wenger will go back to a back 4 this year
    i think that lineup would be killer.

  4. Gabo says:

    Gooners who thought England picking Lampard & Stevie_G lacked team balance & was bad for shape somehow expect Jack & Ramsey to work. Even
    Xhaka plays no. 10 for the Swiss.Until we handle our defensive midfield, we’ll keep conceding the most goals in the top 6.

    1. Break-on-through says:

      I will say that ..Jacks off the ball game has improved tremendously ..and Aarons all round capabilities were in fine form before he picked the injury.

  5. Alex says:

    I think Wenger might play Ospina and Cech in midfield. Wilshere as a goalkeeper and Ramsey as a defender.

  6. The Mirror is reporting Wenger is insisting he has no intention of leaving before 2019. ?

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      hes a human and will not go on forever….

      time to move on and focus on the club signings and etc…

  7. Mark Pilkie says:

    Team after transfer window
    Bell….Evans….. Kos….Kolasnic
    ……..Ram… Naitlin-Miles…..Wilshire…


    1. Break-on-through says:

      Our new dream team, not a good sign that we still cannot identify an important target early. Either that or else we look to shave a number of million off a deal by going to the last day. What’s it all about. Or are we afraid to show our hand in case it attracts bidders ..we always pleading how we are not the guys with the biggest wallet. I never hear us say anything about the 90+ percent of sides who have more wallet space than us, or about us being in a different league to those guys.

  8. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter says:

    As a follow up to the previous article on the “rebuilding of Arsenal” would it be possible for Admin or a contributor to compile a list of all the players in the past, whom Arsene Wenger claimed he could have signed, the transfer fee at that time and their current value (eg last transfer fee) at the present time?

    The most recent example I can think of is Virgil Van Dijk who was available from Glasgow Celtic for a relatively small fee and recently bought by Liverpool for 75 GBP. The list would probably make us Arsenal faithful more depressed!

    1. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter says:

      Forgot my manners. Please compile a list!

  9. Twig says:

    Simple. Just return Ramsey to his favourite right wing position – Lol!

  10. Break-on-through says:

    Good question. Wilshere has played extremely well in most of his games. Though Ramsey too was one of our better players before the injury. People are gonna let their long held biased feelings come into this one as I’ve seen already stated before now. Ramsey was doing very well in being back in position and choosing his moments more wisely, it helped our attack because when we don’t have someone getting forward from CM you can see we can look somewhat more bare and also little easier to cope with.

    It’s a good headache and am glad both these players seem to make a difference for now and for the right reasons. But maybe we should be still thinking about Niles or a new guy ahead of Xhaka before answering this question. Their football should do the talking now that they’re competition to one another. Different styles too, so who plays where could be dependant on the opposition we face.

  11. Nothing changed says:

    Don’t play Ramsey if Wilshire is available. Wilshire is by far the superior player.

    1. pires says:

      What has wilshere done to be the better player?ramsey is better defensivley, and has more goals and assists to his name.Wilshere is good though if and only if hé adds goals to vis game.

    2. Xxnofx says:

      4people obviously don’t watch football ,

  12. Midkemma says:

    Make Ramsey compete with Ozil in AM.

    He isn’t the best def disciplined player and as such a bit of a weakness in a 2 man CM.
    He is a work horse though, he will drop deep and help drive the team forward after others have done the defending. He is a goal scoring threat, not the assist king that Ozil can be but he is more likely to score more goals though. Plan B style for AM.

    I would also make Xhaka and Wilshere compete for the aggressive deep lying playmaker role, neither of them are a DM and I think they would both benefit from playing alongside a solid DM.

    Once Monreal and Sead fit, move AMN to DM.

    AMN only just promoted and needs competition to push him, he can develop into a beast but I would like a beast to push him and for him to learn from.

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