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Who will be the first Arsenal player to win at the World Cup?

After seeing Mohamed Elneny be on the losing side to Uruguay this afternoon I stared to wonder which of our Arsenal players would be the first to get a win on the board at the World Cup, so let’s see who gets the answer right.

In the same group as Uruguay, Nacho Monreal will be hoping to feature in Spain’s opening clash against Portugal tonight. Although Spain started off as one of the favourites for the competition, the sacking of their manager a couple of days ago means that anything could happen, especially as they are playing Cristiano Ronaldo who is in great form.

If that one goes wrong (I’m predicting a draw to be honest) then Alex Iwobi’s World Cup starts tomorrow as Nigeria take on Croatia in Group C at 8pm. I wouldn’t bet on that being an easy win for Iwobi personally, would you?

On Sunday lunchtime, if we have got that far, Joel Campbell will be representing Costa Rica in Group E against Serbia. Again I think a win there is also unlikely. Serbia may not be one of the biggest European teams but they have some great players compared to Nigeria.

So then we come to what I think is the banker Arsenal win as Mesut Ozil will be looking to retain the World Cup with Germany as they kick-off their campaign in Group F with a clash against Mexico. Surely that is a win?

Sunday night sees Granit Xhaka and Stephan Lichtsteiner lining up against Brazil. Now THAT would be a real shock if we came away with a win then…

If not we have (maybe) Danny Welbeck on Monday on the bench for England against Tunisia. That could be a win but I doubt very much if we will see Danny on the pitch….

After that the only one we have left is David Ospina, who will be between the sticks for Colombia in Group H, as they prepare to face Japan on Tuesday. Could we go through the whole of the first round of games without an Arsenal player on the winning side? Surely not!

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  1. gotanidea

    I have a strong feeling that Danny Welbeck and the other England players would get the trophy this time

    But if Spain can sort out their issues, then it would be Monreal

      1. Admin Post author

        Mostly?? You mean his head and shoulders??
        What about his legs. Where are they going?

  2. Goonerboy

    According to the article, Germany plays against Mexico and England also plays against Mexico on monday, how is that possible huh?

  3. Big Charley

    Xhaka just signed a new contract with Arsenal. Am glad Emery has faith in him and understand his importance even though the media has painted him as a bad player. When I saw his stats in Europe I was so supprised he has done so well. But because the team didn’t perform well, he is one of the first players (including Ozil) to be crucified. British media are usually biased against none English players anyway. A new manger has come in now and he absolutely want two of our most crucified players Ozil and Xhaka. Am sure he sees things different!!

    1. Break-on-through

      Xhaka has directly contributed to more chances against than he has for us. I don’t have stats to back it up but it seems that way to me, if not chances then goals at least. Everytime I picture a game of Xhaka I see him stood ignoring a man running away from him into the box, or I see a pass directly to the guys trying to press us, or worse, no pressure and hands on hips. He’s been poor there’s no hiding from it, he is a large part of why we went from 4th, 3rd, 2nd, then to 5th, 6th, you notice the two different trajectories. Also Koscielny and Mustafi has played a big part, Cech, I don’t think has done any worse off than any of the other keepers we’ve had. Another giant piece to all this is Cazorla.

      I hope Emery gets the best out of him, of course I do. I hope he can stay fully concentrated, but I don’t think there is too much to be done on that type of thing, maybe Emery has some techniques and can work on his cognitive shortcomings.

  4. Abu

    I just learnt granit xhaka has just signed a new long term contract . Is it true ? I mean what the hell they are upto ? 1st thankfully Chelsea rejected a 17.5m bid for David Luiz who is just turning 32 and now xhaka signs a new contract. The worst midfielder from last season has just been awarded with a new contract. What is going on.

            1. Break-on-through

              Prove it…
              If something got misplaced would you…
              A – Frantically turn the place upside down, letting it become a mess.
              B – Ask everyone in the vicinity have they seen it and would they please keep an eye out for it.
              C – Deny all responsibility of ever having it because you know that the guilty party is really the hubby.

    1. ozilking

      guy shut de hell up and stop talking rubbish.xhaka is force to be reckoned come dis new season.with emery in charge ,xhaka will be excellent.

            1. Dalinho

              … Xhaka…………………Ramsey
              Without wingers this is the best line up we have!

  5. gotanidea

    Even the so called best keeper in the world cannot always save penalties and makes blunder sometimes. If the world class GK like De Gea and Neuer can do that, let alone Leno, Butland and Szczesny?

    Therefore Arsenal should spend too much on a GK, but also invest in other area. If Ramsey is the priority, Xhaka’s contract is extended and Torreira is coming, I think the line-up would be:

    Lichtsteiner . Sokratis . Soyuncu . Monreal
    …………..Ramsey ………….. Xhaka
    Mkhitaryan ……………………….. Lacazette

          1. Break-on-through

            Naysayers. So Ozil being one of the most creative players in the league, which means he’s leaps and bounds ahead of Arsenal players, and Aubameyang & Lacazette needing that creativity …does not count in Ozil’s favor even though he’s a no10 not a midfielder. Xhaka, Ramsey and Torriera are not gonna even get onto the chance creation list, Mkhitaryan is very decent but Mkhitaryan is best when he’s switching between being a runner or a ball provider. Who’s gonna supply all these chances off the last shoulder, we’ve no new wingers yet and you want to rid us of our main supply. Iwobi, Danny, Elneners, Wilshere, you believe Mkhitaryan can carry that can. Do you not think it’d be a bit easy to stifle Arsenal’s creativity with one man being so heavily relied upon?

  6. stubill

    Now that’s what you call football, not the dross served up by Iran, Saudi Arabia, Uruguay, Morocco, Iran and even Russia, who beat an awful, awful Saudi.

  7. RSH

    Amazing game. To score 3 goals against Spain is just unheard of, but so is the talent CR7 possesses. take a bow Ronaldo

    1. Phil

      QD-There is no bigger fan of Ozil than me.I really hope he has a great tournament and shows exactly why he is rated as World Class in his own Country.I just cannot for the life of me understand why he is abused by so many.He is Genuine World Class when played in his rightful position and plays within a team pattern designed to get the best out of all the players.This reflects badly on Wenger on why he continually played a system that failed to maximise Ozils obvious ability.
      I have no problem with anyone disagreeing with my own views as at times Ozil was his own worst enemy with his attitude which sometimes affected his performance.But for supporters wanting him sold is ridiculous.

      1. killamch89

        See that is what I always said. Ozil needs a system with pacy, clinical wingers/strikers(which we already have) and is played in CENTRAL MIDFIELD with a good defense behind him, a second CM to create from deep(one of the many essential midfield skills that Ramsey severely lacks) and Ozil will deliver the goods. We don’t really have any pace on the flanks, lack a proper CDM, no defensive organization, and crap goalkeepers and Ozil played out of position and people expect him to perform at his best. Kevin De Bruyne has a team built around his strengths and that is why he can perform like that. When Emery sets up the team properly a lot of people are going to really hate Wenger even more.

        1. Uchman

          when analyzing football on the pages of newspaper every one is a genius, watching Great man Hiero commit blunders yestday with his substitutions is annoying!

        2. Uchman

          for 22 years over 100 players left arsenal and none become a better player and u still believe wenger doesn’t know how to get the best from his players? Pathetic I swear down, some dudes r terrible,

          1. Phil

            And in the last decade of his reign as Manager how many players that STAYED at the Club went on to improve their Game under Wenger?He LOST his ability to COACH.

        3. Rkw

          Spot on .. Can’t play Ramsey and ozil … Emery will have to learn that the former can only be a bench and league cup player

          1. Simon Williams

            Ozil much more likely to get the boot. Doesn’t fit into managers high pressure style at all.

            Ramsey is perfect fit for that style. And Emiry already quoted as saying will build team around Ramsey

      2. Uchman

        Talking trash everytime, wenger is gone and u r still blabbing,ozil has won German best player 3 times playing under wenger, For 22 years wenger was arsenal coach, no player has left arsenal and become a better player, u can only convince the gullible, how many psg players played better. Under emry? Emry can only dream to be the coach arsene wenger! When u r crowned world best coach for a decade then u will understand what greatness means!!!

        1. Shekar233

          Whether players became better after leaving ur Arsene FC is secondary.

          But almost all those who left ut Arsene FC stating lack of progression have won trophies. Starting from Henry,Viera to sagna. FFS even Ox could have been playing the CL final if he had not been injured, and probably would have won it if Karius was not so poor.

          Fed up with the Arsene FC lovers.
          You guys need to get used to this comparision between wenger and post wenger era. Coz that is so natural to compare things before and after in any matter of life. It is only unfortunate that this comparision is not appening around 12 years ago which would have been different as he was on a high. But even that is to be blamed on him as he decided to stay tooo long and now he gets remembered for his last 12 years than hus first 10.

          FFS Spurs are 12/1 odds to win the title while we are 40/1.
          Even the betting sites are aware of our downfall now.

          1. Mwsupporter

            Why do people keep talking up the spuds, they do not win trophies, every year the same message don’t they look good……. oh they haven’t won anything again and again. Guess what this year they will fail again.

            1. Shekar233

              But they look to be progressing every year.
              Progress for a team like spurs is to cement top 4 every year, who always used to be out of top 4.

              But progress for a club like Arsenal who are constantly in top 4 and used to compete for PL title is not finishing out of top4 or even scrapping into top 4 every season with a flurry of wins at the end of the season.

              I dont get people who just hate a team just coz they are our rivals. For me i hate manu more than spurs. Coz i hate their attitude and football philosophy of overpowering on and off the field coz of them being the biggest club in the world.

              And one more thing i dont get is, as arsenal fans we dont like spurs. But lets take a democratic opinion of the world. Why do most of the neutral people say spurs have progressed better in the last 8 years than Arsenal?

              There is nothing wrong in accepting our deficiencies…infact it will be gracefull if we accept our faults and act to not repeat them. Lets not act like North koreans who think thiers is the best country in the world. Even kim has tried to open his eyes and mind than those on this site who are too insane to brag about the great times we had probably 12-15 years ago.

              1. Phil

                You obviously have NEVER been to a NLD.You obviously have NEVER been to a NLD at Shite Fart Lane.I can assure you that if you had attended one you would immediately realise just why the hatred exists between the fans of both Clubs.That hatred between us will NEVER be replaced by another Club and that is how it should be.

  8. killamch89

    Also to add is that most opposition teams know Ozil is our most creative player – he is the most influential one and they simply prevent him from getting inside the 18-yard box and automatically shut down Arsenal’s attack.

    1. Mobella

      Watch what you are saying. You would get a lot of abuse for what you just said because when it comes to Ozil people want to see a certain Joey Barton version of football.

    1. Mwsupporter

      Is it possible the manager knows more than you? Ozil will stay, he is currently our only world class player.

  9. John Legend

    Germany played high pressing football in 2010 World Cup when they white-washed England & Argentina and I think Ozil was a very important part of that squad. If I’m wrong, somebody please correct me

  10. ruelando

    I am an Ozil hater, he is an outstanding player, no argument there, for an A class player, he has not dominated any of the top 5 and in big games he is not seen,

    Then Ozil loyal fans blame it on our attackers or the position he plays, well in truth any position he plays in the attacking third he is allowed to drift in and out of position.

    My major gross with Ozil is he would be our third attacker in the system played, therefore his goal tally should be far higher than what it has been, i must also add probably my expectations are too high and which he could be more dependable.

    Anyhow, no team wants him, so Emery will have to try to get the best out of him

    1. Phil

      I can assure you MOST other Clubs would have him in a heartbeat.Fortunately the Club tied him to a Contract that allows us not to be in fear of losing the player as was the case over the last 12 years

      1. ruelando

        REALLY name the MOST other TEAMS, that is hilarious, name the hundreds of team that came in for him all summer or all january please DO.

        There are only two reasons why Arsenal did not let Ozil go for free

        1. The uproar from the fans
        2. His past accomplishments or fame still attracts our players

        Well if most team wants him in a heart beat i guess i would have died a millions times

  11. Admin Post author

    Elneny – LOST
    Monreal – DRAW
    Iwobi – LOST
    Campbell – LOST
    Ozil – LOST

    Not a good year for Arsenal lol

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