Who will be the key players for Arsenal against Man City?

Who could make the difference against Man City?

As we approach the big game this weekend, Arsenal fans will be nervous but excited. Having not beaten City since 2015 in the Premier League, today must be the day we make a stand and prove that were not messing about this season. After such a heartbreaking end to last season that saw City just beat us to the title, we have a point to prove and a game to win.

If Arsenal want to win, then Rice has to be ready to go. He’s been incredibly good since joining Arsenal, sometimes his hard work goes under the radar but with the way City’s midfield play we need Rice to be that solid guy reading the play of the game. A player who always looks calm and composed when he’s on the ball, somehow seems to make the best possible passes forward and wins the ball back.

Gabriel and Saliba will be a huge part of the plan, with Erling Haaland a clear an obvious goal threat, both will have to keep that extra eye on him but also not forget about Julian Alvarez, both City players proven goal scorers and if City do score, will most likely come from those two. Both centre-backs will have to stay strong and not let their concentration slip for a second. City like to punish defenders and it won’t be an easy task for our CB’s but after such a solid start to the season, I think they will be able to get the job done.

Gabriel Jesus, who used to play for Manchester City before joining Arsenal, will also be a key player if we look to walk away winners, with the experience he has up front and scoring goals, he will need to be in fine form. Jesus, who has made a career out of breaking through defences and being in the right spot at the right time, can be no different tonight, with the experience of playing for City, hopefully he will be able to read their play and force mistakes from their backline.

Tonight is a huge game for Arsenal and Mikel Arteta and a chance to go top of the table and get one over City, 3 important points that at the end of the year could define our season. The atmosphere should be incredible and Arsenal fans will be hoping we can manage to come away still undefeated and with all three points.

What’s your thoughts Gooners? Who do you think needs to step up this afternoon?

Daisy Mae

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      1. Sure, Saka has to start in this one, forget about facing the Brightons, the West Ham and others, Arsenal can beat those without Saka.

        Arsenal cannot and will not triumph over the champion without Timber, Partey, Saka and Martinelli, for us to have any chance atleast two from the magnificent four have to play in this massive one, ofcourse the dugout will be the deciding factor.

  1. Havertz to have a blinder hopefully
    Midfield wins it for me ,Man City missing key players no better time to play them .

      1. I don’t think it’s funny at all. That’s two days in a row I’ve woken up and had to delete ten comments. If you can’t be polite you aren’t welcome

        1. Weldone Pat👌 Respect should be our watch word on this plartform as fans even when andrenalin are high. We are all adults, with family and are well placed in our various endeavours. I like your zero tolerance for uncomely expressions 👍

  2. It’s very exciting. The injuries on both sides introduce an unknown element to the whole thing, and it’s impossible to call exactly how it will affect the outcome. For some weird reason I have a feeling Kai Havertz might have his day, but maybe I’m just being hopeful. Should be fascinating. Hope we win.

    1. Being “hopeful” may well have its place in being a fan. But unless hope is based on something tangible or probable, neither of these words being, so far, applicable to HAVERTZand his general play in any way whatsoever, then hope is merely blind hope and as such, to a realist like me, utterly useless.
      As a betting man, I first identify a range of possibilities and probabilities and then, having given them all considerable thought, I either lay my bet or not. I NEVER BET BASED ON BLIND HOPE THOUGH.
      That is what mugs do!

      1. Your intangible Havertz provides the only assist that won us the game, has for me the guy has never play has worst has some fans think

  3. I hope we can win, but they will probably over power us. We have a good start to the season but if we are honest we have not been performing to great.

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