Who will end up as Arsenal’s Signing-Of-The-Season?

Which new signing will make the biggest impact in Arsenal colours? by SE

With the transfer window closed, and the business completely shifting onto the pitch, we take a closer look at Arsenal’s five new acquisitions this English summer. Also, which new signing can turn it on for Arsenal this season?

Arsenal’s five new signings

David Ospina, being a goalkeeper, can be ignored; the Colombian has shown his credentials, while playing for his national side but, however, I doubt him displacing Szczesny as Arsenal’s No.1. Szczesny has been in scintillating form for a good couple of seasons now, and doesn’t look like dropping his guard.

Calum Chambers looks like a brilliant capture for Arsenal. At the time of investment, there were disturbing noises Wenger had to fend off, before he struck to his decision of bringing the 19-year old to the Emirates. Chambers has since made a very bright start to his career at Arsenal. He has carried on in the same vein, while appearing for Arsenal in the Premier League and Champions League; but has a lot more things to learn, though, as a defender.

Mathieu Debuchy is yet another new defensive acquisition, who, contrasting to Chambers, has given ambiguous impressions as a Right-Full-Back. He hasn’t really set the stage on fire, with his attacking or his defensive prowess and, as far as his Arsenal career is concerned, there’s a bucket load of work ahead of him.

Alexis Sanchez, along with Cesc Fabregas to Chelsea, could be the two signings of the summer, in an attacking sense. Coming to Sanchez, the Chilean looks to be settling into life at Arsenal smoothly, with each passing game. Has scored a couple of goals in each of his last two appearances, and should be a vital cog in the Arsenal machine, for the season in progress.

Wenger put his cheque book away after the signing of Danny Welbeck from Manchester United, deep into the final minutes of the transfer deadline day. The youngster is yet to feature for Arsenal but, signs are, he will have to form a pivotal partnership with Sanchez, while leading the line for Arsenal, if his new club are to clinch some silverware this season.

Now, who amongst the aforementioned new acquisitions will make the biggest impact in Arsenal colors this season?
First and foremost, what is concerning Arsenal more? Is it the defence, which boasts of one of the two great Center-Back partnerships in the league? Or, is it the extremely talented engine room, without that marquee defensive midfielder? Above all, is it the frontline, chock-a-block with far too many wingers?

If there is one thing that can impede Arsenal single handedly, it has to be their frontline that remains a weak link, despite the acquisition of Welbeck. Now, I am not skeptical of the former Manchester United striker’s ability in front of goal and the different dynamics of his game that he will bring to Arsenal but, if you’re looking at Welbeck to lead you all the way; you’re putting too much pressure on the new man.

However, Welbeck has been brought in to do a job of not only scoring goals, but to render better utility as a striker than the Girouds and Sanogos, who neither fall into the category of strikers or target men.

And, during the first month of their campaign, Arsenal struggled to find the back of the net, scoring just 6 goals in 540 minutes of Football. Sanchez, who led the line on a couple of occasions, made it cumbersome for himself, as he tried to be Arsenal’s primary goal scoring outlet, but the charismatic Chilean was asking an awful lot of himself, always.

The bottom line is that Welbeck, if he plays to potential, should make the biggest impact in Arsenal colours this season. From Arsenal frontline’s perspective: Sanogo can only offer so much; Sanchez cannot do it all on his own and, consequently, Welbeck’s injection should come in really handy, with Giroud out for a good part of the season.

Why do I say that Welbeck will have the greatest impact in Arsenal colors?

Defence is good, if not more; midfield is good, too, with Cazorla playing alongside Ramsey and, potentially, Ozil dropping into midfield, once Walcott returns. So, basically our frontline is Arsenal’s Achilles heel at the moment and, depending on Welbeck’s form, Arsenal’s season could take shape.

What do you think Gooners?


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    1. The bar site looks so empty.
      12-16-11 comments in the previous three articles.
      Even Hafiz is not trolling well.

      For the 1st time i am looking forward to England play.
      And Woy Woy you better feature Welback, Jack, Ox and Chambers.

      1. Line up, if all are fit:

        Debuchy … Mertesaker … Koscielny … Gibbs
        Ramsey … Arteta
        Walcott … Ozil … Sanchez

        Subs: Ospina, Chambers, Monreal, Wilshere, Rosicky, Ox, Podolski, Giroud

        1. Not doing it right Hafiz.

          Green Lantern–IronMan–Thor–Flash

          Like this.

      2. because articles are boring! Why don’t they write about something interesting like “THE HUNT FOR ABOU DIABY”
        Does he still exist????????? anyone knowing information on the wherabouts of this tall French midfielder missing in action, please email us!!!!!!!!

    1. And who the hell comes up with the fifa 15 ratings? They seem to underrate everyone in the BPL, Modric is higher rated than Yaya Toure, really? Oh and Ramos is supposedly better than Hummels

  1. Sanchez = signing of the season.

    Or Welbeck or Chambers..

    For different reasons I will say all three. Sanchez for his pure workrate, Welbeck for his goals and Chambers for his maturity.

  2. We need a world class DM then we could have wine the EPL but now we can’t. I don’t understand AW. Is it he is that stubborn he can here everyone say we need a DM and in his head he’s saying I can do it my way?
    Not one fan or pro has said we can win things without a DM. Right tell me why he never replaced TOM ? I don’t understand him at all and I wish he would go to PSV and snatch our old player back and make him our number 2 WHO IS THIS GREAT X PLAYER

  3. OT: Yayo Sanogo

    “Football is the football, but it takes time to adapt,” Sanogo told L’Equipe.

    “I needed six months to adapt. I’ve had quite a lot of problems. I arrived on one leg.

    “It’s been difficult to adapt to the league. There’s a lack of confidence, perhaps a bit of pressure too. You’re 21 and you play up front for Arsenal, it’s not easy.

    “When you come out of Ligue 2 and you end up in a duel with [Man City’s Vincent] Kompany, it is not an easy task.

    “On all aspects (of my game), I’ve evolved. When you train with great players every day, you progress. When you play big teams, it helps gain experience.

    “Once I’ve scored my first goal, everything will be fine. It’s their problem if they criticise me. I’ll still be here. I’m going to play, improve and score goals. Sooner or later, it’s going to go in.”

    Yaya Sanogo

    “It’s a big club. The fans know that I’ve scored a lot of goals at youth level, they’re putting me under a little bit of pressure.

    “Once I’ve scored my first goal, everything will be fine. It’s their problem if they criticise me. I’ll still be here.

    “I’m going to play, improve and score goals. Sooner or later, it’s going to go in.

    “At 21, it’s not easy to play as a striker at Arsenal. You have to fight every day to prove your worth. But Wenger just pushes me to continue and my work will eventually pay off.”

    Wenger could learn a thing or two from this interview, its evident Sanogo is happy ben here but his overwhelmed been thrown in so quickly.

    1. He has no right to be in the ARSENAL team at all. And I’m sorry it shows all the managers in the EPL & around the world that AW has lost the plot now. I won’t him to go up stairs and get first team coach in place for the good of our once great club

  4. Paul Pogba earns £23k a week
    Juan Cuadrado sits at just £16k a week
    Manolas is getting £23k a week at Roma

    while at arsenal coqulein earns £40/w
    myachi £20/w
    diaby £60/w amazing

        1. That and the fact they are based in London. In my opinion Diaby needs to get shot of as soon as his contract expires, rather bring someone in who lasts more than 2 games to give us extra squad depth. I don’t doubt his ability but it’s time to make room for new players who are useful. We have been paying exorbitant wages to players that are either unfit or were just a massive gamble from the get go. Players like Denilson, Diaby, Park, Djorou, Squillaci the list goes on all earned 50-70k for 3 years. Do the maths, that is a lot of wasted money. Rather than buying 2 or 3 no names hoping them to be the next Henry and losing time and money on them, rather spend that money on 1 world class player who we know from the get go will have an immediate impact. Now that Arsenal have the funds, there is no need to gamble anymore Wenger. The key is youth development coupled with experience and world class players. Anything in between is a waste.

          1. dude this isn’t just about that players at every top club has similar structure we are the only club that uses a so called “SOCIALIST” structure wenger never wanted gap

  5. SANOGO He has no right to be in the ARSENAL team at all. And I’m sorry it shows all the managers in the EPL & around the world that AW has lost the plot now. I won’t him to go up stairs and get first team coach in place for the good of our once great club

    1. I agree with u he should be out on loan I mean what has he done 2 deserve to start every game ahead of joel Campbell even akpom is better than him yet he is being wasted in the u-21 squad

      we all know the reason because he is french

    2. Haaha, calm down men, lets give him a chance and if by 23 he doesn’t improve at all we should ship him out.

      1 thing I haven’t liked in his interview and I hope he doesn’t do this, it relates to the following quote from him “Once I’ve scored my first goal, everything will be fine. It’s their problem if they criticise me. I’ll still be here. I’m going to play, improve and score goals. Sooner or later, it’s going to go in.”

      I feel he should care, we the fans make up of atleast 95% of the club, Arsenal staff and the team included are less than 1000 worldwide I assume, while we the fans are in billions, so what we say matters Mr. Sanogo and we only critisize players so they improve and push the team forward.

  6. What about this line up for the big games? I think Welbeck can link up well with Ramsey.

    Wojciech Szczesny

    Debuchy – Mertesacker – Koscielny – Gibbs

    Chambers – Arteta


    Walcot – Welbeck – Sanchez

    1. Good lineup…the problem is risking all our main Cb’s at the same time. If we had decent backup, I’d say that is a winning team. Hopefully we can see the likes of Hayden and Bellerin make an entrance soon.

  7. I think welbeck will be the surprise package this season but I do rate Sanchez but welbeck will stab man u at the back fingers crossed

  8. Can you pass this line up for the big games to Wenger? I think Welbeck can link up well with Ramsey, Ozil and Rosicky. And I also think the midfield would be as strong as that of Man City and Chelsea especially if we play Rosicky or Ramsey in the Number 10 role. We are light weight with the previous line ups this season.

    Wojciech Szczesny

    Debuchy – Mertesacker – Koscielny – Gibbs

    Chambers – Arteta


    Walcot/Cambell – Welbeck – Sanchez/Chamberlain

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