Who will line-up for Arsenal against Besiktas

Champions league playoff tie – Arsenal vs Besiktas: What could be the possible changes in Arsenal’s lineup from Everton game? by SE

Arsenal welcome Besiktas to the Emirates tomorrow night, as both sides have different proposition in front of them, albeit with the same ambition. Arsenal ‘simply’ need to win the game, which by no means is going to be a cakewalk for them. Besiktas would look to exploit an Arsenal lineup that could be devoid of a couple of crucial players. The Gunners will also have to contend with the away goal rule, which could see a goal-scoring draw work in favor of the Turkish outfit. Anything goes, what could be the possible changes in Arsenal’s line-up from the Everton game at the weekend?

Firstly, and most conspicuously, the absence of Ramsey, due to his suspension from the first leg, will have to be dealt with carefully by Wenger, who will also be without the services of Arteta, after twisting his ankle in the reverse leg last Tuesday. Arteta and Ramsey are two vital cogs in the Arsenal machine but – at this moment – qualification will be the primary goal for Wenger and Arsenal. I, personally, expect Koscielny to come in place of Flamini, and Chambers playing the No.4 role in Arsenal’s engine room.

It will be a tossup between Ozil and Cazorla, as to who partners Wilshere in the middle of the park. Will Wenger shift to a 4-2-3-1 system, which would allow him to play a double midfield pivot in Chambers and Wilshere? He could well do that. But, if he sticks to the dynamic 4-3-3 system, playing Ozil and Cazorla alongside Wilshere won’t be a bad move, either.

And, if Ozil or Cazorla do get to feature in Arsenal’s midfield, there could be a void in the Left-Wing where Campbell or Rosicky could start for the North Londoners. Podolski wasn’t even on the bench against Everton, and there is a staunch speculation that the German could leave Emirates, and join Bundesliga club Wolfsburg – a move that could be used to bring Brazilian midfielder, Luis Gustavo to Arsenal. Sanchez could be reverted back to playing as a Right-Winger, after his solitary game as striker in the game against Everton.

As a result, who could lead the line for Arsenal? Wenger, in his press conference after the Everton game, proclaimed that Giroud had incurred an ankle injury, which could potentially rule out the Frenchman from Wednesday night’s clash against Besiktas. The French striker was scheduled to undergo a scan on Monday, after which the full extent of injury could be revealed. And, going by the latest reports, the 27-year old looks likely to miss tomorrow’s clash, while the extent of injury is yet to be confirmed. Yaya Sanogo is expected to return to action, however, which would be welcome news for the Gunners, who have this all important clash against Besiktas to overcome.

Here’s how Arsenal’s starting XI against Besiktas could turn out to be;

Formation – 4-2-3-1;

Arsenal’s probable starting XI: Wojciech Szczesny (GK), Per Mertesacker (C), Laurent Koscielny, Mathieu Debuchy, Nacho Monreal, Calum Chambers, Jack Wilshere, Mesut Ozil, Alexis Sanchez, Joel Campbell and Yaya Sanogo.

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    1. 3 teams have beaten Arsenal at the Emirates in the last year. Bayern Munich, Chelsea and Borussia Dortmund. Besiktas will not win the game. I’m pretty confident of that, but we must be careful about away goals..

    2. Giroud out for the whole of 2014.
      If we don’t sign a striker now, we’re definitely f*cked.
      Get well soon Giroud.

        1. SZCZESNY
          OX … OZIL … CAMPBELL


          1. Agree with the front 4. Ozil in the hole with pure power and pace for him to feed. Just like he had at Real…Sort of.

          2. I like that lineup but Wenger will not start Campbell. Wenger has no problem throwing Sanogo to the wolves in big games regardless of his total lack of experience but won’t give Campbell a chance (by contrast, Campbell has actual big-game experience in the CL and the World Cup). Replace Campbell and Ox with Sanogo and Cazorla and you have the lineup Wenger will actually use. I like your team much better.

        1. MANC Front 4 Options – Aguero , Negredo , Dzeko , Jovetic
          Arsenal – Giroud , Akpom, Sanogo….

          We are BPL title contenders…. 😛

            1. Silva,Nasri,Toure,Fernandinho,Fernando,Milner,Navas etc can we accept that Man City are stronger than us in every department

    3. ………………………..Podolski……………………..
      Joel campbell…………..Ozill………..Thomas Rosicky
      AND IF WE LOOSE WITH THAT STARTING 11, then manure deserve a place in Cl and we have 2b replaced with them after the game.
      Afobe made my night with that goal whoooooooooooooo.

    4. just hoping Podolski plays as our striker with Mesut right behind him, they will demolish besiktas defence. Hope Lukas starts.

    1. The response to your clear but simple statement boosts my confidence in Arsenal fans.

      Just a few days ago KJ the idi$t savaged Campbell for his 10 minutes worth of 1st team play and some fans declared him unfit for 1st team football.

      Clearly most fans can see through the nonsense and also see the importance of pace up front. Campbell must earn his way like every player but he also must be given the opportunity to excel – the up side is massive.

  1. Not Yaya upfront!! Play Sanchez upfront with ox and Campbell on the wings. Ozil down the middle jack and Flamini behind him.
    Have Yaya,Cazorla and Rosicky ready if we are not ahead in 45 mnts.

    1. yeah because Sanchez did so well as a striker against Everton. the lad didn’t touch the ball once in the penalty area. he’s no striker he’s a winger or a number 10.

      OT: Morgan Schneiderlin didn’t play for Southampton tonight nor was he on the bench.. could we finally be getting our man??

      1. Sanchez up front is not working last game, but i don’t think that’s the end of the story. he is nimble and quick. although lacking the physicality of it a little to deal with EPL defenders, he’s certainly has the quality for it, but he needs more support to make it work.

        Ozil just wasn’t showing up especially Lukaku bombing down the left.
        Wilshere isn’t ready for the CAM role
        and Ox needs to make better use of his dribbles land be less predictable.
        Sanchez was literally was the only guy working up there alone for 45min.

        Basically, the attacking players weren’t in sync enough to pull something off properly.
        I would say give sanchez another go, and have OX and Cazorla play wings, Ozil CAM.
        Flamini and Wilshere CMs.

        Sanchez, Ox, Ozil are all players who needs lots of space upfront to operate, clogging everyone in midfield will be suicide for us. so the order from Wenger should be that Flamini and wilshere focus on winning the ball, and do NOT bomb forward unless there’s a clear chance at goal.

        leave the atking for the front 4, let them deal with the atking side of the game, and just focus on winning the ball, and pass it quickly to the front to keep the pressure and recycle the ball quickly.

        when the besiktas tries to come win the ball, keep lure them out by keeping the ball wide, or deep, and then switch flanks for quick counters.

        if they have the ball, then cazorla and ox should ALSO be in the defense winning the ball, with Ozil always ready for the quick counter pass to direct to one of the flanks or up front.

        I know this all SOUNDS ideal and nice paper talk, but IF played properly, i think we can get a great result from it.

        1. I think you hit on the key – controlling the middle without clogging up the middle with too many bodies.

          Last season this was a problem periodically when Wenger put Cazorla on the “left” which really just put Cazorla in the middle with other CAMs. Sometimes the tactic worked, sometimes not.

          1. cazorla’s tendency to drift to the middle is becoming more of a habit mor than necessity. He’s always been a better CAM than a Winger.
            but cazorla also has another problem, which is often holding the ball too long before releasing.
            part of the problem isn’t him though, we see even Ozil do that no matter playing LW or CAM for arsenal, why?

            because other than Ramsey and Walcott, NOONE runs without the ball quick enough to meet a pass into space.
            Ox kind of does it, but he tends to do better running with the ball.
            wilshere only runs without ball if he initiates the attack, doesn’t have the vision to see the hole in the box to run in for a tap in.

            Giroud is TOLD not to run, which is why he always waits for the 1 2 pass.
            you can see that he might be slow, but when playing for france, he can do those runs into space AS LONG AS he’s no forced to turn 180 between 3 guys.
            that is Giroud isn’t capable of. and Wenger is just using him wrong.

            and Sanchez is simply just not sure what his role is, and is kinda doing a bit of everything at the moment.

            so our midfield, with cazorla, ozil, wilshere and Giroud playing, we’ll have 4 out of the 6 players that could go forward in the middle of the park, waiting for the ball.

            THAT is a tactical error on it’s own, not anything to do with arsenal’s style of play.

            if the goals are to be shared among the midfielders, we have to have more players trusting the player’s passing abilities and willing to run into space.

            Which is why Joel campbell is much needed at the moment, as he IS one of those players who runs into channels often.
            Yaya does that better than Giroud too, but problem with him is he just can’t really score, and i think that’s totally a confidence issue.

            I initially named cazorla, but i think it’s probably better to start him as CAM and have joel campbell, Ox and sanchez play wing and CF and give us a faster flowing game.
            Ozil can come in the 2nd half for cazorla if h’s tired, or for joel campbell, if Cazorla is being marked dead and needs another person to play the balls in.
            Ozil as sub only because i doubt he’s full match fit.

            but yeah, fingers cross.

      2. Sanchez kept coming deep because he wasn’t getting the ball. That’s the type of player he is. He wants to be involved. He doesn’t go missing during games. We need more characters at this club. Not to mention a center forward, center back, left back and a defensively minded midfielder.

        1. Agree with the man from SA.

          There is no reason why Sanchez can play up front at home where Arsenal will dominate possession and push up in the opposition half.

  2. It’s sucks not having Giroud or Ramsey but we still have enough talent to win at home against Besiktas. In fact, I think we will win 3-0


    btw: Mk done 4- United 0 (hahaha)
    Di Maria is on the phone with Agent to find out if there is a cooling off period on the contract

    1. Have to share this comment I read from another site:

      “United target Chinese star Wyn Won Soon.”

      Too funny!

    1. He wanted guaranteed playing time, likely starting spot and he’s not getting that over BFG & Kos.

  3. I tell you something I reckon Benik Afobe would do a better job than nogo Sanogo… I’m not just basing that on tonight, he’s fast, can finish, English, fairly tall too, Sanogo has never scored a competitive goal for us, I’m not counting the Emirates Cup as competitive.

  4. Absoulutely unacceptable the state in which our team is in , I mean which top club in the world has key players that are the like of Arteta and Giroud(who is a great super sub 2nd choice) ,our team lacks quality so much ,I’m gonna get thumbs down for this but I’m gona say it anyway ,I love my Arsenal but we have JACK SH*T on Chelsea ,Man City ,Man Utd(they have quality players ,don’t u eva get that twisted) and to some extent Liverpool ,we lack so much I mean our team makes guys like ozil and sanchez look like half the players they where before they came to us ,we need more class players FACT!I feel sorry for Wengers empty Ball sack.

    1. I agree with you in some respect however we do have the likes of Walcott, Ozil, Sanchez, Ox, Ramsey, Koscielny and Wilshere. Although all our players always get injured all the time more than other clubs. Wenger just puts too much faith in average players like Arteta and Giroud whereas Mourinho would have done away with them long ago, Wenger needs to realise that they are not good enough to start and upgrades to them are needed. The thing that annoys me the most is the lack of strength of our players getting injured all the time, they really need to toughen up.

      1. Why do people always talk about Walcott as if he is already back in the lineup at full speed? We have no idea what Walcott will offer this year after such a serious injury. Don’t expect much productivity before x-mas.

        1. Who is MK Dons?

          They were the favourites going into the League Cup match today, and they showed it, as well.

          We could buy MK Dons, considering the whole team cost less than a week of Rooney’s pay.

    2. Go and support another team then.
      You are not a true fan, the season just started we haven’t lost a match nor a trophy. They way some of the fans are talking it seems like we lost all the trophies and fighting for relegation. Guys be ashamed of your self you call yourself a fan of Arsenal.

      O.T. If it was Arsenal losing tonight’s match against MK Dons the whole world would be chewing Wengers meat now, Media and fans would want his resignation now. Is anyone talking about Man Utd ? No . It is the media who wants to provoke the fans and get him out of the club. If Wenger does leave Arsenal just like that we would be worse than Man Utd and Looserfool .

      What ever it is it’s our club and we don’t want to say anything bad about our team.

    3. Please fella list down man city’s 27 man squad, including the likes of Richard wright, Derek boyata, john guidetti, old fat frank, James milner, De michellis, Scott sinclair

      I am telling you, too many people just look at man city’s 4 strikers and say they have depth. But they actually have a very small squad of around 19 players that is backed up by 8 very or below average players that would not get in our 2nd x1 let alone our first.

      My opinion is wenger is slowly moving towards what will be his first choice front 6 Ramsey wilshire ozil Sanchez Walcott chamberlain. This will be backed up by the experience 6 of arteta rosicky flamini cazorla Giroud podolski. Not forgetting that we would still have diaby coquelin zelalem Gnabry sanogo and campbell as further back up. Try to list man city’s 18 choices for midfield and attack or even chelsea, United and Liverpool come to that.

  5. i think maybe wenger will line up like this


    i rather see campball instead of sonogo tho

    1. Yes that does seems about right. If Campbell started that would be a very quick but small attacking group, Alexis, Cazorla & Campbell – what would be the ave height? Sonogo is slow and unbalanced but he has shown some potential to hold the ball and pass it off.

      I would like to see Podolski start for once as he is a great finisher. However, he be a 2nd half sub as usual.

    2. Yup, you nailed it. And yes Campbell would be a better choice than Sonogo but Sonogo is one of Wenger’s preferred pets. No matter how poorly he plays, he’ll always be given opportunities – until the next injury forces him to the sidelines.

  6. To be honest, if we lose, or even draw at home to Besiktas, we don’t deserve to be in the Champions League

  7. Our front line up should be Campbell Sanchez Chamberlain , play a left footed player on the left and a right footed players on the right.

  8. Following Arsenal is so
    exciting. 9 players injured
    3 not yet fit 1 on suspension
    3 not good enough and 2
    out of favour.This leaves
    7 starters and itson to roll the dice,
    consult the zodiac check who’s on
    temporary leave from the hospital
    or who is in Wengers good books to
    fill up the squad .
    Arsenal sure knows how to do things the hard way.
    Still think the Arsenal Mark 4 will beat Besiktas.
    The main score to watch is the injury count
    following the game.
    Fun times indeed 🙂

    1. I don’t know how you determined who is “out of favor” already this season. We won’t know that really until at least a dozen games have been played.

  9. Got a bad feeling about this one. If Wenger had bought the players we needed like Chelski did we wouldn’t be in this mess of not having enough quality players for the positions we need them in. Where’s our new striker? DM and CB Wenger? Same old Wenger being a tight ars!

  10. Cavani

    Reus Ozil Sanchez

    Carvalho Khedira

    Monreal Howedes Hummels Debuchey


    This could be our line up if Wenger spend the money

    1. Ahahaha.. Do you know what’s funny?? Is how after spend all and you still wanna see monreal in the XI.

    1. A new manager does not automatically mean more spending except in the simple world that is the inside of your head.

  11. Our defence is questionable.. Happy with our CB’s and GK. Not too sure about the fullbacks just yet, no 4th choice centre back..

    Our midfield is missing a powerhouse DM. So at the moment, also questionable.

    Our main striker is seemingly out for half the season and our only backup is an as yet unproven 21 year old and some wingers that we hope can cover. Questionable..

    2 games in and my glass of optimism is already half empty.. Give me a top-up before the window closes please!

    I doubt we’ll have the defence of Chelsea or the strike force of Man City, but if we get that DM, we will have the best midfield in the league. At the moment we’re looking like 3rd place, a reasonably comfortable 3rd place, but a disappointing 3rd place.

      1. First x1

        Debuchy mertesacker koscielny gibbs
        Ramsey wilshire ozil
        Sanchez Walcott chamberlain

        2nd x1
        Bellerin chambers miquel monreal
        Flamini rosicky arteta
        Cazorla Giroud podolski

        Rest of squad: martinez hayden coquelin diaby zelalem campbell gnabry sanogo ryo

        Now do that with any team in the league and see the quality of their “rest of the squad”

        Miquel aside our 2nd x1 is damn strong no matter what people think, and if we added some of our quality young defenders like moore, pleguezuelo, ajayi or ormonde-ottewill to that rest of the squad we could put a third x1 out that would still put up a better fight than uniteds 2nd string. We are not in as bad a shape as everyone thinks and once wenger works that starting x1 he will have a team of young battlers, with pace a technical ability like no other, but with an experienced defence, supported by a team of experienced midfielders and forwards and some good young defenders.

        1. Good exercise and point well made.

          A fit Diaby should really be in that 2nd 11. Gnabry could also make a claim…..

  12. That Balotelli for 16 m ain’t looking so bad now? I’ve said, was very disgruntled for us not taking a punt on him.

  13. Likely move for Remy if anyone, that’s if the drug test failings at Liverpool aren’t true.

  14. Love the line up from the article, the only change would be chambers in defense and mert on the bench, i am also hoping Diaby gets the run in the middle

  15. this match need players with experience…
    Poldi for excellent finishing


  16. Wenger said we will be busy in the final 2 weeks of August. Well only 6 days left and we haven’t
    even made an inquiry to any player meanhwhile our rivals are signing all the players available like
    Balotell and Di Maria.

  17. Agree 100% with your proposed Line-up. The Campbell/Sonogo combination worked pretty well against Bonfica.

  18. Wenger should move for Wilfred Bony if Giroud is out for 3 months. I know people will say that he is too simalar to Giroud. That’s right. He can do everyting Giroud does, just better. and he can do much more than that. He will probably cost 1/3 of cavani transfer fee and wages.

  19. I actually think Wenger will use Sanogo – at least in the 1st half. I just hope he is a quick learner.

  20. Im very nervous about tomorrow. Besiktas will park the bus and try to hit us on the break and take
    advantage of our lack of height from set pieces. Hope we score an early goal and wrap up the win
    without much heartattack. I also pray that Wenger signs Falcao. I heard he is available at 48 m pounds. Just the pay the money and bring EPL and UCL.

  21. chicarito is the striker Arsenal fans want and need….

    he lead the attacks against mk dons and scores heaps of goals as usual like what he did last season when RVP was injured

  22. we are complaining and manutd fans have to deal w 4-0 vs the Milton Keynes Dons, i will never complain again, oh to be a gunner fan!

    1. utd is spending money to strengthen their squad…they know they are weak and they spend to eradicate or strengthen their weakness…

      as for us ….we lack of a DM and striker for many seasons and yet we are doing nothing

      Utd have brought in Rojo, Di Maria and Vidal

      together with Janu, Mata, RVP and Ronney

      they will be formidable….

  23. Ezat, do you actually buy tickets?

    Last season my home season ticket worked out at £37 per match. I also bought a ticket for every away match, not once paying under £40, so please enlighten me how that is more expensive?

  24. I hope to see Rosicky in the lineup. I think the team can use his experience to help settle things down. I would like to see Chambers as DM. I think the back four will need someone in front to help solidify things, and he can do a good job. I wouldn’t mind seeing Poldoski up front, but we will probably see Sanogo. I say he will get back to the 4-2-3-1 familiar lineup. Whoever plays we need 90 plus minutes of quality football. Not the levels of football we have seen over the last three games. No defensive letdowns, no giving the ball away, and clinical finishing of chances that are created. this is what I am looking for,

  25. Am waiting for a headline “Why Giroud’s injury is GOOD for Arsenal!”
    Am sure some dumb head is busy perusing through the dictionary to put simple words together!
    And you are damn sure it will be up soon.That’s Just Arsenal.

  26. so rumors are that arsenal want falcao or will make a bid for cavani I hope we don’t waste time if we can’t get them get wilfried bony who has 19m clause we need a striker

  27. lo at manure

    Fergie fu*ked off in a bad time to save his reputation. Wenger almost destroyed his for the future of ours.
    that’s the difference between them

  28. I hope JC will be given sm chance tonite, that fella got some real TALENT…

  29. Arsenal plays better when we don’t expect, I tout we will destroy palace n Besiksta but reverse was the case. Personally my hope is low, I never believ what am seeing now honestly. We need striker now. I am on my knee prayin for a win in todays game. We need UCL. Bcos if we loose, then what is the diff btw us n Man U.

  30. Schez
    Chambo————————————- Ozil

  31. Arsenal vs Besiktas

    Flamini – Rosicky
    Sanchez – Ozil/Cazorla – Ox

  32. Sczezny

    Debuchy Mertescker Koscielny Monreal

    Chamberlaine Flamini Rosicky Campbell

    Sanchez Podolski

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