Who will win battle of the Arsenal boys?

This battle between two of our current Arsenal players could have much wider repercussions. First of all, however, both Carl Jenkinson and Calum Chambers will be hoping that the England under 21 coach Gareth Southgate puts them in his starting line up tonight.

The game against the under 21s of Belarus is the last friendly before England begin the campaign to win the Euro championships and you would expect Southgate to go for his strongest team. We do not know the ins and outs of his thinking though, just as we do not know what Arsene Wenger is thinking about the right back situation at Arsenal.

Jenkinson had a very impressive season on loan at West Ham but he now has three other right backs to fight against for a place in the side. So if Chambers does get the nod for England this summer it would probably be the final nail in the coffin of Jenkinson´s career as a Gunner.

The tournament is perhaps not as important for Chambers, with Wenger suggesting that his regular position could well end up in central defence. But after a disappointing second half to his debut season, I am sure that Chambers would love to get a few good games under his belt with England.

Who do you think will win the battle of the Arsenal right backs?

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  1. At the moment Jenks is way ahead on Chambers playing at RB.

    From this pre season onwards I think Wenger should focus on molding Chambers into a center back or DM. Ofcourse having some education on the flanks is not so bad, but from what I have seen from him he might have a future playing a more central role especially with the emergence of brilliant Bellarin plus Debuchy still around.

    Am just saying!!!

    1. Chambers has been decent when used as a defender. He should from now on be our fourth or maybe even third cb. He has made a few mistakes but he is young and will only improve. We have 4 good cb at the moment and chambers is one of them.even per who many dislike has had a great season.

      1. Per has had a decent season but I still wanna see boss and Gabriel partnership. Gabriel is a very intelligent cb,powerful and fast. Chambers to learn from per and become our third choice cb in the near future.but for now we want boss and Gabriel

  2. The Ideal situation would be Jenkinson at Right Back with Chambers partnering Stones at centre back. After all the England U21’s is a development team and if chambers is going to be a centre back develop him as a centre back. Plus Chambers and Stones could be a quality future England centre back pairing so give them time time together.

  3. Jenkison RB
    Chambers CB

    For Arsenal, I would like to see Jenkison play third RB and Chambers focus on CB and DM.

    1. I know you troll us fans but what you just said has some sense, Debuchy seems like a good guy BUT his bad luck with injuries has pushed him behind Bellerin for RB, Debuchy has less left of his career than Jenks and would prob get equal amount for either player… so keep the one for the future.

      Jenks has done well out on loan and he did well when he got a run in the 1st team for Arsenal, to be honest at the end of Sagna being with us, I preferred Jenks, Sagna lost something after his injuries.

      I could trust Bellerin and Jenks to be our RBs.

      1. I would keep Debuchy one more season. He hits 30 coming July and on his day is awesome. Hopefully we could loan Jenkinson for another season, thought he made tremendous progress at W Ham.

        1. I’ve watched a fair bit of Jenks at WH and can’t work out whether it is “tremendous progress” or he has found his level. It has had his share of mares along with some very decent match performances. I am not being unkind to the lad because I like him a lot – there is a lot to admire about him even on his bad days.

          However, for me Debuchy and Bellerin are close to a perfect combo to have. A fit MD in a physical crunch match will be a great option.

    2. my honest opinión is dont sell anyone.
      I mean yeah, some people, like maybe Vasiriki, but Debuchy?

  4. Chambers hasn’t played for a bit so it has to be Jenko if the manager picks his players on current form (what a strange concept:).


  5. Jenkison RB
    Chambers CB

    OT. If rumor of Martinez is going to Milan is true then I am not sure who else Wenger is planning to sign. I hate Mou too much but I admire his vision. He currently has best squad in PL but he still wants to improve it and have healthy competition. He is planning to sign three new players and one might be Falcao. Falcao has really horrible season at Utd but we all know he is quality player and can do lot better than that. If Mou can turn him into 15+ goal striker and Chelsea already have Costa and Remy then they will not only be #1 contender for PL but also have good chance to win CL.

    I hope Wenger is working on his targets and atleast sign two WC players (DM and Striker) else forget about winning PL.

    1. Remy won’t be staying. And while I’ll happily sit and soak up all the Mou eulogies – Wenger should watch and learn etc, greatest this and best this etc – I draw the line at someone talking about his “vision”. Falcao isn’t “visionary” he is a 50/50 off the shelf, expensive big-name punt. Legacy, grand plans, vision and imagination are not within Mou’s make-up. What he sees in the mirror is the greatest vision he has ever had.

  6. OT:

    Manchester United sponsors bwin were left red-faced when they appeared to unveil the club’s signing of Ilkay Gundogan, the London Evening Standard report.

    The Borussia Dortmund midfielder has been heavily linked with a £20m move to Old Trafford.

    And bwin, United’s official gaming and betting partner, welcomed Gundogan to the club on their Twitter page before quickly deleting the tweet.

    The message urged United fans to ‘say hello to Ilkay Gundogan’.

  7. Also seeing murmours of the possibility falcao may choose L’pool for more playing time..

    Would make more sense for him if playing is his goal although the lure of CL may be too strong and the chance to add more silverware.

    Lastly, apparently according to some old grey haired bloke who played for Napoli and who is revered there; AFC are 90% sure to be getting Pippita (Higuain) this summer..

    The plot thickens! Or is that just the piles of stinking dung that line our media?

    1. Whist we have to treat every player linked to us with close to zero credence the Higuain thing at least has legs to walk as a decent rumour. Higuain and Suarez are the ONLY two striker links in the last 2 or 3 years that had substance. Wenger actually rates/likes GH – we know this.


    Fresh in from the express-

    Arsenal have received a boost in their pursuit of Jackson Martinez after his agent revealed a deal with AC Milan is not done.

    Reports in Portgual suggested a deal between Milan and Porto had been agreed with the only delay being over how the money will be paid.

    But Luiz Henrique Pompeo – who represents Martinez – has denied that the Milan move is complete.

    He told calciomercato: “Milan we really like, it is a top club, but on the scales we also have an offer from another top club.

    “We have to meet again with (Milan CEO, Adriano) Galliani between tomorrow and the day after, there are still things to be placed, the agreement has not yet been completed.

    “How is the situation between Milan and Porto? I do not know, I do not take part in the negotiations between the clubs.”

  9. If we do not get Martinez Wenger needs to go for
    1. Lacazette
    2. Ibrahimovic
    3. Reus
    4. Greizmann
    5. Benteke

    But hoping that we get Martinez

    1. Fred – keep dreaming but it would be hard to list a more disparate and contrasting list of 5 forwards.

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