Who will you be supporting in the Bundesliga when it returns?

The Bundesliga returns tomorrow, something that we can all cheer about and until the Premier League returns, which it is almost certain to, we can at least enjoy some top-class football in the meantime.

Speaking to some fellow Gooners I get the impression that Borussia Dortmund seems to be a favourite for most of them, this is possibly due to Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang but I personally have a soft spot for RB Leipzig.

It obviously helps that they handed Tottenham a proper beating but even before then, I enjoyed their style of play and the way they have shaken up the mainstream football cabal in the top division.

It is easy to support Bayern Munich but that is boring in my opinion and I prefer to go with a team where you are not certain of the outcome before a ball is kicked. Kind of liking supporting Arsenal these days.

I did think about Schalke but I don’t like their kit at all, whereas Leipzigs is a funky mishmash that I find appealing.

I did look at some of the other teams but the bottom line for me was that when I did check out the Bundesliga results I always checked Leipzig first, followed by Schalke and Hertha Berlin.

So, that is who I will be looking out for this weekend. Who will you be cheering on until the inevitable return of Premier League football?

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  1. Be interesting to see the players we’ve been linked with from Leipzig – Nkunku & Upamecano, in action… as well as Werner (linked with the scousers).
    Dortmund for me… will Haaland still be on fire?! I hope they catch Bayern, as I can’t stand them.. but always keep an eye on them, as I still have a soft spot for Gnabry!!

      1. Haha no, or BT.. and still have Prime (just in case 😉). I’ve even got back in to the darts!
        How’s the cough?!

        1. Haha that’s you all covered 😂 I don’t have prime though but have everything else 😂 well that didn’t take long 😜 yeah it’s almost gone Sue thanks had a bit of a temperature too so that was a bit worrying but I feel fine now thankfully 👊

          1. Good!! So, Kev, predictions for the Dortmund game? You know how I’ve missed mystic meg 😂😂

          2. Oh that’s tough the Revierderby of course I’d expect Dortmund to win so I’ll predict 2-1 😂 mystic meg had a crack on her crystal ball she couldn’t see properly Sue 😂😂 it’ll be interesting to see if the players can get fired up in an empty stadium 😮

          3. Ok, 2-1 it is… Uncle Sue may even make an appearance 🤣
            Exactly, Kev… going to be a very interesting 90 minutes for sure!

          4. Don’t quote me on it Uncle Sue 😜 I’m rusty it’s been a while 😂😂 the Belarusian league has never stopped I bet you’ve been cheering on Bate Borisov during these baron months ? 😂 Did you hear Ramsey on man utd’s radar.. he wouldn’t would he ? 😮

  2. No, i have cancelled all my sports channels and i am not in the slightest interested in watching a match with no fans no atmosphere and no point. I wont be furnishing football in this country or any other with my reduced finances, that could be made worse by a bad decision by football or any sport that is risking lives unnecessarily. Lets hope all this doesn’t ruin the return to life from lockdown by helping to send us back.

      1. Each their own Roachie but me, im totally disgusted with football at the moment, except, i have just read League 2 has cancelled season, at least some sense in this world, i hope they all can survive this. I know some clubs were in trouble in L2 financially but chugging along trying to play games, would not make their plights any better in any way, so well done to them

        1. Purely done for financial reasons Reggie because they cannot play without matchday revenue and pay wages. It is now certain that a huge amount of L1 and L2 players will be unemployed and their families struggling desperately because they never earned a decent wage in the first place at that level, most in the hundreds per week. They had no choice but to take this catastrophic decision and has zero to do with safety, just money. Hope all those screaming for football to be cancelled can find a thought for the poverty the tens of thousands are now set to be subjected to with all the huge consequences to follow. But I doubt it.

          1. I was dead against a hasty re start to football as there are still many unknowns regarding the future path of the infection.

            I’m not entirely sure rushing back is the right move but improving statistics are very welcome in the south east but they are not matched in the north east yet.

            I know that the country has to tentatively get back on track because if we don’t then the repercussions both economically and in mental health are frightening.

            I would like to think that our Government IS following the science and that the new freedoms are not just politically based.

            I’m still on the fence as I have enormous respect for the health and social care workers for what they have achieved and what they still have to do.

            The Germans restart will be a big test
            but I’m not following anyone but Arsenal

            1. I respect your opinion SueP, you put your view across without rudeness and that is why I read what you say and listen and respond, even if I do not necessarily always agree.

          2. Admin Martin, my business has been destroyed by recent events. It will take 18months at least to restore it. My income for the last 2 months has been zero and is unlikely to improve any time soon. The pot is empty! If starting football contributes to a second wave of this virus I, and tens of thousands of people like me will be unemployed and our families will be struggling financially. I doubt the football clubs will find a thought for me and others.

            1. Why would football contribute to a second wave Roachie? If there is a second wave it is far more likely to come via the underground, supermarkets, schools etc than an environment that is tested non-stop, under quarantine with just a few hundred people involved, all of which have been thoroughly tested. There is far too much hyperbole involved here and moral crusading for the sake of it without any reliance on common sense. Parks get far more people in them daily doing exercise than in a football game behind closed doors. I am sorry that this has affected you this way but taking it out on football is picking the wrong target in my opinion. I have my own personal story to tell but my ire is targeted towards the areas of society that affects me directly and football is nowhere near the list. There are literally thousands of people doing the same thing in the same location every single day without any testing, without any quarantine. Some perspective is required.

          3. I see the womens Super League has taken the same decision, it seems like most of football is realising the stupidity of risking people’s lives and getting ready for a clean start when we are clearer how to deal with this in daily life first.

          4. Yes some are and i dont know all their situations a regards deaths and infections but France has stopped, Holland has stopped, i may be wrong but i thought Belgium has stopped. Federations have until 25th may to decide, i think, i see more stopping also.

          5. opinions are good Admin Martin, that’s what Just Arsenal is all about. Obviously it’s fair to say I’m against football starting up again. With regards to your comment “Why would football contribute to a second wave” I wonder how many Liverpool fans would congregate around a stadium expecting their team to win the league? Maybe travelling on said public transport to get there?

            1. Yes, that is an issue and it is for the clubs and police to do their jobs correctly.

          6. Agree Roachie, not only Liverpool but others too, fans will put lives at risk trying to sneak a view at their team. Obviously not all but there will be a number who try it on.

    1. I agree with you, Reggie.. we don’t know how this will pan out.. it may go horribly wrong, then questions will be asked as to why it returned so soon. I hope to god it doesn’t, but nobody knows….
      Do I think it’s too soon? Yes and I’m amazed it’s going ahead, but like it or not it’s happening… and come 14.30 tomorrow, I shall be tuning in.
      Look after yourself and your family, Reggie.

      1. You too Sue, i like you, hope this doesn’t end in a tragic conclusion for someone involved. But i doubt it will go ahead without disaster.

  3. “ until the premier league returns,which it’s almost certain to”.Whoa! Slow down there mate.Its FAR from a certainty.in fact I’d bet it’s more than likely to NOT happen.Far to many issues to resolve at this late stage.Null & void way to go.Tough on the mickey mousers lol.But who gives a s** t.

  4. Admin Martin

    A bit late for replying but you made some valid points to Roachie and others.

    I completely understand the points you made to him but in the back of my mind, the Government have to make decisions based on the different ends of the spectrum of British society. For those who have got a half decent grasp of what is going on will understand the bigger picture and accept that Covid will be with us for some time to come. It may never disappear. What a lot of us feel is fear. Until the scientists in all their guises come back with more information then many people are not prepared to stick their heads over the parapet and move forward. I am guilty of this but as I have mentioned before I am, like you, dealing with other issues around this pandemic. My husband is worried sick of catching it. He knows that for the majority they will be ok but he also knows that his chances aren’t so bright.

    Covid is not just flu and it slightly irks me that there are those who, because they don’t think they are in danger, want life to carry on without a care.

    Medicine and work on vaccines will come good in some form or another, and in time we will all get going again. It will take a bit of time for public confidence to awaken. It also needs the goodwill of the public to self distance and take 2020 on the chin and for once follow the guidelines

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