Who would Arsenal fans prefer to sign? Kadioglu or Calafiori?

Arsenal is reportedly looking to sign a left-sided defender. For the past several days, transfer rumours have circulated regarding signing a versatile defender who can come in and play left back.

Despite our strong ties to Ricardo Calafiori, what happens if we don’t sign him? Given Chelsea’s and Juventus’ involvement in the transfer battle, I’d like to believe we have a backup plan for his move. And I’d be surprised if the other option isn’t Fenerbahce’s Ferdi Kadioglu.

Why the Turkish left back? Kadioglu was a standout for Fenerbahce last season, and to demonstrate his brilliance, he has reciprocated that top performance in the Euros with Turkey. Game after game on the largest stage in European international football, the 24-year-old has demonstrated his ability to overlap on the left wing or even invert.

Those Gooners who thought he was good enough to play on the big stage have been proven correct. He’s a very press-resistant player who is also continually changing. Kadioglu embodies the complete player, and his versatility serves as a model. He excels in a diverse range of situations and possesses a versatile skill set. He has played as a left back, an attacking midfielder, a right winger, a right back, a left midfielder, a central midfielder, and even a defensive midfielder in his career, as you’ll see below:

Anyone who watched Turkey’s Euros round-of-16 win over Austria would be left saying one thing: Ferdi Kadioglu is classy. Stats don’t lie, and here are the fullbacks’ versus Austria
Most touches (71)
Most duels won (10)
Most tackles made 6
Most fouls won (3)
88% Pass Accuracy

It’s not hard to see why, after his performance against Austria, we would be glad to bring him to the carpet.

If Calafiori doesn’t sign, Kadioglu should undoubtedly be a transfer priority.

Darren N


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  1. Calafiori has the potential to take Gabriels position and Gabriel is a top notch defender, one of the best in world football. Case closed.

  2. If only one, then Calafiori. I would prefer both to come though. Would provide immense versatility to the squad. Ferdi can play instead of Martinelli if required when Calafiori plays LB. Ferdi can play LB and Calfiori can play at 6 as well. The flexibility in the squad would be elite level if both sign.

    1. If this is really going to happen, our defense line will be a nightmare for attackers.

  3. I am thinking we need them both.
    Ferdi, first choice left back and Calafiori backup for Ferdi and Gabriel.
    Zinchenko should be sold and Kiwor loaned out.

    1. If calafiori comes, he isn’t playing backup to anyone, I think. He will slot right into the starting XI as LB. Now Ferdi is interesting. I have a feeling if Arsenal signs Calafiori, Ferdi isn’t coming. Both have a very similar profiles as they can both play more attacking roles, but Calafiori can play as a CB which is an added plus. Calafiori can play as a winger if needed he is that versatile. So, I see less chance for Ferdi coming to Arsenal if Calafiori comes.

  4. Ferdi seems even better as a left winger. Bringing both of them means Zinchenko and maybe Kiwior will both leave. But Zinchenko isn’t getting offers right now.

    The offer for Calafiori has been rejected. That means Edu should turn to Ferdi whose peice has almost trippled since we have been trying to buy him. Horrible, this market.

    Remember a striker and a defensive mid fielder are actually the top priorities

  5. Both players are good. But in the other of priority I will chose Calafiori is what Arsenal need. Kiwior can’t deputise for Gabriel Mangaehas very well but Calafiori is a very good left footed CB who can compete with Gabriel and he is younger.. Timber can do a very good job in left back. But if we can get Ferdi he would be a grea addition but I don’t see that happening. Arsenal still need a striker and midfielder.

  6. I think Arteta wants to go the City way: sign centre backs who can comfortably slot into the full back positions. Versatility is the word.
    Which means we sign Calafiori and that’s it

  7. A left footer at LB brings balance to the team .The main reason for the poor showing of the English team in the Euros is the lack of a natural left footed LB added to the absence of a left footed central midfielder.France and Spain do not have these problems which is one of the reasons why I expect one of these teams to win the Euros.

    1. Great answer, and I think the right one.

      Calafiori is a left-footer (Ferdi and Timber are right-footed). What would be a coup for us this window is adding a top notch left-footed LB with the ability to boost Martinelli’s output again (or Trossard’s, or whoever plays LW). No player we have or have been linked to solves that issue as well as Calafiori.

  8. Defenders not a priority at the moment. First we need another defensive midfielder and a striker. Kiwior is good and these two players might not be able to match his performances for Arsenal do far.

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