Who would take Mesut Ozil off Arsenal’s hands? Not Juventus or Inter Milan apparently

The old saying ‘there is no smoke without fire’ is not always true, especially when it comes to Arsenal transfer rumours! But there seems to be a growing wave of stories about Mesut Ozil growing more frustrated and unhappy at being ignored by Unai Emery, and is on the lookout for a new club. The Italian outlet CalcioMercato has now gone further and has reported that agents of the German midfielder have been offering Ozil around to the biggest clubs in Serie A.

The articles says: “Mesut Ozil looks for a team. Saddened, out of the Unai Emery project and now 30, the German feels more and more at the edge of this Arsenal and prepares to wave goodbye in January. Approaching Inter who did not actually show any signs of interest, Ozil’s entourage offered him to Juventus only a few weeks ago.

But they are also adamant that Juventus have no interest either, and in fact are rather scathing about the Arsenal star. “NO, THANKS – Between Ozil and Juventus, however, a dialogue, an approach or a negotiation has not started either: the Bianconeri are not interested and immediately declined this opportunity, given the staggering drop in Mesut’s performances in the field but also the his unedifying conduct off the field in recent months.”

So they certainly seem convinced that Ozil is on his way out of the Emirates, but there is little chance of him joining a top team in Italy (unless Wenger goes to AC Milan?). There is absolutely no chance that Ozil could go to Bayern Munich or the Bundesliga after the war of words between him and the German FA this summer. So I guess PSG would be one of the few clubs prepared to match his wages, but are they likely to want him?

I have a feeling that Ozil will still be an Arsenal player for some time to come.

Darren N


  1. Giddy says:

    IMO, Ozil should be allowed to leave as the doesn’t seem to have him in his plans. And personally, I don’t think we’d miss the guy.

    1. Giddy says:


  2. Roshan says:

    No club is stupid enough to pay him the wages we are. It was silly by the club and they will have to live with that. Would love to swap him with an athletic CAM like Fekir or even Draxler.

  3. Innit says:

    If he was making £120,000 per week I’d want to keep him as a Squad player
    but for £300,000 per week he should be at least consistent like Lacazette, Aubameyang, Torreira
    That’s a heck of a lot of money for someone who rarely plays at the top level

    I HATE to hate on our players but we need to sell him to free up salaries for players who do play consistently
    Maybe China or a rich club like PSG

    1. He is way better than a squad player and whether anyone likes it or not has proved himself since the World Cup in 2010 till today. There is no other Arsenal player in the squad who has the individual honours and achievements that Ozil has. So lets not question his ability. What we can question is whether he fits into the way Emery wants to play and his system. He does not at the moment. It is similar to asking an off break bowler, who is a spinner, to change and bowl leg breaks, another form of spin. ( sorry about the cricket analogy on this forum)
      It isn’t going to happen. Emery so far has had great success with the results with which we all are extremely happy with and long may it last. However we have not consistently looked that great as a cohesive unit and this is due to players adapting to the Emery way. We are showing a lot of heart and a tremendous will to win which is getting us through these games with a few talented players namely Torreira papering over some of the cracks. Emery is also not keen to build a team around one individual as problems can develop if that player is injured or has a loss of form. Rather he will build a team around a formation and approach that he believes in which can be more sustainable.
      Don’t blame Ozil because he doesn’t fit into the system. Another manager could mean a different Ozil. I for one would hate to lose a player of Ozil’ s ability and see him go to a competitive club.

      1. Xxnofx says:

        Well said couldn’t have said it better,I have said myself that I think he would do better in a different team or system ,it’s just that he’s not fitting in to ours at the minute which is a shame because I think we all know he has the talent to be world class on his day .But as that day come and gone ?

    2. jon fox says:

      WANTING HIM GONE, AS i DO TOO, IS NOT “HATING”. It is simply recognising that he is not giving value for money. Why on earth do so many semi -literate people call not rating such and such a player “hating ” him? It is no such thing. As A REGULAR ON HERE i APPEAL TO YOU NOT TO MISUSE OUR RICH LANGUAGE SO WRONGLY! Hate should be kept kept for cruelty, terrorism, bigotry, racism and NOT just not rating mere football players.

  4. Daud says:

    People here are very much obsessed with Ozil

  5. Sue says:

    No one actually knows what is happening with Mesut. Currently he’s injured…. now everyone jumps on the bandwagon we’re selling him, he’s crap, no one wants him, he’s not injured, he’s faking it, omg I could carry on for ages but you get the gist!!!…All i know is he’s signed a contract with us until 2021…deal with it!!!

    1. Yes, but if you were a director at Arsenal, would you consider yourself a good manager if your company was hoofing out 350K a week for Ozil under your watch?

      1. Sue says:

        QD I don’t think ANY player is worth that sort of money!!

        1. Goona says:

          No one should be paid so much money for kicking a ball,its insane but then again the world is crazy

          1. Midkemma says:

            If a company earns 10 million and pays out all profits to the employees and not to the shareholder, then good?

            If that company only had 10 employees then that is a million each… Still good?

            How about a company that makes over £400 million a year and the owner doesn’t take dividends… Should the employees be paid well? Arsenal is this company.

            While I would love politics to look after the poorest in our nation by taxing these larger companies more… The fact is, Arsenal pay the employees very well and in virtually any other industry (other than film and banking) then it would be seen as a potential good, good to work for the company as they pay a fair wage.

            Why not the same for football?

      2. Midkemma says:

        If ‘Person A’ earnt the club £500k a week and he cost you £350k a week then it would be a profit of £150k a week.

        That is an example of why we should look at more than just someone wage to see if they have earned it, we need to consider all things if we wish to get to the truth or we can hold firm to beliefs which may be wrong.

        “Arsenal’s 2016/17 shirt sales numbers are past the one million park, currently standing at 1.225 million – which is also the same number of views Arsenal Fan TV get on meltdown videos after another dismal defeat. In Mesut Ozil, Arsenal have the player with the fifth highest shirt sales worldwide.”
        Sportbible done an article on the top 10 best selling football shirts and Arsenal was 6th on the list.

        1. ozziegunner says:

          Midkemma, you have made excellent points regarding expenditure versus income generated, particularly in respect of shirt sales; however AFTV has been maintaining its views during Arsenals 21 game unbeaten run. It’s obvious that many, including me, are interested more when Arsenal win. Some of the analysis by people such as Graham is better than many of the pundits.

      3. Mobella says:

        Was the shareholder was asleep when he was being signed on that so called ridiculous amount in the fiirst place. I think fans should stick to their aspect of the club which is supporting and not bother themselves with the administrative part. The club agrees to pay him as much as he earns today and if she believes he is not delivering equivalent of his pay she will do the needful.

  6. Kenya001 says:

    ?? sue

  7. Kenya001 says:

    Let’s be with these guy all I know is HE is INJURED! And these information was from Emery himself I trust him more than what the papers say

  8. Ben says:

    The ideal world for me is mourinho buys him for 40-50 mil and he makes united even worse 🙂

    There i no point keeping him after jan if he doesnt play every week.. so if no-one wants to buy him then let him go on a free transfer.. then whoever signs him will have the transfer fee to add to their wages budget.. that way more than just PSG can afford him..

    his wages alone from Jan until summer will be £10 million so holding on to try and get 25 mil seems stupid when the same situation will arise in the summer plus there will be a disgruntled senior player in the squad affecting player harmony.

  9. Sibs.com says:

    Özil was injured. Today’s injury news says he is fit to play. AFC is a big club & needs top earners to remain in that elite group. Özil is one of those, and I think the team needs him more now

    1. Aubamezzette says:

      They dont need top earners, they need top performers n Ozil has not been one of that since last season.
      We not running a charity.
      Get Ozil out and bring Dembele n Koulibaly/Tah

  10. Ozil is talented but not consistent enough to demand 350k a week. Wish we could move him on but am sure nobody wil pick up his ridiculous contract. Best we can do is brace ourselves for a few more years till he leaves. Up the gunners!

  11. iffybright says:

    None of the Big clubs will even take him, even for free….
    Arsenal must live with this mess they have put themselves into for the next 3years……

    imagine this luxury player earning whopping sum of 300k per week… An amount of money legends like Iniesta Xavi Silva Modric never earned….

    what a lucky guy he is…..Ozil….

    I know Ozil loyal Boys are coming to attack

    1. Enagic says:

      Those were decisions from Wenger and rubber stamped by Gazidis after we lost Sanchez to Manu, Wenger was trying to appease arsenal fans and show financially we can still keep big names – but on football side and Özil daily performance, that was a very bad decision to make.

      1. Break-on-through says:

        If we get 15 or 20m for him, well then it’s a wise business decision.

  12. Enagic says:

    Also as Wenger was still around we probably could end up in same situation with Ramsey. Just rewards mediocrity and I can’t believe Walcott was one of our 3 highest earners with his football ability – Wenger took arsenal for granted

  13. Gavana says:

    Haters should know that Ozil will stick with us so long as he wishes even if he doesn’t play. (Five years). Keep on hating him.

    1. stubill says:

      Where do you get five years from, his contract expires in June 2021.

  14. Break-on-through says:

    There’s no fire without smoke as the new saying goes, until Torriera laid waste to the saying.

  15. ozziegunner says:

    It looks like many have not read Midkemma’s excellent post regarding the income generated by Mezut Ozil.

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