Who would you like to see Arsenal facing in the first game of the season?

Next Tuesday, on June 18th, the Premier League fixtures for 2024–25 will drop. The gooners will finally find out their opponents and match dates. Some Gooners are already making predictions about who we’ll be up against on Match Day 1.

And two intriguing patterns have emerged to help them do so.

Apparently our Gunners’ opening-day fixtures have always leaned towards London. Over the past 12 seasons, the club has developed a habit of starting the campaign in the capital, with only one league opener taking place elsewhere. It seems like they prefer to keep things familiar. Out of the 11 games played in London, 8 were at the Emirates Stadium, while the other 3 were away to Fulham, Palace, and Brentford.

Other than the overall London fixture trend, it appears that there are two teams that frequently face the Gunners on match day 1. The Gunners have played Everton and Newcastle the most on the first day of the season. In Premier League history, Arsenal has faced these two teams three times each on opening day.

It’s important for Arsenal to have a strong start next season. Last season, despite ending on a high note with six wins, they still didn’t clinch the league title. They didn’t exactly have the best start to the campaign last season, which unfortunately held them back and caused them to lose the title race by a mere 2 points.

Who knows what the next season will bring? It’s looking bright! The league drought, which has lasted for at least 20 years, could finally come to an end.

Who would you like Arsenal to face in the first game next season?

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