Who would you pick in Arsenal’s team of the decade? This is mine…

Who is in your Arsenal Team of the Decade? by Gurgit

Its pretty fair to say that over the last decade we have not had quite the success we would’ve liked and no squad we have put together has been able to match the ones we fielded in the 2000’s – one of which was known to be rather good, holding a record no team has since managed in the Premier League. Ahh… its still good to be invincible.

That said though we have had some pretty decent footballers playing for us who have helped me stay in love with the club and below is my pick of who would be in my “Team of the decade”. My choices do change with the weather so I have given a brief description of why I would pick them. Its worth bearing in mind though that my choices would probably change daily and if you catch me at the right time I may even be convinced that Andre Santos should be in the starting 11.

I will be choosing a 4-3-3 formation for today’s picks:

GK – Leno

We aren’t spoiled for choice when it comes to goalkeepers over the last 10 years and realistically the choice here was between Leno and Cech. As good as Cech was at Chelsea he wasn’t quite that player for us, and given what I’ve seen since he retired I think Leno may just be the best keeper we have had in some time.

RB – Sagna

If anyone says otherwise I would be shocked. Sagna was a leading RB in the league for quite a while and one of our most consistent players in the back 4, so I cant see Bellerin challenging him for this spot. The only other RB’s we have had have not really nailed down their role quite as well as Sagna did though I hope with time Bellerin still can.

CB – Vermaelen

The two toughest positions to pick. See the problem here is that we seem to have had so many injury problems in this position, along with a lack of a quality. that it really is tough to pick. I almost chose Mertesacker and on another day probably would have – but for today I’ve pick Vermaelen for being more mobile and a little tougher than the crop of CB’s we have had over recent times.

CB – Koscielny

He was weak and error-prone when he joined us, and you could probably argue that he didn’t leave us in a better state. Though Koscielny in the latter part of his time with us was a very good CB and maybe even briefly, world class – yes it wasn’t a particularly long time that he kept up this form. Maybe sometime around Euro 2016 until 2018 but you can certainly argue he has been our best CB over the last 10 years.

LB – Monreal

I hope this one is as clear to everyone else as it is to me. He was a somewhat unexpected signing in my eyes and didn’t make an instant impact but he is probably the most consistent and solid LB we have had this last decade. Clichy, Gibbs, Kolasinac, SANTOS have not been able to bed themselves into the LB position quite as well as he did. I have high hopes for Tierney though, he could be a real star and can actually cross a ball into the box which makes a nice change.

CM – Cazorla

He has to be in there doesn’t he. How unexpected was it that moving him from his advanced positions wide on the pitch to being at the base of our midfield would be a good move. He did it though because as well as being able to control and set the tempo of a game he could just as easily put in a tackle to win us the ball back. He made the players around him play better and that kind of midfielder is something we have not been able to find since his departure. Ceballos is the closest to being that kind of player having shown hints of it but we’ve yet to see if it is the real deal or whether he will even remain with us. It’s a huge disappointment that Cazorla’s career was hampered by such a severe injury but I couldn’t be happier for him that he is now back on a pitch.

CM – Fabregas

He was one of the players that kept me in love with Arsenal and his loss was huge for the team. He was a key part of how we played football and his passing range was quite unmatched in the league, being able to weight a pass so perfectly. The advanced role he played at Barcelona was not one that I liked to see him in as I much preferred him a little deeper, playing as a traditional playmaker – admittedly Barca had one of their own already.

AM – Ozil

Perhaps this one is more contentious than it should be. All I need to remind you is that although you may not be pleased with how he is now, the first few years after he arrived he looked like and was one of the most creative players in Europe. His arrival also coincided with us managing to win some silverware in the years following with FA cups. I think sometimes we forget how good he really was and that it was a huge coup that we got him just because now he is not what fans want from our squad.

RW – Sanchez

Could win a game on his own. Never give up attitude and bags of ability to make things happen. I wasn’t happy about how he left, often felt he sulked and was averse to passing a ball when he really should – but he was truly world class.

LW – Aubameyang

A world class striker who I’m still not sure how we managed to sign. He isn’t the best dribbler of a ball but his pace and ability guarantee goals especially from having more space out wide.

ST – Van Persie

He didn’t have many good seasons and was often hampered by injury but I think he is the most gifted striker we have had in the last decade. Aubameyang is a finisher but Van Persie had everything, He could head a ball, hold up play, assist, and score the most technically challenging goals you could imagine. I hate to say it but he probably did make the best decision for himself to leave the club.

Noteable mentions – Mertesacker, Ramsey, Rosicky, Arshavin, Nasri

Who would you pick?



  1. Fabregas and Cazorla 🤞 Van Persie as good as he was, his move to man utd will always be sour and Sue has never forgiven him 😛 anyway North London Derby weekend.. come on Arsenal 👊🔴🔴

        1. The only prediction I have is that Kane (or Son) will be awarded a pen!!
          I don’t like feeling too confident, Kev, in any game, as I usually jinx it!! How about you?

          1. Oh definitely Sue they will certainly get a pen 😆 I think if we’re on song we can win 2-1 3-1 depending if Arteta goes with an attack minded line up.. Norwich are staying up then 😂😂

  2. No controversy, totally agree but your team may be exposed to a real counter attacking team, Fabregas and carzola behind ozil, it will be a high scoring team that conceed a lot too

  3. I stopped reading after reaching Fabregas and came the comments section. For those who wish not remind themselves, I wish to advise you of the yeoman services of the AM mentioned ever since he set his foot on our shores and wore our club badge

    2013/14 G/A -5 /9
    2014/15 – 4 /5
    2015/16 – 6 /19
    2016 /17 – 8 /10
    2017 /18 – 4 / 8
    2018 / 19 – 5 / 2
    2019 /20 – 1 / 1
    184 appearances 33 goals and 54 assists.Wow! Mouth watering!
    I could be wrong, kindly correct me. Andrey Arshavin was a better player. Still relive the 4 goals scored against Pool, what a player, sadly he could have performed under a better coach/manager (105 games, 24 goals,21 assists)
    Rest of the line up is the best we had.

    1. If you stopped reading after teaching fabregas ,how do you know the rest of the line up was the best we had ?

      1. Simple, as I scrolled down I did see the names of the players! Hope you agree that the other ten players are/were good.

  4. I’d Have mine like this
    Sagna Kos Mert Monreal
    Cazorla. Fabregas
    Same striking line as you.

    I actually for a second had Vermalean, but went back to consider the window in which we lost Nasri. Honestly, that was a make or break window and the two people we signed in there that kept arsenal afloat were Mert and Arteta. The BFG went on to be integral in our two FA cup wins purely, on the level of contribution, I think he’s been the most bang for the buck defender we’ve signed in the last 10 years. I think Leno will eclipse Sczezny at some point for me. Honourable mention to Emmanuel Adebayour in that Frontline and Theodore you know who.

  5. Where is Henry?
    He made 4 appearances in 2012 and that’s within the last 10 years by my maths.

    1. The reliance on small technically gifted players was the reason Arsenal was over run and bullied in the midfield during the last 10 years. Gilberto Silva was never adequately replaced. Diaby was supposed to be that player; however his career was destroyed by injuries. Song or Flamini would provide more balance in midfield, instead of Ozil.

  6. Move Cazorla to his original playmaker position and put Alexander Song in DM.. Including Ozil there is nothing but silly.. Ozil made us worse.. Never rated him and never liked him and I was so upset that we signed him since we had one the best players in the league in his position and thats Santi

    1. Where the fraud “Shirt Selling Genius” is would put Nasri.
      But where is the DM in the lineup?

  7. Remove Ozil and put in Nasri there
    Song Fabregas has to be the first on the team sheet…

    Fabregas is still the best midfielder we have got after Viera era

    Rosicky gave us lot more than santi Cazorla
    i just don’t understand this craze about Cazorla and ozil

    is like most of our fans forget things easily…

    i still don’t believe some gunners rate Cazorla Ozil more than Super Cesc Fabregas…

    what a shame

    1. I really like Rosicky and Nasri together with Cesc.
      Whenever they got the chance to play together it was the most amazing sight of beautiful football.
      I really like Santi too. Difficult to choose between Nasri, Santi and Rosicky. Very amazingly skilled footballers.

    2. How can you not see it regarding Santi? Along with Cesc, best player we’ve had in the small spaces. Because he was so good with either feet, he could switch play like no one else. Im my eyes the sort of player we are missing right now. Someone who can link defense with attack

  8. I’d go for 4231:

    Sagna, Kos, Vermaelen, Tierney
    Coquelin, Santi
    Sanchez, Cesc, Nasri

    Looking back, we only had 2 real defensive midfielders, Song and Coq. I chose Coq cause of his and Santi’s partnership in central midfield. Sometimes rackless, but more disciplined alongside Santi. Song tried to be too much of a playmaker for me and left his position too often.

    Left wing was most difficult for me. I like Auba more, but I think Nasri would give more balance so I went for balance.

    Noteable mentions: Szczesny, Mert, Monreal, Song, Wilshere, Ozil and Auba

  9. 4231


    Walcott will be controversial, but name a wide player that has been nearly as productive as him outside of Sanchez?? Monreal has to be there at LB. He’s not a flashy player but one of our most reliable of the past decade. Cazorla I had to move up a bit because Santi and Cecs have to be in the midfield. Ramsey too, even though I wouldn’t put him on the same level, has scored crucial goals that has won us trophies, and had some pretty stellar seasons for us. RVP a no brainer, Mert & Kos has beeen our best CB pairing of last decade (Verm injured too much for me, and I feel like Mert gets a poor rep just because he was slow. I rate him over Verm). What do you guys think?

    1. And I can’t include a DM because we havent had a single top quality one, so this side is inbalanced. Closest we’ve come is Coquelin’s one good season.

    2. Ramsey is a championship style footballer.
      He would not fit in that team as you don’t need him.
      I don’t see what he brings to that team.

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