Arsenal had plenty of positives from the Man Utd game

I am surprised to see so much negativity from some of my fellow Gooners after Arsenal lost to Man United on Saturday evening, because instead of it being another poor performance and result against a big EPL rival, it is fair to say that we were the better side and but for an unbelievably inspired game from their man in goal and some rotten luck, it would have been a famous and well deserved win.

The next time Arsenal come against the Manchester United side of Jose Mourinho, it will be at Old Trafford unless there is a cup clash before the end of April when our next Premier League clash with them is due to take place. The Gunners are also likely to have to find a way past their Spanish international keeper David De Gea.

Even though we know De Gea is one of the best in the world, I would still not expect him to be quite as unbeatable next time we face him than he was on Saturday and if Arsenal produce anything like the fluency and threat that we saw at the Emirates at the weekend you would expect a fair few goals, because despite being on the wrong end of a result I believe that Arsenal fans and the players should take plenty of positives from the game.

Do not forget that United and Mourinho have spent a fortune and they were in second before the win over Arsenal, so the fact that we dominated so much and made so many chances is a big thing, albeit very frustrating that it did not earn us anything.

Keep playing like that and the Gunners will beat almost anyone. Defensive mistakes from Mustafi and Koscielny especially are rare so do not let those get you down too much. It seems to be the thing this season that Arsenal are often not getting what we deserve but surely that cannot carry on throughout, so chin up Gooners and take heart from a great display that deserved a lot more.



  1. ThirdManJW says:

    People keep forgetting that winning games is about defence, and attack, not just attack.

    Keep attacking like that, and we should score many, as we won’t come against a De Gea every week. Keep defending like that, then we’ll have to score a hell of a lot goals just to win a match, especially against the top teams as they’ll keep taking advantage of our shambolic defending.

  2. goonerkhan says:

    No regrets about the game but i’ll be really mad if we dont bench xhaka after this. You dont need a defensive mid with 3 pressing centre halves. Use wilshire instead. And use a 3-4-3 only against the bigger teams. We really clicked when mustafi got subbed. Thats the formation we need against the smaller teams a 4-3-3. Ozil contributing to the midfield battles was amazing to watch. Xhaka is dreadful

    1. Without a DM who will win the balls back? Who will break up play and stamp out the fire? Who will chase after players? Chelsea with all their defensive prowess play with TWO DMs and we want to play with none?

      1. goonerkhan says:

        And xhaka is doing an amazing job. You deserve him

      2. goonerkhan says:

        And please enlighten me. Who is the second DM in chelsea team? Bakayoko doesn’t play often

  3. Sukhjot Gunner says:

    Yeah only our finishing and defence were the negatives. But I have not seen any team win a game of football without finishing off their attacks and cancelling their attack with solid defending. What can we do with the positives ???? Make a pickle out of them ????

  4. Godswill says:

    I rather win ugly than entertain and lose.
    It was painful. I don’t know what befell Kos and Musti.
    In fact Musti was so devastated that he did not want to face the crowd again for so long and had to be injured.

  5. With Arsene Wenger no positives anymore

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