Whoever Arsenal sign needs BIG impact and attitude

I am sure that Arsene Wenger has a clear picture in his mind about how the Arsenal first team and squad will shape up next season, with the summer transfer window hopefully seeing the boss add some top quality players to fill gaps and strengthen Arsenal in key areas.

No matter what you think of the Frenchman or the club´s decision to give him another two year contract I think we have to accept that Wenger is a football man through and through who knows what makes up a good strong team. However, what I think is just as important, if not more so, is the character and attitude of the players who will be trying to lead Arsenal to the EPL title.

We may get angry and frustrated with individual players at times but taking a step back I think we have to understand that poor performances and runs of form are not down to lack of ability but some sort of weakness omn the mental side of things.

How often do we see the team hit a bad patch and find it hard to produce just when it matters? Apart from Alexis Sanchez, I think we can point the finger at just about every player in the squad and so I think Wenger has to be looking to bring in players with the right mentality as well as ability.

I do not like the guy, but do you think someone like the Chelsea and Spain striker Diego Costa is the sort of player that Arsenal need, one who will do whatever it takes to win?



  1. do whatever it takes to keep Alexis, the only true fighter.

    sell every other players including Arsenal Mascot, he has been a bad luck to our club.

  2. The mentality thing is as a result of Wenger.It’s not the fault of the players coming in.But I get what you mean.You want us to sign players with strong attitude so that they can produce consistently.However this will not solve the problem if our team is mentally weak.We will still be doing the old things we’ve been doing trust me.Poor mentality and poor managerial skills have cost Arsenal the title on several occasions.To me the problem has not really been about the players we sign or having star players or the players in our team.It’s been all about those two.The only thing that can solve this problem is by Wenger taking charge.We can sign 100players with strong mentality but once they enter our team the net effect will be zero.

  3. Tactically Wenger is not on par with the current leading managers in world football fact, but if we are discussing the team mentality then isn’t it true that players tend to reflect the attitude of the managers, if we look at the leading managers how many of them sit down holding themselves instead of getting up to spur there team on, how many of them are critical about individual player performances as well as team performances, Wenger either cheers them on or does nothing, he may say that he still has passion and desire for the club and that maybe true, but rarely does that passion and desire become apparent, particularly on the pitch.

  4. Oh, you want to replace Mr Sulky with Mr Brute? ? ? a bit of splash it all over, mate… Henry Cooper style ??

  5. his trophy our trophy is 4th in the last decade and he is a proff. and one of the greatest football manager in europe/world.

    someday we will smile now or later.

  6. After Sanchez, no real true fighter, the person that comes far close is Xhaka, However i would love us to get Nainggolan of Roma,is another real fighter. Dani Alves, Gatuso, Sanchez, Vidal, Veira,to mention but few are Real fighters. So imagine we have both Nainggolan and Sanchez in one team,with Xhaka trying to be one also..we would be very solid. Please watch Nainggolan on youtube you will know what i mean,or watch him anytime Belgium or Roma is playing before the windows closes.
    2) I feel now that the Mbappe deal might not go through, so i would want us to spend the £150 million on these players
    —————–Aubameyang or Lacazette (£40-60 million)
    —————-Antony Martial or Ousame Dembele or Lemar (£40-80)
    —————-Nainggolan or [Fabregas{Wenger may not fancy him again}] (£15-45mill)
    And of course keeping both Ozil and Sanchez is important

    We could have a team like this
    The formations are subject to changes Depending our oppositions and Rotation should be done too

    1. OR

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