Who’s about to join Arsenal and blow away BPL rivals

This could all be one big wind up for us fans of Arsenal. We have been primed and prepared for disappointment in almost every transfer window of the last decade, but following some real big name transfers like Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil, our pessimism has now been liberally peppered with hope.

So the news, (I use that term lightly) that the Gunners are on the verge of completing a transfer so amazing it could be called Spiderman, is maybe not as unbelievable as it would have been up until a couple of years ago. A Eurosport report has revealed that a well known football agent called Muzzi Ozcan has tweeted that Arsene Wenger is about to shock the Premier League with the best transfer move of the summer.

He wrote, “Arsenal will be making the transfer of the season ! The deal isn’t to far from being complete ! Will update in the coming days.”

And to give us a little extra reason to believe, we should remember that the agent does list the likes of Olivier Giroud and Mathieu Debuchy among his clients. So who, if anyone, could it be? Is the fact that both of his Arsenal clients are French a clue? Can anyone think of a French player that Arsenal could do with or have been linked with? (cough, Benzema, ahem). I would not hold your breath if I was you Gooners, but you just never know.

Who do you think this top transfer target might be?

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  1. No Sanogo in Singapore squad, but he’s training right now with the team. Guess that means he’s not in the 1st team picture next season, good. He still needs to prove himself on loan.

      1. Cynthia popo from Sinai league , a striker who is leading the goal scoring chat with 102 goals in just 24 games

  2. If he’s French it must be benzema or lacazette, still hoping it could be reus though… 😉

  3. If we are talking major transfer and French it must be Paul Pogba?…one is allowed to dream we did sign Sanchez and Ozil after all!

  4. I’m starting to think its benzema, my buddy just told me that madrid are in for ibrahimovic and Perez went to Paris. Benitez already stated he’s planning on using CR7 as a ST so benzema has to be departing if the zlatan talk is true.

    1. Greetings, gracious Hafiz. I still want to thank you for all that you have done for humanity with your wealth.
      Blessed be the house of Rahman!!!

        1. Let’s not forget his record of winning the league with every team he plays for. A ton of great quotes and the league would make for a great season.

          1. But lets not forget how he managed that feat in part – Ajax, Juve, Inter, Barca, Milan and PSG are not like incredibly hard places to win a league – 50/50 chance at worst. He is a bit like Mourinho in that respect – ego comes before trying something a bit more adventurous. If he wanted to keep his perfect record we would be his biggest challenge to date!!!

            Still love the guy though.

  5. I am just having any eye on the transfer rumors in the papers after the arrival of Peter Czeck.
    His arrival already made this window a successful one.
    Unlike other Summer transfer window where we were absolutely crying for signing in absolutely necessary areas , this summer we are not in any real danger.
    There is no doubt that we are already having a title challenging squad.
    Wenger in last couple of seasons learnt his mistakes and filled every loopholes in the squad.
    He is now definitely looking for world class players who can instantly make impact but not in desperation.
    Do not read too much and raise expectation , just can have an eye on it.
    Every team in England now fears Arsenal including Chelsea and City.
    Waiting eagarly for the season to start

  6. Me thinks gotze. Hear me out…an exceptional player that isn’t valued hIghly enough by his club. Sound familiar? Plus he’s exactly what we don’t need, so that improves the chances of arsenal signing him. I know that isn’t the way it should work, but I think that’s how arsenal do transfers nowadays.

    I’d like his teammate Lewandowski, but I’m not to sure he’d leave bayern so me thinks we should swoop in for muller. A true team player that has it all and has won it all in Germany. He could surely do the business in England and we’re not linked to him yet, which could only improve our chances of signing him. That’s just how transfers work with arsenal.

    Or or…break the bank for reus just because. He might have his injury issues but so does every other player at arsenal and we’re due some luck with injuries as well.

    Nothing better than stating my thoughts and opinions on the web!

  7. Did i see a rejected £40m+ bid? So, he had the plan to spend big on CF but yet can not release a mere £30m for J. Martinez?

    At times, the ways of wenger remains a mystery. I’m one of many who believes that we need a bull in the box. Lazy players[ recall Arshavin and an Ozil of early last season. am sorry to say] do struggle to adjust to life at the Emirates. And i fear for Karim

    And we fans too dont help atimes, as we hardly have the patient and faith of Le Prof.

    Once again, half bread is better than none. not like there are much big name CF in the market. So, whoever will be acquired and whoever this Anonymous incoming will be, is welcomed.


    1. You are one of many who believes we need a bull in the box, you are also one who believes everything he reads.

  8. Pls God, let it be Ibra. Benzema is not such an upgrade from what we have. And Benzema’s news will not be that big cos we’ve been linked to him for the last 3summers. Get me Ibrahim over or Cavani !!!!!

  9. Since we are allowed to dream, I’ll say Messi.
    However, if you don’t want to be disappointed during Arsenal’s transfer dealings, don’t get your hopes up. Have little or no expectations at best.

      1. Oh, please!!! The real striker we are very close to signing is the Japanese sensation: Nuh Whan. Great guy. Uses both feet, and also shoots with his head.

      2. Warning…never criticise slow German players on this site. Apparently being slow and ponderous is actually a cunning way of disguising leadership qualities, organisational skills and being able to master the art of making 3 to 5 yard passes with uncanny accuracy. Also helps to keep colleagues on their toes….

  10. Whilst it seems daft to start speculating on the back of a solitary tweet Ozcan is a paid up Arsenal supporter, has Arsenal connections and is quite a serious guy. His recent track record has been pretty spot on as well. Even if true I suspect there is a touch of hyperbole in his statement and a “signing to blow away BPL” as the title alludes to is probably stretching it again. Reading between the lines I’d say:

    1) It will not be a centre forward and this site will collapse and groan when this becomes apparent. Without passing judgement on the rights and wrongs I reckon Wenger has handed the CF challenge to Walcott who will fight it out with Giroud. Welbeck – amazingly unpopular on here – will be third choice. Worth saying he only started in CF position 14 times for us last season and got 6 goals and he is clearly able to produce at England level with 8 in his last 18. So no Ibra, Benzema, Higuain etc.

    2) With Walcott going to CF, Podolski gone, Campbell probably going and no idea about Wellington Silva, I suspect an adaptable player coming in who can play anywhere in the front 3 behind the CF. I also think Wenger will persist with Alexis as an inverted winger on the left so depending on how the Ox goes there may be a vacancy on the right – or at least a need for a bit of depth.

    3) I think it could be Gotze or Draxler. Draxler has been off the radar so that gives the idea a tiny bit of creedence but Gotze looks more probable/doable. We know AW likes him and it would fit the recent pattern of nicking unsettled or unloved world class players from big clubs. Pep G either doesn’t rate him or doesn’t know how to best use him in the Bayern system – even with Robery and Robben injured he didn’t feature in their toughest games last year. Voted the second biggest flop in the Bundesliga by his fellow players. And not only has he Ribery and Robben to compete with but Muller to and to add more spice Bayern have just spent £20M on another winger, Douglas Costa. Next year will only have a year left on his contract – now seems the time to commit or sell.

    Personally I wish it was his team mate Lewandoski but can’t see it, and Walcott took a chill-pill and committed to becoming one of the most potent wide forwards in the PL instead of taking on the CF gamble.

    1. Marco Reus. Starting to suspect what I told you a week or so ago may have more truth to it after all.

      1. Marco would make us have the most formidable front 3 he would fit the best in our team. Him or lewa

    2. Great analysis of the Muz. He has a tendency to overhype “good” players, but not to lie about deals. I’d imagine it’s not a world beater but names that I could imagine are:


      I don’t think Ibra, Pogba or other “superstars” would be even vaguely possible with Muzzi. There is one other name…Sneijder. I know for a fact Muzzi is on good terms with him and it seems like a random enough deal that Wenger might go for it. Knowing Mus that is the kind of thing he’d get super hyped over as well…BUT relative unknowns is another of his big things and someone like Lacazette would be a major signing in his book.

      We shall wait and see.

    1. Muller has a killer instinct in front of the goal not even Ronaldo have. Muller will become EPL top scorer with Arsenal.

        1. I like Muller, but to compare his instincts with one of the best two finishers on the planet is absurd. I highly doubt Muller could all but guarantee you 20+ league goals a season.

  11. It’s Pablo Alonso-Smith, the 14 year old who has scored 12 goals (6 pens) in 19 starts as an overage player for the under-10 side at Daventry United FC.

    Source: my buddy at the pub. He will also sell you a watch made from 25% real quartz and there’s a rumour that he can put you in touch with the queen 🙂

  12. i think i have the player nobody has mentioned above and is world class.

    is muzzi part of Mondial sports management?
    they are agents for 3 of our players giroud/debuchy/sanogoo

    deals that have gone through from there clients include; alderweild,douglas costa,payet,kondogbia and bilic.(coincidentally muzzi leaked half of these transfers)

    on topic the player im thinking is there most valuable asset EDINSON CAVANI. he is an exceptional quallity striker who can play fwd role aswell.he is better than giroud at every attribute.

    Also if you look at the after effects it could be a very positive move leading to
    1)di Maria replacing him/lavezzi in the wide role(man u lost falcao/rvp/di maria?)
    2)lacazette joining psg as the heir to ibra(liverpools main target)
    3)cavani transfer would also block real madrid going for ibra meaning benzema doesnt join manu forcing them to look at higuin<rvp,falqao.

    other clients weve been linked with include
    witsel (belguims better fellaini)
    feghouli (french/algerian Rm for valencia)
    laporte,umtitti(upcoming french cb`s)
    guerreo (lorient young lb/lwng hybrid)

  13. Not itk by any means, my boy is at the academy and one of the coaches there said to me back in June Vidal is a done deal! He is still adament its about this even though I think otherwise.

    Gotzë ? Nice but then who drops out?

    Reus – yes please 🙂

    Sterling – way back when the diva started making noise about money and contracts, it was reported that he favoured a move to London.. I hope its not us as I think he has shown no loyalty to Liverpool and really don’t want a player like that amongstvthe squad as I’m sure he’d do the same if barca or real came knocking. But Something tells me this is a possibility :/

  14. Hmm! My eyes open. Knowing wenger, I am never gonna be disappointed. All I pray is for wenger to think with his right senses and sign a CF. There is never gonna be title hope with Mediocre CFs like we have

  15. Why exactly do some of us want Benzema? He is a big name player because of the team he plays on that’s all.

  16. Hmm… now Muzzi Ozcan’s tweeting, “Seems like Man Utd. will be hijacking a great deal!”
    So maybe we’re not going to get “the transfer of the season” after all.

    Bild is reporting that ManU just tabled an offer for Bastian Schweinsteiger. Meanwhile The Daily Star says ManU’s going to bid 60m pounds for Thomas Muller as soon as the RVP deal is finalized.

    Dang. Muller would have been a nice pickup.

    Kinda wished Ozcan had kept his mouth shut for a bit longer.

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