Who’s fibbing about Arsenal transfer talks – Alexis or Wenger?

The Arsenal fans have been pretty much in the dark all summer about what will happen with our chile international star Alexis Sanchez. In fact the guesswork began last season as we knew that the striker was getting towards the final year of his contract and despite helping us to win a 3rd FA cup in four years he was not going to be happy about the way the season went.

The plot thickened over the weekend because up until then Alexis had not said much on the subject apart from that he was leaving it to his agent to deal with. There have been lots of Arsenal transfer rumours linking the 26-year old with Premier League rivals Man City and Chelsea as well as foreign clubs including Inter and Bayern Munich, while some reports have suggested that he would sign a new deal if Arsenal give him a big pay rise.

The boss has been sounding confident about Arsenal keeping our star player and he also declared that we would not strengthen a direct rival, with comments made in Australia reported by Metro claimed that he was talking with the striker and it was going well.

Wenger said, ‘There is not a lot to resolve at the moment with the player. I have spoken through text and it was very positive. My thoughts are always positive.’

Sanchez muddied the waters this week, though, rebuffing the Frenchman’s suggestion that he has not told him he wants to leave and suggesting that he is waiting for a response from the club.

Sanchez said, ‘I want to play the Champions League.

‘The decision does not depend on me, I have to wait for Arsenal.

‘I’ve made my decision, now I wait for Arsenal’s reply. The idea is to play and win the Champions League. I’ve dreamt about it since I was a kid.’

Clearly the two versions of their recent contact do not tally, so is it Wenger or Alexis telling us fibs?


Updated: July 17, 2017 — 10:39 am


  1. He would still join City, Utd or Chelsea for Free at the end of the season…

    Come January he would be free to talk to any clubs and sign a pre-agreement contract

    1. He will be a year older, though he will command better salary when going on free, I am not sure how much more he will be worth above 275k pw. Also, with all the game time he has played in last 1 year and this summer, if he burns out and gets out with a bad/indifferent season under him, I doubt if many will pay a 29yr old huge salary outside China

      1. I think wenger should do alexis a favour by holding on to him for the last year of his contract so he can go to a real CL team on a free next season! Bayern juve psg would all snap up alexis on a free then we are happy he’s happy and everyone can stop this silly talk of Man City having a chance of winning the CL lol no world class player ever grows up thinking “when I become a footballer I wonna play for Man City” lol it just haven’t ever happened haha

      2. They are both prob telling the truth. Sanchez wants out (true) but it’s up to AW. AW is texting him to stay (true) but know the club are not keen for him to go off for free or worse to a rival. He’s 29 in December. I say we eke a title winning performance out of him and pay him a bonus at the end of the season when we do.
        There’s plenty of players to be sold who didn’t travel- Debuchy, Jenkinson, Gibbs, Perez, and Szczesny- £38m in the bank. If Everton are serious about £30m for Walcott- £68m!

    2. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back.

      I thought that pre contract agreement with 6 months remaining was only eligible with teams from out of the UK? Has that rule changed?

    3. if we win the EPL next year and then he leaves thats fine by me job done

    4. I know it is a long shot but what if we win the EPL but City fail to fin in the top 4, would Alexis still want to go to them?

      It is a gamble, I fully admit that and it could fail and cost AFC, what if it pays off though?

      Alexis will want trophies.
      Alexis will know in 12 months time he could get more than now, no transfer fee and we would have to compete with others to keep him… Could be a big final payday still as long as he performs this season.

      It is a gamble I would take but then again I have never managed a real team XD

    5. Bob.. you are para-phrasing Alexis comments… he did not say I want to play and win champions league in one sentence…..!!

      my reading of it is he has re iterated he wants to play champions league but has not said it must be this season and separately said he wants to win champions league and sonce a little boy… there is no guarantee unless he goes to Real of winning CL so how do we know he has simply not asked Arsenal to match his ambition by buying the right players !?!

      wenger has also stated he has had positive text chat with Alexis and I doubt he would make himself look a fool if that is not correct

      its this constant re writing of comments that is making it all worse… Ive seen so many so called journalists or sites like this say ‘respected journalist’ or ‘source’ and often its not at all

      lets have some coherent conversation !

  2. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back.

    Wenger probably sent his text message to Jack Wheelchair by mistake ?? ” I’m begging you, please stay & renew your contract, How’s £300,000 a week sound?”

    Jack replied ” wow! That sounds great Boss, where do I sign?”

  3. OT: guys yesterday i read a very interesting article about transfers in independent, its one of the few really well-written articles by sports journalists nowadays ?

  4. Wenger should swap Alexis for Aguero with Man City,thats the best deal.
    And attitude that display a player being disgruntled/unhappy at the club can
    have a negative effect on the other players.I hope this is not going to be a repeat as this uncertainty is a reflection of the past years only without champions league.

  5. it is a joke to hear players saying wants to play champion league and it is the players who fail to qualify walking away now is sad but no player is bigger than the club get the best deal and get rid of him that goes to any player dr kass

    1. Well I would say the manager failed the players more than anything, but no blame whatsoever can be attributed to Sanchez for us finishing 5th. He was the best player in the league, especially when you consider how bad the team was he was playing in.

      But I agree that no one person is bigger than the club, and we should look at selling him if he definitely wants out.

      1. If he is as good as he thinks he is, he should have taken us to the CL.
        And I also think Sanchez is a egomaniac which is not gonna work in Chelsea or City.
        Both Conte and Pep want everyone to get involved, Sanchez wants to do everything by himself. I would happily swap Sanchez for Aguero or Sterling+20M.

  6. Suggest u learn english..
    He said he wants CL football he said he wants to have the opportunity to win it he added that Arsenal knw this an its bow down to them.
    What he didnt say was he wants that nxt season or that he wants to leave.
    Wenger said talks were positive meaning both parties are happy with whats been said.
    So he has said what he wants wenger has said thats what he wants too an is building a squad to do just that

    1. @HantsGooner,
      I love your line of thought. I really really do hope that’s what it is.

    2. Look who’s talking about English.
      Next – nxt ( what are you wrestling fan or bobby roode )
      Know – knw ( don’t know from where it came from )
      Anyways , Sanchez would leave in either case this year ( mancity ) or the next year when his contract expires ( if he is forced to stay ).
      Now this whole saga has become stale and boring we as a club should move forward and find replacement for him if he doesn’t signs a new contract. We must keep him only if he signs a new contract otherwise there is no point of keep a unfaithful player.

  7. If Sanchez is not careful he will get on the bad side of the fans.

    You can tell the club as well as a high percentage of us fans are basically sucking his n@#$ for him to stay despite him not showing any positive indications.

    If he insists on leaving I would rather we cash in for 65mil and above or player exchange with Kun which I know would be hard. If Chelsea push harder Wilian and Matic would be welcome.

    We need to be abit more practical and accept the inevitable, emotions aside Sanchez leaving for free to rival next season and him sulking, unsettling his team mates, and playing at 60% because of reserving himself for the next team will be worse business than us offering united RVP.

    Either he signs or we cash in and get a replacement in good time.

  8. Fatboy no the rule is for teams outside uk

  9. Alexis + 90 Million for both Mbappe & Lemar from Monaco… There’s a lot to like for both teams. And Alexis gets his precious CL ties. Chances are Monaco will go further than Man City again this time round.

    Or, if it has to be Pep (even though Pep never really loved Sanchez) why not Aguero + 16 million from Man City for Alexis?

    Or even Iheanacho + 64 million from Man City for Alexis. Iheanacho is an upgrade on Giroud but we would still have to replace Sanchez.

    Or simply offer Alexis a good (but not outrageous) wage increase, a huge resigning bonus plus multiple incentives – 1 million for 15 goals and 1 million for each additional 10. A million for 15 assists. 2 million for PL title. 1 Million for Europa League Cup, same for FA Cup, etc

    And while we’re at it…

    Giroud + 32 million for Aubameyang from Borussia Dortmund – why not bid for him?

    or Giroud + 56 million for Dembele from Borussia Dortmund – He is the real deal

  10. Emmanuel Chukwuma

    I thought you were going to tells us. I’m highly disappointed with this post.

  11. I think Alexis is exaggerating the truth about Champions League being important or lying about it being the sole reason for leaving. Its important yes but we will most likely be in it next season and I believe he wants to leave because of Pep, he thinks City will win more trophies and possibly get more money from City

    I think Wenger knows that Alexis wants to leave but is either waiting for a higher bid, swapping Aguero for Alexis and/or will make Alexis to stay final season hoping to convince him to stay longer if we win trophies

    Footballers and Managers are as dishonest as Politicians

    1. What makes you think we will most likely be back in the CL after next season?

      At the moment it is not clear we will have a better transfer window than our top 7 competitors and we have to play on Thursday evenings which is harder than CL football.

      For me, it would be a mistake at this stage, to think we will most likely finish in the top 4.

    2. I’ve never seen city as a better club that arsenal, its all about the money.

  12. Unless he lowers his personal terms it would be difficult for him to move abroad.The only positive in keeping him is the fact that he could help us win the EPL but so could another player.You can’t know till you try.We need to find a way to make clubs abroad bid for him.The painful thing will be him pricing himself out of a move.Even if we win the EPL we can’t let him go for free.

  13. Dear Arsene

    From a true Arsenal Fan.
    Just cut our losses and let Alexis go, if he does not want to stay. I understand the importance of trying to keep your best players, but seriously, are we not making too much of one player? Is he bigger than the club?

    Players like him will cause huge disharmony in the dressing room, and we don’t need that.

    1. and then you will have people moaning we are selling our best players ! Wenger cant win… damned if he does and damned if he doesnt.. hence why he is a manager and we are aĺl just blogging away !

  14. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back.

    Wenger’s soooo desperate to get rid of the deadwood his now giving it away for Freeeee! ?? Debuchy is off to Nice … That’s the French team Nice, as well as it actually being nice, you know what I mean, right? Anyways, medical set within the next 48 hours, hope he passes it ??

  15. I think Wenger is the fibber as he has a track record of fibbing.

  16. I doubt if either is a fib, Wenger said he had a positive discussion with Sanchez, at no time did he referred to Sanchez saying he was staying, in Sanchez case he refers to what he wants and arsenal knows, but he did not say he was leaving.

    But all we can do is infer, base on what was not put before us, so my opinion is, I would rather he leaves quickly so that we can put it behind us as early as possible and find viable alternatives

  17. Sell Sanchez , spend the money to fund buying both Mousa Dembele’s from Celtic and Borrusia Dortmund and Isco from Real Madrid.

  18. Hahaha! I think its the little boy in him that is speaking. He’s been dreaming of playing in the champion’s league since he was a kid.
    Does anyone remember Sanchez playing in the champion’s league last season? What did he do to make arsenal win it?
    Pls let him go!

  19. No Arsenal fan with a brain has been at all “in the dark” about the obvious fact that SANCHEZ WILL VERY SOON BE FINALLY LEAVING. Any one who knows anything at all about how the modern sham owner, board and manager work knows full well that Sanchez will be off in days or at the most a month, almost certainly to City, despite the deliberate lies – no change there then – emanating from the manager’s mouth. At Arsenal it is ALL ABOUT conning more money from the badly treated but “in love” fans, some of whom fondly imagine(bless their naive little cotton socks) that players share their love for the once honourable club we all adore. Players do not. They play. Or to put it plainly, they play until they get a offer elsewhere or perceive more chance of top honours and thus move. This is not just true at Arsenal but all across top level football. There is precious loyalty or decency from anyone at all in football anymore, APART FROM US FANS. We love OUR CLUB. Our club loves only money. Sorry to rain with- the truth- on your parade, those who imagine this is not the plain truth. But those with a working brain realise beyond doubt that it is TRUE!

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