When will Arsenal get our Glory Days back?

Where have those glory days gone and when will we get them back?

Every game seems to be a “must win” for Arsenal now. But when did we ever stoop so low that now it’s always going to be “must wins”!?

When are we going to get the days back where we can go into each game knowing we will win, being confident and actually come out winning rather than being nervous about a result because we just don’t know what will happen?

Where are the glory, non-worrying days where people would ask when are they actually going to lose rather than “they are so unpredictable in a bad way, who knows what Arsenal side will turn up!”

Well now there’s one thing we know for sure, and that is that no matter how bad Arsenal will get and no matter how low we as a club will stoop, Mikel Arteta will more than likely still be at the club at the end of it!

And no disrespect to him but that is the most frustrating thing as a fan to see especially as rival clubs are changing managers left right and centre with no care in the world on a timeframe of how long a manager has been there, because all they want is success!

And although the grass may not always be greener, in football sometimes it is worth taking a risk or you just get stuck in a rut.

If we do continue losing games that we should be winning and if we continue to go on another decline, this time around it may be harder to get back up again. As much as you can see the potential in Arteta at times, it will be much harder to stick by him the longer the poor form and run continues.

I do believe it cannot all be pointed towards our manager and that a few more players need to be sold and some new blood brought in alongside a new, much more experienced manager.

Yet if that manager comes in and fails too then you know the issue is definitely not with the manager but with the players. But until that day comes we unfortunately have to stick with what we have!

And maybe Arsenal are too used to having one manager for over 10 plus years, but let’s face it, there will never be another Arsene Wenger because it is impossible for one manager to stay at a club that long anymore.I for one, in more hope than belief, think that regardless of what happens this season Arteta is not the man to stick with for the future.

He may come good, you never know, but do we have the patience and the time to give him to wait for that day to come? Not with the way other clubs are progressing we don’t!

Shenel Osman


  1. Whwn will Arsenal get our glory days back?Arsenal has had two glory eras.
    1930 -1935 whwn four titles were won and from 1997 to 2004 whwn three titles were won.
    So the gap between glory eras being 63 years I figure that means in another 46 years we are due another glory era.

  2. If the glory means an EPL, UCL or EL trophy, I believe we’ll win EL next season. But our senior CFs must be replaced first, otherwise we’d likely still be out of top four whoever the manager is

    As for the modern manager with 10+ years of service at one club, I think Klopp will stay more than one decade at Liverpool if the Liverpudlians don’t replace him with their beloved Gerrard. As a matter of fact, Klopp also didn’t win any trophy in his first two full seasons at Liverpool

    1. Klopp wasn’t bettered in his first 2 seasons
      He made to 4
      Made Europa league final and played fantastic football
      You like making ridiculous claims most ppl now see you as a troll to be honest
      You comments looks like a deliberate post to insite people to comment

      1. Klopp was slightly better in his first two FULL seasons. Liverpool finished eighth in 2015/16 and fourth in 2016/17

        Whereas Arsenal finished eighth in the last two seasons

    2. @gai
      If your comment that Klopp also didn’t win any trophy in his first 2 seasons is supposed to be a defense for Arsenal not making progress under Arteta, it is a really bad comparison.
      Right from the first week in charge, Klopp improved Liverpools position in the league, and it continued the following seasons. On top of that there were clear signs of a systematic change into a modern playing style, and finally he was already a manager with a very good CV.
      Comparing Arteta to him, will only show, how much we are lacking from the manager at the moment.

      1. @AndersS : Klopp was slightly better in his first two FULL seasons. Liverpool finished eighth in 2015/16 and fourth in 2016/17

        Whereas Arsenal finished eighth in the last two seasons

        1. Stick to the facts.
          When Klopp took over in October , Liverpool was 10’th. They finished the seson in 8’th. The following year, his first full season, they were 4’th.
          Big difference. Progress right from the start, mate.

  3. It’s a tough one cause there’s no guarantees with any manager, take a look at Utd. They have spent money, alot of it, infact well over a billion. Had what 4-5 managers in 6 years. Where are they? battling for 4th spot. So yeah we can say we need more money and a new manager but it guarantees absolutely nothing. Arteta is guilty of inexperience and nothing else. The club shouldn’t have put the promising coach in this situation but they did and we have to make the best of until otherwise.

    I read a story about Ralph Racgnick negotiations to join the club before wenger left. Turning us down because of the lack of ambition and giving Ozil a bumper deal. Shows really that’s 3 managers who didn’t rate him, but there you go.

    Then you look at Liverpool, they had terrible owners, worse than KSE driving them down to mid table. The in a perfect storm Fenway Sport group took over, Jurgen Klopp was available and was hired. It wasn’t all his way mind finishing 9th in his first season. But they had a squad full of sellable players at decent ages and low wages especially a 150m Coutinho. Who had the same effect on player purchases as when we sold Anelka.

    Football is all about money or timing these days. Unfortunately we have been unlucky on both accounts. I think alot has to still change at our club for us to become a success again. Both at first team level and director level. An interesting article from our new CCO the other day saying we were 157m behind utd in revenue a season. Just shows how far we’ve slipped in the last 12 years.

  4. I think we could be only 2-3 years away from competing for the title.
    I really like the youth strategy that was implemented in this summers transfer window.
    But even so, I don’t think Arteta is the right manager to fulfill the potential. We have to get a new manager. But I admit, like James has pointed out above, finding the right manager is a very difficult task.
    No alternative except to try and try again.

  5. The time frame of getting back to our glory days depends on so many factors. The quality of the manager, the quality of the players playing in the first team as well as the bench, the strength of the opposition teams and the determination level and mental toughness of the Arsenal players. That said, we must show signs of steady progress or else there will be a downward trend and other teams like WestHam are already doing well to stake a consistent claim to the top 4. They were in the Europa position last season and this season they are in the top 4 as of now. The League has become increasingly competitive now and there is no time and place for lethargic and easy going attitude players. There also has got to be a proper plan and definite style of play. Most importantly, there shouldnt be any negative style or negative mindset whilst playing, Arsenal is never known for that. If all the above is fulfilled, there is a realistic possibility of returning to the glory days provided there is stage by stage improvement and consistency levels rise.

  6. We will only return to the glory days when we have a manager who is tactically astute and who can man manage and improve the players. We all see how many players have regressed recently. As for the owners, who do not understand football as it is not their game, we need to see a ruthless streak from them. How many of us admire Roman Abramowich? Ambitious ruthless and pragmatic.

  7. Well, Mikel has rectified some major gaps left by the previous regimes – we have an established English GK, the first since our legend Seaman, LB, RB, central defense sorted out, MF with Ode & Sambi we have that too sorted out, ESR & Saka have been polished by Mikel, 9 of the 11 staring spots have been bolstered by Mikel in less than 18 months, wonderful indeed! This effort goes unrecognised by some of the Nay sayers. We need a lethal CF & a CDM and we are a complete team. Close the door on Auba, Laca, Pepe, Elneny, Holding, Chambers, Torrera, Bellerin, Leno.

    1. What we DO recognise, Loose Cannon, is a squad that has seen 12 new players, costing over £240,000,000 playing negative football.
      Everton showed the “advancement” we have made in the time MA has been in charge and how players have declined during that time.
      Tierney, Pepe, Partey, Aubameyang, Leno, Xaka, AMN are all shadows of the players they were and your prediction that we would be a top four side this season has, I see, been put back another year… while the “magician” tries to pull a rabbit out of his hat!!!

      The article states that the “grass is always greener” and for the last four seasons we have seen just how true that is.
      I have been patient with MA, but this garbage I’m watching (especially after the NL derby proved what the squad could do) is the worst I’ve seen in the past over two decades.

      Missed your input after the Everton game – perhaps you could explain that debacle?

      I’m sure you will be on JA if we beat Southampton, but your “wise” opinion when we lose, is sorely missed.

      How much more money do you think kronkie has to give MA, in order to beat the last two seasons 8th position?

      My prediction, no matter how much is spent, is another season out of europe… what’s yours?

    2. LC has made some fine points about the squad overhaul that started during the last transfer window.
      There is a clear plan in place and there are further changes to be made. Fluctuations in performance and results were almost inevitable given the limited squad depth and relative inexperience of the new players.
      Realistically Arsenal were always going to be outsiders for a top 4 spot this season. However, we are not out of it yet.
      We certainly need better performances against the better teams in the league through the rest of the season.

  8. Until the club rectify the glaring mistake they made in appointing a novice manager the glory days are a long way off and even if we did replace him it’s going to take a massive push to put right the mess Arteta as put us in .
    Hopefully it won’t take another 8th place finish to put this right .

  9. ……..I just don’t have the confidence in our manager……I still feel he is not good enough…..it would be idealistic if he was…..but let’s be pragmatic………………………….also it should not be in Arsenal’s DNA to park the bus…even if we know we gonna loose we don’t do that……..!

  10. Arteta is very good in putting a team together..that don’t mean he naturally makes a good enough manager…..and he did mismanage some players…….

  11. Most of us gave him his chances and had patient with him..we can also see what’s obvious….most of us can……!

  12. The problem we have Shenel, with saying “glory days” is that it means different things to different people. Some may argue- though I do not- that being in the top division for over 100 years consecutively, by itself constitutes “glory”, since no other club can match that achievement.

    Some would not even call it an achievement, though I do! So we are all on different pages and that is precisely why I am always so pedantic with language. I have always maintained that to be certain ofEXACTLY what subject you are talking about or what PRECISELY are your views and opinions, then correct and totally accurate language is a must.
    I obviously allow that those whose first language is not English have a disadvantage but natural English speakers OUGHT to define precisely what they mean or risk being misunderstood.
    So would you care to tell us all exactly what in your opinion constitutes “glory days”?
    Only THEN can we give an accurate opinion on what precisely your article is asking us!
    An article which asks us to comment on “glory days”, at the very least, OUGHT to define what they precisely mean!!

    1. She has clearly said about the glory days being those on which people talk of us as whether this team will be able to even trouble Arsenal or not. I guess you missed her clear definition and just came looking for a lecture?

      1. Sid, that is not a proper definition at all. It is meaningless, wishy washy, and whats more, most people , though not you, know it!
        Would you for example call our FA Cup final victory in 2019 followed a few weeks later by tht Community Shield win as “glory days”, or not?
        Some, at that time, did inded say they were back. Most including me, did not.
        So all have varying opinionsas to what glory days precisely means and THAT was my point, which YOU have spectacularly failed to see. Sigh”!

  13. I say next season, we’re going to to the quadruple and not lose a single game. Everyone is going to be singing our praises.

    The caveat being, I’ve had a drink or twelve tonight, so my optimism is somewhat skewed 🤪😜😋

    1. So essentially, you have come onhere to tell us you are close to being drunk. And left your most “intellectually stimulating post” at that. Interesting!

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