Why Aguero ban is good news for Arsenal

Arsenal may have gone into this first international break of the new season on a bit of a high, with a good attacking display earning the Gunners our first victory away to Watford and Arsene Wenger completing the two transfers that most us felt were needed but thought may not happen, but we are still playing catch up.

All three of our big rivals for the Premier League title have got off to the start we all hoped they wouldn’t, so Jose Mourinho at Manchester United is looking as smug as possible and Antonio Conte is looking well suited to Chelsea while Pep Guardiola has hit the ground running at Man City.

All Wenger and Arsenal can do for now is to keep winning, of course, but it would be a big boost if these three rivals dropped some points before too long. Our third league match after the break is against Chelsea and it is at home so we can do some damage there but hopefully there will be a bit less pressure on us by then and with Chelsea facing Swansea away and Liverpool at home before coming to us, there is a good chance of that.

With the two Manchester clubs facing each other in the first round of games after the internationals, however, we could really do with a draw and that is why I think that the ban almost certain to be given to Sergio Aguero could be great news for Arsenal.

Even though the derby is going to be at Old Trafford I would have put money on Pep and City to get one over on his old rival Mourinho and the expensive misfits of Man United. Without Aguero, though, I reckon that City will be much less adventurous and will first and foremost try to ensure they don’t lose.

I really hope I am right about this, because if the there is to be a winner from the derby clash then I would much rather it was City, even though I think they will be a bigger obstacle to Arsenal’s title hopes than United because I just can’t bear to see Mourinho winning.

Who do you think will be our biggest rivals this season?


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  1. Glad we now have a team we can realistically expect to stand up against anyone in the league without being intimidated and virtually defeated even before kick off.

  2. Why do we always care what other clubs do? I couldn’t give a rats arse about Manchester clubs, and if anything would have loved to see Pep/City wipe the floor with Mou and the rest of the arrogant Utd bunch. Having said that, we have absolutely no control of what other managers do with their clubs/players, and can only concentrate on ours. Hopefully all of our guys currently on international duties come back home healthy and fit, and let’s keep on winning our games. Up the Gunners!

  3. Top Scorers this season
    1. Giroud/Perez combined 35 goals
    2. Ibrahimovic 30 goals
    3. Aguero 25 goals
    4. Kane 23 goals
    5. Costa 20 goals

    1. Why are you combining Giroud and Perez like they’re one person? Other teams have second scorers who can score as well you know?

      1. Costa/Batshuayi 60 goals
      2. Ibrahimovic/Rooney 55 goals
      3. Aguero/Nolito 50 goals
      4. Giroud/Perez combined 35 goals
      5. Kane/Alli 35 goals

      1. @Twig
        That should read Giroud/Sanogo 35 goals. It looks as if Leeds United wanted to loan Sanogo but, AW blocked it hoping he would be back up for Olivier…Lol

      2. LOL
        Batshuayi at 40?
        Nolito at 25?
        Rooney at 25?

        Some of these guys aren’t even strikers, makes no sense.

  4. Man U look very strong, same man City and Chelsea. If we don’t start winning several games from NOW we are going to be of pace pretty soon. I’m confident though, we’ve signed some good players this summer.

  5. When all our epl title rivals meet I hope they share the spoils and when we meet them at home we conquer them then maybe get at least a draw away except for the case of liverpool which we now have to make sure we beat them when next we meet…if arsenal can do this and not unnecessarily give away points to non-rivals then its safe to say we can achieve what we all want this season.

  6. I’d rather Aguero was playing, it would have to be utd to benefit like this. Mour tries to win by the odd goal when against the big teams and he sets his team up to keep clean sheets as a priority. City might need Aguero to get them a draw, which would be the best result.

  7. I don’t xpect this team to stand up against every EPL team,Neither am I confident of winning all of them talk more winning the title cos we still don’t have a reliable striker… and will have to wait to see if Perez is the real deal. If he isn’t then it’s same old trash with Giroud.

    1. Hey man…don’t be so negative now – who knew Vardy or Mahrez would turn out to be ‘hot cakes’ b4 last season? Yes, I know Arsene Wenger can be an ass sometimes but one thing I also know is that the old man has got a good eye for quality even b4 they bloom…I’m confident Perez will come good!

      1. Since the era of Henry to van Persie to OG and now Perez, I’m sure only two there could enter that category of urs: Wenger has got good eye for quality.. The rest (Chamack and co.) were the opposite and wastage of time coz the EPL is still pending, 12 yrs and counting

      2. yea No1 knew Vardy which is why I’m giving Perez a chance but it’s a disadvantage in that if he doesn’t deliver we are stuck in the same old.
        ..would have made more sense if we added Sturridge probably on loan.
        now it’s Perez or nothing cos Welbeck is injured on a long term, chances of Akpom playing or Wenger benching Giroud for Akpom is Lil and we’ll Giroud is Giroud, wasteful as always.
        dnt you get it? the hope of our season rests on Perez delivering.
        I hope and pray it does, cos not even 2nd ll be good enough for us this season.
        ….and what is it with those fans that ‘dislike’ comments that say the obvious truth

  8. I’m feeling quite confident of our chances now we have a few new players and a thinned out squad.

    And we’ve been playing pretty well if a bit predictably at times..

  9. Another article dedictated to united and Jose. It’s like we hate them more than we love arsenal.

    A’s for who to support between city and united. No sane supporter should support city as it’s because of their money we have become an outsiders

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