Why Alexis is the perfect Arsenal role model for Oxlade-Chamberlain

I know that they are not exactly the same sort of player, but the Arsenal pair of Alexis Sanchez and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain do have quite a bit in common and Arsene Wenger has played them both on the left and right flanks, even though the young Englishman is a midfielder while the Chile international is really a striker first and foremost.

And with the Ox still learning and improving his game, I think that there is no better role model he could have at Arsenal than Alexis. Chamberlain has talking to Arsenal Player about his Chilean team mate and about how blown away he has been by the 25-year old, especially about how a player with such talent still works harder on his game than anyone else.

The Ox said, “Alexis is a brilliant player and he does stuff that really does surprise you and you think, ‘how has he got out of that one?’. And, like against Southampton, he’ll step up and put a free-kick in the top corner.

“To be fair, I knew he was going to do that because in the warm-up he had four in a row in front of a lot of fans. When he stood up to take the free-kick in the game I said to Kieran, ‘this is going in, you should have seen him in the warm-up’, and he put it top corner.

“It’s moments of brilliance like that [which show his quality] but at the same time he works harder than I think I’ve seen anyone work. He is so skilful but he also does the defensive work up front and sets the tone.”

And that tracking back is one of the things that Ox will hopefully copy off Alexis. Both players’ games are based on pace, power, dribbling and directness, but the Chilean also has another facet that it would be useful to rub off on his young team mate which the Arsenal keeper Wojciech Szczesny was telling to Arsenal.com about the other day, that desire and determination to win that seems to be embedded in a lot of South American players that have had to drag themselves up from the streets.

Szczesny said, ““He’s got a massive passion for football. Obviously every single little game you have [in training] everyone wants to win, but there are always a couple of players who are so passionate that they hate to lose and Alexis is one of them.

“If he is losing a game he wants to take the ball, dribble past everyone and score – and he does that pretty well sometimes!

“On top of that he is a very good footballer and has been a very good signing as well. I am sure there is more come from him.”

So the Ox needs to just keep watching and learning from Alexis and he will not go far wrong…

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    1. @NY, almost everyone at the club is praising him for his workrate and passion. Guys like Ozil need private lessons from Alexis. Ozil’s sluggishness can only be attributed to attitude and attitude can be changed.

      I just hope nothing would quench Alexis’ fire (like lazy teammates and a tactically inept coach).

  1. Arsenal especially against big
    teams have no confidence
    and end up playing the ball
    sideways and backwards.
    Ozil wilts under pressure the strikers come
    further back to get the ball and the whole team
    loses momentum. They call it
    “playing with the handbrake on” which
    really means we are sh#t useless against the big teams.

    1. @davidnz
      I said last season every so often put a long ball over the top, with our pace the top teams will not know how to play us. How many times have we been undone with the same tactics.

    2. So enter Sanchez.
      Sanchez brings indomitable
      belief in I can beat anyone
      any where philosophy something this
      team has lacked since the invincibles.
      Run pass dribble shoot tackle
      for the full 90. He releases the handbreak.
      Ox Gnabry Ramsey Wilshere Cazorla Walcott
      Wellbeck Campbell Sanogo even Ozil are desperate
      for some one to lead, to break the shackles
      to utilize their potential. There are risks of course
      but why not give the team the green light
      over the next few games?
      Sanchez can breath new life into this team.
      It comes down to attack or pass the ball to death?
      Will Sanchez spark the revival or be benched
      like Rosicky for attacking too much?

  2. Alexis sanchez is really a true gunner, and will only go from strength to strength for arsenal, he really gives it his all on the pitch for the arsenal cause, and also shows fight and commitment when on the field! Coyg!




  4. ____Welbeck
    OX Sanchez Walcott

    This will be too hot for most teams in the league to handle. Sadly, we’ll never see it.

  5. Alexis is a beast, great signing.
    and he loves the cub,
    and he is talneted.

    man what a player.

    They do have quite a bit in common, the first Four letters of their names hahahaha

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