Why Alexis Sanchez wage demands are GOOD news for Arsenal?

The fear for many Arsenal fans, after the delight we felt yesterday when Arsene Wenger broke the club’s transfer record to secure the signing of the prolific France international forward Alexandre Lacazette from Lyon, is that the club were just waiting for this to happen before allowing the so-called contract rebel Alexis Sanchez to leave.

It would make sense to be fair to Arsenal, as I am pretty sure that Lyon or any club we were trying to sign a striker from would have been able to negotiate harder if we had already lost the Chilean because they would know we are desperate.

Some people connected with Arsenal, however, think that signing Lacazette may actually help us to keep Alexis as it shows that the boss and the board mean business and I really hope this is true. That is why I think that The Mirror report claiming that Sanchez has issued a wage demand of a staggering £400,000 a week to sign a new deal is actually good news, in a way.

I do not expect Arsenal to pay that by the way but just the fact that he is talking to Arsenal about salary means he has not made up his mind to leave. The report also claims that we have actually offered £275,000 a week and although I have my doubts about that it suggests that Wenger is serious about keeping him and doing whatever it takes to make Arsenal a title winning team.

Do you think Alexis Sanchez will still be a Gunner next season?


  1. If there is any truth in the rumour he’s asking for £400k per week, it means one thing to me, he wants out of Arsenal.

    He knows, we know and Arsenal know we can’t pay that due to FA rules, he’s trying to manipulate the situation so Arsenal have to sell him without putting in a transfer request, just watch him go and sign for City for £300k per week, and pocket whatever bonuses are payable by Arsenal, which will probably laughingly include a loyalty bonus.

    If this is the case, I hope he breaks his fv#*ing leg in his first match.

    1. Mate, you are a disgrace to the gooner community…how odd fashioned can you be to pray for his leg to break the first time he touches the ball?..May God of @Sanchez7 cover him

    2. Is he even worth 400k? I see his agent and some other “well-wishers” of Arsenal saying how 400k means 20m more than what he makes, and that means 80m over 4 years, and a replacement will at least cost 50m+wages, that I agree with. But what they forget is Alexis did not made Arsenal what they are, Arsenal made Alexis, a bench warmer at Barca now considered among top 10 attacking players. Rather Arsenal failed with him to finish 5th. Even 300k is disruptive when you look how our wage structure pan out. He is no Suarez/Neymar/Bale caliber, forget Messi/Ronaldo

      1. Great Gunner, now I value Girud more than Alexis because the former loves my Arsenal FC
        “But what they forget is Alexis did not made Arsenal what they are, Arsenal made Alexis, a bench warmer at Barca now considered among top 10 attacking players” SPOT ON


      1. alexix wl stay know if he asked 400k that mean is his ready to talk seriously and bargain
        his salary about 290-300k not more if he insist then sale him and cash now and
        replacement may be found easly in the latin american country or brazil with a resonable and affordable price

    3. We could do the same if we swap Sanchez with Aguero both same age and same type of players so we lose nothing but gain a better goal scorer and player.

  2. If he is being serious about 400 k then the greedy mercenary should be frog marched out of the club.

    It’s a ridiculous sum of money and not on. Arsenal need to take a stand and show and example and show him the door.

  3. Alexis is an ambitious footballer with heart and passion. So we should do all possible ways to keep him in a fair manner. At the end club is always bigger than player. So all we can do is to do proper signings to convince him that we are really serious about winning trophies and make him stay. In a worst scenario if we cannot convince him better sell for the highest bidder and replace him with someone else. And that’s it.

    1. Better he be shown the door as early as posible if he does not want to sighn so that we get funds for lemar or mahrez. they can also help to rebuild the team even though he was good bt its not good to see him not sighning a contract upto now as we are about to start another season


  4. To be honest, I don’t even believe the claim that Sanchez is demanding 400K, I mean it’s just the Mirror reporting that and am not moved. All Arsenal needs is to offer him wages which make him the highest earner at Arsenal, and competitive enough at European level, show him how Mich we value him as a player and a family member at Arsenal, he is here to stay. Show him the ambition and sign one more big signing, that’s all. Again, we have to improve on this delayed contract negotiations with top players as a club. It’s unhealthy to have Ozil, Sanchez, Ox all gone into the last 12 months of their contracts, they have been obviously important for us and it squeezes us in a corner. Am 100% confident Sanchez is staying !!! This season seems promising ****COYG

    1. Well said. When the mirror reports transfer rumors everyone laughs and shrugs it off and says its only the mirror.
      When mirror reports Sanchez demands 400k per week they lose their minds because now the mirror is credible?
      I’ll wait for the truth it will come around soon enough.
      If it is true, then good luck in China my man adios. If its not true, then a lot of people fell for the okey doke and wind up by the mirror.
      My advice is trust nothing you hear and only half of what you see. Media more concerned with click bait than truth. After all, which will make them their precious money? Think

  5. If I were Wenger I would refuse to let him go. I would risk losing 50 million and leave him to finish his contract at Arsenal. He is now turning 29 years and is therefore not growing younger. By next summer he will be approaching 30 years and one can add that he will be past his prime. Therefore fewer teams may be willing to go after him then. He might in fact find himself in the Ozil situation currently.

    1. But he is prone to sulking and histrionics. We do not want that round the dressing room next season. If he wants out then let him go.

    2. Good idea, Wenger should keep him, play him a little bit and sub him the first, leaving him on the bench in some important matches, with his eyes on the World Cup next year he will regret being naughty while still under the same employers

  6. Theres no way hes demanding 400k. He would not get it anywhere in the world.

    Typical BS from the Mirror.

  7. If it is true he is taking the Micky. I agree the club should do there best players but we have standard and morals and paying him £400k a week goes against the clubs value. I say offer him £250,000 – £275,000 if he doesn’t like it then move him on. I like his heart, ambition and skill but don’t take the mick, he has a chance to be the king of north London or a bit player elsewhere. Make your choice alexis

  8. Let’s remember that it may not even be true. It’s a rumour that could have originated anywhere.

    Let’s hope Alexis isn’t that greedy. Holding Arsenal for ransom like that would be disgusting

  9. People really slating Sanchez over most probably a made up rumour. He’s been carrying the team on his back for the last few years, scores 30 last season, 16 assists, and this is the gratitude shown. Some of you should be ashamed! Let’s wait until the truth really comes out shall we, and in the mean time, show a little respect for what he’s done!

    In the mean time, why not have a pop at Ozil instead, because he’s way more of mercenary than Sanchez. At least Sanchez has a right to ask for big wages. It’s an absolute disgrace the wages Ozil is asking for. Only players that are consistent, and produce in the big games, have a right to ask for such money. Funny how people are turning a blind eye to Ozil’s demands.

    1. Ozil asking for around £200k a week. Not too much considering shirt sales, performances, chances created, plus was a groundbreaking transfer for us. Whats the point in breaking the record to sign players if you cant afford to keep them. Plus I get the feeling that Lacazette was signed with Ozil in mind.

      Apparently he was more concerned with the lack of knowledge around who would be managing next season.

      Sources say he is close to signing.

      1. I’ve read an article where Ozil is asking £350,000 per week. That’s kind of funny because it’s doomed to fail (if it’s true)

        £200,000 is more reasonable

  10. >>>The perfect replacement for Santi gotta be Jean Michael Seri. The guy is super amazing in the cm role and we can snap him up for 30milli & below. Y’all need to check him out cos goal.com just posted that Wenger is interested in him.

  11. What annoys me about this is that if this demand is true then clearly he wants out of Arsenal, and only £400k a week would keep him here. BUT this would also mean we would have to loose good players, probably Ozil. So he will only stay if we pay him a fortune and loose our best players, crippling the club. Why not just say ‘I want out’. The fans are annoyed either way. No one here is saying he is a bad or even average player. He is quality! But to be paid more than Ronaldo or Messi?

    You have to understand as well that Ronaldo and Messi have become synonymous with their clubs and do promotional work as the faces of Real and Barca, but Sanchez doesn’t. In this front he actually does the bare minimum.

    £275k a week is more than fair! It allows us to keep him on board, whilst still strengthening where necessary. If he doesn’t accept that I will not blame the board or Wenger. They have clearly tried, and have set a standard with the Lacazette contract.

  12. Honestly to me arsenal must learn how to play hard ball with player sometimes. Now doubt sanches is a fantastic and our best player but not at 400k.if he’s getting 400k he too must sign an undertaken that arsenal will be treble champion next season, champion league inclusive.

  13. He is more stating Arsenal have to sell him. Sell him to China or offer him 350 and be done with it.

  14. You can’t blame him at all. He has the talent to win major trophies. The Arsenal board’s inability to pay top wages and transfer fees over the recent years has made us a good team with an outside chance of major trophies. He owes Arsenal nothing. If we’ve offered 275 and he’s asking 400 we should come back with 325, if his team comes down to 375, we can meet in the middle at 350. Then concentrate on finding the rock in midfield that could tie the whole team together, along with Lemar or Mahrez. Maybe a centre back, but Holding looks like a future captain to me. And Mustafi hasn’t been given a chance in a back 3 properly.

  15. Alexis is a wonderful player however if he’s determined that the proverbial grass is greener in the likes of rainy manchester citeh then I see no reason we shouldn’t use the alexis fee to go back in for lemar and carvalho and we’l have lost little in the way of potency and defensive solidarity. Like most I honestly hope alexis stays but asking 400K a week – if true, is taking the…..

  16. At £400k a week (if it was ever true which it’s not) let home go and Wenger will put the difference and get Messi as long as we can afford his £€380 odd million buy out clause.

    I think he will go for what it’s worth.

  17. I do believe Alexis is trying to force the situation. 400k a week is excessive even for his considerable talents. What I’m wondering is: can The Arsenal afford to run out Sanchez’s contract and let him go on a free? With Sanchez in the fold and given our aggressive efforts in the transfer market so far wouldn’t we be favorites in the Europa League? Wouldn’t winning it and regaining entrance into the Champions League almost make up for the 50 mil we’d lose? I know it’s a risky proposition. Thoughts?

  18. I love Alexis. He is world class, a very dedicated and hard worker, bags of quality.
    But he isn’t bigger than Arsenal. So IF he is demanding that sum, shame on him. If he isn’t let’s hope he signs.

    Alexis will not be as loved at City or Bayern as he would be here. We also saved him from the Barcelona bench.

    I’m still keeping my fingers crossed because I badly want to see Alexis, Ozil, Mahrez and Lacazette play together

  19. Here is the irony – if you seen what I seen during 2017/18 season it was the poor performances front of goal from campaigners the likes of ramsey, theo and even ox that helped alexis consider other options. Some here may easily forget last seasons performances but aside from securing us the fa cup winner ramsey (et al) performances in the epl – was piss poor. Alexis had put in much more in the way of convincing shifts – compared to these his effort deserves applause compared to some of his team mates. For last seasons efforts he is deserving of an improved pay offer – though not 400K and for his passion alone I would even have a statue based on some of his 1 man shows.

  20. The press love to give arsenal constant stress and jibes to kick twitter off.
    What better time to try and whip up a frenzy when we’re in a high after signing lacazette.
    Sky and BBC are the sources I’ll listen to.

  21. I did not realise this story originated from the mirror, therefore that must be a lie, i do not really care if he stays are goes, an offer of 275 to my understanding is on the table, therefore he should say if he is going to take it or not and allow the club to move on with the rebuilding process.
    Arsenal must also sell him if his choice is not to stay, negative behaviours can not be tolerated no matter how talented a footballer you are and it also causes other individuals to behave in the same manner.

    1. Anyway, truth or not truth please Alex Sanchez stay put at arsenal, if not u might lose ur luck in football, think of others that left arsenal this way, how far? U can pay him 300k per week, but, if truly u want 400k per week then u really hate arsenal, then u can leave no problem.

  22. That is way too much for us to pay.If the rumour is true,then that means he wants out ,hence he shou be sold as sson as possible.

  23. he is not worth that amount,maybe he will use that as an excuse to quit arsenal

  24. Has Arsenal receive a formal offer yet for Sanchez? There has been interest and talk from a lot of clubs but I don’t think an offer has been made. Please correct me if I am wrong.

  25. If Alexis is demanding such outrageous wages per week, I think that man is nothing but a thief. He is the same individual with Diego Coasta. If he refuses the offer of 275k or 280k per week, Arsene Wenger should let him go. After all, when Van Persie left, Arsenal FC did not miss out of the Champions League, rather he was disgraced out of Man U later, even though he helped Man U get the Premiership title. Perhaps, if he goes we will have a window dressing, as a good player will be bought to replace him, and Arsenal will be better off, and ready to win the league. Truly, if he goes to Man City, he will not perform in such a manner he did with Arsenal FC, because he is not a natural Striker. And meanwhile, with his dribbling and overcarrying the ball, they will get him down and frustrate his moves in this new dispensation. Please Wenger, let Alexis go with his outrageous wages (400k per week)! Please, let him get out of our beloved club!

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