Why Amazing Arsenal team will never be matched

It seems a long time ago now that Arsene Wenger produced an Arsenal team with club legends like Vieira, Henry, Pires, Campbell, Ljungberg and Bergkamp, and led us to the Premier League title without losing a single EPL game. It is hard to believe that was the last time Arsenal were crowned champions, but as much as we have struggled to build another side that good, their achievement has never been matched by any of our Premier League rivals.

And despite the likes of Chelsea, Man City and now Man United spending ridiculous sums of money on transfer fees and wages, they never will. At least that is what the Man City star Yaya Toure has declared in an interview reported by the Evening Standard.

The Ivory Coast international was speaking after he was unable to help his Man City side lose their 100 percent EPL record and join Arsenal and Liverpool in losing at home to the West Ham side under the new management of Slaven Bilic. While the Hammers have played well and got their tactics spot on for these big away games, Toure thinks that is symptomatic of what can happen in the Premier League these days.

The massive TV money has led to all of the clubs in the league being able to spend big money and bring top quality players to England and that is why Toure says that no club will ever be able to repeat what the Arsenal invincibles did.

He said, “The Premier League is always improving and you see how the big clubs invest in players for a lot of money and this sequence in football – the Invincibles – it will never happen again in the Premier League.

“All the teams are spending money, buying big players. Like West Ham, even Leicester, Stoke spending on players from Barcelona. You can understand how the Premier League is so competitive because all the players want to come to England and want to improve, and want to play well. It’s difficult, the Premier League.”

It certainly is Yaya, but when you consider that Chelsea did not lose a game until December last year and then only three games, is it really believable that no team will ever match the Arsenal achievement?

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  1. So Arsene Wenger is separated from his wife after he broke a promise to leave football in 2013,I so wish he had left then our team would have moved forward by now!

    1. @65, a divorce is not the best of ideas……. But he Let his greedy quest for 8mil a yr (popularly known as his LOVE FOR ARSENAL) , his job security, his loyalty to kroenke, his 4th place champions league ambition get in the way!……This is the best of time for him to have been back home in strausborg living the dream with his family!…….

  2. Yeah that was a great team(Vieira, Henry, Pires, Campbell, Ljungberg and Bergkamp) and will most probably never be matched…
    But i still think that AW is stuck in the past in the PL – Times have changed – Clubs are spending like crazy and even the football has changed…You can no longer sit with most of the ball possession and easily win games..
    Man City invested big on De Bruyne and look it seems to be paying off, Man U took a chance and invested in a Teenager and that also seems to be paying off, Lower league teams are playing fast counter-attacking football..
    AW needs to move with the times of modern football to succeed.

    1. Wenger is 65 years old and stubborn he’ll never change his ways because you can’t teach an old dog new tricks

      1. Right, can’t help but bash this idiocracy!

        Never change?
        Is that why Wenger and Arsenal played more counter attacking football against Chelsea rather than keep possesion and press higher and higher up and eventually get caught out on a counter break? We lost because we gad fewer men on the pitch, when it was 11 v 11 we was still in the game and a win was still the target… Dean changed that though.

        What about him doesn’t change?

        Tactics? You mean how he changed from the 442 to 4231 and now occasionally throws in a 433 into the mix (2 B2B infront of holding CM).

        Transfers? Wenger doesn’t like to spend money part?
        Too stubern to change? He changed when Arsenal was moving stadium and he bought up a lot of ‘kids’ as he knew we wouldn’t be able to buy them once they have deceloped.
        Now he is happy to buy established players; Ozil then Alexis and lastly Cech in our last 3 summer transfer windows.

        Not spending a lot on a single player?
        Care to look at Shearers price when we bouth TH14? Only £4mil less and Shearer at the time was Englands most expencive transfer buy.
        Or how about how he still signed Nasri even though Nasri had just signed a contract extension? How he broke our own record prior to Gazidis joining to get Arshavin?

        I still remember the Graham times, I recall Wenger joining Arsenal without any grey in his hair! I have seen Wenger evolve our playstyle more than the moronic media has led gullable people to believe.

        Wenger was having to deal with players being sold when he didn’t want them sold, Nasri himself has confirmed this! The board told Nasri that he had been sold after Wenger had promised him he wouldn’t as Cesc was leaving.

        Show the evidence that Wenger doesn’t change and I will show you evidence to prove he does! Use evidence and not “well I read” or “I said”!

    2. With martial it is way to soon to sY that. I watched the United southampton game, and I give martial credit cause he’s got ice running through his veins he had 2 good finishes but my god was he garbage the rest of the time. And his 2 goals were both off mistakes by Southampton

      1. Yes it def is too soon to judge Martial…but atleast he managed to capitalizse on Saints errors…But point being – Utd took a chance even after already spending so much, AW too scared to take that chance even with cash at disposal.

    1. Also, I think Arsene’s wife is leaving him becuz she thinks he’s being greedy and seeming clueless. He’s not leaving, and he’s not fighting ambitiously to do his name any good by winning something big. He’s very relaxed and knows he cannot be sacked, the most required of him is 4th in the league. Would you leave if you were in his shoes??? Her husbands name is fast becoming synonymous to failure and he doesn’t care.

      1. Wenger has totally lost the plot our team will remain stagnate with him in charge,even now I still can’t believe we didn’t sign any outfield player!

    2. The owner is Silent Stan who likes to take money out the club for doing NOTHING, if Wenger went then do you think Silent Stan would get a manager in who wanted to spend £200mil in 1 transfer window?


      Silent Stan is a greedy mofo, he rents out his rapids team pitch DURING THE SEASON for a few extra mil a year, he tried to rent out our stadium more often but the courts ruled against it (luckily!).

      If Wenger has so much power in Arsenal then how come Nasri himself has confrimed that the board made a lier out of Wenger when Wenger said he wouldn’t sell Cesc and Nasri in the same year?

      How come we was buying 2nd rate players for around £10mil a year once Gazidis arrived at Arsenal up till the debts was paid off?

      Think of the type of players Wenger went for prior to Gazidis joining Arsenal FC.

      Pires, Overmars, Ljungberg, Vieira, Petit, Lauren, Anelka, Henry, Reyes, Dudu, Silva…

      Since Gazidis?
      Podolski, Giroud, Sonago, Gerviniho (we all know Hazard was the real target!) Santos, Squillaci, Chamackh, Park Chu Young…

      See a difference in quality?

      Wenger gets his wage because Silent Stan has set him targets and he achieved those targets.
      If Wenger goes against Silent Stan then it could cause a rift at the club IF he keeps his job, Silent Stan can easily end the contract and pay what-ever he needs to legally and then he will be able to hire a yes man manager who may not be good enough to get us UCL on such a consistant basis… Look at how BvB went when Klopp couldn’t buy as much and players was getting sold/lost to Bayern.

  3. Honestly, if we lose today, I will specially apply to Admin that I be given the whole day to clear my head by swearing all out. I hope Arsene knows how we feel about Tottenham and takes this game seriously. Some of us hate failure and losing.

    1. Demigods.

      Truly the biggest crime in football was selling off that team and breaking it up so we could help with early payments. Costa cheating doesn’t even come close to how the world got cheated out of witnessing the mighty Invincibles just when they were getting warmed up. If Dein had been there …we would have hid from the tax man.

  4. I used to believe that it would never be seen again in my time but then watched a good liverpool team, not great by any means, going the entire season losing only one game I think it was. Chelsea have come close before, ourselves of course have come close on other occasions. It’s a difficult one to say, maybe the closest anyone can or will come to it is by losing one or two games along the way. To go away to every ground especially your nearest challengers and to come away never to be beaten not even once is something special, also to not get bet once on your away days against bottom of table clubs fighting for their very existence on those cold wet days ..might likely never be seen again.

  5. Wenger should leave together with Per, Flamini, Arteta, Campbell, Giroud, Rosicky and Debuchy..

    Get Klopp…spend 300m and rebuild a new team to challenge

    we have the money and the resources…..

    lets spend some money and get things right

    1. I believe the reports are around the £200mil mark, not the £300mil mark.
      Silent Stan will not sanction that much being spent in 1 window, have a look at his other sports teams, I have and I can say with confidence that Wenger is keeping us up their as Silent Stan is looking for just another cash cow.

      Spending money doesn’t mean success, our invincibles didn’t have a lot spent on them the year they won it.

      Klopp has potential but not a guarentee, he would still have Silent Stan as his boss :'(

  6. what we need is

    Isco, Reus, Bender, Lewandoski and Varane…..

    Signing these 5 players will make us great again

    1. Try convincing Lewandoski to come to Arsenal now with our loss to the group minors and Bayern’s thrashing of Olympiacos away…

      1. Lewa or Muller was my option for long time now. Any of them deserve 50 mil (hell, even more) and a 200k/week salary.

  7. It wont be done in the Premier League again. Too many teams from the bottom are gradually getting better with alot more fight and no fear of playing big teams, home or away these days! Teams will always comes close but imo wont be done!

  8. Does a player like this ever go a game without scoring ????????………………. GREIZMANN


    And that was Beautiful…….real beauty ….. LEWANDOWSKI

    1. He is a joy to watch, hard worker and has talent, I wouldn’t say no to seeing him in the Red and White of Arsenal.

      I would like to see him on our right with Alexis on the left, Theo upfront and Ozil to unlock all that pace in the middle of the 3.

      He has a nice left foot on him ^.^

      Also he would be able to swap with Alexis or with Theo for parts of the game, a fluid front 3.

  9. i was reading the comments and passed 1 without reading the name. After i read the comment i knew it was hafiz…& when i checked it was…classic hafiz so high above the clouds…anyways morenho says he would buy every single arsenal player if he can while Eva left chelshitt for good. imo i would love it if she be gunner.

  10. i was reading the comments and passed 1 without reading the name. After i read the comment i got this feeling of hafizism …& when i checked it was…classic hafiz so high above the clouds…anyways morenho says he would buy every single arsenal player if he can while Eva left chelshitt for good. imo i would love it if she be gunner.

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