Why are Arsenal continually being linked to Nicholas Pepe?

All these Nicholas Pepe to Arsenal rumours have to stop by Martin

Nicholas Pepe will not be joining Arsenal this summer and all the rumours claiming that he will be, need to stop. Why is he not coming? I will tell you why, because we cannot afford him. It is that simple.

I just checked the BBC gossip page and bang smack in the middle of all the latest rumours is one from the Daily Mirror claiming that the Gunners face competition from Bayern Munich to sign £70m man.

£70 Million, are they serious?

That is just the fee, what about the wages, work it out, if we sign Pepe on a four year contract and he is on say £150k a week, which is probably the minimum for a £70 Million signing then we are talking a total of over £100 Million in transfer fees and wages, can you honestly see Stan Kroenke sanctioning that? I can’t.

Why do I think that? here are just a few reasons why.

18th January 201 The Guardian
Arsenal’s era of austerity is not over yet: Emery must make do and mend

10th January 2019 Football.London
Why can’t Arsenal sign anyone? The financial issues behind Unai Emery’s transfer woes

3rd January 2019 The Daily Mirror
Arsenal financial report reveals fans’ worst fears as transfer window opens

Those are just three examples, there are many more, just do a google search and the funny thing is this, the same authoritative news outlets will run a story shouting from the rooftops that Arsenal are set to spend tens of millions and then run a story saying that Arsenal cannot afford to bring in new signings.

The fact is this, no one truly knows the financial state of our beloved club, not really, all we have to go on is the track record of the owner and the headlines from the media and putting two and two together tells you, we are not spending £100 Million on a player this summer.



  1. Richard says:

    My thoughts exactly. I felt this even last summer when the rumours first started because with a very limited budget and several additions needed we aren’t spending 50 mill on anyone player in any position.

  2. Phil says:

    I don’t agree.We have funds available (reportedly £40-50m) But IF we get Champions League qualification for next season you can add £30-40m to the kitty immediately.vAnd Why does anyone believe Kronke won’t allow the lin to invest even more?I have a feeling we will (but will certainly not be holding my breath.Buying quality really does pay off.

    1. gotanidea says:

      I also believe there would be at least one marquee signing before the next season starts, because there will be several players leaving, which will free some parts of the wage budget

      1. Sergio says:

        No one knows what this £50m transfer budget is based on. Did the board include all of the upcoming player sales in this figure? Who knows?

  3. gotanidea says:

    Because he is French. I also don’t see him coming, because he might be out of our budget and he is not a big name player like Ozil/ Sanchez yet

    Most probably Arsenal would offer a huge salary package to Rabiot, because he could boost the shirt sales. But I wish they chase Thorgan Hazard or Florian Thauvin instead

  4. reddb10 says:

    Guys and girls I know we are not supposed to be promoting other sites but bbc sports has a poll going for the best overseas player to grace the PL.
    I think its our duty as Gooners to make sure its the king Thierry Henry
    Thanks for not deleting this admin:)

    1. Phil says:

      If you wanted to vote for the best overseas footballer at Arsenal you would not vote for Henry.You would vote for the finest footballer EVER to wear an Arsenal shirt and that is Dennis Bergkamp.

      1. reddb10 says:

        Bergkamp is not on their list though Phil

        1. Phil says:

          How is that possible?I bet it’s full of Mancs and Chavs.

          1. Sue says:

            Quite a few mancs surprise surprise

  5. Declan says:

    I don’t agree with the article. I believe rumours of only £40 million being available are pure B/S and possibley to stop sellers putting up the fee when they think we have loads a money (a la Harry Enfield). The writers last paragraph admits that no one knows the real amount we have but the Krankies spending record has not been bad here (apart from last window) and he certainly has spent a bundle on the Rams in the US. Let’s wait and see before doom mungering every transfer story.

    1. d says:

      Well considering the rumours of our £70m budget for the summer and our £0 budget for the winter turned out to be totally true, I don’t really see why there is any reason to assume that this figure isn’t correct.

    2. jon fox says:

      The Krankies eh Declan? A good Scottish comic double act but scarcely responsible for Kroenkes meanness, I would suggest. I had to laugh, being in the theatre world myself.

  6. Roshan says:

    I hope we get Pavon. Think Raul will use his contacts to get him over the line.
    If not also hoping we get Nkunku or Sarr. Think both will be good players.

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