Why are Arsenal fans picking on Raya and Nketiah? – The whole team was rubbish against Newcastle

Arsenal had hoped to extend their unbeaten streak, but in their game against Newcastle, different forces conspired to halt it, with the Magpies winning 1-0. Though most complaints were directed at the refereeing decisions of that game, various players were also blamed for their poor performance.

Eddie Nketiah and David Raya were two players that fell short of the expectations Arteta had for them. Raya’s performance was scrutinised in a game in which Newcastle won with a single goal. He failed to make a single save throughout the game, adding to the frustration of some Gooners.

Though it is unfair to say so, don’t you think if the Spaniard had been more attentive, he would have prevented Gordon from tapping the ball in? Imagine if he threw himself in front of the Newcastle man. That said, his initial positioning before the cross was played into the box was poor, identical to his positioning when Mudryk scored the other week.

Rewatching the goal, I believe he should have even caught the cross before it passed to Joelinton. He seemed to be all over the place. Do you think the outcome of the match would have been different if he had been at his best?

Eddie Nketiah, the talented striker who had just scored a hattrick the previous weekend, was also heavily scrutinized. He was expected to contribute in important moments as a forward, but he failed to register a single shot on target in this encounter. Fans were left wondering what had happened to Nketiah, who had been in such good form only last week.

Arsenal’s overall inefficient performance, both offensively and defensively, cannot be blamed solely on Raya and Nketiah’s problems. The loss was the result of the entire team’s not-so-good performance. Whether it was the inability to create chances up front or the defensive lapses, it was evident that Arsenal needed to elevate their game all over the pitch..

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  1. The “whole” team wasn’t rubbish.
    Rice & Sabila were superb, Saka & Martinelli were double marked more or less out of the game, but drew defenders, so not their fault that others underperformed.

    1. Spot on!

      Our attack was terrible, but our defending was brilliant. It was two teams sort of cancelling each other out with fantastic defending.

      We have a lot of fans on here who clearly have no idea what a quality defensive performance looks like.

      A draw was a fair result, and the only single reason we got nothing was because of dreadful officiating for a 4th domestic game in a row!

  2. Darren it’s a very simple answer and a very easy conclusion to come to.

    You get a player that’s consistently bad/off form/makes mistake and then you get players that have a once off bad game every now and then.

    Players that consistently underperform, like Havertz for eg, are more likely to be mentioned (or picked on as you say) than a player usually preforms but just had a bad day at the office…..even if they were both equally poor on that specific day.

  3. Darren, you need to have a look at yourself my friend.
    You take no notice of the players missing and how that affected the way we had to play.
    We were not bullied, despite the strong arm tactics used by Newcastle and we gave as good as we got.
    Indeed, if the referee had done his job properly, we would have come away with a point as a minimum.
    I believe that MA will have to sign a real goalscorer in January and revisit the goalkeeping situation and, when we have a fully fit squad, look again at Havertz.

    But to say the whole team was rubbish, shows a remarkable lack of intelligence regarding the game.

    1. Ridiculous comment, so you think Saliba and Rice were rubbish, really? You was quite obviously with Darren somewhere as neither of you appeared to have actually watched the game!

      1. I despair with some of our so called “fans” GB – the Newcastle players, who were interviewed at the end of the game, admitted how hard a game it was. but some “fans” seem to want to moan just because they can!!

      1. Yes Ken. Most of our players were fully committed to duels, although some drama could’ve been avoided

        1. I think it is necessary to vent the voice of words used in a publication before it is posted. The word “rubbish” isn’t comely and acceptable because it can fuel bias and reduce believe in our team. Arteta actually takes the larger share of the blame. Raya said in his interview that “they played to the coach instruction” in my opinion their play lacked creativity and penetrations. Sometimes they they don’t know what to do when our dynamic duo of Saka and Matinelli are not allowed to play by the opposition. Coaches in Epl are cracking Arsena’s tactics. The garffer needs to come up with a winning tactics even if it is pragmatic in some games just to get the needed points and result.

          1. I believe “rubbish” and “stupid” words are normal in England

            Postecoglou, Pochettino and Howe seemed to have found effective ways to counter Arteta’s tactics

            Arteta was smart enough to win twice against Man City this season after analyzing many defeats. I’m sure he can also change his tactics to play against Spuds, Chelsea and Newcastle next year

  4. I must have missed all the chances we created then? We are very dull team to watch and are obsessed with possession based football ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

    1. What you missed, was a depleted squad standing toe to toe, not being bullied, giving their all and being robbed by officials.
      Wake up and smell the coffee.

    1. Well, that’s an improvement on every player being rubbish Davey – I guess we will have to agree to disagree.

    2. You’re the delusional one to think we can just show up there and start breezing past them like they were invisible.

  5. Some times it is mind boggling to think we are watching the same game, base on the response from some pundits.

    But football has been like this for decades, I remember the legendary Alex Furgeston went on a ranting, claiming he didn’t know what match a certain pundit was watching after giving his analysis.

  6. Most of our season so far 2 players that can not be criticized are Rice and Saliba, football is about opening teams up and creating chances with quick incisive football which we seem to be unable to do and seem to value possession over everytyhing thus being very predictable and dull. Sorry if you can’t see what I’m seeing and can not admit to the obvious

  7. PGMOL needs help and fast, the expertise from the legendary Pierluigi collina would do the premier league a world of good

  8. We lost 1-0 away – with a contentious goal – and you’d think the world had come to an end.

    Disappointed- absolutely- but it was not a rubbish performance. I’m not saying it was great but it showed to me that beyond the first 11 we are short of sufficient quality to be effective when other such important players were missing through injury. That is obvious as Arteta doesn’t trust sufficient fringe players and I can see why.
    All players make mistakes and the stick that Raya and Havertz are getting could well end up being counterproductive – as in destroying what little confidence they have already. Arteta did a good job getting the fan base back after the previous toxicity and I for one don’t want a return to that. Those calling for a proper fox in the box are not wrong

  9. Simple answer mate ….
    It’s your body of work over time
    So Eddie’s been poor for years while Raya has made lots of error having only played what 9 games for us ?

  10. The Gunners who started and came off the bench and played in our lastaway Epl Newcaste game were not rubbish for Arsenal in the match. But had an average game perfor,ance in the match that is good enough to come away with at least a point if not a win from the matxh.
    But alas! The Pgmol match officiating referred in the match and his VAR counterparts noticeably were the rubbish un the match who rubbish Arsenal in the match who clandestinely denied Arsenal

  11. Raya played the best game for Arsenal so far. If people are saying Eddie was rubbish what about those who were supposed to feed him with balls.

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