Why are Arsenal fans still getting bans for ‘tragedy chanting’? – It’s disgusting

Three Arsenal fans banned for tragedy chanting at The Emirates

Arsenal have confirmed they’ve banned three Arsenal fans for tragedy chanting in our home clash against Liverpool on Sunday the 7th of January. The three Arsenal fans will face a three year ban from football after pleading guilty to a section five public order offence.

The club made an official statement on Arsenal.com saying this “We strongly condemn this abhorrent behaviour. We have worked closely with the police to ensure swift action was taken and we welcome the football banning orders handed out.”

We have a zero-tolerance approach to tragedy chanting and will always ensure strong action is taken against those found guilty of such behaviour.”

The club showing they have zero tolerance for such behaviour and making a swift and stern decision to ban the fans who were apart of such vile behaviour.

The comes after a Manchester United fan was also charged for the same offence in their clash with Liverpool in the FA Cup last weekend and another fan is being investigated from the Liverpool end as well.

It’s becoming all too common in modern day football and fans are taking things too far and crossing a line that should never be crossed. Clubs who have faced tragedies are nothing to be laughed at and unfortunately there are still fans out there that take rivalries too far.

It does seem like there’s always drink involved and of course that’s no excuse, and although some fans may find it harmless and all a part of “banter”, it’s definitely not. Lives were lost and families lost their loved ones. It’s tragic and these things shouldn’t be made fun of, this goes much deeper than football.

I’m glad Arsenal have condemned the behaviour and were quick to ban those involved. We shouldn’t still be having to deal with this type of stuff and hopefully as a club and fan base we can look to stamp out such acts.

Surely, in this day and age, people should be more aware of how hurtful some of these chants are?

Daisy Mae


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  1. It is long past time when low IQ morons who tragedy chant OUGHT to be properly punished for the hurt they cause.

    I hope they are imprisoned for a few months.

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