Why are Arsenal having such big problems replacing Mislintat?

More names thrown into the ring as Sven Mislintat’s successor by Martin

Arsenal has been looking for a new head of recruitment ever since Sven Mislintat departed at the beginning of February and today we can add two more names to the long list of potential successors.

According to some reports, Mislintat left his post after falling out with the director of football Raul Sanllehi.

Since then we have been linked with former Gunner Marc Overmars and Ramón Rodríguez Verdejo, commonly known as Monchi, neither of those worked out, Overmars stayed at Ajax and Monchi returned to his former club Sevilla.

Then there has been Luis Campos and by some accounts, he remains in the frame.

Now we can add former Barcelona sporting directors Robert Fernandez and Andoni Zubizarreta to the ever-growing list of candidates. Phew, this is a bit like Brexit, basically, no one has a clue who will be taking the job on.

I will be honest and admit that I have no idea who is best suited to the job, it does seem, in my opinion, that Sanllehi may be part of the problem, I have no concrete information to back that up, just my opinion.

I base that on the fact that we are a huge club, one of the richest on the planet playing in the richest league and yet former players, unemployed former sporting directors and those with smaller clubs just keep on turning us down, why the hell is that? what is going on that such a prestigious position is not being snapped up by all these experienced directors?

You can all draw your own conclusions, I certainly have done so and it is a bit depressing I must say.



    1. Arsenal have money and they are willing to spend it, but at the right time. Remember Lacazette and Aubameyang purchases last season, that ain’t no fluke

      The staffs have informed that they have to be prudent in spending the budget and only make a big purchase if there is a chance in buying a big name player

      The problem is when we compare Arsenal’s spending with the other big EPL clubs. Despite being one of the richest football clubs on the planet, they use their transfer budget with a big brake

      1. Very true. Remember the trash we brought in – Xhaka, Mustafi, Suarez (2 million fee), Elneney, Perez and more, Ozil’s contract renewal(not Ozil’s fault, he demanded, the club succumbed), and Mihki, Socrates, Danny Welbeck – no transfer value. Got to be careful with the money invested, unless he is proven quality and top notch, no money to gamble with un proven talent.And remember Emery wants to sign old players like Banega which further will be a conflict between the board and the coach.

  1. The funds available probably play a significant part, and the degree of influence.

    Just seems a bit amateurish to let Sven go and have nothing in place. Raul seems to have that in common with Ivan it seems.

    Anyway too bad about Overmars, would have been very nice.

  2. Lol… I made that known in some articles back, I believe Raul is the problem. Too many mistakes already early in his tenure. How tf do you sack someone valuable without already having a replacement down? So now I guess we have to keep trying Raul’s contacts till it all runs out, rubbish

      1. The mess started with Ivan joining us, repeatedly lied to us, did not cooperate with Arsene with regards to transfers, brought on board the three musketeers, one of which left for greener pastures, other fumbled on Ozil, Ramsey’s contracts,turned the fans on Arsene (great he left before the merry go round started)Raul may be good for cash rich clubs not professionally run clubs like AFC. Overall the club management is in a mess, would like Arsene to join back as DoF and restructure the club.And Emery and Arsene have the same football philosophy.

    1. I think the only wrong transfer in his tenure is just Lichtsteiner purchase

      Regarding Mislintat, he got a good offer from Bayern and it is better if he settles down in his own home country

      I wish Sanllehi’s ex-colleagues can join and bring more Barcelona players in

      1. Why the hell should we care if they’re not his ex-colleague? This man isn’t considering what we need before bringing in his man, he keeps trying to get his own contacts in. Shouldn’t this be about us getting in new and dependable men upstairs? Rather we have Raul trying to be a nepotist

        1. How have you concluded Raul sacked Mislintat yet most reports if not all, indicate Mislintat QUIT his job after being snubbed for the Technical Director role and having his transfer picks overlooked in favour of Emery’s? Raul would not be foolish enough to fire Mislintat without thibking of a replacement first…assuming he even has the authority to fire the Head of Recruitment.

          1. I read your view and correct me if am wrong but who could make Emery’s transfer pick first choice could that person be Raul hence forcing Mistlintat to leave.

            1. We know too little about what exactly went on or what goes on for us to be certain of anything. It’s one thing having suspicions, or an inkling, but it’s another thing altogether when you make final judgement’s and play the blame game before calling for heads to roll. Mislintat, I really liked him, but the fact is, he’s had issues with people he’s supposed to bond with and work with before he joined us, and we don’t know the entire story. Raul is a people person, I’m sure he would’ve tried to resolve it as best he can, but if the head talent spotter and the head coach are not seeing eye to eye, is it really wise to give the head talent spotter more authority and basically cut the manager off at the knees. They need to work together, Mislintat and Emery should’ve found some common ground, without that it then backs Raul into a corner.

  3. I really don’t get this overreaction and over hyperventilating about Mislintat. The guy was here for less than a minute but we have fans already overdoing their emotions.
    I am not here to say he is not a good director of football but my god, the over the top “We are going to be relegated kind of thing”

    Reminds me of a certain highest payed player in our squad. Got fans talking about “But but he is the only world class player in our team and if we lose him we will become a midtable club bordering on relegation.” We’re all gonna die because so and so has left OR so and so looks like they might leave” This kind of thing.

    Before these people came to Arsenal, what were we doing and were were we in world standing?

    I just find this sort of overreation over everything to be a bit cringeworthy, that’s all.

    The only person that should make everyone feel like that is our Silent Mute “Stan”. Everyone can be replaced as ling as you have a good club owner.

  4. Why the hell should we care if they’re not his ex-colleague? This man isn’t considering what we need before bringing in his man, he keeps trying to get his own contacts in. Shouldn’t this be about us getting in new and dependable men upstairs? Rather we have Raul trying to be a nepotist

  5. What surprises me is how an owner like Kroenke is allowed to leave Mislintat the club because he already showed us how to bring in more valuable players with a very very limited budget. Look at the signings he made and how they are performing now. Torreira, Leno, Gendouzi all are on fire and proved that all are much worth than what we paid for them. Compared to big signings like Allison, Kepa what we paid for Leon is peanuts and the performance is either same or slightly higher. Same applicable to the both of others. Still we allowed him to resign and searching for. It’s a shame a club like Arsenal is rejected by average sort of sporting directors for a mid size clubs of lower leagues. Pathetic

    1. That’s the part I don’t get, it looks like Mislintat was a success with his Dortmund connections and then finding us some value with a small budget. GK, CDM, CB, those are three big positions to fill and he found us some value. Aubameyang, added even though we had Lacazette, we paid a fair fee but with his track record and the prices that other players were going for, it was a great piece of business. I believe both Mislintat and Emery could’ve done more to make it work, but there is a chance that it could be that Raul didn’t do enough to the iron problems out. It’s a waste that the three of them didn’t work much harder for the good of the club, this is why you want people up at the top who have a love for the club.

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