Why are Arsenal letting Guendouzi leave so cheaply?

Why Have We Let Guendouzi Leave for 3 million When We Need Money? by Dan

Organizing the Euro 2020 predictions competition meant that I could stay away as much as possible from ridiculous transfer speculation.

A tradition where every summer I question the club’s lack of ambition and end up debating with a reader because they believe unrealistic rumours.

It’s not helped by the occasional person who pretends they have contacts for the sake of views, which is translation for; they read something on a website and are now acting like it’s their own source.

The conclusion is that we start the season not having the net spend of the teams who finished above us.

I’m then called negative for not agreeing that a squad who finished 8th can suddenly compete with a Man City who have spent more.

The one thing you could always say about Arsenal is based purely on a business; we are very well run.

Yet, that can now be questioned with the news that Guendouzi has been loaned to Marseille (Saliba is equally expected to be loaned to the same club).

Frozen out by Arteta, Guendouzi was a resource we were relying on bringing in some money from.

The Gunners are in a unique situation. The Pandemic has robbed sides of match-day revenue for over a year. Making it the most inconvenient time for us not to have any European income to rely on.

So in a period where most owners would prefer to only spend if needed, we have to improve one of our worst squads in the Premiership era.

I feel sorry for the Kroenke Family. It’s like the boy who cried wolf in terms of this being a window where they have genuine restrictions on their spending, yet fans have heard years of excuses they won’t tolerate any more.

At 73, our American owner isn’t going to suddenly change an ethos which has made him a Billionaire. He’s not going to suddenly change principles based on customers in a different country to him holding small protests.

He’s not going to care now when he hasn’t in over a decade.

What is an option is to make money?

That’s why I’m disappointed that a youngster who once had a huge reputation hasn’t recouped a transfer fee.

We will get 3 million as a loan fee with certain criteria depending on Marseille buying the 22-year-old for 12 million.

There is zero obligation for a permanent deal and even if there was, we need money now!

One of the myths about Arsene Wenger was he was responsible for our failure to recoup decent amounts for talent compared to say Liverpool.

Liverpool got approx. 20 million for the likes of Solanke and Jordan Ibe.

The Frenchman has been gone for 3 years now and it remains a department we need to be more aggressive in.

We simply should quote the value of the midfielder and if potential buyers disagree then you end negotiations.

Instead clubs aware of Arsenal’s need for money seem to be playing poker and we haven’t been brave enough to call their bluff.

There is every chance that the players reputation of attitude problems has put off suitors, but our manager hasn’t helped the situation.

I agreed with Arteta’s stance that a young man’s first response to a defeat being to boast about his salary, is not the kind of personality we want, especially if he can’t then apologise.

Yet the Spaniard showed his cards by making it obvious there was no way back for the Frenchman.

Even when subs were increased as part of project restart, the player couldn’t make the bench at the expense of Matt Smith!

He and Ozil were famously banned from Wembley and not being allowed to celebrate our FA Cup win.

The insistence that last preseason was a fresh start for everyone was a lie.

A more experienced coach maybe would at least say the right things to stop a players valuation dwindling.

By making it so apparent you have washed your hands of a talent, suitors will low ball you.

The issue being that this situation is not a one off. Players on huge wages were not even registered in squads, quite literally paid to sit at home. We ended up paying people to rip up their contracts.

That will only increase the need for Arteta to start the next campaign well.

Part of his job is to get the best out of the resources he has. At Man City that was his strength, his ability on the training pitch to teach players on a 1-1 basis.

At the Emirates he’s too quick to write off individuals. He sees something he doesn’t like; he simply discards them.

An employer (understandably) won’t keep tolerating that. They are paying you a lot of money to work with the tools you got. There’s only so many players they will lose value on.

In his first year in English Football, there was talk that Europe’s finest were keeping an eye on Guendouzi. He was viewed as a player who had a lot of resale value.

He has to take responsibility for his career stagnating.

At Lorient and Hertha Berlin the summary was the same. Work rate was not in doubt but off the pitch immature with a refusal to reflect.

His social media post saying goodbye to Gooners showed perhaps he’s learnt lessons after previous ones had hints of cheap shots about them.

The fact he’s bidding farewell indicates he’s been told Marseille are viewing this long term as a transfer.

He’s still good enough to make us regret not all parties finding a compromise. I certainly wouldn’t be shocked if in the future we are scratching our heads at 15 million.

At the moment we get 3 million to get a player off the wage bill. Meanwhile Man United are buying Sancho!

So why when we need money now, have we let a resource leave for just 3 million?

Simple. The priority remains finding value over making us a better Football team.

Kroenke sets the criteria for the wage bill to be slashed.

He will look at it as simple as; not having to pay someone 4,000 pound a week while having 3 million to put in the bank.

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  1. Arsenal should keep Matteo for at least one season if they want to sell him after gaining market value and should keep him at Arsenal and also play him regularly to gain market value

  2. You calling out Kroenke for his focus on money. Yet your article is focused solely on the same…Hypocrite much. 🤔

    1. Only difference is I guess is I don’t own Arsenal ?
      So I don’t have the responsibility of fixing the teams decline

  3. Supply and demand. Had Guendouzi been sought-after like Ben White, we could’ve asked for more money

    The clubs must’ve used statistics and analytics to evaluate their targets, instead of relying on the hype and the videos only. I suspect Guendouzi hasn’t reached some criterias or numbers

    1. Captain Obvious statements aside, I dare anyone to tell me one club, at any level and in any League, who has managed the transfer window process worse than our club, since David Dein left North London

        1. understatement of the year, considering the utter incompetence displayed by this club for the better part of 15 years…I would suggest you’re being a tad too kind SueP, which is quite an indictment on our once-beloved organization since you did use the word poor in your response…unfortunately I can’t see this narrative changing anytime soon, especially under our current fledgling administrative wing

          1. not taking a dig at you, SueP, just accentuating my point…sorry if it appeared to suggest otherwise

      1. Fulham spent more than 150+ M for new players in 2018 and got relegated

        Chelsea bought super expensive flops like Crespo, Mutu, Shevchenko, Torres, Batshuayi, Morata, Bakayoko, Drinkwater, Ziyech and Kepa. I highly doubt Abramovich will ever make profit from Chelsea

      2. TRVL
        The transfer window ends at end of August. How do you know how we’ll end up?

        1. No team should have been more active than us early days, whether that was outgoing or incoming…all that empty chatter about a definitive plan and some sort of common sense revolution, when it came to football-related decisions, then feathers for a month…even if we managed to pay over the number for White, purchased a back-up LB, who’s a bit of a project, according to many in the know, acquired a young Belgian midfielder, who’s far from a finished product, and sold Guendo for a fraction of his perceived value, this would still mean that Lucas, Xhaka, Laca, Eddie, Reiss, Kols, Willian, Bellerin, AMN and Willock were still on the books, which would be an untenable situation come a month from now, and we still haven’t addressed our main positional needs…you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that the chances of accomplishing this myriad of tasks in the allotted time, considering our sloth-like pace, is slim to none…suggesting otherwise would be akin to completely disregarding almost everything we have ever witnessed since Dein’s departure…not to mention the built-in excuse that invariably comes when one waits until the 11th hour to make any definitive moves, which has happened far too often at this club for my liking

      3. TRVL, exactly right. Since David Dein left the financial and player asset management for a Club of Arsenal’s size has been abysmal.

    2. Also, European clubs have suffered more than the PL clubs financially. They don’t have a lot of money to spend. I would be surprised if we see the top European clubs splash the cash in the same way they did pre-covid.

      If we can’t get a European club to spend the cash on Geundouzie, why not recover 3 million? What’s the point to keep him around the squad in London knowing he would not be part of the manager’s plans, whilst his value would go down on account of him not playing regularly and his contract running down slowly?

  4. Once again, the “Self Sustaining Mode” working perfectly – NOT !

    I believe we have only profited on the sale of approx’ 6 players in the last ten years (and that at relatively small margins;

    J Campbell + 0.5M
    Chamakh + 1.1M
    Ollie G + 4.5M
    Bielik + 5.4M
    Martinez + 14.3M
    Ox + 21.8M

    Broke even on;

    Eisfeld 0.7M net profit 0
    Jenkinson 1.0M net profit 0

    But hey, we are the “perfectly run business” !

    I believe the edict handed down from above contained a player demographic instruction.

    Identify “the stars of tomorrow (young)” which we can develop and increase their value, thus increasing our asset base.

    Laudable, but how long to get them up to speed ?

    They will have to hit the ground running.


    White for instance – yes, Prem’ fresh ready to go.

    But with our track record can we turn the guy into an £80M player !? (if we do indeed lay out circa 50M to begin with).

    I will welcome this signing if it happens – but other priorities ??

          1. Hi Guys.

            Perhaps a very poorly worded original comment by me.

            The window I cite takes in the last 10 years – by both arrival & departure.

            Alex Iwobi, Theo Walcott and Robin van Persie all made the club profit – but they arrived BEFORE the 10 year window so have not been included.

            Apologies for my poor explanation re’ the list.

  5. Another article should be
    Why does is their double standard here
    Most comments are deleted yet far worse ones are left in the comments section
    There are a certain group including the so called admin who think they know better than others when in reality most of their comments are d@ft and lacks intelligence

    1. “A certain group”

      Maybe another article should be outlining why I don’t allow swearing, insults or abuse on my website. And why I don’t encourage “hate” in any way.

      Then….. Maybe another article on why I ban people who constantly break my rules?

      Over to you…..

      1. What did you do when Wenger and Ozil got abused daily? Where was your moral high ground then?

            1. You think what you like.
              I havee high standards and my readers keep coming back because i DON’T accept trolls, idiots, people who swear a lot or personal abuse. If you are any of them I dont want you on my website.
              We are here for intelligent discussion about Arsenal, not a school playground.
              My website, my rules.

  6. Arteta could have made a truce with Guendouzi. Watching Gareth Southgate with his arms around his England players says it all. Yet he still made strong decisions. Being human. Seeing the humility of Gareth Southgate shows what we need, whoever is in charge. Shame because Matteo is a good player and worth a lot more.

    1. Sean
      Maybe he did or didn’t offer the olive branch, who knows what goes on behind closed doors.
      He is certainly a good player with bags of potential but as a manager in or out.of football you make a decision and stick with it.
      We have had to many players over the years with potential who amble along never fulfilling there potential I even crack the joke that theo has potential and he is 30 plus
      Hopefully we overhaul our midfield in the coming weeks and we all move on
      We must be one if not the worst clubs in transfer negotiation for buying and selling players and I dont mean just in the last 2 or 3 seasons but for the past 30 years. Some really.over inflated prices paid and under valued players sold off.
      Not just Silent stan but also his predecessor have been culpable of this

    2. If he’s ‘worth a lot more’ why hasn’t a single club offered even a little more? This article is, as most are on here, agenda-driven. The agenda is to pontificate on how badly Arteta is doing. This leads to clicks and clicks – ultimately, lead to money. Good luck to you but don’t be thinking of yourself as a journalist or football writer, because you’re not, what you are, is a parasite.

  7. Because he may have talent, but in the end is bang average. If he would be such a great prospect some big clubs would have been in for him. On top, what you write is nonsense. We finished 8th for a million reasons but have shown that we can compete with City. We have been the second best team for the last 24 games (which are two thirds of the season). As a fan you really should support the club more and spread less negativity.

    1. If we can compete with City why we finish 8th ?
      the statement is ludicrous to be clear.
      City is in another planet comparing to Arsenal.
      Here is a little wager for you:
      We will finish next season 20 points below CIty
      Let me know what you can afford to loose.

    2. Hi theghostinside
      It doesn’t work that way, you can pick only a part of the season and then decide who good you were. You need to count the whole 38 games, end the end result is 8th.
      Emery also had a 22 undefeated record at one stage, at that count for nothing. I remember last season and our record and the way we played, with team selections, subs and game tactics, and player management was a good indication how poor MA was. How long it took MA to get simply things right.

  8. I think there could be a couple of other scenarios. Potentially, Arteta does see something in him and is hoping he will develop and mature before bringing him back OR Arsenal are aware that because Arteta doesn’t want him, he will have a fantastic season somewhere on loan and be able to get a sizeable sum for him in the future.
    Either way, money off the wage bill and a small injection is all something that can be used towards a newer resource (and let’s not forget the extra revenue from shirt sales and merchandise that new players bring in).

  9. If i say my mind about how arteta has been reducing the values of our players&club,i will be attacked by eddie,grandad,jon fox&the likes&the admin might even delete my comment or ban me,so i hold my peace

    1. Matthew stand your ground as long as you have facts, its only arrogance that will try and urge facts

      1. But Matthew does NOT have facts MARTIN!

        What he DOES have is an immature and irrational urge to criticise everything the manager of HIS club – and he describes himself as a SUPPORTER, not merely a fan, which I for one consider laughably wrong – ever does.

        IF he could ever provide any true facts in place of pure personal bias against MA , I would not then call him out for thr immature child/ man he is!
        I prefer astute and thinking analysis to unthinking biased rants by mere ” children” such as MATTHEW!!

        1. Hi Jon Fox
          Immature, arrogance, childish, sound more like when an adult who call another adult a child, or couldn’t recognise when a coach is bad, even when there is hundred reason to proof it.

          1. Martin
            Everyone is entitled to there opinons and especially on here. We might not agree with what we read all the time and express our own opinons but that doesn’t mean it is an attack on the individual.
            Problem with players and there valuation is they are a commodity.
            MA at present is doing no different then past manager we have had in recent years.
            If you are doing well and winning things then the infrastructure of that club and that includes players are worth more. Problem we have is we havent been doing well for over a decade.
            The days of players like Anelka and co where we bought cheap and sold high are gone
            We have been asset stripping our club for many a year now and replacing with inadequate substandard replacement
            Time has caught up with us and we need to build from the ground up again rather than top down
            Say as you feel my friend on here. Its only words and opinions
            Onwards and upwards

          2. I’ll give you facts

            1- Two 8th place finishes under Arteta

            2- out of Europe for the first time in 26 years

            3-some of the worst football I’ve witnessed as a fan since 1988

            4- top quality players bought in (Willian ,Partey) and turned into average signings

            5- Auba was on fire and topped the goal scoring charts for 2 years ,Arteta Comes in and he turns into Iwobi now fans want him sold .

            6-we was told before the season finished that we had identified our transfer targets for the upcoming season ,1 week before pre season and we are scrambling around looking at basemant bargains once again .

            7- even a 10 year old can see how this season will pan out ,you don’t have to be retired and a slow thinker to see that .

          3. @DanKit
            Facts are worthless when trying to debate someone fueled by emotions.

            It has been a massive failure on the part of management regarding players. Edu and Arteta both share that responsibility.

            Ceballos was a complete disaster for TWO seasons, could Torreira really have done worse than him or Elneny?

            Club paid Partey’s release clause, did not have to loan Torreria.

            Arteta convinced Xhaka to stay, could we have gotten more last Summer if he was sold?

            Most likely have to pay over the top wages to convince top players to join.

            Wish they would bring in a more experienced hand with transfers, I feel that the workload is too much for Arteta. A manager in training burdened with transfer decisions, youth development, loans, appears to be too much based on results.

            Even the mighty Wenger was spread thin, and I think it hampered the results on the pitch.

            What chance does Arteta have. Poor job by ownership, taking the cheap route again, and unsurprisingly suffering the consequences.

  10. Some of us have been saying for a while, we have an inexperienced Manager, an inexperienced director of football (or whatever he is) Edu and and owner and board that are not from a football background. Our Manager is showing he hasn’t a plan or a clue and so is Edu. We are ostracising young players, blanking them and putting all our faith in cheap “experienced” players from all over Europe. For me all i can see is a recipe for disaster. Gouendouzi, Saliba, Willock and Nelson should not be anywhere but Arsenal this season. They are all young, talented and we know what we could get out of them if coached properly. We haven’t a clue over some of the names being mentioned coming in to replace them. I have little or no faith in what is happening at our once great club, it is a disgrace how we are being run and drifting without a reliable coach or Director of football, who clearly have no idea what is needed. If we were serious, things would be sorted by now and we should be seeing the plan, we aren’t!

    1. 👍 The future is a concern, looking at Arsenal’s current position and state of affairs.

    2. No Alanball08

      The current manager is doing much worst that past managers, that is as clear as day light. I note that same of our fans already give you proof, I don’t know why we have to, because it is common knowledge unless you are blind.

  11. I think partly because of the world pandemic, but mainly due to Arteta. I am still waiting for Xhaka apology, and I am not sure if Tierney apologised after the Leeds game. Look at Kane who once step on Holding in our goal posts, al what was said after the game is that the ref didn’t see it, nobody said a thing afterwards. Look at Kane still diving and cheating England into the Euros finals, but he is a hero, but I guess all are not equal. I say it a year ago, Matteo is a great prospect and will develop in a great play, and I predicted that he will lift the next WC with France. And I predict now that this sale will came and bit us, just like the Martinez sale is already biting us.

  12. If Marseille take up their option to buy we will make a profit on Guendouzi, unlike the losses sustained or about to emerge on the !likes of Mustafi, Sokratis,Ozil, Kolasinac,Torrerria and Xhaka.To be fair to our current Manager he was not responsible for these losses which are down to Managers of considerable experience, yet he is the guy who is being continually crucified by a certain group who have an insatiable dislike for the man.Guendouzi, is not a great footballer , and never will.He is basically an arrogant man who has now fallen out with three different Club Managers, yet one of these Managers is the bad guy who is responsible for a “perceived” collapse in the value of a player who did not set the heather on fire whilst on loan last season.Nobody who contribute s to this site is in a position to know what exactly has gone on behind closed doors between the parties concerned yet Arteta has been found guilty because the transfer market has had to adjust in the light of the economic impact of the pandemic.If Guendouzi was a very good player like, Tierney, Saka and ESR top Clubs would have been genuinely interested.The fact that they have not come calling says it all.

    1. Grandad, your mature and clear thinking post perfectly illustrates the clear divide JA has on MA.

      On one hand the mere unthinking biased children and on the other hand those who think, can rationally analyse and who totally reject the constant nonsense written by these pathetic “children” against MA(and Edu).

      1. I’ll be happy to sing about Edu’s praise in the future, if you list out for his achievements at Arsenal or his previous employers, please.

        Only hard, cold facts and not your assumptions, please.

          1. I take it that you meant “INVINCIBLE”.

            I know what the credential are for Edu, the player, which he is not anymore. I’m asking for his non-footballing achievements.

      2. Martin lad, fyi, I am aged 70 and have a long lifetime of experience and a keen and analytical brain You are very young I suspect and know little of how the world works.

        Moreover, I began attending Arsenal matches in 1958 and have seen many managers, players and even owners come and go. I have a far better perspective on life in our club than you at your relatively junior age can possibly hope to have.

        I will say no more, as it is pointless talking to somone like you who understands so little of how our club is run or of how business life in a club of our size functions. As your posts prove so clearly.

    2. Hi Granddad
      Let me help you a bite, Matteo is a good play and here are the facts
      – He was an Arsenal first pick at 18
      – Is the current France 21u Captain
      – Got his France senior call-up at 20, remember France are the current WC’s
      – Arsenal sign him at 18 as a first team player
      – A lot of big clubs did look at him before the pandemic
      – He just sign for a team that is going to play in the Europa cup
      – Other Europa club wanted to sign now
      Due to pandemic a lot of clubs can’t do business for Matteo, now here it comes: the big fact is that the Arteta don’t what him so Arsenal have NO POWER to negotiate a better prize so the lost in Value here is in front of the door of MA, now if that is no clear, don’t know?

      1. VasC
        Should have done a spell check 🙄
        But glad you understood
        Hey..part of the Brazil set up but in terms of domestic . Zero
        Wouldn’t have been my first choice and that goes for Arteta as well but we are where we are and until he is sacked of leaves then I will back him as he is the manager of the club I love and follow
        Ever one is firing shots at these two because they are the faces of the club
        The problem goes deeper then these two and has been for years before
        DAN KITT can’t but help keep firing his areta out bullets which isn’t going to solve the problem. Arteta out and the management will then bring in another novice. Sub standard manage as its on the cheap.

        Top 4 spot by Jan and I am coming for Mr Kitt £100 which he will donate to a charity of my choice which will be macmillan

        1. I know you’d say Brazil set-up.

          I’ll expand on that.

          From 2016 to 2019, he was the general coordinator of the Brazilian national team.

          In 2016, Brazil exited the Copa America in group stages.
          In 2018, Brazil was knocked out in QF in World Cup.

          What kind of lessons he learned for an European club management with a South American national team set-up?

          1. not sure of the relevance you are trying to make here regarding Edu being general manger of Brazil.
            he wasnt the manager.. tite was and whilst they got knocked out in 16 and 18 he was signed up until 2022.
            Brazil don’t appoint any old person to help run the national team. i believe they have some knowledge and experience on getting things right.

        2. I’m NOT in support of #ArtetaOut. Let him work for the entire duration of his contract.

          I just want him to be kicked out of the decision making table onto the training pitch. Let him work things with the squad to make them better, which he must be good, as a few ManC players credited him for their development during his tenure there.

          Let someone else handle the player management department.

          BTW, he was never the general manager of the Brazil national set-up. If you’ve paid close attention to my comment, it was “general CO-ORDINATOR”.

          If he had some knowledge and experience on getting things right, as you believed, the Brazil national team wouldn’t have crashed out in the group stages of Copa in 2016 and exited the World Cup QF in 2018.

          What kind of club appoint an unproven “general co-ordinator” as their technical director when the club is in a downward spiral?

    3. “Nobody who contribute s to this site is in a position to know what exactly has gone on behind closed doors between the parties concerned yet Arteta has been found guilty”

      Neither do you and those who crucify Guendouzi just because they have insatiable dislike for the man.

      Perhaps he might have refused to apologise because there was nothing to apologise for? What he did at Brighton was fighting for the badge and his teammates.

      You are correct no one knows what happened behind the scene including you. The coach has power to remove player from the team even if the coach is in the wrong. Up to today we don’t know why Ozil was removed. It is not like it has happened to Guendouzi only.

      The coach would have been justified in his decisions if he gave good results but he has the worst record in living memory. He is deservedly disliked and criticised by the majority of the fans.

      1. @Highbury Hero

        Liked the way you played with the “behind closed doors” ball.

        @grandad & @jon fox

        How do you expect the fans to react towards a manager & technical director when the team, under their regime, fails to qualify for a third rated European Conference Cup after playing consistently in Europe for the past 25 years before that.? Also, for under-developing the youngsters like AMN, Nelson, Willock and Nketiah? Can you justify when players, who have featured very heavily in the previous two seasons, were left out after stating “every player in the squad starts with a clean slate going into the new season”? How do you expect the duo to be branded after signing the PL-proven, ambitious, not-so-young Brazilian attacking talent on a three year contract who scored his first goal at the end of the season?

    4. Agree Grandad. Every word
      If MG was really worth it there would be an auction for his services

      1. We won the race to sign a UCL-pedigree player last summer and the season turns out to be the worst in the recent history of the club.

        Does that make Partey really unworthy at Arsenal?

        Why would any club queue up to auction for a player’s service who is out injured and will miss the start of the season, in his last year of his contract at a club where he is deemed dispensable?

        The club have received offer for ESR’s services alone in this summer. Does that make Saka, Tierney, Martinelli and the rest of the squad unworthy?

        1. Good points you have made there Vasc. We signed Partey in the last hour to everyone acclaim so it means no one else was lining to buy him but that doesn’t mean he is not a quality player or not worth the amount we payed for him.

          Your last paragraph has summed it up.

          1. Hi HH… and some people forget that the coach who wanted MG at Hertha was replaced in January… his replacement coming in and working with players that he didn’t bring to the club…. sound familiar?!

          2. Hello Sue thanks for sharing especially for some of us who didn’t follow his development there. I read that he made 24 appearances for them in a little more than half a season. Pretty impressive for a player who fell out with the manager. Or should I be impressed with the manager who played him even though he didn’t like him for the benefit of the club?

          3. Just because one coach fancies you, doesn’t mean they all will… I’d say both, HH. Anyway this chapter has closed and we move on… well most of us 🤣

          1. “If MG was really worth it there would be an auction for his services”

            My point is this.

            Does it mean that a player is worth something, only if other clubs queue up for an auction for his services?

            Besides ESR, I haven’t heard about any club bidding for Saka, Martinelli, Tierney or anyone else in the squad this summer. Does it make the entire squad, apart from ESR, unworthy?

          2. @SueP

            “Got it but still not sure that it means an awful lot”

            Well, you set the ball in motion.

            “If MG was really worth it there would be an auction for his services”

          3. Well there hasn’t
            So he isn’t
            ESR. Isn’t for sale according to the club. I honestly can’t remember how serious the offer was?
            I guess the others are classed as not up for grabs
            I’m waiting for clarification

  13. No one knows what occurs behind closed doors, so it’s all guesswork.

    For example
    1. Maybe Guendouzi is childish and undisciplined?

    2. Maybe Arteta is ego driven tyrant that won’t change his mind?

    3. Maybe even a bit of both?

    Here are a couple facts we do know However

    1. Guendouzi bragged about wages, childish but not cause for serious concern, easily addressed.

    2. Xhaka grabs opponent’s neck, tells fans to “f&%# off” because he was subbed for a poor performance.

    Why such a discrepancy in the treatment? Xhaka got second chance, Guendouzi got frozen out.

    Why not handle Guendouzi a different way? Why not try to salvage his career at Arsenal? Instead he was cut off and cast out.

    Fine Guendouzi 1/2 his weeks wages and send him to U-23’s for couple of weeks to get his mind right.

    Again no one knows behind closed doors, but the more egregious offense got a far softer touch.

    1. And Ceballos who fought with Eddie and David. Fact that he fought two shows he is the one starting it.

      Guendouzi has talent, drive and passion. His drive and passion might be misguided and it is the job of the coach (if he was capable of it) to channel that passion in a more productive way.

      1. You are c!utching at straws and don’t have a leg to stand on.Two other Managers under whom Guendouzi has played have found him “unreliable and difficult to fathom”.These are exact quotes.In case you are unaware, the gap between under 21 level and full internationals and the EPL is enormous.Nketiah is a record scorer for England at under 21 level but is clearly not going to make it at Arsenal,If he was as good as you maintain he would have been bought by a top team.The fact that Arsenal have not received a firm clean offer for the guy demonstrates that he is not highly considered by those who are involved in the professional game.As for the comparisons with Xhaka, the difference is that he apologized to our Manager and fans for his actions, whereas Guendouzi did not.The subject is closed as far as I am concerned, and the quicker we can unload Guendouzi the better.Now if you are suggesting that Arteta is responsible for losing money on Guendousi what does that say for the man who paid an unbelievable 35m for Mustafi who we couldn’t give away.Now that is a real example of Managerial incompetence .

        1. Grandad I may agree with what you say about Guendouzi but when you are accusing the great Arsene Wenger of managerial incompetence you disappoint me deeply.

          So you have seen only Mustafi and forgot (deliberately I might say) the countless players that were bought cheap and sold dear while performing at a required level while at Arsenal and the new state of the art stadium.

          Arsene Wenger was the master of buying cheap and selling dear. Probably the only manager who had made a club the fortune in player sales.

          You sing praise to the pathetic (for the lack of a worse word) coach who is dragging the club in a sinking hole and calling the great Arsene incompetent? I can’t believe this is coming from an older supporter.

          And yes it is fact the coach devalued Guendouzi greatly. It is an obvious thing not in need of any debate.

          1. During the latter stages of his stewardship at Arsenal,Arsene Wenger ,who I greatly admired, lost the plot, and Mustafi is costly example of his failings.I take no pleasure in raising this issue but you spout your vitriol against Arteta with no compassion whatsoever and then have the audacity to accuse me of wrongly criticising Wenger?For the record I have criticized Arteta on numerous occasions and will continue to do so if appropriate.

          2. Not real criticism just a token criticism coming from you, JF and few others.

            Give me one reason why should I have compassion for the coach. Its not like he has shown any compassion to our assets with still the worst results in living memory.

            I will support the coach if he give me something to support him for. So far he has given none. I already given him my support once (and I am not alone in that) and since he has been forced on majority of fans he has to earn the support again.

            What Wenger did for this club far outweighs any shortcomings he had by a huge margin.

            To try and use Wenger’s so called incompetence in a futile effort to sale the pathetic coach and his phantom project is what is disappointing.

          3. Grandad
            You are bashing your head up against a brick wall. It is also fair to say that you are level headed in your criticisms and praise about our managers, our team and our board.
            Of course Wenger was legendary at Arsenal but it doesn’t absolve him from occasional criticism either.

            Let’s put it another way regarding MG’s value and Arteta. I’m guessing Hertha Berlin took him on loan because they thought he could do a job for them. The coach probably thought he’d get the best out of Guendouzi even if the totally useless Arteta couldn’t. Did they want him for next season? No. Any other top clubs in the mix thinking that they can polish this tarnished gem back to shining brilliance? No. And this is all down to MA according to you. How about a teeny weeny bit of it being down to Guendouzi himself?

          4. SueP I got this from playing FIFA ( I am a PES guy by the way)

            A player value will vary based on

            1. THEIR FORM

            2. Time remaining on their contract


            And a variety of other factors that will ultimately determine the amount each player is sold for.

            By freezing and then loaning him instead of giving him game time and coach him Arteta unsettled the player and in turn

            1. Being sorely responsible on ruining his form.

            And by letting the whole world know he doesn’t want him he has

            3. Made it known that he is not important to the team.

            Those two major factors on the value of Guendouzi to decrease is Arteta’s doing.

            Before anyone downplay the fact that I got it from FIFA, remember that when making these games they employ experts of the game.

            You and others have made no secret of your dislike of Matteo. That is fine, we all have our likes and dislikes but that should not blind you to the bad decisions made by Pennywise.

            It doesn’t matter if Matteo was the worst player in the world and the biggest crook to boot (that is not a topic in question) , it doesn’t absolve the coach of being responsible for devaluing him.


          5. Do you play warzone HH ?
            And how’s the predictions going ?


          6. Dan Kit I have used your line because it is true 😁😁.I tied with Kenya but he is going to the final with one more correct score.

            I don’t play online games unfortunately because of time constraints. I usually play a game to completion for few days straight and then won’t play for few months except occasionally an hour or two of football games, racing and the likes which don’t need to invest a little bit of time.

          7. Pardon my French!@‘?£0@&
            Is there a reason why you can’t use your own intelligence to have a view on why MG is not sought after?
            Saka! Wowza! Top drawer and hours and hours are spent discussing a bloke who is only worth a fraction of our full England international like him. God almighty Guendouzi is possibly a find for another club but for Arsenal he isn’t.

        2. Wondering how many decades the fan base is going to blame Wenger for the present state of the club!!!

          Wenger, Ferguson and other great managers made forgettable signings during their days. But, crucially, they were winning or, at the very least, competent.

          After a free hand in the last summer transfer window, what has Arteta achieved with the squad that reached the UEL finals at the end of last season? By getting kicked out of Europe for the first time in 25 years. Oh, that 25 years European sojourn was under “incompetent” managers as per your comments.

          I’m not foolish enough to say that Arteta is an “incompetent” manager because of his failure to qualify for Europe. He’s good at a few things, but not everything. He can become one of the best tactical geniuses like Pep or Bielsa. That he has proven already at Arsenal.

          But, to be a good manager, other things apart from tactical genius are needed. Arteta is yet to master that. He is, at best, the first-team coach at Arsenal now. Until he succeeds as a manager, there is not need for comparing him with his predecessors, who were “proper” managers.

        3. How an “unreliable” player can feature in 80 first-tier league games in European first-tier teams before turning 22??? Are the coaches out of their minds to start such a player? Do you mean to say that Arteta is out of his mind?

          Do you agree that the money spent on Partey is justified by his last season performance alone?

        4. AW, was the manager you refer to who paid that grossly high sum for the really poor Mustafi, as well as a long list of other CB.s throughout his(AW) whole time here, almost all of whom were either average, poor or dreadful. AW was the man to blame for our long lasting sub par defence. Not MA!

          In my mature, knowledgeable and considered opinion, AW brought to the club only ONE real TOP class CB in his 22 years here and that was Sol CAMPBELL. He also brought a VERY few good CB ‘s who were however short of real top class; among them Koscielny, Toure. Gallas and Vermaelan.

          My own personal (decade and more) long lasting beef with Wenger was his, to my mind, long lasting and deliberate neglect of the complete defensive side of football. This extended to him utterly failing to replace Vieira and then Gilberto as proper DM’s, til he left the club in 2018.


          1. If Wenger is to be sacked for playing in Champions League every season at a swanky new stadium with the dreadful Almunia as a regular, please let us know what must be done with Senor Arteta for letting go Emi Martinez last summer and failing to qualify for even the third-rated European Conference League and seeking to sign a replacement for the player he picked as the No.1 at the club?

          2. Hi Jon Fox

            I think all managers make transfer mistakes, but at least AW never end 8 on the league table in 22 years. I thought we agree, clear facts that make sense.

        5. Do you realise that one of those was the Lorient FC manager? at the time MG was 15/16 years old and playing 2 groups age above his and after banishing him he ended having to recall him to the first team and may be i should post once more the interview given by HB sporting director to the guardian about MG?about his qualities good behaviour during his loan spell and how to deal with young players like him something MA could learn from!

      2. It doesn’t matter if Guendouzi is a good player or not, the fact that by letting the whole world know that they don’t want him, Arsenal can’t practically put a price tag on him.

        When you let the whole world know you don’t want a certain player you are going to sell him on buyer’s terms not yours.

    2. You’ve missed a very important and crucial point here, mate.

      Xhaka got the Emery treatment, unlike Guendouzi, who got the Arteta treatment.

  14. Guendouzi is a problem kid. No one wants him. Only the #ArtetaOut wants him back. Stop with this child who never gets nothing in his life.

  15. General observation. The word ‘fact” does not mean what a lot of people on this thread think it means.

  16. I find it highly amusing Wenger still gets blamed 3 YEARS after he is gone; yet Arteta seemingly gets absolved of responsibility of 2 8th place finishes and no European football in 25 years.

    We have cancelled contracts of players from previous managers, also Saliba, Guendouzi, Torreria, Kola sent away on loan.

    Players like Auba and Willian (who I have repeatedly criticized) get blamed yet are following Arteta’s instructions; otherwise they wouldn’t play.

    There is plenty of blame to go around, astounding how Wenger and Emery get bashed and haven’t managed Arsenal in over 1 1/2 years, as well as players sold off.

    Where is Emery’s credit for Tierney? Or how Wenger and Emery had Auba in golden boot chase, and Arteta has him a shadow of himself.

    Martinelli had 10 goals 6 assists under Emery, yet barely plays after December when fit. Not to mention Saka under Emery.

    Emery’s fault, yet beat Arteta twice and Man Utd to win yet another Europa trophy, with an inferior team.

    Clearly outmanaged Arteta and Ole, but some would have you believe he is a poor manager and Arteta is somehow better; based on what?

    No agenda my friends, just results right in front of you. Arteta should have until December to get things right and positive.

    Starting his 3rd year, well over £150 million spent on 10 players or more, so what will the new excuse be? Fans somehow will be my guess.

    1. Durand @
      The only fans that blame Wenger still on here are the ones who IMO said some pretty vile things about him (hoping he got taken ill so he couldn’t finish a Season )and so want Arteta and before him Emery to succeed so bad to be proven right about our greatest manager that they are so blind to what are current manager as produced so far .
      Personally myself I was a Wenger out I was also a Emery out and I’m currently an Arteta out ,how that makes me a negative fan compared to slow thinking fans on here and the constant barrage of what these so called fans have achieved in their lives (not interested)and how their live experiences (not interested)make them More knowledgeable about how this club is run is laughable to me .
      I’m an Arsenal fan and judge what I’ve seen at this club without prejudice and will continue to do so ,I have no agenda and I want what’s best for our great club ,I have no interest in fans asking me if I’ve ever kicked a ball in my life and what football knowledge I have because they can not except my opinion .
      Every fan as a voice be it if they are 15 years old or 115 years young .

        1. @SueP”pardon my french”really??by the way the expression comes from the fact that centuries ago English aristocrats spoke French assuming that everybody else did and would apologize when it was not the case by saying”pardon my French” nothing to do with being rude!

          1. Pardon me then, Siamois. I’ll blame my mother for using the expression and thanks for putting me right

      1. Dan kit, at least you didn’t say it was all “head coach” Emery’s fault. 😁Hopefully you now feel kinder towards him in having to follow Arsene Wenger into the job, without the power of being “manager”?

  17. I may be in the minority but regardless of the shortcomings of our transfer team and the manager, I think MG is a good player and needs an arm around the shoulder and some sharp 1 to 1 coaching.

    OT: I still think Torreira is as good as many of the names we are going for (including Bissouma) as a partner for Thomas Partey. Only thing is that he should just be a DM in front of the back 4 and not a bob to box MF.

  18. Hi Guys.

    Perhaps a very poorly worded original comment by me.

    The window I cite takes in the last 10 years – by both arrival & departure.

    Alex Iwobi, Theo Walcott and Robin van Persie all made the club profit – but they arrived BEFORE the 10 year window so have not been included.

    Apologies for my poor explanation re’ the list.

    1. Sincere apologies all.

      I was replying to an earlier thread of comments under this article.

      Now repeated in the CORRECT place replying to @Ozziegunner, @Siamois, @ JanV

  19. It’s now hard to judge it but a boat called Arsenal is sinking and the crew keeps telling us that they are doing everything possible to bring it back, but when is not known.

  20. Your called negative Dan because you are. I’ve repeatedly pointed out counter points that could be positive, you continue to ignore them in your articles. It’s negative own it, it’s how you write about Arsenal currently. Your also good at it so you know exactly what your doing when you do it.

    Where was it mentioned in your article that we started this window with Guendouzi, AMN, Torreira, Xhaka, Elneny, Willock, Smith-Rowe and Partey in midfield? Since then we’ve added another. How do you suppose we’d sign more target with that many players there without shifting some? Just curious how it would make business sense to not shift player before we sign? Also the obvious he went to Marseille for that price, no one else wanted him at that price, why?

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