Why are Arsenal looking at this free agent?

Arsenal fans had hoped for a summer full of experienced stars joining the club, in an attempt to boost our title chances. However once again whilst all our rivals spend to strengthen, Arsenal have largely waited in the wings.

It’s become a common understanding that Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger favours youth over experience when it comes to signing players and although the transfer window started off brightly with the signing of Granit Xhaka, the Gunners have since had no real luck in obtaining their targets.

Arsenal fans would’ve hoped that young Japanese striker Takuma Asano, would’ve been Wenger’s only youthful summer signing. However it looks quite possible that Le Prof is looking to sign yet another player for the future, this time in the form of a young Dutchman named Guy Smit.

Smit is a 20 year old goalkeeper who is currently without a team since being out of contract at Eredivisie side NEC Nijmegen. It is unsure whether Smit rejected another contract with the Dutch side or if he was released by the club. Either way Smit is regarded as a promising talent which has led to Wenger offering the goalkeeper a two week long trial with Arsenal.

Whilst we will have to wait and see if Smit makes such an impression at Arsenal that he is rewarded with a contract, if he does sign then it raises questions about our current crop of young goalkeepers. Szczesny and Ospina may be battling for that second spot, but after that we have a whole range of keepers to choose from including Martinez, Huddart, Macey and Iliev. These players seem stuck in limbo at Arsenal and so it remains up for debate if firstly whether Smit is any better than these guys of if not and whether he will just join them rotting in the reserves or out on loan?



  1. Just saw the top 20 club wage bills in Europe,Arsenal’s wage bill is €240 mil while Bayern Munich’s is €227.3 mil this shows we have money lots of it and pay big wages to average players like Walcott,Wilshere,Giroud etc while Bayern pay big wages to world class players like Robben,Neuer,Boateng,Lewandowski!

    1. We seem to have so many players and we still are not good enough, for example,if you add Ox+Walcott+Campbell they are still lesser than Douglas Costa in quality..but they pocket a lot of money…

      Sum up Giroud,Welbeck and Sanogo, they are still not up to Lewandowski…now add up the money they earn….and so on like that…

      Wenger thinks he is saving money but he still wastes a lot by paying wages to either injury prone player like Wilshere,Diaby and even renewing their contracts,where he could have gotten a better replacement and pay him even less….but AKB…

      1. Very true we are not a club that’s struggling financially as some Arsenal fans will try and make it seem,our main issue is we waste too much money on wages for non contributing players the list is endless since the days of the likes of Bendtner,Squillaci,Gervinho etc who were on ridiculous wages for being poor players!

      2. Dont blame wenger and asenal for that, its the FA and its stupid quota system which is holding the clubs at ranson and allowing average English players like Walcott,sterling,wilshere etc and their agents to extort money frm the clubs for services they are not capable of providing. Hence we have a huge wage bill with little or nothing to show for it.

    2. yep i agree with you and goonerboy but i think its a general problem in the premier league not particularly arsenal.. in the PL everybody earns toooo much not even some starters at RM and Barca earn as much as a lot of squad players from the PL-teams

  2. Man United, Chelsea and City shop at Marks and Spencers.

    Arsenal shop at the reduced shelf in Tesco’s.

    No ambition at all…

  3. I don’t even understand our GK situation anymore,its very strange,well maybe Wenger does not think the other young keepers are good enough to become first choice in the future

    Am more concerned about the first team Gks, Wenger should please allow Ospina play some more games,he deserves it…
    How will he get game time????
    That’s Wenger’s headache!

  4. There’s so much wrong with Arsenal if we were given chances to write about them it would take a year.What kind of mentality is this.Forgive me for the way I come out but what has to be said has to be said and the truth hurts.I dont know if you guys are happy with what’s going on but am not.We live in a world where those who speak the truth are hated very much and a world full of incomprehensible things.Its just sad.Things have to change from this year especially the mentality of this club.I just wanna see my club succeed and its bothering me a lot we just cannot seem to do what is right.It’s time average players are taken out of the club and what I mean by that is players who dont want to improve.You already them lot.

    1. The truth doesn’t set you free on Justarsenal lol,you’ll state a known fact that Giroud went 15 games without scoring a single goal for Arsenal then someone will use his form France as an argument about his credentials as if his goals for France will somehow contribute to Arsenal winning titles!

  5. Mktharyan could be a bargain for United. I think he is worth more than his price
    If Ibrahimovic performs the same as he performed for PSG God help us

    We need to get one of the following (actually 2 because we need a striker and a winger ideally)

    Im not crazy about Morata, Cavani and Benzema to be honest

    1. Please stop mentioning guys like Lewandowski,Reus,Aubameyang,Griezmann etc because Arsene Wenger has no ambition and will never sign the world class players we want even the Ozil and Sanchez signings were pure luck because Real Madrid signed Bale and Barca got Suarez so they got rid of players so as to recoup some transfer money!

      1. So it is only arsene’s ambition that prevents us from buying these players? There are other clubs in the prem that have the “ambition” as well as the financial resources to acquire these players, why haven’t they then? You make it sound so simple. Ambition + money = any player you want.

        1. What are you on about Man United have signed Ibra and Mikhataryan with no champions league football,don’t be fooled by Chelsea’s non activity that’s because Conte was busy with the Euros and Man City have brought in Gundogan and will bring in more that’s not even questionable while Wenger and Arsenal sit back as if everything is fine with our weak squad!

  6. Ok so if we are talking cheap, cos that’s how Wenger likes it, just forget Vardy, he’s history as we know.
    Go for Robson-Kanu, (free).
    Just seen him do a blinding first half against the Portugeezers and after his Cruyft turn goal last time, well worth a punt.

  7. Does it NOT occur to anybody that the vast majority of top notch players in all positions dont really fancy comming to Arsenal because they KNOW that there is a distict lack of ambition?
    Players want to win things and its been clear from Wengers Approach to the transfer window over many years that he is not interested in buying in a super team, he wants cheap players that he can nurture into superstars and then take the credit from signing the “new thierry Henry” ect
    Players now dont want to play for Arsenal as they know we are always going to be the “Also Rans” of the EPL
    Wenger it has to be noted has had very little success in the transfer window since David Dein left and that to my mind is significant he is currently sitting in france commentating for french TV during the euro’s while everybody else is buying up the available players that should be on our radar.
    Tells you a lot about whaty his ambition is regarding next season and the board dont care a jot as they are happy to sit and let the money role right in.
    Nothing will change until Wenger has gione and that is the painful truth

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