Why are Arsenal not listening to Crystal Palace?

Why Are Arsenal Not Listening To Palace? by Dan Smith

Part of my motivation in writing my Africa Contribution Series was to avoid discussing rumours daily. I have long accepted we have zero ambition at our club. Daily I see the priority being finding value over talent.

So, transfer windows are depressing enough for gooners without people getting our hopes up. We know that Wilfred Zaha is a lifelong Arsenal fan, we know our manager would equally like him to move to North London. Yet none of that matters.

A week ago, reports said Unai Emery was going to ask his owner to find the funds to make this deal happen. Anyone who’s followed Stan Kroenke will know he never has gone that extra mile for us. Meanwhile Palace are trying to scare us off with an 80 million valuation, almost double our budget. Yet for some reason we have apparently tabled an offer of 40m? That’s the equivalent of walking into Curries with 100 pound in your pocket, asking a shop assistant to show you TV’s worth 500, believing that they will change their mind and lower the price. Why would that happen?

Even if the player accused Steve Parish of trying to price him out of a ‘dream move’ could he not simply point out we are not even anywhere near the asking price, therefore how much do we actually rate him? Didn’t we get 40-45 million for the Ox who only became a starter at full back? Haven’t Bournemouth quoted 30 million for Fraser? Didn’t Mahrez leave Leicester for 70 million? If you’re an Eagles fan who just saw your right back sold for 50 million, you’re not going to accept 10 million less for your star man.

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It’s crazy that 60-80 million now only gets you an inconsistent winger. Yet these are the type of players we must look at. We are not in a position to compete for World Class players so have to take a gamble on someone who might develop into one. Two things are going on with our recruitment team. They are naive or arrogant thinking that Palace are somehow going to care that we have ‘no money’ or the interest is fake, a PR move to make supporters think things are changing, coinciding nicely with the week kits go on sale.

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Sky Bet give odds of 8/11 for Zaha to be at the Emirates by the end of August. That’s more ridiculous then the ‘offer’ we have tabled.

Dan Smith

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  1. I don’t like the idea of paying more than £50 million for Zaha. Certainly not £70-80 million.

    Maybe we can give money and players for Zaha

  2. Emery asked Kroenke to buy Zaha and the 40 M offer was the result

    Zaha is worth 50 M maximum. If Palace ask for 60 M, Pepe would be a better option

    Besides, Zaha is a right-footed LW and we have got many attackers that can play in that position, including Martinelli. It’s better to get a left-footed RW like Malcom or Chukwueze, which might cost less than 50 M

  3. Celtic are set to sign Boli Bolingoli to replace Tierney.As I said days ago,Tierney visited London Colney weeks ago from Austria where personal terms were discussed and subsequently agreed.
    So far and officially only two bids have been rejected by Celtic from Arsenal.It is thought that the third bud will be enough to convince Celtic.They are just trying to get him for as low as possible but the third bid is the final offer and will complete the move.

    Rumours of Aubameyang and Lacazette signing new contracts but havent gotten concrete info on that.

    As for Zaha Arsenal are planning a player + cash offer for him.

      1. Twitter info I got said it was done (€30m and £27,000 per week + loan for one season).Don’t know why it’s keeping this long.
        Tierney’s also now done

  4. Looking for value is what good teams do. We have always done that, talent is the result regardless.
    We have known bids for 5 players. If we get 3 in that’s also without martinelli, I hope its 2 defenders and one attacker.
    We need more, but I cant see us getting also a cm

  5. The money CP want is more ridiculous than the way prices have spiraled out of control in general. There is no way Zaha is worth more than £50 million so an opening offer of £40 million is more than reasonable. By the way we should be signing some of England’s and the USA’s ladies for Arsenal, the men’s team that is!

    1. Too rite.. KILLING ME everyday.
      Esp, when our rivals just splash 70/80mill..like change.
      We’ll be lucky to finish 9th,..
      How have we cum t this..
      Not called GUNNERS f nothing.. SHOOTING u rselves in the foot, each Yr.

  6. Slightly OT but we’ve talked about a 40m transfer kitty for so long that it is now taken a gospel. But has it ever been confirmed by anyone at the club?

  7. May i know why Dan wants us ‘gamble’ 60-80m on ‘an incostitent winger’ who isnt even world class?
    Tell me to gamble such amount on Douglas costa,or equivalent, how much did Bayern bid for Sane. Man utd got a younger (22yr old) player who could still be playing at top level in the next 10seasons, i doubt Zaha could do more than 4yrs. What is his resale value?. We dont have such luxury to gamble about, am sorry CP should take that 40m+Jekinson, full stop. No more

  8. The bid is order. The fact that CP is going to give Man united does not mean that we pay what the player is not worth. 40 million is a good opening bid for the player. i personally think the Cp is not ready to sell the player

  9. Its a smoke screen in my eyes, we have no intention of giving Palace what they want. We are saying look at my left hand whilst the right hans is picking your pocket.

    When Palace are relegated next year they be cursing the day they rejected the offer as he will go for far less. He is very inconsistent and in my eye max value at the moment is 45m.

    We will be promoting from our academy or chasing younger players. This talk distracts everyone from our actual targets

  10. at last a well rounded piece of journalism.ive had a go on line at many arrogant fan,s about what they should have.zaha is a very good player.only hazard,s stats were better than zaha.palace can,t sell zaha for various reason,s.firstly they are totallt inept in the transfer market.where do u think they can go to replace him.the impending take-over has precidence.so all in all, arsenal will now have to go elsewhere.

  11. Firstly Zaha is nowhere near a 50-60m player, 40m is a tad low for opening bid but they done it to make the player push for the move as we don’t have the financial clout to manage all the signings we need this summer.
    Personally, I think we have a little more money than 45m, where’s the Adidas money going, that’s worth 60m per season right?
    Still I think going for fekir and maybe signing brahimi for free will be a better option than Zaha and a lot cheaper.
    Palace want 80m+ for Zaha so how much would Lacazette be worth going by palace valuation? Laca is a class player, reliable which is something Zaha isnt.
    If laca goes for anything less than 80m I’d be pissed

  12. Zaha NOT WORTH 80mill, TEIRNEY too.. Clubs ALWAYS do this..
    Rubbish players prices HIKED when they c foolish clubs on horizon.
    Just wish ARSENAL wud just sign players, straight. Why they make a mess of every transfer.
    Liverpool, City,.. Just go an sign, DONE DEAL, but ARSENAL?
    TOTTERINGHAM have signed PROPER players, but us…
    We’ll b lucky t get JOHN SMITH from MACCLESFIELD at this rate.
    John Smith? Whose he? Exactly.
    Cum on ARSENAL, get u plug out

  13. I agree with Nifty. For the Zaha money we could get Ziyech/Carrasco and Fraser in. If we add Nelson and Martinelli to the mix and then sell Mkhi and Iwobi, then that would be about a nett spend of about 35m, but our strength in terms of depth and performance would have been enhanced considerably.

    Also, if they perform well then we would have a good chance of recouping that money or turning a profit, whereas if we pay 40m+ for Zaha, I don’t see us getting anything close to that in 2-3 seasons time.

    A club with limited funds and with bigger problems in other areas has no business even considering this transfer unless it is funded through the sales of other players. To pay 10m+ more than a player is worth and then not end up with a Ramsey replacement would be laughable.

    If Saliba is true then that is also a disaster. Go and spend more than half your weak budget on a player that won’t even be playing.

    Not even Arsenal can screw up that badly, I sincerely hope that this is all smoke and mirrors while we pursue other deals under the radar.

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