Why are Arsenal scared of big teams like Man United?

Why are Arsenal players and Arsene afraid the big teams?

The performance of our team today against Man United was one of the poorest which I have seen this season. We were lucky to share the point with them. From the start of the match till the end Arsenal players were anonymous and unable to show us anything and impact the game. They were not able to pass the ball properly to their teammates. They were not even make a single shot on target until Giroud’s goal.

The only player who was outstanding and saved our day was our goal keeper, Petr Cech. While I was watching the game, I was asking myself why both Arsenal players and Wenger could not keep their nerves and show us the type of play they play against smaller teams.

I think Wenger should see both our last two games and devise the right formation for teams like Tottenham and Manchester Utd. Otherwise, in my opinion, if we keep playing like today, we will keep dropping valuable points. If Wenger does not solve our problem very soon it is going to be another disappointing year for us. Without consistency, it will be very tough to win any trophy this season.

How come we are not able to win against an out of form and depleted Man United, ever? How come we don’t make a change until the 70th minute? Arsene, we hope to see an improved, motivated, and hungry team on Tuesday against Paris St. Germain. Moreover, we hope to see a better line up or we are going to be embarrassed again.

Just what is Arsenal’s problem against big teams?



  1. Alexis the Great says:

    The main problem is an inferiority complex. Until we finally realise that we are as good as the other big teams we will never finish top of the League.
    And until we actually win it, we will always feel inferior.
    Catch 22 !!!

  2. Break-on-through says:

    It was a resolute performance, all title winning teams are capable in gaining points this way. Fergie’s utd, Arsene’s Invincibles, Ranieri’s Leicester, esp Mourinho’s Chelsea. No need to make a big soap opera out of the whole ordeal. Form usually goes out the window, neither team wanting to lose making these games cagey affairs. After today we are possibly three points from top spot thanks to this well gained point. The mistake was against Tottenham, but just like a good away result for us can be a draw, Tottenham too got a good away result against a title rival. I have to be happy that we’re in the mix, we’ve been witness to some strong defensive solidarity, and we’ve seen in games some nice free flowing football. Now we need to begin seeing it all in the one performance, which will happen seeing as the bare essentials are proof for all to see. Yes I have to be happy right now, there is a maturity to this team, which was not evident when pouring men forward was our motto. Ozil will get back to his best, I think he’s just trying to figure out Alexis’s new position – movement. Theo will get back in the goals, Alexis will chase golden boot, Iwobi will put more into performances. Giroud will continue to prove a point. Perez will heal, Welbeck will be back soon. Wenger will get the cheque book out again. Bellerin will prove he’s best in league, Kos and

    1. Break-on-through says:

      …..Mustafi will prove to be the leagues best CB pairing. It could all point to being a closely run title. We sort the balance out and wer’e definitely in the mix come may.

  3. Ks-Gunner says:

    We are not scared. Right now its a matter of quality in the pitch. Others do have the same quality in the team as we do at times if not better.

    We miss Santi a lot, and again i am getting tired in saying this. Ramsey being used on the wings is totally nonsense. He lacks the means to give the team something posetive in the game.

    Giroud bodey language tells a lot what is wrong with the club. I am very happy that he scores and gives us so much when he comes in, but his reactions an the reactions he makes about not him being a starter anymmore pisses me off a bit. Same goes with Chamberlain.

    These players should be very happy to play for the club, and they should be always high motivated when given the chance to play. Its sad to see players like cambpell and grabry leave the club and see those who are here all sullking around. To many players are to comfortable at arsenal, in this reason alone is the mayor fact why we will never have a nonsense champion mentality.

  4. Wayne Barker says:

    Did I just read some compare this yesterday’s performance to other great title winning sides especially to the fergies and invincible ones. Man we are delusional. Yesterday’s performance was one gutless performance. There was no steel like suggested in previous thread. No heart , no passion.We were outplayed by a club who have not been great for past 3 years. How many times have defeated them , we should dominate them , we should conquer them and take revenge for the misery they gave us. Manchester United under sir Alex used to come to emirates and beat us 3-1 . When was the last time we went to old Trafford and outplay them.

    And then us travelling fans who take more pride in cussing opponent managers than chanting for our players make’s me want to puke. I was a listening t one fan say after the game that he only chanted bad about Jose all game and he was proud of it. Fans like himshould be ashamed. Let us stop being so obsessed over other clubs. We discuss more about Paul pogba more than united fans themselves. Stop this crap ffs.Arsenal if they want to improve and be considered a major force and not just jelly babies which we are need to change our attitude. Yesterday was a gutless and a coward performance which was an insult to football.

    1. AndersS says:

      So true. We see the same again and again. Just look a couple of years back, when we were completely overrun by teams, who came out flying from the kick-off and we look like timid sheep.
      It all comes down to the manager not installing a winners’ attitude. “Winners” would approach a game like yesterdays with fire and passion, but there was none of that in our team. A
      And you could also look at the several of the other games last year and this year, where we have had the chance to go top. Same – same.
      OK- the result may prove to be a good one in the long run. But only if we see more desire to actually win the rest of the season.

      1. Wayne Barker says:

        It also comes down to us fans. My long time buddy who is 60plus went to yesterday’s game and said us fans were more passionate in singing about Jose. He was ashamed aND so should be all of us. There is nothing to be proud of that. Even look at our home fans, where is the passion. Arsenal fans nowadays only show passion when talking about other clubs. I do not comment here often now but trust me I have seen more about pogba here than I have heard from my united friend.

        I do not think the result was bad but the way we achieved that result and the way we fans make that result look and try to cover our flaws is a real concern. We need to get a grip and bring the passion back.

        1. Break-on-through says:

          No Wayne, what you read was someone mentioning how all title winning teams have had lacklustre performances in them and were lucky to come away with anything from time to time. You may choose to remember differently.

  5. Femi says:

    Inferiority complex end of! Until Arsene and Arsenal conquer that monster, it will continue unabated. Arsenal always play bad at Old Trafford regardless of form. Get a psychologist to help them unblock the mental block.

  6. Wilshegz says:

    the problem against big team especially against Mou is with Wenger, Mou messes with Wenger’s head n makes him make some annoying decisions that makes no sense like all of a sudden starting Elneny as CM, one who couldn’t even dictate play from deep against Sunderland n benching Xhaka who has this ability n has shown it over n over.
    all of a sudden starting Ramsey who is in terrible form n could hardly be himself against Ludogorets, n often complains about playing on the wing when u have an Iwobi who has formed a chemistry with the other attackers.

    He said he made those selections based on xperience against big teams n physicality.. pls what physicality or xperience Elneny have over XHAKA who captained Gladbach, has faced Bayern,BVB severally aside play in UCL regularly is a key man for Switzerland n their vice captain.

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