Why are Arsenal showing no ambition in the transfer window?

Why were Arsenal not interested in players like Bony or Valdes? by KM

Well Arsene Wenger is waiting on miracles in the transfer window again. Straight to the point of why did we not go for Valdes? How many more experienced keepers who’ve won every trophy in Spain plus the Champions League can you get? Now he’s at United who already have a solid keeper in De Gea. We don’t need more league 1 players, we need great players, and one was available FOR FREE Wenger…

Szczesny’s dad came out and made some comments that do not help his son. This is not the first time he’s done that too. Szczesny needs to go for me. Go for the experienced keepers. If Cech is available snap him up right away. We need a dominant keeper, who will catch the ball and be a commanding figure in the box. Szczesny will never be that. He cost us the points at Southampton and far too many times has he been too static when shots come to our goal.

Another thing to look at is that Man City are buying Bony. He was available last summer for half the price and we were sleeping, till we bought Danny last minute, because Giroud was injured. Bony has the physical presence this league demands, he is not as slow as Giroud for his physique and he is good with his feet. And just keep in mind City already have Dzeko, Aguero and Jovetic. On the other hand we didn’t have a single striker available for the Southampton game and we let Podolski go.

It just tells you the ambition some clubs have, and some don’t. The top 4 is getting harder to get to. United are coming back, Tottenham have found some consistency and we are sitting where we were at the start of the season – in dodgy shape, nowhere near good enough plus quite a few injuries. We wait till the deadline day for Wenger to decide does he actually want to buy.

We are linked with Winston Reid and he is an improvement on our defense. Mertesacker, although I like him, is just not good enough and we don’t have the required numbers too. We missed out on Valdes so we must raid for Cech. We are linked with Gundogan.

Now that Dortmund side has an identity crisis but still in the season where they reached the CL final, Gundogan was the best defensive midfielder I have seen for a while. I don’t think he is 100% defensive, because he was the playmaker, taking the game from Dortmund’s half to the oppositions one. Besides he has a bad injury record. He’s perfect for Wenger. If we pile on the money, he’ll leave them and join us.

I always hope that Wenger for once accepts the problems and does something about them. We have the money. Three players coming in January can impact your season. January signings are not terrible. Liverpool got Sturridge in January. We got Arshavin in January, and Wenger ruined him just like Podolski in the coming seasons. We bought Monreal in January, and I would pick him at any time over Gibbs when it comes to actually defending.

Let’s hope for a happy transfer window this time.


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      1. @muffdiver, you put your trust in the wrong place. No matter how patient somebody is with wenger, as long as that person is pure arsenal fan, then he must be disappointed in one way or another!

      2. i said the same thing last season when we only ended up getting Kallstrom last minute. I learned my lesson.

  1. You need to think of Wenger as an economist and not a football manager. His prime aim is to make as much as possible profit ( football or not) with minimal investment. And woalllaa, there you have a deluded maniac of a person who has turned into a tyrant bec of Arsenal giving him to much power.

    Kroneke will be smashed as soon as the old fart retires. I cant wait for that day.

  2. Bony is a top player, no doubt. But I don’t think he is the missing piece of the arsena puzzle. Every top club slept on bony, because Swansea were able to bend his ear and knock off that release clause price tag. Bony for 30 mil, or Sanchez for 32-35 mil?

          1. Yeah like if one of the top 6 clubs were interested they couldn’t have stopped him going to Swansea.

  3. You people have protected and show loyality to Ramsey for many years besides him costing us many times valuable points and now bec of one game you go crazy about Seza.

    1. i rate ramsey, as many games hes played poorly, hes won us games on his own.
      im pro ramsey all day. aaron not gordon
      shezza is quality but he does have lapses in alot of games, just few actually go in

      1. Seza alone won us a game against udineze which has giving us way more then 3 points. This is a matter of being not biased. You british fans tend to be very forgiven to your british core ( which i can understand) and very harsh to the non brit players.

        1. Pretty sure just about no fan on this site rates Wilshere much anymore. And the only other Brits who play regularly are Gibbs and Ox who are usually consistent anyways. Agree Ramsey has been average this season but obviously people are more tolerant since he essentially carried the team for the majority of last season.

        2. And Welbeck gets his fair amount of criticism as well since he never scores. The reason it appears our foreign players get more flack is because most of them are part of our horrible defense. Mertesacker, Szczesny, Flamini usually are the main culprits honestly. Chambers makes a lot of mistakes too, but it more has to do with the fact he’s only 19 and plays every single game.

  4. The main problem at Arsenal is that Wenger thinks his squad is perfect as it is and can compete with anyone, he is not in touch with reality or seeing what’s around him. Our squad is full of ghost players like Diaby or players who are not good enough o wear our shirt. However in his team talk he has acknowledged the fact that we are short in defensive positions, whether he will act on that during this window is another thing.

    The chance of us having a proper squard like the 2003/2004 is far fetched dream right now. Maybe we need to accept the fact that those days are gone (we the Lpool, Inter, AC Milan, or Leeds of recent days)

    On Diaby, at he rate at which he is going, he will end up being charged for dopping because of all the treatment his been getting for the past years, I bet his best friends are medical doctors now and he qualifies to be a medical consultant himself. Looking for the best medicine? Halla at Diaby, his your man!

    1. The main problem is that he makes you think that he thinks that way. He is far from being stupid, the ones who are to stupid to understand are we fans.

    2. And oh, if looking for cheap medicine, I guess you all know who to halla at. Need I say more.

      I hope Wenger is not cheap when buying other supplies for the club as he is when scouting for players, it might be the cause for some of our problems such as buying cheap medicines for Diaby, cheap cigarettes for Jack and Schez, cheap hair products for Bould, cheap eye treatment for our defenders, etc.

  5. Lol wtf, we have enough strikers that is why we did not pursue bony.

    Victor Valdez is trash, yes szczesny has had a few awful games but he has also shown games where he was brilliant. Oh and we have 2 great back ups. Dumb article, we’re not going to target players we don’t by any means need.

    BTW ozil and Ramsey are available for stoke!

  6. To be fair even this summer Wenger got 4 good signings but still not enough Ambition

    Yes he got Alexis. Which was a great signing, but Ospina, Chambers and Debuchy were just replacements for Sagna, Fabianski and Jenkison. We sold Vermaelen and didn’t get a replacement.

    We started with a terribly thin defense with 6 players for 4 positions. We had to get Bellerin from academy (even though he played well it was still a gamble). We didn’t sign another CB or top DM.

    All summer I was hoping for a top striker equivalent to Costa, Aguero and RVP. We could have gone for Falcao, Benzema, Cavani, Higuain, Destro, etc. Or even another forward like Reus or Draxler. On the very last day of transfer window, Wenger went to ROME!!!! For whatever reason we got Welbeck ( he is a decent player but not a Top striker) and Wenger admitted he did Not want to purchase him but loans him.

    We could have sold Podolski and Campbell and got a WC striker with the funds plus money we paid for Welbeck.

    United= FALCAO + RVP. + Rooney
    Chelski= COSTA + Remy + Drogba
    City = AGUERO + Dzeko + Jovetic
    Arsenal = Giroud + Welbeck + Sanogo

    No Top striker + no CD + no Top DM + not resigning Vela, Fabregas or Song = NO AMBITION

    1. Arsenal = SANCHEZ + Giroud + Welbeck. You keep posting this – why include for instance Aguero but not Sanchez? Sanchez has scored more than any of them bar Aguero – as many as Rooney and RVP combined. Do his goals not count? Does he not fit your definition of a striker? Does it matter what he is if he is scoring at a WC rate?

      Agree regarding no CB and DM but does resigning players who nobbed off and left us to it really equate to “ambition”?

      1. It’s not his position. At Barcelona he played week in week out on the wing. He has said himself that his best and preferred position is on the left..

        But Wenger always thinks he knows better.

        It’s clear: Ozil’s best position is in the hole as no.10. Per’s is on the bench and so on..

        Yes, Alexis is bagging in the goals now but let’s be fair he is doing most of the defending also and heading for burn out.

        Hos a about players stay in their positions and do what they do best with the occasional tactical manoeuvre to confuse opposition.

        To summarise, you need as a top team (if we are one) a centre forward (preferably more than 1) that bang in the goals every week for fun in their PREFERRED AND NATURAL POSITIONS WHERE THEY HAVE YEARS OF EXPERIENCE IN DOING SO.

        Arsenal ain’t a f@cking football laboratory for failed experimentation nor home for young orphans.


        1. You’re making it up mate – he is not a winger, never has been never will be. He said so himself- pull the other one. If he ever was then AW is not playing as such now. Sounds a bit like those other wingers Henry and RvP that Wenger stupidly insisted on playing out of position. Do you watch him play, have you seen the heat maps, the types of goals he is getting, the positions from where he is getting them? I will let you get on with it though – everything seems neatly arranged in your version of the world. I would like to listen more to your theory of everything but I tend to prefer the following small clues and hints as better grounded in the reality.

          “During his successful season at Udinese, Sánchez and Italian striker Antonio Di Natale became one of the best scoring duos in Serie A”

          “He can play in all three attacking positions” – Pep Guardiola 2011

          “Messi’s presence in the team was never hugely helpful to Sanchez. The Chilean prefers a more central role, an inside-right position, but with Messi occupying that space he was often forced into a position on the wing”.

          Spanish journalist: “Here you’ll be wearing the number 9 shirt, is it the position where you are most comfortable?”

          AS: “I’ve played in all three forward positions, both in the middle and on the left and right. I can adapt to all three positions. Messi wears number 10 and plays as a striker, just like a number 9. Here, it doesn’t matter the number you wear or the position you play in, because in the end everybody changes position all the time.”

          “Wenger’s long-standing admiration for Sanchez is even easier to understand. An ability to play across the front four positions in his usual 4-2-3-1 formation will give Arsenal numerous options”.

          “Speaking about Sanchez’s favoured position in the team, Fuentealba (Chilean football expert) said: “What he likes is scoring goals. The closer he plays from the goal the better. At Barcelona he wasn’t happy because he had to play on the right side but Wenger’s formation is not as fixed and he has more freedom.”

          “After having his most success as a ‘fantasisti’ (or free-role playmaker) at Udinese, which meant he was able to either start centrally or drift in from out wide, his role at the Camp Nou was and still is limited to being deployed mainly on the right wing. Despite this previous accomplishment, given that Lionel Messi occupies the areas which Alexis would most like to play in, the Chilean has an almost non-existent chance to play in his preferred role”.

        2. Is cavani a winger because he plays on the wing at PSG? No hes a striker he just out of position same with Sanchez, Suarez ,oh messi, neymar and starting to look like sterling and Walcott. NEW BREED OF STRIKERS

  7. Why is any Arsenal fan annoyed that United signed Valdes? We don’t need a goalkeeper, and we certainly don’t need Valdes.

  8. It is early in the transfer window but sadly I just cant fathom Le Fraud and the board sanctioning any meaningful acquisitions. I dont play Fifa 15, but are the following additions far 2 ambitious for a so called “BIG CLUB?”

    Van Djik…….10M
    Carvalho or Wanyama….20-25M

    Loan out Sanogo, Campbell, Akpom and Coquelin(back out)

    50M spent and every player eligible for the Champions League.

    Gibbs….Koz….Reid(Van Djik)….Debuchy

    Bench: Ozil, Giroud, Welbeck, Wilshere, Schez, Nacho, Rosicky, Per, Arteta, Ox, Bellerin, Chambers,

    Add Scharr, Ricardo Rodriquez and Peter Czech in the summer and were on our way.

  9. Who knows what’s being done behind the scenes. Instead of moaning, why don’t you just wait until the end of the window to see what actually happens. I also don’t really understand why you think wenger is going to do much during this window. I think he’s working on deals but most will happen in the summer. Wenger is renowned for not doing anything in January.

    1. But we DO know whats being done behind the scenes, the same as is always going on behind the scenes, NOTHING how many seasons are YOU willing to wait until things are done, behind the scenes or otherwise ? yes Wenger was active last summer but as is painfully obvious not nearly active enough when are you giuys going to wake up and realise that we are at present a mid table mediocre club and that’s not going to change soon

      1. Are you part of the Arsenal board or part of Wenger’s back room staff? Can’t imagine you are. For this reason YOU don’t know what’s happening you are simply speculating. In the space of 18 months we’ve picked up Real Madrid’s number 10 with Ozil and Barelona’s number 9 with Alexis. We’ve invested in youth and replaced the players we’ve lost with players of comparable quality. For me, that’s positive. You seem to lack the understanding of how things work. It was always going to take more than two transfer windows to sort out the team. We went 9 years without winning anything. Takes more than two summers to turn a team like that into champions. Most of you are completely idealistic and don’t follow simple logic.

        1. Not a case of simple logic tho is it alexhare?
          Yes we picked up Real Madrid’s no 10 and then proceeded to play him out of position and we wondered why he went off the boil, Sanchez? you’ll find no argument from me on that score but if Wenger wants to build a team he needs to stop bringing in substandard replacements for the players going out, its like he is trying to keep the bucket full when he knows theres a hole in it.
          And as for being on the board ect lol I think maybe you are one of his backroom staff as you seem to want to blindly follow along with all the other AKB’s who are content not to question. LOGIC would dictate that AW will do what he has always done especially over the last ten years and NOT spend in the area’s we need. You shouldn’t Boast about having 100 million to spend if your going to not spend it in area’s we really need.

  10. I agree with “ButtFlaps” (??? Really) but highly unlikely in January, even Summer but especially in January

    Hummels about £30 million
    Reus about £40 million
    Schneiderlin about £ 20 million

    I can’t see Wenger spending £90 million on 3 players

    I would settle for Howedes, Benzema and Carvalho for £75 million

    Actually at this point I would settle for Schar, Sissoko and Draxler for ;£50 million

    Actually we will be lucky just to get a Quality CB like Van Dijk, Schar or Reid who are all under £10 millionp0

  11. Apparently, Wenger isn’t interested in Oregon anymore because of his £8 million price tag.

    This is good because I want someone better but also bad because it shows to me that Wenger is up to his cheapo ways.

    It indicates to me that Wenger is looking for someone who has a low transfer fee and won’t get a high wage. Schar, Van Dijk and Reid are similar transfer fees but will probably demand higher wages than someone from French league or lower French League

    Wenger at Heart is a cheap guy with occasional surprises ie Ozil, Sanchez, etc.

  12. Here we go again Fred wenger didn’t add to his squad with the exception of Sanchez the players brought in were replacements. Guys say what you wanna but I would rather to have Sagna than debuchy anyday, there is all this talk about chambers this and chambers that please he was ok until he played Swansea where Montero showed him up after that every one knew what his weakness is and that’s PACE so they all isolate him, I am not too sure if he would even have a starting place if he was still at Southampton. Valdes is crap any goal keeper would have done well with that dominant Barcelona team in front of them so that’s a player we didn’t need. Arsenal!!! what can I say Wenger love cheap C- rated players Wenger go for rejects if Welbeck wasn’t good enough for Man united why is he good enough for us? I hate articles that say we are competing with Chelsea, Man United and Man city for a player because those teams go get the best players we on the other hand get rejects I would buy bony anyday over Welbeck, Akpom, Sonogaol WTF are those guys doing in a arsenal shirt. before you say he wasn’t available you should know that “ALL PLAYERS ARE AVAILABLE” even Augero but for the right price. Arsene and Arsenal wants a 30-50 m striker for 10 m that shit ain’t gonna happen any economist would know that the better the quality the higher the price that’s why a Ferrari is more expensive,durable, classy, efficient etc than a corrola no offense to corrolas I have one. Point am making is we will not sign a quality player until the old man realize that this is not the late 1990s where you could assemble raw talent and wait on them to mature you have to spend big to win trophies.

    Bye bye to our 8 year trophy of 4th place

  13. Don’t get this fascination with Bony. He’s alright. Remember when you were all flicking your beans over Benteke? Same situation. Does well because when there are low expectations. The minute that expectation rises they flop. What’s Benteke doing now? What’s Lukaku doing now? Spending £25M+ for Bony would be one of the worst pieces of buissness in City’s history. Find it funny how most of you call Wenger the idiot yet you’d be happy spending £30M on a player like Bony and Wenger picked up Alexis for £2M more.

    1. Yes you have a point Bony aint the answer to every question, BUT its another reasonably good striker in a side that already has a number of WC strikers, WE have none !!!! Sanchez was a great bit of business but how long can one or two players keep the rest of the team afloat?
      Sanogoals should never have even step foot into the club and lets be honest he’s ot the only one who isn’t really fit to wear the shirt, Wellshite is a reject as well and it appears that apart from Sanchez the rest of Wengers dealing in the transfer market have been pretty substandard, I think buying Bony isn’t really the point its that our current strike force (which doesn’t to my mind include Sanchez) are not even fit to be in our rivals B teams. That’s what is getting up everyones nose 3 key signings would galvanise the squad and solve a good deal of the problems we have, 3 signings and Wenger wouldn’t really have to spend anything significant again for maybe three years, but all we hear is he is dithering about paying peanuts for some 17 year old polish kid who may be the next Patrick Viera but equally may not be. on another note why are we still keeping Diaby on the books when its clear he will never play competitive football t the top level ever again and yet we let Podolski go when he was scoring goals (when he played) what is going on? its the machinations of an egotistical madman or someone with an ulterior motive either way I’m up to ears with it.

  14. I think if kos was still out wenger would’ve act faster on a defensive signing but I have no douth we’ll sing a cb none what so ever…so screnn shot this and come bk at me at the end of January

  15. I know we usually do our business late, apart from Alexis, but the widow has only been open since Saturday 3rd January ffs so the headline is somewhat misleading, as usual.
    So we did not go for Bony or Valdes. Bony is off to ANC or is it ACON now, anyway who cares, so he’s out quite a while and yes he was available but we were not interested and as a couple of others have said, Valdes is sh8t. Hummels has been useless this season and Gundogon and Kediera are both injury prone, though that seams to apply to most of our team. I will get worried when nothing has been done by about 21 Jan but am relaxed at present as we have lots of players back in full training.

  16. “Why are Arsenal showing no ambition in the transfer window?”

    Because maybe we don’t have any ambition???

  17. You should’ve seen enough January transfer windows go by seeing this guy hardly buying one player let alone three. At most it will be one, maybe two if you include a young player as well.

    This manager lies to us. How comes all of a sudden almost everyone is fit in January whilst the window is open? He says he denies Podolski claims about showing lack of respect, yet from august to December what was Wengers excuse about not playing him? It was apparently because Podolski was at the World cup and is only now getting back to full fitness. Then you you have to ask yourself then why has Mertesacker started almost every game barring a handful of matches if that is the case, was he too not at the world cup? Wenger has his favourites, thats why you will see players like Scszesny, Ramsey, Wilshere, Gibbs, Chamberlain, Walcott, Welbeck, Giroud and Chamberlain. They can get into the team any time. Remember at the start of the sesaon how Cazolra was benched so that Ramsey and Wilshere could play?

  18. Because AW is not hungry anymore to win titles. Its human nature, having already tasted much success so early in his career leaves him complacent. Unless we end up in the europa league next year he will not have the sense of urgency to buy 2 cb/2dm

  19. Just read some disturbing news that BVB is looking to sign Akpom whose contract ends in June and can sign pre contract terms which a foreign team, if this is true Wenger has truly lost the plot. Giving multiple first team chances to Sonago and while limiting Akpom to 10 minutes two games per year, keeping faith in Sonago (scoring only once) while Afobe has been ripping league one apart. Mark my word, if Wenger allows Akpom to leave Arsenal will come to regret it.

  20. haha please people, give respect where it is due. Szcezny really messed up at Southampton but how many times has he saved us? How many great saves did you see him make over the years? Just because of one bad game everybody wants his head smh get serious

  21. Defenders & Strikers are the hardest players to sign in a Jan window, especially if they’re worth their salt. Wenger’s plan/gamble is Alexis on left (Santi/Alexis backup), Theo on Right (Gnabry backup) with Rambo/Ozil/Arteta in the middle feeding Giroud/Welbz (Akpom backup)

    I think we should go back for Higuain. Napoli are willing to sell & Liverpool are trying to get him. Defenders are a no brainer (Shar, Van Dijk, Reid) but cost will decide that if any are willing to sell in Jan. Don’t see Wenger going for a DM like Kondigbia, Schneiderlein, etc. Possibly Gundogan if the price is right. Likely Dortmund would want someone in return.

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