Why are the media still trying to create problems for Mesut Ozil?

Ahead of one of Arsenal’s biggest games of the season, and the media still feel the need to question Unai Emery about the possibility that Mesut Ozil could leave Arsenal before the close of the European transfer window. Ozil and his agent must be sick and tired of rubbishing all the made-up transfer rumours from the media, and have reppeatedly insisted that the German intends to stay and finish up his contract at the Emirates, so why can’t the journalists just stop asking about him leaving.

This is what Emery had to put up with durung the run up to the famous North London Derby…. (as reported by Arsenal.com)

on Mesut Ozil…
This week he is training well, he is progressing physically better and doing normal work for us. He is going to be closer for us and available for Sunday I think.

on whether Ozil will still be an Arsenal player at the end of the European window...
Yes, we’ve finished our transfer window and in Europe it’s going to finish on Monday. We cannot sign another player but we have some players who have the possibility to leave before the window closes. The club is working and some players know their situation. My focus and the team’s focus is for the game on Sunday and being very concentrated on Sunday.

on whether Mesut could leave…
No, we are not speaking about the possibility he could leave.

It seems to me that we have to write an artickle like this every few months when the usual denial from Ozil, his agent and even Emery himself, but I bet the media will carry on saying there is a possibility right up until the last transfer window shuts. And then the’ll start speculating on Ozil going to America!

Will they ever give it a rest!



  1. Because Ozil is still a very popular footballer that attracts a lot of viewers and he has not played any EPL game yet in this season

    If he can’t leave, he would most likely be Ceballos’ backup for the no 10 position

    Unless if Emery is willing to try them both in 4-3-3 formation. I think this tactic would maximize both CAMs’ abilities to create crosses

    1. Ceballos is a natural #8 who will thrive very well playing alongside Özil at #10, and it’s time Özil shook off his indifferent form of last year. It’s also time Emery played his creative player regularly so that a telepathic understanding is created between him and the front three. Interestingly, all three have said at various times, that they’d love to play with Özil, so it’s time we fans get that opportunity. Youngsters like Willock will only learn from this and be ready soon to make regular starts.

      1. Ceballos played better as a no 10 in the U-21 tournament, as compared to his performances as a CM for Real Madrid

        I don’t think Emery would shift Ceballos to a deeper position, because there are Xhaka, Guendouzi and Willock. Unless one of those CMs is injured

    2. Actually I would very much like to see them both play together but with caballos as CM and Ozil as a AM while Torreira play the DM role

      1. I’m afraid Ceballos could be a disaster if he plays as a CM, because he lost the ball a lot in last three EPL games

        He needs to be less adventurous like Cazorla if he plays as a deep-lying playmaker, but he shouldn’t be overcautious like Xhaka

      2. The problem then is – you play Laca, Auba, Pepe, Ozil, Ceballos, Kolasinac in the same team – together with our mediocre CBs, you’re going to concede a HUGE amount of goals.

  2. Ozil is arsenals best player very creative full of skills and i dont why people criticises him every now and then. The player that is crippling arsenal is Xhaka he doesn’t defend the ball neither does he create any chance
    No assist at all he is poor in tackles
    And yet no body see him. People are very unfair

    1. Xhaka always the scapegoat for Ozil fans. Now that Giroud is gone, and we have awesome attackers, it’s time to look for another player to blame. Get real. Our best player had 2 assists last season.

  3. I don’t really know what is wrong with arsenal officials they don’t see the player that is failing his task that is why arsenal is not going anywhere
    For example they talk of poor defence
    I can tell u arsenal has the best defence if they could have strong No6
    Because No6 suppose to cover the defence and Xhaka cannot do that
    Instead of getting rid off Xhaka they are busy criticising Ozil. Ozil’s job is make assist and that he is the best in the premier league

    1. Exactly I can’t tell how they persist in placing Xhaka in our first 11. Ever since stated Arsenal the guy never impressed me except his long-range impact.damn am sick with our managers

  4. Best way to settle the issue is for Ozil to deliver. Start stacking up the assists to PAL, track back on defense, press the opponent, and put in a few tackles.

    Otherwise, 2 assists, lack of defending, all on 350k a week invites attention and criticism.

  5. Ozil I feel will be played sparingly if at all I feel. Ceballos gives maximum effort (something UE demands) and offers a more all round game and can play 10 perfectly well.

  6. I’m not gonna get involved in the will they won’t they, is he, well he said he’s not. I’ve always said it’s up to Ozil ..and that he has the talent to make any manager admire him, (even the bus parker) though it’s in a different area that people want him to improve on, having said that I do think they’d change their mind a wee bit if he got back to that form that kept him up there as one of the most deadly playmakers even after his form dipped and even now he is still up there despite the poor statistics of last season. That shows you how good he was when he first came over, it also shows you how some people must have been overrating the competition slightly, or maybe not at all slightly. Surely Emery knows enough about Ozil because he wanted to purchase him when he was at PSG, and Ozil has always had a certain way of playing. So I’ll wait and see if Emery uses him or if he eventually gets sold rather than going by the tabloid gossip. I’ll keep my own opinion out of it because I do have mixed feelings, I felt a little let down by the Europa final game (but not just by Ozil) though I could’ve singled him out for the brunt of my ire, not that he’d know however. If he plays his way into the team and himself and Emery seem smoother in their relationship and the tabloids shut up for a bit, I will gladly watch Ozil working alongside our deadly strikeforce. I like watching Ozil play, he’s a clever player, but I hate all the spats even if I feel both parties make good points from time. Nearly all our central midfielders are defensive so you have that, people say B2B and some of them can’t defend properly, but I think you’ll find that positionally speaking they are very defensive. There’s room for two playmakers, and isn’t that what Emery is trying to do, to have two players (at-least) for each position. Good luck Ozil, show us the heights you can climb because I’m betting you’ll not find too many contenders that can reach those heights/numbers.

    (sorry for long post)

    1. you mean the Iwobi that was called a headless chicken , that has scored 2 in 3 games and hit the bar in his cameo . the boy was improving at arsenal and was simply unappreciated even when he put good displays . I am happy he is gone now we can blame others like we are used to .
      We keep talking about Willock .I don’t think most of us have seen Ismeal Bennacer play .Why sign luiz when Beleik could do the job .
      Nelson doesn’t think he is up for it .MArtenneli and saka should go ahead of him if they can .
      I am very impressed with OSei tutu and Nketiah

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