Why are the pundits writing Arsenal off after just one defeat?

When will Arsenal get praised? 

Over the years it is clear that Arsenal is no longer seen as a top club.

Of course, we do not really deserve too much praise given our form over the years, but hopefully the tides are turning and that will change, yet you cannot deny that we are still a top club and we still deserve a little bit of respect, especially when we win and are doing well.

More often than not when we thrive, it is very rare that people praise us but when we lose people are quick to say, ‘this is Arsenal, it was bound to happen’ and ‘Arsenal will struggle to get into the top four’ even if we are winning and doing well and nobody else is!

We have so far this season lost just one game, and people have been quick to throw their toys out of the pram about how Arsenal are not good enough because they finally lost to Manchester United, even though they were the last team to have a 100% record. And yes, I know it was only six games in, but points are points and those five previous wins may do a lot come the end of the season.

Yet when Manchester United and Liverpool have worse starts then we do, they are still considered a top team who will make the top four and are constantly praised regardless of results!

“I’m not going to say who is going to win, and who is second and that. But for me, the top four teams in the league this year, when I look at the squads, I think Manchester City, Liverpool, Tottenham and, Chelsea,” Jermain Defoe said.

Why is this the case all of the time? Why can people just not praise us for winning and for what the club is becoming? Why is it so hard? I know we have a lot of work to do but we are on the road to doing it so why can this not be seen?

Gary Neville said: “I think City, Liverpool and Tottenham will finish in the top three. Chelsea, Arsenal and Man United [to battle for fourth].

But then again, I would rather they don’t praise us and let us get on with things and keep winning and proving people wrong, than being in the spotlight and having people constantly praise us and by praising us curse us into losing our momentum, which in turn will mean losing games and points.

So as annoying as it is, let the haters hate, because they will never change, meanwhile we can hopefully keep going about our business quietly.

Heres hoping hey Gooners?

Shenel Osman



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  1. Shenel it was a frustrating day but do we really care what other outsiders think about our chance..not really
    We as arsenal fans opinions only count so booo to think we are already written off and now let the team and fans show them come the end of the season who was wrong
    I have every faith in the team we will get it right and end up top 4

  2. Maybe because they saw Arsenal still having an inferiority complex at Old Trafford. Arsenal have the most losses there, as compared to other teams

    I don’t think we’ll become an EPL winner until we start dominating the Manchester teams again

  3. To answer the question in the title, it’s because they’ve seen the same story play itself out for a long time season after season.

    We go on a great run, we look high on confidence and then we get to a “big” game and we throw it away. If we can’t do it when on a highly motivated, solid run then when can we?

    It’s the manager/teams job to shut them up and change that perspective that most have of AFC.

  4. It’s simple
    We have seen this movie so many times and the most recently last season, it’s not rocket science
    For many years now When ever you think an arsenal team is on the verge of making something great they fail
    From recent momories it’s clear when people are not putting faith in us

  5. Just like the first comments said, we shouldn’t be worried about what other people think about us.
    But let ask ourselves, are they really far from the truth.
    We have potentials and we are getting closer to be competitive again but it’s too early to declare anything.
    Let not act like this is the first time we have been challenging to be in top4 and we ended up being out of it for the last 6 to 7 years spending more than have a billions in that period. Out of the top 6 we are only the team not to be in top4 in the same period. We have even went on a more impressive spell than this and nothing in the end.
    I remember how we used to collapse after being at the top for half of the season in Wenger late years. Emery also went 22 games unbeaten which is unbelievable achievement considering most of the fans never rated the team then.
    So they are not entirely wrong to write us off.
    The potential of this team is what makes it exciting, as in fairness they are yet to achieve anything remarkable.

  6. I want to see how Arsenal will bounce back from that loss at the old toilet. It still pains we did not get a point there. If we can keep winning games as we did with the first five games, we may surprise the soccer world at the end of the season. Let us ignore all those biased talking heads – most of them were not great as players.

  7. Honestly because it’s been years since we completed for title
    There is a massive gap between us and man city and most felt some were getting carried away based on 5 games
    Man U is the reality – shows why we can’t challenge for title

  8. If it was Man utd who had such a great start like ours they would NEVER have been written off after one defeat. I repeat NEVER! They would have been excused.

    Why? Because pundits have agenda against Arsenal. That has always been the case. How everyone does not see that is a mystery I will never solve.

    They will still have their jobs after we lift the trophy come May. And they will still write us off next season even though we will be the defending champions.

      1. Well, we were 37 points behind Man.City in 2018, and it’s not realistic that we should be challenging for the title already.

        1. Reality is if we are good enough to challenge for the title we should go all out for it, it doesn’t matter if we were in league one last year what matters is the present and what we can do at the immediate future.
          That you won the league last season doesn’t even garantee you a top 4 place
          Arsenal were second to liecester when they won the league and the following year was out of top 4. Last two seasons Liverpool struggled to make top 4 and last season they fought all the way till the end for the league title, if you see an opportunity and you are good enough for the demand of the present season then go for it, just like last season everyone was expecting top 6 but as the season progresses we saw an opportunity and we were actually good enough to make the top 4 and we went for it, it doesn’t matter if Manchester city made 100points last season what matters is this season if the way things are going we are nearer to them then why not give it a go there is no law that guarantees city to make 90+ points every season by the end of the day if they bettered us after 38 games then it’s what it is the better team won, in football you don’t go into it with beggar’s mindset, you should be prepared and put yourself in the best possible position incase an opportunity came up you should take full advantage, no one expected Liverpool to be struggling this much but that is the reality of football

          1. @GD
            The reality is that we are not a title contender yet, if we have a good position during the season we are still not a title contender. We are closing the gap but it’s not all gone.

            1. No body is saying we are title contenders we should do our best and if by peradventure our best was good enough to make us challenge why not then last season we were not a top 4 contender either that was reality

              1. We should develop our team and get better and not have unrealistic expectations. Last season we lost 13 matches, if we lose 10 this season we will manage top four. If we lose 5 we will probably manage the third or second spot. If we get a chance to win we should grab it with both hands, but we should have a realistic focus and not be carried away…

                1. The world doesn’t work like that people won’t seat still and watch our process while they are stagnant, we may lose 5 these season and lose 8 next season, in as much as we want to plan for the future we should remember that the present is more important and be ready to fight it out, apart from city few teams have looked great and by the metrics of performance so far we should be ready to fight for the best positions if we are that better than other teams, no one expects us to top the table after 6 games but we were that good so we occupied it, doesn’t have anything to do with expectations, the best teams will most likely occupy the best positions regardless of your expectations

                  1. We are top of the table related to our match schedule. Last two seasons, we have had a much more difficult start. It’s about winning as many matches as possible, regardless of the opponent, and we have done well so far.

          2. You have spoken my mind. Well said. It doesn’t matter what happened last season. This season we are better than all of them.

            An injury to Haaland and Man City title hopes are over. If Salah drop form Liverpool are finished.

            1. You’ll keep waiting. They didn’t have a striker last season and still won the league. That team just has too much quality

      2. Yes they will be correct but this season they are going to be very wrong. How can they write off the league leaders if not an agenda?

    1. There is no agenda against arsenal
      Arsenal are the only club currently regarded as a top 6 club in England that haven’t made top 4 since 2017, man united will never be written off if they had the start we had it’s not because of any agenda you have built in your head it’s because history did not make them a bottling club when they have their ass£s together and are focused they are a real force, and they have proven players with experience

      1. When is the last time they had their azzez together? What is the difference between us and them for the past few seasons compared to both our histories?

        That azzole Gary Neville used to predict them for the title every season until recently even though they were not a smelling distance to the title.

        1. The difference is since 2015/16 they have only missed champions league football twice and have always been in Europe while we have not not tasted champions league football and missing european football last year
          They have proven and experienced players and manager too which is very huge in todays game as seen by impact of conte at spurs

          1. United are not in any process, they won’t accept two 8 finishes regardless of the manager. Man united will demand top4 from any manager top 6 is not even a pass mark at old Trafford they are more ambitious than that apart from us winning few fa cups(them winning Europa) they have been heads above us in recent seasons. The demand at old Trafford doest is different to the one at the Emirates

            1. Wow! Finally someone spoke my mind.
              I couldn’t have put it any better.
              I look at many of our fans thinking big clubs would go on to emulate us with the way we have manage our team so far.
              Many of them failed to realize that some of this team have got bigger ambition than us and probably bigger ego.
              No matter the process you want to build a big team won’t let a manager pass by finishing 8th twice consecutively.
              Many even claimed Man united would go the Arteta way to rebuild.
              What they failed to realize is that the rebuild has been brilliant but is yet to produce any football related achievement. No trophy to back it up yet and that is what big teams are all about.

  9. We will challenge for the title, that’s the mentality we need to resonate allover Emirates and the world at large….. intimidation of opponents wins games sometimes, and is an integral attribute of a title winning team…the aura of invincibility shouldn’t evaporate with one loss to that average man it’s team…

    Remember that we played a complete United team without partey and an unfit zinchenko/odegaard but still dominated…these weak position s were duly exploited by ten hag

    Enough of the top four expectations talk….we must aim higher now, top four is only guaranteed for title chasing teams

    Leicester did it ,so can we??

    1. You don’t challenge for the title by words, if liecester like let them convince themselves to fight for the title, at the end of the day reality will catch up with you, if you’re good enough you will be up there if not reality will but you where you belong, the best team these season will win the league regardless of the mentality you go into the season with

  10. Some of them have definitely been heading the ball too many times. I’m struggling to understand why laughing stocks have to be on TV 😉

    1. But they were correct ?
      Many pundits said first proper test we would lose
      I don’t get what they said that was so bad

      1. Well, unlike you I’m not focusing on our results after six matches, and it’s not changing my overall opinion about our chances this season. Losing a match can be useful if you learn something from it. In my opinion we should have been more cynical when we got 1-1. I have seen these kind of goals against us for at least a decade.

    1. There is a very simple reason why we are not taken seriously, we have as yet not shown the ability to win ugly football matches, ok let me rephrase, not since the days of George Graham. I feel as a club we have become so obsessed with playing beautiful football, which is ok, but keep in mind, you won’t win anything by playing beautiful football each and every game. Look what ManU did to us they won ugly against us, but the funny thing is they did the exact same thing to Liverpool and yet we didn’t learn from that or the experience we had last season missing out on top 4.

  11. I believe that Gary Neville has a problem with arsenal cos he is hater but if coaching is an easy job why did they sack him in Spanish league that has soft pace than premier league within months 🙆😭. Even if arsenal wins all their matches pundits will still rate us low.

  12. @HH. Liked your comment. I think we’re definitely going in the right direction. Pundits keep saying Liverpool will be there,Chelsea & Spurs. 2 out of 3 struggling badly. Spurs,according to the experts have a great squad. Sorry,I don’t see that at all. Up to yet its us or Man City. October will be the crunch time. Onwards,upwards & let’s prove em all wrong. COYGs.

    1. Really? Look I dislike the scum next door more than any other team but their squad is better than ours in my opinion. Their front four are outstanding and not a bad defence either and only lacking in midfield but as they play kick and rush type football, who needs a midfield?😊

  13. If all these pundits knew what they were talking about the they would all be managing clubs right now.. But it’s there own opinion of course. They are entitled to it.

    And on the other hand it is understandable of them being skeptical about out Top 4 chances. We have got to start showing that we are serious team in order to be taken seriously.

    Lets prove them wrong first by finishing in the Top 4.

  14. There are other reasons not mentioned here.
    1. We have an inexperienced coach. Don’t get me wrong, in my opinion Arteta is a fine coach, with great personality, good tactics but is managing his first PL team. If we had a Conte or Ancelotti as a coach, pundits will not so easily write us off as tittle challengers.

    2. We have a very young team. In most pundits’ minds, a team cannot win a title with a bunch of kids. They look at us as a development project that needs attention, but not the real thing.

    3. We don’t hire proven great players. Everyone knows that our current policy is hiring players bellow 26 years old. So Messi, Ronaldo, Benzema and the likes will never join as and create expectation among pundits on whether they will generate a positive transformation.

    4. We don’t even hire outstanding young players. If we had a Vinicius Junior, a Halland, a Gavi, a Rice or an Ansu Fati in our squad, we will carry lots of expectation to be a PL winner. Hiring Vieria, the engaging of more more mature Saliva, or even hiring Jesus, will not turn pundits heads.

    5. Our owners have a cheap reputation. Most MU fans hate the Glazers, but they invest in players. This year alone they have invested more than 200 million without blinking. The Kroenkes will never do that, even having more money than the Glazers. Let alone owners like the Arabian States, who can any time attract instant attention from the pundits with a huge financial move.

    Just five reasons to mind about.

    1. The money card is ridicules, knowing how much money Kroenkes have spent after they took control of Arsenal in 2018.

      Merci Wenger was our manager for 22 years and it will never be easy to replace a manager after so many years. State of our club wasn’t particularly good in 2018, when finishing 37 points behind Man.City. It’s a tremendous gap and it takes time remove it 🔴⚪️

    2. @Can Fan
      I might agree with you one reason, and that is; having a much more experienced manager. That would have raised expectations. But just a big name manager means nothing.. Ancelotti at Everton.
      Mourinho at United and Spurs..

      And last season some pundits predicted Chelsea to win the title. Some predicted United to finish

      And I am not someone that is easily duped into sensationalism. It seems like many people including these so called pundits are sensationalists. People are so easily distracted by these shiny celebrity players and managers.. It’s a Herd mentality, everyone thinks the same, just linear group think.. They hardly think outside the tiny box.

      You mentioned the so called young players you think might have taken up yo the next level if we had bought them instead of the ones we have / bought. That’s your personal opinion. You think those players are amazing while others might think otherwise. It’s not a fact rather an individual opinion.

      And todays most players will join any ambitious club as long as you are willing to pay them vast amounts of money.. Only Barcelona and Madrid have that player pull as compared to any other clubs in this earth..

      And if it was just about signing big name, big money and celebrity players, we signed Ozil, Laca, Sanchez, Auba and Pepe.. But I have never seen a side as disjointed as that side. Individualist shiny players that had weaknesses that you could not build a serious team.

      What am I saying? What matters is getting the right players for any given manager. You can buy all the big name players you like but as long as they don’t fit into a given managers philosophy then it will be a waste of time and money..

      The Leicester City winning team. It did not have all these overhyped players. But is had players that suited Ranieri’s philosophy. This Liverpool team. It did not have players many would have been calling for us to sign.. But they fit Klopps philosophy at that given time..

      This current Arteta team, not so many overly hyped players, but the team seems to be on one page. Needs a bigger squad but the first team when all fit seems to play for each other. Team cohesion etc.. Arteta has to show that he is learning, we now want to see that maturity..

      It’s all about getting the right players that can fit a given manager’s philosophy.. Not just buying flavour of the season shiny players and try to put sqare pegs in round holes..

  15. I’m not too surprise by their comments on my beloved club we challenging for top always make us fall shot into top 6 or 7 but the mentality of our team should be a league wining team and if by worse top 4 will be at our hands, Edu and Arteta need to change that by signing good quality players for our club, I’m sure if we do that they will later eat there wrong comment against us

  16. I can not tell who would win the EPL with a world cup mid season….anything can happen..injuries and fatigue could play it’s part…also consider from Qatar to European winter can take a toll on some players….then there is the next transfer window after the world cup and I’m sure Arsenal will buy players….if we consistent in the top 4 come the world cup then we can make top 4

  17. as was quoted a keyword, “squad”.

    If you consider depth we are not top 4,if you consider only starting 11 then maybe we are top 4.

    So let’s not make an issue out of nothing.

  18. Why should any serious person mind what the haters say? No amount of criticism will affect our results on the pitch. So to answer our critics let us continue winning our games. I have no doubt that we shall bounce back sooner than later. What will the haters say then?
    I get incensed by comments such as “that is typical Arsenal” as if Arsenal is one of the weak teams in England which is far wide of reality. How does Jermaine Defoe, a former Tottenham player, get the liberty to toy with Arsenal and Man U when his former club has never won anything significant in many years? What is most annoying is to see Arsenal fans being swayed by such cheap gimmicks!
    Arsenal is still top of the table not by accident but through deliberate efforts and focus. We shall continue to do even better. Let our supporters not lose hope.

    1. Reality is most of the things they say about us are true, we have managed to beat teams in the bottom 12 last season and a poor liecester team, many said united was the real test so far and as most predicted even with our form we failed the test, and to cap it all these has been seen many times just like gifting top 4 away with 3 games to go and 4 points clear, let’s not be too blind to these things simply because we are fans, until these things change no body even me to an extent will take us as a serious contender, it’s left for the team and players to change so people will have confidence in them

  19. Football pundits take turns to use a brain cell. Anyone who pays any mind to what they say (other than to laugh at it) is probably operating on the same processing power.

    I didn’t go into this season expecting a serious title challenge and having read this site in the run-up to the satrt of the season, nor did any other Arsenal supporters.

    The aim was and is: top 4. Having 15 points from 18 is simply a good start towards achieving that.

    EL would be nice, but any competition with a knockout stage has a lottery element to it. Trying to win the EL should only be to get seeded in the draw, getting there should be via the PL.

  20. Why are our own fans writing us off!!!!
    They are blaming the Squad not being big enough, referees are against us, Var is against, we always have injuries, the world is against us, everybody hates Arsenal and loves every other team. If the management are good enough, so will we, if they aren’t, then neither will we.

    1. @Reggie- nice saying.
      It’s not only a question of management, and you know that. I’m sure we will be successful sooner rather than later, but we should stay calm and have realistic expectations.

      1. My problem is people blaming everything that is out of our control and forgetting to blame what is in our control. If they really think our squad is too thin after over 300 mil investment and Var is going to decide our fate, we have no chance. Our own destiny is in our own hands.

  21. Do you know parrots don’t talk? They just mimic what others sound like. It’s part of their survival.
    Do you know porcupine are clean and tidy animal despite having the smelliest nest in the world? They do that to prevent predators coming in. It’s part of their survival.

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