Why Arsenal always play well away from home

In the last few years it looks to me that Arsenal have always seemed to play with more freedom in away games than they do at the Emirates. Personally I thought it was because the players were under more pressure to win in front of the home crowd, but today Arsene Wenger has revealed that he actively tells his scouts to check out how their targets play in away games before he will even consider making a bid for them.

Le Prof revealed on Arsenal.com: “You could say it’s linked more to bravery – your character is more tested away from home,”

“At home you feel the players are a bit more protected.

“But what I say to my scouts is, ‘Watch this player for me, but watch him in an away game.’ You want to know how he behaves away from home because usually at home you will be all right.

“If a scout comes to me and says he has found a good player, I ask where he saw him. If it was at home, I tell them to go and watch them away as well because it’s a better test of their character, their bravery and their desire.

“Once a player is good away from home, you can say you will consider him.”

So there you have it! We have won three out of our four away games this season, and the only loss was the debacle at Chelsea where we were robbed of any chance. Also think back to Monaco last year (lost at home, won away), and I believe the same thing has happened aganst Bayern Munich and Dortmund in recent times. Now we know the real reason!

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  1. That’s fantastic. To play away well is awesome BUT we must improve home results.

    Even Wenger has said in the past that teams who lose several home matches dont Win the PL.

    At least avoid defeats and not draw often to teams lower than us.

    If we Can continue our fantastic away record and improve our home record significantly, we can win the League

  2. Sorry Cech let in a couple of goals but glad he captained Czech Republic to win against Holland who are knocked out of 2016 Euro

    Commiserationd to RVP

    Knowing Cech, he will be down for letting in the goals even though he won lol. He is still WC though

  3. Giroud- 2 goals
    Carzola- 2 golazos
    Walcott- 1 goal
    Sanchez- 1 goal
    Ramsey- 1 goal
    Van persie- OwnGoal

    I’m satisfied.

  4. We need good home form to complement our away performance.
    I just don’t want anyone coming back from International break wit injuries. The guys did well for their countries , hope they can consolidate on their club forms as they return to Arsenal…
    GOYG, COYG……
    Wenger changed, Giroud Out!!!!!!

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