Why Arsenal ARE improving every season

The quality of Arsenal’s signings argument by JA

Hello Gooners. Hope you are fine. I’ve seen recent arguments about the quality of players we sign along the lines of “we are signing average players with hope of them coming good”. People also go on to argue that we should be shopping at the same stall with the big wigs. Here is what I think: We already are shopping at the same stall as the big wigs. Even looking at the sugar daddy clubs that over pay, you rarely find one that goes for broke to make 3 or 4 high profile signings in the same window. now looking at those with realistic pockets, you realise we’re rubbing shoulders. Take for instance. two seasons ago (without much financial leverage) how many clubs do you think wanted Cazorla or Podolski?

As much as news might not have hit the airwaves due to the precision with which the transfers were executed, just imagine how many top clubs would want to have the two (and please don’t give me the “present form” argument, most managers are smarter than that) from two seasons ago. Reliable reports also state that we fought off Bayern and Chelsea for Giroud, although I don’t rate him world class.

We’ve seen top teams fight hard to sign a player only for him to end up average (Baloteli, Sebastian Veron, Robinho, etc) That was two seasons ago. Now last season was disappointing even to me. But for the sake of the shopping argument, which team would not want to have Ozil on their pitch? We ungrateful Arsenal fans are willing to write him off as a flop but do you have any idea how fast other teams would bite your hands off if you put him up for sale? He rarely looks dazzling on the pitch but he does have end product.

People are so stuck with the idea of a good player dwelling on the ball, beating six defenders on the dribble and executing amazing 30yard pile drivers that they think a player who plays the simple way is a flop. now I get frastuated too when he looks uninterested. but in the same games, he often springs to life for a good 15 minutes like to say” alright boys, I’ll give a hand” he turns the game on it’s head – then relaxes again.

This season, we got Alexis Sanchez, Mathieu Debuchy. Both represented their teams at the FIFA World cup and are really good. In addition to them, do you think there’s a team that wouldn’t want to have a Calum Chambers in their squad? Manchester city do have a monster of a squad now, and so do Chelsea, but they didn’t build those squads in a single window. They took the same route we’re taking. both paid top dollar for flops like Torres, super Mario, Mateja Kezman, Kolo Toure and many more along the way to building a formidable squad. Bayern Munich also had to make do with Mario Gomez, then Mario Mandzuckic as they built their squad. Not all these teams build their squads on outright quality. some are hidden gems and they also make the same misjudgments we do but then they also like us, land on a gem at times. John Terry, Frank Lampard, among others. We have to be rational in judgement.

Three seasons ago, we only had Gervinho, RVP and Walcott. If it wasn’t them scoring there was no chance of Arsenal winning. Now we have the luxury of Sanchez, Danny, Alex, Theo, Olivier, Lukas, that can make up any sort of front two, three or four combination. Then there would be the midfield where you have the luxury of Cazorla, Ozil, Ramsey, Wilshere, as opposed to Song and Arteta only a couple of seasons ago. Improvement comes slow but I can see the progress. However the one thing you should know is that with players getting used to each other, there will be a period of re adjustment and poor results and that is why in my article yesterday I proposed we get a defender that is a smaller ego than those we have but still has age on his side. And because we are quite solid on the left we need someone whose career we won’t waste.

In conclusion, I see progress on the transfer front, but what I’m seeing doesn’t look any different from other clubs..


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  1. Van gaal in 4 months loads of players in and out and he’s already 5 points clear of us!
    The idea of taking tame in the window is rubbish!
    Van gaal has just killed your argument.

    1. 433 seems to suit the players we have best, with the exception perhaps of ozil and cazorla,

      The movement and directness of Ramsey campbell chamberlain and podolski reaped dividends last night. It meant flamini could hold whilst sanogo just held the ball up and fed people in. Giroud and arteta can also play those two roles whilst, sanchez Welbeck akpom Walcott gnabry rosicky wilshire diaby would thrive in the other positions. Simple but effective get the ball and run at teams. I am sure ozil and cazorla could adapt to play in that system and it would be exciting for the fans.

      A bigger better holding dm would be an advantage as always and we still need another Cb. Trouble is we are already too many players over for the epl and CL quotas, so at least one has to make way just for giroud.

      1. Arsenal best XI?
        Wojciech Szczesny, Kieran Gibbs, Laurent
        Koscielny, Per Mertesacker, Mathieu Debuchy,
        Mikel Arteta, Aaron Ramsey, Theo Walcott,
        Mesut Ozil, Chamberlain, Alexis Sanchez.

    2. Don’t you get it, we won a game, the 35% of fans who are sheep will not hear anything said against Wenger.
      Wait until we lose a couple and the idiots will thumbs-up the same comment.

      #growaset #showsomecommitment

  2. Arsenal are stagnating on the football pitch,every year we finish 4th where’s the improvement?every year we are knocked out in the last 16 of the champions league where’s the improvement?

      1. Pogba is not only overrated but also sh*t. I would have Jack or Ramsey to him any day of the week.

        I just don’t understand the crazy love for Pogba. Vidal makes/does half his work and he has more liberties.

        1. @sumo i too love our players but they are not at pogba level and that a fact(the kid is one of the best players in world and he is few years from being THE BEST)

          1. Pogba is better than both easily. He is also allot younger with better potential were talking a player who is a future bal on dor winner here

        2. @ sumo

          Seriously what are you smoking it must be dank if your calling pogba sh*t. That kid is so good, he’s got strength, power, long range shots, passing range, can dribble and his technique is AMAZING for some1 his size.

          He is gonna be world class soon, I’d have no problem wenger buying him and kondogbia/schneiderlin and playing them in a 4-3-3 w Ramsey.


      2. Impressed by Wanyama v. Utd. But I think he is one of those who according to Wenger is no better than what we already have. He cost about 8 mill, I think. Wonder how much he would be now? Ridiculous statement made by author, designed I imagine to get a giggle. What a danger he would be with a sense of humour.

  3. i think the sense is that even tho we are improving,
    a) its very slow, and
    b) its always a bit short of whats needed.
    part of a managers job is to use the TW to plug weaknesses : anyone could see an aging arteta and flam: to go into a new season with them is unforgivable IMO. negligent & abandonment of duty. + there’s all those other oddities like playing players out of position, not rotating, subbing late, playing favourites w players, not spending all the money he’s given… … ….

  4. Improvement is relative. Arsenal have improved but competitors have improved more. Net result is no change in Arsenal’s league standing.

    This is as far as a poor defending team can go. Wenger doesn’t like to spend on defenders and the great defence he inherited is long gone, as are his trophies.

  5. i’m not surprised…..After a Win against a shamboLic and Mediocre team like GaLatasaray, comes an article like “WHY ARSENAL ARE IMPROVING EVERY SEASON” …….glad the ARSENAL reserves got a win against the turks, but Lets face facts….. GALATASARAY were pure fresh sh*ts……. Beep..

    1. They are not in good form but no where near shambolic or mediocre – given we are playing at their stadium – one of the worst place for away team in Europe
      To put things in perspective, Juventus the team with players many cry out for like Pogba, Vidal got beaten here last year when they are still managed by Conte – in the manager wishlist of many.
      I do not even count in the fact we only use half of our first team players, and even less in the 2nd half.
      WE should not get carried away after a convincing win, but credit the team when credit due, the lads are awesome last night. The whole team is low in morale if we fan still bashing them and be negative all the time, how does it help? Focus on supporting the team if we are real fan who want Arsenal to do well (not anti-Wenger who want the team to do badly so het get sacked)

    1. Podolski is good when our team is dominating, and he will put to bed any single chance that come his way. But against team that is as strong as us, it is a big risk as he does not provide much to our game play – defence, build up, … The last goal conceded in Anderlecht game, he failed to close down their midfielder giving him both space and time to provide the killer pass for the winner.
      Dont get me wrong, last match shows that we should utilise him more, and think our manager will like what he did. Hopefully the time spent on the bench will motivate him to work harder on other aspects of his game, rather than choosing the easy option of quitting.

  6. Statistically the club is constant.
    EPL 4th, ECL Round of 16.
    “Apparently” 75% of Arsenal
    supporters are satisfied with this
    situation because this is the limit
    of the clubs capability.
    “Apparently” 25% of Arsenal supporters believe
    Arsenal can and should win the EPL
    because the resources are there and all we need
    is to get rid of Wenger and get a better manager.
    After a trillion arguments over the past 5-7 years
    the conclusion is that the club is um …Constant.

  7. There is no improvement, instead we are regressing. Until we finish in top 2 or 3 in pl and semi-finals or quarter finals, then there is no improvement.

  8. @buddy
    Pogba can play as DM and AM,2 for the price of 1.
    Get rid of our crocks,Wenger can be too loyal with his injury prone players.You all know who they are.

  9. Last season Arsenal generated a grand total of around $
    155.08 million in match day revenue with average
    attendance at league matches of 60,080. They finished
    fourth the previous season. Arsenal’s match day revenue is
    larger than their commercial or broadcasting revenue
    streams comparatively. Arsenal is the only club within the
    top twenty richest soccer clubs whose match day revenue is
    their largest source as considering earnings.
    In other words the club prefer to make money from the fans than spend to compete for trophys…i.\u00E4htl erh\u00E4lt why take a risk on transfers and trophys when we can easily extort the fansn when the complain sign ozil

  10. Theres no improvement in arsenal NO CLUB sign ONE world class player every season if not to please the fans and keep them quiet…ozil signin for example was not necesary we had ox rosicky walcott carzola poldi bt we had NO DM and ST(giroud was not good enough) and we shut up….thats the plan
    Wenger is not working for the club or the fans…he is workin for the board…open your eyes peeps

  11. To some extent I agree but we need to get a more balanced roster. Get a good CDM and a world class CB and you will see genuine improvement.

  12. People may have different opinion but it is pretty clear that our manager does not want to spend money if he cannot find the right player – the player he believe can improve the team and bring us close to the top dogs – Chelsea & Man City
    Looking back at last transfer windows – no big team manage to bring in any top top player in DM and CB position, most are over price and over rated
    – Luiz (50M)
    – Mangala (40M) – already on 2 red cards, few penalties conceeded
    – Lovren (25M)
    – Fernando (15M) – average DM, provide cover for Fernandinho
    – Xabi Alonso – I wish we get him, but again it is Bayern we need to compete with and he is not the long term solution
    – Spuds failed to get Scheiderlin even bid as high as 25M, they signed a replacement named Gambouli or something, who is now even behind packing order of youngsters like Ryan Mason
    Looking at lessons from Spuds, Liverpool (Balotteli) I rather put faith in Arteta (he was good last season but too much injury this season) for now, save the cash for the top player (most likely Scheiderlin) than signing shite player (cost money and may become deadwood)
    Average players like Wanyama, Tiote only help us to secure 4th more comfortably but not good enough to challenge for title.

    1. On the money but you are wasting your breath there ethangooner – thumbed down for what I consider to be an very intelligent and reasonable opinion.

  13. I agree.

    But who are the world class dm’s and cb’s that are available and good enough to be a long term signing? Ideally not cup tied ie can play in the champs league (although that may be a tough one) and are also heading towards being out of contract so a January deal is possible?

    1. Id honestly prefer to wait till summer if it meant getting Bender and Godin. In jan it will most likely mean a compromise.

  14. Strangest article I’ve read here so far this season. Why would Bayern want Giroud when they had Ivica Olić, Mario Gomez and Mandzukić who was scoring goals for fun ?. Why would Chelsea have bought Giroud when they had Drogba at the time ?. We got Cazorla because none of the BIG WIGS were in for him, Mesut is a great talent who’s not utilised to the best of his abilities and that’s why he’s “shit” for us. RvP left and we replaced him with Giroud, Arshavin was compromised to make way for much cherished British core. I see the same thing happening with Özil. Your manager thinks he’s a genius and wants to play player’s out of position on the hope of striking it lucky should it work out but it hasn’t but he still hasn’t learned. Aggg it’s a pointless argument because nothing will change. Arsenal were losing against Stoke and my buddy rung me up for an update and u know what ? I wasn’t bothered, I was working on my car and that’s how things will remain until Wenger leaves because he definitely won’t change.

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