Why Arsenal are in GREAT shape for Spurs clash!

It may have been a disappointing night for Arsenal in the League Cup, but the fact that a largely second string team was narrowly defeated by a stunning strike from a strong Southampton side should not have knocked our confidence. In fact I think that the Gunners should go into the north London derby in great shape.

Resting a few key players like Aaron Ramsey, Danny Welbeck and Mesut Ozil will mean that they will be really sharp and fired up for the spuds. And our new striker and our club record signing should be buzzing to get back in action, after both got their season going with a goal and an assist at Aston Villa. Ozil had warm words of praise for his new centre forward and they are already showing signs of a great understanding.

Another bonus from Wenger’s decision to rest players is that Per Mertesacker and Kieran Gibbs should be fully fit again, giving Arsenal an almost first choice back four. The League Cup game also gave Hector Bellerin another taste of a big game and should help if he is called on for Saturday.

Alexis Sanchez continued his great start to his Arsenal career with another goal and it was a real stunner of a free kick. My one concern is that central midfield area, but it’s only a matter of time before Rambo kicks into top gear. Let’s hope it happens against Tottenham.

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  1. Sumo says:

    KS-Gunner you sir are a clown. Hope you know that. Your argument is as cheap as your thinking.
    Come let me show you light.-

    Our bid for Highuin was accepted by RM of 24mil. But a few days back Cavani was sold by Napoli. Hence they went to RM with a better bid of 32 mil and RM sold them Highuin. How would we have known at the time that Napoli would poke their nose?

    You say Suarez at the time cost 50 mil. According to whom? He was on 11 game suspension for biting at the time. Also with a reputation for diving and racism. In short, a lot of baggage. We could have increased the bid. But Henry said in a confrence and assured the Pool fans that he will not sell to rivals no matter the cost.
    And even afterwards when Wenger was asked if he would go back for him in January, he said we have a good relationship with Pool and he didn’t want to spoil it just for a player no matter how fantastic.

    And to be more direct Henry himself admitted 40mil was the release clause in Suarez contract but they breached the contract. They were lucky it was Arsenal. Other club would have dragged them to court.

    You talk of the January window and Kim Kallstrom like a kid. Haven’t you read the recent Draxler interview about how we bid for but he didn’t want to come in January. And how many clubs actually did buy players in January?
    Would you rather have had Shane Long in January to Danny Welbeck this summer?

    You talk of our defense not being strengthened. ManU has worst defence than us with far spending power than us. Yet they bought in only Rojo who is an average player with a good world cup behind him.
    If ManU who has an unlimited budget and fails to bring in a world class defender than how should we with a limited budget?

    We bought in two defenders, Debuchy(12mil) and Chambers(16mil) for a combined fee of 28 mil.

    And incase you must know our club Arsenal has a youth policy. Promoting players which are reap and rearing to go. Like Bellerin and Hayden. I know you would rate Shaw more than Bellerin, but that’s our youth culture. Promoting youngsters. (Tony Adams was club captain at the age of 21).

    And what history are you talking to be proved wrong?
    Free- History Lessons for KS Gunner:
    1. Arsenal broke the history of transfer records in the club by bringing in Mesut for 42.5 mil
    2. In 2014-2015 Arsenal spend the most in their entire history ever.

    1. ChristopherHWinters says:

      And please can anyone before stating the lack of defense, please do state the defenders available and that too quality ones, because Wenger stated already, if he had to buy anyone should be skillful enough to be a replacement, because he would be playing for Arsenal, so filter your search and state any quality defender who was available.
      At the end of transfer deadline day, all went out on Wenger for not buying defenders but no one stated that we are having these options from which one or two are affordable.

      1. Big Head says:

        No defender was available?u must be typing that from your sleep

    2. SackWenger says:

      I don’t read too much into the Southampton game.We blew away Aston Villa,now let’s crush the Spurs and create havoc at Stamford Bridge.

      1. ChristopherHWinters says:

        Yeah Buddy. Just until January if Wenger don’t impresses, which I will be proved wrong, can you change the name to Hald, I guess?

        P.S. #BeatTheSpuds COYG!

        1. ChristopherHWinters says:

          Also if everyone including the Gunners have this mentality you are having now, who knows this time some miracle will happen, maybe a draw will be good.

  2. ChristopherHWinters says:

    I will not be surprised if Wilshere is picked. No disrespect, but both are looking in good form, however Wilshere will do no harm, but as I also have observed the strong linking of Ozil and Ramsey in midfield. Hard decision to pick over, but not both at the same time

    1. almostawinner says:

      currently, wilshire > ramsey, so wilshire should play. ramsey can play vs galatasaray and try to fight his way back into first XI. ramsey is close: he had a few close shots at goal.

      have we had a 4231 with ozil + sanchez + welbeck this season?
      i think that’d kick ass. ( + walcott would be phenomenal. )
      wilshire can play behind ozil .
      theres no really good choice for DM: i’d go 60min diaby, + 30min arteta/flam.

  3. SaveArsenal says:

    I don’t know why people are slating Rambo so much.
    OK so he hasn’t been as stellar as he was last season but apart from a few misplaced passes he has been involved in the build up play for most of our goals and his pass completion rate is still excellent.

    Remember that Wenger played him further forward for his costly experiment with that horrible diamond formation.
    Rambo simply plays better from deeper.

  4. jperiod says:

    Winning the midfield will be key to this match in my opinion. I think AW may go with this lineup

    Chambers- Per-Kos- Gibbs

    1. almostawinner says:

      a front 4 of ox/ozil/sanchez + welbeck: i *WANT* to see that.

      1. almostawinner says:

        we should try to “rip their hearts out” in the first 30min .
        i really liked the aston-villa blitz.

        1. jaweant says:

          I really think Vertonghen is a weak link. Putting Ox on the right will cause some trouble. We do need to come out with pace and solid in the back

  5. flasheyz says:

    Why do I get the feeling that we won’t be able to sign Rabiot. The anticipation (thanks to the media) is too much and judging from previous spells,Arsenal hardly sign much-talked about players.

    Back to the topic,I can’t believe arsene wenger now has a selection headache (apart from defence). We can actually say we fielded a team B against southampton,and that team B is still ok for a mid-table team. Ramsey should pair Arteta or Diaby,it will be nice!
    Looking forward to another Ozil-welbeck goal…

  6. mdu@durban says:

    Cant Wenger put a bid for Jan Vertonghen in January, he can cover for many position at the back and also we can use him in DM

  7. Bobshinery1 says:

    Spurs will never sell to us

  8. arselonia says:

    For get about him spurs will never sell to us.

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