Why Arsenal are playing it cool in transfer market?

Arsene Wenger may already have completed the first Arsenal signing of the summer, although not many Arsenal fans had heard of the young Romanian prospect Vlad Dragomir until the football media told us that he had signed for the Gunners earlier this week.

But even if the news about the Chelsea keeper Petr Cech having his Arsenal medical means that the transfer of this quality keeper is completed before next week, a lot of Arsenal fans may be a bit concerned that some of our Premier League rivals, most notably Manchester United and Liverpool, are getting lots of early deals done.

However, there may be a very good reason why Arsene Wenger is not doing much or does not seem to be trying to fight with our rivals over transfers. My theory is that the Frenchman is still very reluctant to pay over the odds for players and that seems to be the norm so far this summer.

The fact is that the TV deal with the Premier League makes all of us English clubs loaded compared to almost every other club around Europe and I think that prices go up accordingly, especially when more than one of us is interested in a player.

Arsenal are not in the same desperate need for lots of new players that the likes of Man City, United and Liverpool are, so what if Wenger is letting them get their purchases out of the way before he makes his own moves? That way we could haggle more on the price and not get involved in a crazy bidding war.

There are still plenty of good players out there after all and most modern footballers are drawn to the BPL and the hefty salaries available. So is Wenger being very clever in playing it cool or is he just dragging his feet?

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    1. Do you people know Arsenal players? If yes can you answer me why the hell on earth would we buy Vidal yet we have Ramsey, Carzola, Wilshere and AOC who can all easily play that position and who are very good? To me he is not an upgrade on Ramsey!

  1. Cech is probebly done deal, Just bag Vidal and I’m ok with the wait for if there is any other signing’s

  2. OT..Ospina is doing great job for Colombia against Messi and co. I am one of those who is excited for Cech but feel bad for Ospina. He has to leave us even though he did nothing wrong.

      1. He made some great saves but also made some bad desision as well lucky not to be punished and nothing in the penalty shoot out no saves or close to a save, don’t think I’m nocking him im not just saying as it is.

        1. Don’t sell Ospina man I want him to stay him with Christophe Lollichon as his Coach and Petr Cech as mentor he would become a better keeper than he is right now. A great second choice and a good future 1st team keeper.

  3. Dangerous game. No one else seems to be messing around spending weeks to get a goalkeeper. How long does it take? If we’re able to get deals done from start to finish in a few hours on deadline day like Welbeck and Özil, why on earth does it take over two weeks to sign a goalkeeper? No urgency. To me, that looks like no determination or ambition.

    1. You cannot do deals you want at this time, you cannot go to Madrid and say “hey, i want to buy your one only striker Benzerma, i know you don’t have Morata/Chicarito but im sure Bale can play CF”

      you have to wait for Aguero or someone to go there then pounce like we did when Suarez went to Barca and we went in for Sanchez.

    2. Arsene – ‘hey mourinho, I want that goalkeeper from you guys, you know the one which nearly holds the premier league record for clean sheets? won pretty much every competition under the sun with you guys? the world class one? Cech, that’s right, I forgot his name!
      I know we’re going to be seriously threatening you guys next season but would you mind helping a brother out? We really need a serious goalkeeper and we haven’t had one in a while.. We’re also rivals but don’t let that get between us. I’m thinking 10.9mil what do you think?’
      Mourinho – ‘Yeah that sounds fair, I don’t usually like strengthening rivals substantially. But what the heck? I mean we won the title this season, why not help another team out? 10.9mil? Done!! Want to meet up for a beer after we sign the papers buddy?’

      It was probably that easy…. But you’re right. A world-class goalkeeper all but wrapped up from the title favourites next season before the motherflippin window’s even officially open? no determination or ambition!!!

    3. Because cech is still under contract. If he leaves before July 1st he is not in the last year of his contract, meaning it affects his deal. A transfer for an under contract player can only be announced if both clubs, all the agents, the player, all the sponsors involved and the relevant football associations are happy for the current deals to be terminated or a new deal announced whilst the current deals are still running. Peter cech will have sponsorship deals for his gloves, his boots and even his headgear as well as many other deals. They will need to be ratified by arsenal to make sure they don’t breach our sponsors terms and conditions.

      Once cech or any other player is into the last year of his deal and once the transfer window is actually open, many obstacles and barriers can be over come.

      Stop worrying Tuesday is the last day of many players contracts or the last day before they enter their last year. Wednesday will see the epl window open. I expect lots of activity to commence. Pre season training also starts for most clubs on Monday, although not all the players will return that day.

  4. DM is the only position that Wenger really flagged.
    Schneirderlin (home grown, right?) seems overpriced. I would be surprised if we win him (unless he requests Arsenal). Maybe Wenger can push the bidding higher to drain MU a bit more.
    I would be curious to see analyses of who else is out there, available. (And please, enough of the Vidal talk; I am thinking DM.)

    1. Haha well if you’re thinking it!… I’ll stop because you asked nicely…
      Naaahh not really!!! Vidal’s an animal, and one of the most complete midfielder’s in the world!! It would be absolutely crazy to pass him up! Leadership, engine, tenacity and experience. He has everything in his locker to make him an absolute weapon in the premier league.
      I really hope there’s some substance to this rumour. If someone said to me before these prices were being flown around we’re in for Vidal for 40million I’d still be thinking it’s a steal.

        1. Oh I’m so sick of these reactions.
          We made Cesc. He was our captain and leader, and arguably one of our best youth products ever. When we needed him most after establishing himself as one of the best midfielders in the league he turned his back and was willing to take a pay-cut and force through a move to Barcelona.
          Yes he’s an amazing midfielder except what message do you think that would’ve sent to the rest of the team if we’d welcomed him back? What if Ramsey, Ox or Wilshere reach their potential and Barca or Real Madrid come calling?
          Give it a go guys!! You’re world-class now but if you fail there come on back!!

          No! Screw that. And on top of that Vidal and Cesc are completely different players. We have two of the top 5 playmakers in the league. Creativity is not our weak point, however no-nonsense, hyper aggressive midfielder’s who can run for days and produce at both ends are a rarity. Vidal is complete.

  5. Why Arsenal are playing it cool in transfer market??
    Because…… That’s what we always seem to do.
    It’s now a tradition.

    1. Well when you are the coolest football team the world over and you have the coolest of cool fans what else could you do but be yourself. @SupercoolArsenal.

  6. It would not be a surprise if Arsenal are actually “playing it cool” as the article suggests.

    However, some teams do their transfer work behind the scenes while others tend “leak” both true and false statements to the media to influence and/or confuse other clubs efforts.

    In other words…….. Just because the media is not reporting anything does NOT necessarily mean nothing is happening with an individual club. Most of the media reports are pure nonsense anyway.

    1. i don’t believe this works in practice,in principle it sounds reasonable to expect to do a deal in secret,but in truth when was the last big transfer that was done in secret?i can’t remember 1 mate,because its not just other clubs leaking information its also players agents leaking information to flush out other clubs,which helps the players bargaining position.Theres too much money in football nowadays for big transfers to happen in secret,unless you pay the players agent a healthy retainer and i can’t see Arsenal doing this.I hope your right about us doing deals in secret but i doubt it

  7. Cech is 1/3 of the spine we needed.
    Schneiderlin would have been the perfect Dm/Box to Box but if he goes to manure then Vidal would fit for a few years as the youth prospects come through and the Belik goes on loan to cut his teeth in the championship or prem.
    That forward position is the one we are all worried about, Theo did well in his last 2 games but that is the issue, 2 games!
    Can he do it over a season and what if he gets injured?
    Giroud was terrible at the end of the season and looked so slow when running for the ball, he is a squad player and nothing more and he slows the front line down a lot.

  8. Arsenal did decent
    business last season
    25 goal striker, Sanchez
    CB Gabriel, RB Debuchy, Defensive utility Chambers
    Striker/wing Wellbeck, GK Ospina
    Plus the emergence of two freebies
    RB Bellerin and DM Coquelin.
    Also Walcott Chamberlain+ Gnabry back
    from injury are like 3 new signings.
    So its like 12 new players in a year.
    Asenal is also well placed with regards
    home grown players.

    1. So unlike Man U
      and Man City
      who are both
      undergoing major refits
      Arsenal do not “have” to buy any one.
      “If some one comes available” has been the motto.
      Well Cech became available so we stepped in.
      And to be fair getting Cech in a month has been
      amazingly quick, seamless and painless.
      And its not like its dragged on until Sept messing
      with our heads+complicating our transfer window.
      He will be here for preseason training, the tour + the Emirates cup.
      It’s just too good to be true. Something we should know?

      1. I would agree, but is Flamini or Arteta good enough cover for Coq? If Francis is injured, then we will be back where we had been. Chambers could surprise us in this position, but they better be testing him now if he is to cover/compete.

  9. None of Liverpools signs would make the Arsenal first team anyway. Daly Blind was a good signing but I would take our Sanchez any day.

  10. cech was used to protection by the legendary blue bus 🙁 but in arsenal there is no such bus!! ad take ospina any day over him..but thats just me 🙁 🙁

  11. The Vidal talk is desperate wishful thinking, why would he leave Juventus for Arsenal, trophies?, game time?, Money?, Metro is even making up stories of Alexis convincing him to come, like they’re listening to their conversations and shit. The past transfer windows should’ve taught us not to so gullible to bullshit

    1. Yeah we know 95% of our
      dream transfers do not
      materialize 🙂
      Transfer season is like deciding how
      your gonna spend the big lottery win 🙂
      Its fun and fanciful but fills in
      time till the first preseason games.

    2. Vidal or Pogba can leave Juventus. As they have signed Khedira. All 3 can’t play simultaneously and Khedira has left RM to play regularly. All 3 are WC and won’t be happy on bench.

      only problem I see in signing him is his recent accident case.

      1. Someone’s gotta make way. Their midfield is phenomenal, and as good as Khedira is, he doesn’t have near the defensive skills people make out he does.

  12. Yeh, like playing it cool at the school dance. Don’t approach any of the hot girls and find yourself left with the one no-one wants because she has halitosis.

    Or selecting a team from your friends for a game of football over the park where the worst player is always picked last:)

    What will it be in the AFC raffle. Another Sanchez or a Wellbeck? Fingers crossed eh!

  13. There is a fine line between ‘playing it cool’ and ‘complacency’.
    I think Arsenal are usually somewhere in the middle when it comes to transfers. You really can’t tell what they are up to.

  14. I think we were complacent not getting Schneiderlin in my honest view. We have been linked with him for months even while the leuage was going on. He should have been a straight easy done deal and we would have had him and Cech.

    But I am still waiting to see what goes down let us not forget the transfer window opens next week then the real business starts.

    I’m hoping we get a good CDM (not Vidal he is more box to box)

    A good striker (Lacazette would be preferred option)

    And maybe a good centre back(we have been linked with a few but I still believe if hummels is looking to leave we should be putting in a bid)

  15. Anyone else hoping that Liv miss out on Benteke. I would prefer a different player for Arsenal but as i said i would prefer liv miss out. Fiminho and Milner where very good signings, and i was even thinking for ourselves they would have been good. Milner is similar to Wilshere except a bit ahead in terms of reached potential, defending and experience. Firminho was said to be a possible future replacement for Cazorla, which i happened to agree on.

    Now they are targeting the player some on here believe to be an upgrade on Giroud and a pretty good signing if pulled off. Then theres Ilramendi, i know the stories of these rumours could of been fabricated and most likely were, but i think the reason why they where believable in the first is because they do look like players Arsene could be interested in.

    They look to be overloading or trying to overload there midfield, like where we are strongest. Also Pedro?. I think they could well be a threat to CL places but hopefully we have moved on from that. There signings look to be better if pulled all off than they were last season. It is imperative that we get our signings correct this season. Waiting like the article suggests til others have had there fill might mean we miss out on some much needed quality. We need Wenger to be quick ruthless and precise.

  16. I do get the point of the article though. When in the past Wenger was looking to fill the numbers within squad or knew he was never going to be able afford the best and most expensive players well then it was better to allow other teams spend there money so he could get a few players at the correct price and not worry about some other manager/team making things more difficult.

    Now however we are looking at the best players and as we can see there is a shortfall of truly talented strikers, not so much with defensive mid but to get the best attacking players one must be quick. Look how quick AM were in bagging Griezmann, what a talent. They payed out there nose but well worth it. Firminho a bigger gamble but could prove worth it. We need Wenger to take a small gamble like with Ozil and just offer a little on top of what is already expensive.

    1. the speed at which we seem to have acquired Cech is obviuosly gratifying but it also worries me.If we can go out and get players quickly like we’ve done with Cech why have we done this more,i hope your wrong but experience tells me we may not buy another dm

  17. Liverpool is basically making the same mistakes they did last season and they hope it will yield different results?

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