Why Arsenal are still hoping to top Champions League group

Arsene Wenger is not getting carried away with the fact that Arsenal beat the Bundesliga giants Borussia Dortmund at the Emirates last night. The Frenchman admitted in his post match interview, reported by Arsenal.com, that it was very unlikely that the Gunners could pip Jurgen Klopp’s side to top the group, but he did accept that it was a possibility and he is right to do so.

He also said that he was not sure how Arsenal would approach the final group game against Galatasaray in two weeks and that it could depend on what happens in the few games there are before that final game in Istanbul.

Wenger said, “It will depend a bit on what happens in the next few games. I will try to win the last game and you never know. If Anderlecht win in Dortmund and we don’t win in Galatasaray you will say we were stupid. It’s unlikely, let’s say it’s 90 per cent that we will finish second and Dortmund will finish first.”

It is not jst what happens in Arsenal’s next few games that will make a difference, however, but Dortmund’s as well. Klopp’s men are struggling badly with injury problems and are currently in the bottom three of the Bundesliga table. They fave a tough trip to Frankfurt on Sunday and then have a home game against Hoffenheim the Friday before hosting Anderlecht.

Dortmund are already low on confidence, which the Gunners will have hurt further, and they must surely focus on their domestic form now. So if they fail to win their next two games, I think that Wenger will decide to risk a strong side to get the win in Turkey and hope that Anderlecht can do us a favour.

But we have our own injury and squad problems and if Dortmund get some confidence and results in the next two games, we may as well rest some key players and hope for a btter draw in the knockout phase. What would you do Gooners?

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  1. davidnz says:

    Arsenal will play their best side.
    With so many injuries who ever
    can jog to the bus plays.
    Those who can walk to the bus
    are on the bench. Besides Dortmund are
    in a huge slump while Anderlecht is buzzing.

  2. davidnz says:

    Injuries are Arsenal’s worst enemy.
    Ospina Debuchy Sanogo
    Wilshere Walcott Arteta
    Ozil Diaby Hayden Gnabry
    Koz is carrying an injury too.
    Our team picks itself 🙂
    Chambers Mertz Koz/Monreal Gibbs
    Flamini Ramsey
    Chamberlain Cazorla Sanchez
    Martinez Bellerin Monreal Podolski Rosicky Campbell Wellbeck.
    Wenger does not trust Bellerin Podolski
    Campbell or Rosicky to start.
    As a consequence Sanchez Mertz Chambers Ramsey Cazorla
    are starting to play every game.
    Injurys stymied out title charge last season too.
    All we want for Christmas is an empty medical room 🙂

    1. Jippii says:

      Yes, injuries and why. Againts Dortmund we had players on bench who could have been subs before Arteta and Sanogo were injure, but no, because Wenger does not use substitutes. Finger pointed again towards dictator Wenger, who, by the way, did not put Giroud in our Champions league squad, so he can´t play. Nice one. Although I think that Arteta nd Sanogo are useless, with the injuries we have , we need every one. We have the worst injury record in Premier Leaugue for many seasons, ´cause stubborn Wenger does not use subtitutes, trains them wrong in trainig, do not rotate, overplays his favorite players o after injuries, they will be in sartigline up too fast, (Rambo, Willshere, Walcott, Diaby etc.) and plays players in wrong position like our Diamond Özil, who has shown every time when he plays in his best position, number 10 CAM, he creates more chances, remember Villa game earlier his season, so Wenger OUT and fast. Fresh start is what we all need, players, fans, media, advetisers etc.

  3. Gilgil says:

    am back again with my “wenger out” campaign in I’ll remind you all that having known how powerful Wenger is amongst the board members, it’s us fans who have the last say and as I used to urge y’all last season, BOYCOTT ALL HOME GAMES FOR THE REMAINDER OF THE SEASON, you’ll be all shocked at the speed with which the board will react to the resulting loss of revenues.

    1. Big Gun says:

      Let’s be honest here, although what you propose would most likely work, the chances of it happening are nil. You might find a few people boycotting, but there will still be decent numbers attending the game, enough to keep the board happy. I think the quickest and ‘realistic’ way for Wenger to go soon rather than later is if we do not make top 4 and CL next year, which would really have a major effect on revenue. The problem with not making top 4, is we have a chance of losing some of our players like Ozil, or Sanchez or anyone of our top players get poached from another club offering better salaries and a decent chance of winning trophies – it has happened EVERY season for the last decade even though we were still in the CL. Money talks. Quite honestly I would rather see the following. We bounce back in the league, get back into top 4 and in Jan, Wenger bolsters the squad with two top talents – CB and perhaps DM. We finish 2nd or 3rd (don’t think anyone will catch Chelsea) and who knows perhaps do well in the CL. Then next season we still have our best players with the additional signings we made in Jan, so our squad will be better and more balanced. You must remember that after this season, Wenger only has another two years in charge and I really do not see him extending it again. I would rather Wenger stay FOR THE TIME BEING and give us enough time to organize a top replacement for him, than lose a player like Sanchez or anyone of our top players. As much as most of us do not like it, Wenger is the reason players like Ozil and Sanchez joined in the first place and no doubt Wenger will play a massive role in who what type of players we can sign in Jan. He is STILL a massive draw card and we must utilize it while we still can.

      1. ethangooner says:

        Good comment.
        Sometimes we should get off his back a bit.
        Wenger is influential but it is not like he does everything. He decided tactics and picked players on match day. But he is absolutely not a doctor or negotiator and also not the one who decide the transfer budget. Put 100% blame on him for our injury or failure to acquire certain player is unfair. Recent outburst from Terry Burton showing that Wenger had no call in the appointment of Jonker and the revamp of the academy as well.
        But all the same, his limitation had been exposed and IF we can get a better and younger manager, much better than the like of Koeman or Martinez, we should do well with an upgrade.

        1. Sango says:

          I was one of those who was for him staying for the remainder of his tenure in office as Asernal manager but, closely analyzing his overall (past & present) performance I strongly feel he should go regardless of were we will end up at the close of the season.

  4. ethangooner says:

    Everyone have their own opinion and here we should respect each other opinion.
    If you disagree, tell us why rather just bashing it blindly
    How much football managerial experience you have to brand a professional like our manager an idiot?
    Really want more constructive comments and articles on this site. Should not be a place just to vent frustration or show personal hatred to the manager

    1. kia_SA says:

      Completely agree with you!
      I guess we know where that lonely thumbs down came from…

  5. kamn288 says:

    No arsene has already told he expects Dortmund to finish first and he will play a very average squad out of average squad he currently has.so if kloop is dumb enough to let a 3-0 goal lead slip away then I am not sure arsenal have chances to win.

  6. dboy says:

    Sad thing is, we see this type of thing year after year. We will go on a bull run till we meet up with one of the top three clubs. There is nothing different this season from other seasons. It is all down to a lack of planning and poor management. #WENGEROUT!!!

  7. dboy says:

    How far do you guys think we will get in CL. This is a fruitless excercise. Are we in it to win it or to just balance the books. Boycott mediocrity!!

  8. Gundam says:

    Who cares. If we are good enough to win it, then it shouldn’t matter who we verse. If we are not then we should go home.

    1. Amith says:

      yeap…I don’t think we should be so scraed of RM, they didn’t do to well against a second string Liverfool team, at HOME too…

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